The All Access Star Trek Podcast Takes A Trip To Tulgana IV With ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

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All Access Star Trek “Envoys” Review of ‘Lower Decks’ Episode 102

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This week, Anthony and Laurie cover the Star Trek Universe news: Alex Kurtzman’s latest updates on Discovery, Strange New Worlds, Short Treks, and Section 31;  the movies and how they do (or don’t) relate to TV; and upcoming virtual Trek events.

After that, they review the second episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks. We talk drunken Klingons, Starfleet enthusiasm, and favorite jokes, but disagree on the show’s pacing.


Alex Kurtzman’s Star Trek Universe updates

Star Trek: Prodigy new producer director

Virtual NYCC/Metaverse

Star Trek movie news

Random mentions:

Laurie and Neil’s roundup of unsung Star Trek friendships

TNG’s “The Child

TNG’s “Half a Life” (regarding Kaelons)

TAS’ “The Survivor


Tony: Trek-inspired COVID suit (Google Translate will come in handy if you don’t speak Spanish.)

Laurie: Ralph Senensky’s website (More on Ralph here. )

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Great review. I agree that I do not want the main four ensigns to be romantically involved. Your idea of a watch party is fantastic. Would it it possible to do that virtually? Through Zoom? I know Trekmovie has hosted live watch parties via Twitter, etc., but it would be cool to see people as they react to the show somehow.

One thing I love about Lower Decks is that it made me want to join Starfleet again. That’s how I felt watching Trek through the 90s, but current Trek does not have that same vibe. I love how all the department heads cheered Rutherford on as he tried different career paths. “Be true to yourself.” It may be hokey, but it felt very Starfleet to me.

My favorite part of this episode was the very end, when Tendi was watching the pulsar on her padd in the Jeffries Tube with Rutherford as he did repairs. They both were enjoying what they love separately, but with someone they care about. These two are my favorite characters by far.

I loved the Klingon, but I thought his hands were weirdly small. I honestly don’t have any other criticisms about this episode. Very well done.

VZX I agree with your comment hands down.

All of the characters seem to have weirdly small hands at times. I really noticed it on Boimler this episode. I was wondering if it has to do with the way they are doing depth of field.

Great podcast. I love the format and the discussions. It’s good to get back on to a Trekmovie podcast. I unsubscribed from the Shuttlepod One podcast back in 2018 and never went back. It’s good to have a choice again – keep up the good work.