The Shuttle Pod Crew Unwinds With Their Favorite “Comfort Food” Star Trek Episodes

Shuttle Pod 85 – “Comfort Food” Star Trek Episodes

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Kayla, Jared, and Matt sit down and chat about episodes of the Star Trek franchise that they’ll watch again and again, episodes that they’ll watch if they’re having a bad day — their “comfort food” of Trek, if you will. Each podcaster selected two episodes to discuss. Listen along to hear their picks and why they like them.

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Thank you Shuttle Pod Crew. It’s always interesting to listen to you chew the fat about ST. Shuttle Pod is itself a great comfort food!

Well put!

My immediate thought for my “comfort food” Star Trek is The Trouble with Tribbles. But I also love Galileo Seven and maybe Errand of Mercy as episodes I could watch 100s of times.

Yes, Trouble with Tribbles is inescapable… From TOS I like Balance of Terror and Spectre of the Gun… but Galileo Seven is actually one that I would avoid! To each his own…

That how I feel about Spectre if the Gun, lol! I love TOS, and I think TOS is more
Re-watchable than any other Star Trek. IMHO.
I could go on and on: A Piece of the Action, Day of the Dove, City on the Edge of Forever, Amok Time, Journey to Babel, Enterprise Incident, Naked Time, Arena, Shore Leave, Space Seed, Elaan of Troius, The Cage, etc

Elaan of Troius… I absolutely cannot stand that woman! Naked Time I still can’t get that Eileen song out of my head…You’re right there are so many TOS comfort food episodes… Doomsday Machine. Let’s not forget that one.

I can watch Balance Of Terror any day of the week (and twice on Sundays)

My comfort food Trek episodes are: The trouble with tribbles from TOS, Blood Oath from DS9 and Yesterdays Enterprise from TNG.

“Little Green Men” is also a comedic episode.

The first thing I thought of, even before it came up in the podcast was The Magnificent Ferengi!

Ohhh this one is up my alley. There are many episodes I watch when I can’t choose what to watch or just feel like having Trek on while I am relaxing: Tomorrow is Yesterday, Operation Annihilate!, A Piece of the Action, The Big Goodbye, The Arsenal of Freedom, The Royale, Samaritan Snare, Peak Performance, Who Watches the Watchers, Deja Q, Devil’s Due, Qpid, Disaster, The Game, Cause and Effect, Time’s Arrow, The Next Phase, Relics, A Fistful of Datas, Starship Mine, Gambit, Babel, Rivals, Civil Defense, Visionary, Starship Down, Our Man Bashir, Looking for par’Mach in all the wrong places, Time and Again, Non Sequitur, Deadlock, Future’s End, Displaced, Year of Hell, Living Witness, Night, Fair Haven, Shuttlepod One, Civilization, Silent Enemy, Carbon Creek, North Star, Carpenter Street

Those are all good jobs! You’re right about the Enterprise episodes, people usually forget that series had some fantastic episodes. A Night in Sickbay and The Catwalk and First Flight are my favorite “comfort food” episodes.

I’m not a fan of Enterprise but even I have to admit Carbon Creek was a fantastic episode. So are all your other picks BTW. :)

I had a very weird crush on cartoon Sulu. But, yeah, I watch All Good Things, Trials and Tribbleations and TWOK as comfort food.

For me, those episodes are “Amok Time” and “Journey to Babel.”

Since I’m hard of hearing, I don’t really listen to podcasts; are there transcripts of them anywhere?

Spectre of the Gun and Devil’s Due are a couple I can name offhand. I always have a good time with them.

My number one comfort food episode is TNG’s “Clues”. But i can rewatch most of TNG’s or DS9’s seasons 3-7 at any time.