See New Images From “Temporal Edict,” The Third Episode Of ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

With the first two episodes of Star Trek: Lower Decks behind us, we now turn our attention to episode three, with some new images that came out today. There are also some video previews.

“Temporal Edict”

Star Trek: Lower Decks season one, episode 3 “Temporal Edict” will be available to stream on CBS All Access on Thursday, August 20.


A new work protocol eliminating “buffer time” has the Lower Decks crew running ragged as they try to keep up with their tightened schedules. Ensign Mariner and Commander Ransom’s mutual lack of respect comes to a head during an away mission.

New Images:

(L-R) Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford and Noël Wells as Ensign Tendi

Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler

Jerry O’Connell as Commander Jack Ransom

(L-R) Dawnn Lewis as Captain Carol Freeman and Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler

Fred Tatasciore as Lieutenant Shaxs

Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner of the CBS All Access series STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS. Photo Cr: Best Possible Screen Grab CBS 2020 CBS Interactive, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Jerry O’Connell as Commander Jack Ransom

Jerry O’Connell as Commander Jack Ransom

And in case you missed them, here are a couple of previously released images for “Temporal Edict.”

Episode 3 clip 

Last Friday creative team behind Star Trek: Lower Decks did a Q&A today with ReedPop’s Metaverse, which kicked off with a clip of the cold open for episode three. You can watch the full panel below. The clip starts at the 3:38 mark.

Episode 3 trailer

Today CBS also released a trailer for the episode, which for now can only be seen on the official site.

BONUS VIDEOS: Meet Boimler and Animatics

Today CBS tweeted out this video promo all about Brad Boimler, which also features some new footage.

Not directly related to Thursday’s episode, but CBS also released a couple of videos contrasting storyboards from Lower Decks first two episodes to the final products.

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I have to say, I have genuinely enjoyed lower decks so far. Biggest surprise of the new trek stuff for me. Picard and discovery – both good, but neither hooked me as much as this has.

PS haven’t posted here for about a decade haha.

Well, I’m not sure whether it’s my place to say that, but yeah, welcome back!

That’s a very good sign when people who haven’t been that active within the fandom suddenly return to active posting due to that little animated show. I’m not the biggest fan of this particular genre but if it helps to get some people back, I’ll welcome this series any time…

It’s been a long road…

Thank you! It’s funny what hooks you – you can’t ever really predict it! The humour in the show isn’t what I thought it was going to be. It’s less wild than I thought, more playing on things that were funny from the TNG era! It’s also really nostalgic in a way too, there’s so much to say about the show. I’ve genuinely been given a treat I didn’t know I wanted haha.

I’ve seen the description, it’s laughing with Trek, not at it. I’ve mentioned before, having had the opportunity to observe sailor humor when my son was in the Navy, the production has done a good job mining that vein so far.

I love how sweet, unassuming Ensign Tendi suddenly transforms herself into a steely-eyed drummer during Mariner’s hard rock interruption of poor Ensign Boimler’s violin solo. And is it just me, or is Rutherford starting to notice Tendi? You know what I mean, wink-wink.

Loving this show. Absolutely LOVING IT.

Tendi is pure life!!!!!!

I love this show but I wish someone other than Jerry O’Connell were playing Ransom. He’s such a bad actor.

Well the animators are doing most of the ‘acting’ though in this case. ;)

The title suggests this episode is a time travel story.

Yeah I HOPE so!!!

And I do notice with Mariner’s conspiracy wall there are a few images associated with time travel like the whales and the Suliban so maybe it will factor in somehow.

That was my first thought too Ninja.

I think they may have just overturned our preconceptions. 😉

If they don’t have enough time to get all of their work done, time travel could be a solution.

Back in time!? If they have guest stars, I really wish they don’t show their names at the beginning of the show. It totally spoil the surprise. Imagine Prime Kirk or Sulu, Pink Face and Shran!? The perfect show to bring Trip Tucker back to life, with T’Pol!

Sadly McMahan already ruled out seeing T’Pol on the show so I assume we won’t see anyone from Enterprise, even if they do some type of time travel.

But we may get some TOS cameos though. I assume TNG/VOY/DS9 are all a given since the show takes place when those characters are still active.

Yes. Sorry. Totally missed McMahan previous comments about T’Pol. :)

What I really like from this show is all the possibilities. All the things they can do, all the people that are able to show up. I have a hunch this show will a big hit.

Agreed! I think all the possibilities it can present is the best thing of all. To see how far they are willing to present some of the most obscure things is a fun treat alone, I can’t wait to see when they start showing us popular characters!

I think this may be my favorite show since Enterprise ended. It just feels like classic Trek again and hitting all the right bells and whistles sadly I think DIS and PIC missed in their initial outings. IMO of course!

Honestly I’m loving this show so much!

The humor is something else, but the heart is pure Trek! I enjoyed season 1 of Disco and a good portion of Picard, but this show is truly something special to me. Definitely looking forward to more. Fan perception seems to be a mixed bag, but what else is new.

Two episodes in, but it already seems like it’s one of the series that will be especially beloved.

Very surprised about this show. Is bringing me a lot of good memories from STNG. Not expected! It is a wild STNG show. Very clever. It is very childish, I had to eatch each episode twice, took some time for me to digest…but I can say, they nailed it!

This is the only star trek I’ll watch, I’ve lost all faith in S.T.D…

Why is this cartoon more in-spirit to Trek than the current TV shows? Asking for a friend…

why not?

Because it’s made by people who have watched and understand how Star Trek works and the live-action shows are not.

I’m not sure but maybe the critical success of LD will help to navigate the live-action shows in a more Trek-ish tradition. If there is a second season of PIC, they might still make changes to bring it closer to what TNG felt like and the characters may grow out of their depressed circumstances.
SNW, which I’m looking forward to the most, is definitely capable of bringing back classic Trek to some extend and I’m sure PRD might go in that direction, too.

Hopefully, they just forget about that awful Section 31 nonsense altogether. Absolutely no interest in a space-born version of SHIELD around a mad tyrant from the mirrorverse going full Kingsman on the scum of the galaxy…

Not sure if DSC can be salvaged. For that we’d have to know in which direction S3 is going… It feels like an odd mix of Andromeda and SeaQuest Season 3 and none of these shows/seasons were particularly good…

I can’t believe adults watch this?

This adult is pretty old, and enjoying it.

It’s a fun, watchable show. I’m wondering whether I might get Trek reference fatigue after a whole season of this, lol, if this pace keeps up, but we’ll see.

Also, just finally watched The Boys with Jack Quaid (and Karl Urban) over the weekend. Quaid’s fantastic in that (so’s Urban) – so getting him for this show is actually a pretty big deal.

It sounds as though Jack Quaid was cast for the two roles relatively close together. It’s just that the animation process takes close to a year after the initial voicing.

But I agree that he could attract some viewers.

I’d like it though if we got more of the innocence/sincerity of Jack Quaid’s character in The Boys and less of the whinging/whining. Boimler has room to grow in that direction without overlapping too much with Tendi.

I’ve successfully tried to avoid watching The Boys so far. I’m not sure whether I could enjoy it as I’m sort of turned off by that sort of over-the-top violence in adult CB movies and shows, especially in combination with crude humor. I’ve tried to watch Dredd, both Deadpools, both Kick-Asses, Brightburn… I couldn’t stand any of those. Logan, while being a good movie storywise, is also far too gory for my taste.

it’s funny. i really like it. really.

I find it funny partly because it reinforces that TNG was always a fantasy/kids playground not to be taken seriously.
Give up on the idea that this is hard hitting sci-fi and it works.

All it proves is that Star Trek can be a comedy as any era or show can be done the same way. It’s silly to suggest otherwise since its been parodied for decades, mostly for TOS.

As a huge TNG era fan, I love this show and still take the era very seriously. Your obsession with hating the show is just odd sometimes, but you have the right to hate it.

True. Some shows have situational comedy within a thought provoking conflict and unknown filled universe, some are mindless B stories where the galaxy is so dull adults play holodeck and are only good for comedy.
Lower decks is easily better than TNG and voyager, not as good as DS9.

Well at least you enjoy the show. I do too! To me its really a love letter to the TNG era and Trek in general. And I do love its an extension of the 24th century of course since this is my favorite era.

This is how I wish DIS and PIC was done, just with less comedy lol.

What could have been.

Sadly true.

I am quite surprised at Lower Decks being as enjoyable as it is (been a Star Trek fan since the 1970s) and can’t wait for more.