Watch: Fan Makes His Own ‘Star Trek: The The Next Generation’ LEGO BrickHeadz, Shows You How Too

Many Star Trek fans have longed for an official LEGO license, but that day may never come. However, that hasn’t stopped some fans from making their own Star Trek LEGO builds, including one who is building Next Generation versions of the LEGO BrickHeadz line.

BrickHeadz: The Next Generation

LEGO enthusiast Max Brickman’s latest project on his YouTube channel is dedicated to Star Trek. He decided to make his own Star Trek: The Next Generation versions of BrickHeadz, a LEGO theme for building characters including Star Wars and Marvel. For his TNG figures Max spent a lot of time getting every detail right, down to details like Deanna Troi’s purple outfit, Worf’s sash, and Geordi’s VISOR.

In the following video, he shows off his work, including showing how you can make your own Trek BrickHeadz by demonstrating the build of a Guinan BrickHeadz in great detail.

More Star Trek BrickHeadz

Max Brickman isn’t the first to Trekify their love for LEGO and BrickHeadz. In the last year a couple other fans have posted their custom Trek BrickHeadz to the popular LEGO Subreddit. First is GregKTM with his version of TOS Kirk.

I made a Captain Kirk BrickHeadz birthday present for a friend! from lego

And user OldStoneGrey took a crack at some Trek characters across the franchise.

Few Star Trek Brickheadz I’ve done recently from lego

Keep up with all the fun Star Trek Great Links here at

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Some people are meant for greatness. Genius!

LOL, this is why I love fandom so much! Yes a lot of it can come off bitter and divisive (especially these days) but I always love to see the devoted ones who go the extra mile to show off their creativity and passion. This is some great work.

Thanks for highlighting this TM!

Lego is the greatest. Therefore, so are these.