The All Access Star Trek Podcast Debates The Temporal Edict On ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 3

This week on the podcast, Tony and Laurie look at Alex Kurtzman’s latest comments on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and CBS All Access’ plans for world streaming domination. Then they dig into the third episode of Lower Decks, asking if the premise relies too heavily on one bad, very un-Starfleet decision by Captain Freeman, then picks out their favorite jokes and references.

And we have one correction: Anthony said that Mike McMahan wrote the episode, but that’s because we have advance review copies that don’t have updated credits on them. “Temporal Edict” was written by David Ihlenfeld and David Wright, both of whom have written for Family Guy and Malcolm in the Middle, among other shows.

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Links to topics discussed in the pod


Alex Kurtzman interview about Strange New Worlds

Dr. M’Benga slapping Spock

CBS’ Rebranding plans

Metaverse interview with Lower Decks creatives

Wesley Crusher in Star Trek Nemesis (and the deleted scene that explains a little more)

Other mentions:

Conundrum,” the TNG episode where Riker and Ro cavort

Groundskeeper Willie baring his chest

Battle for the Planet of the Apes clip

Chief O’Brien at Work

TrekMovie’s interview with Mike McMahon about how Lower Decks characters should all belong in Starfleet


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Paramount Beyond!!! You made my day…

I remember posting the title “Star Trek Beyond” in combination with “Star Trek Forever” as the next two movie titles back in 2014… Beyond then actually made it. :-)

M’Benga doesn’t make much sense. If he is in charge as CMO under Pike, why isn’t he in charge later? Demoted? That doesn’t feel right, unless they actually turn his demotion into a good story…

Thanks for the feedback. Fair enough point on M’Benga, I think we were just riffing on characters they can add that will will increase the diversity beyond the three they have announced so far.

Or he could just be there as a second doctor, like he was on TOS.

Okay, so we are working towards the arrival of a big villain / counterforce to come with the season finale. I wonder whether this enemy has something to do with all those direct references towards Star Trek. Mariner dreaming of the TWOK speech, Boimler humming the TNG theme, what’s next… Row, row, row your boat?

I wonder whether this revelation involves breaking the fourth wall in a Deadpool kind of way, with these enemy aliens destroying the fabric of space-time and the crew becoming slowly aware of being TV characters… the universe overlapping with the omniverse…

Around 1996, they actually planned on doing a 30th anniversary episode breaking that very last frontier and actually arriving at a Star Trek convention, a bit like it was later done for Galaxy Quest… They rejected the project in favor of that DS9 Tribbles episode, but maybe it is going to happen now…

That would also “explain” the overabundance of “winks”…

I think that was going to be on Sigma Iota though, so it would have made sense in-universe.

Was it? Makes sense… Man, no wonder Quentin wanted to revisit that particular planet…

The episode I didn’t like that much but Lower Decks is still enjoyable.

I’m cautious optimistic about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. There is a lot to expect.

T’Pol is a brilliant character! You don’t even know!!! You don’t even knOW!! 😂.

Just listened. My favorite aspect of this podcast is how Laurie and Tony don’t always agree. Please keep that going. I find that I mostly agree with Laurie, but Tony as well at times.
I agree that the captain did not act like a good captain this episode, but I look at it like Starfleet is a huge organization and we have only seen the best captains in previous shows. The Lower Decks Captain is just not a Sisko or Kirk or Janeway. That can be demonstrated in the title sequence with the ship hitting the crystal, bugging out in the battle, etc. Those are due to the actions of the captain, not the ensigns.
I think that the Cerritos is the “lower decks” of Starfleet, so the four ensigns are like the lower decks of the lower decks. Pretty far down that totem pole. And that is very interesting

I need to listen to this