CBS Celebrating Star Trek Day 2020 With 24 Hours Of Virtual Panels, Marathon, And More

The original Star Trek debuted on September 8th, 1966, and next Tuesday CBS is gearing up in a big way to celebrate the 54th anniversary with 24 hours of online Star Trek Day activities, including a series of panels, news announcements, a free streaming Star Trek TV marathon, a merchandise sale, new emojis, and even a Twitch pub quiz.

9 Global online panels (12:00-3:30 PM, PT/3:00-6:30 PM, ET)

Join hosts Wil Wheaton and Mica Burton for three and a half hours of free virtual panels and programming that will reunite iconic cast members and creative minds from nine Star Trek television series. The panels will dive into Star Trek stories from years past to present and offer exclusive sneak peeks into what’s next in the “Star Trek Universe” on CBS All Access.

The panels will serve as the global centerpiece of Star Trek Day, and Star Trek updates, announcements and footage will be showcased throughout.

The panels will include the cast and creatives from the following Star Trek television series:

  • Star Trek: Discovery, with series stars Sonequa Martin-Green and David Ajala and co-showrunners and executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise.
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, with series stars Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn and Ethan Peck; executive producers Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers; and co-executive producers Akela Cooper and Davy Perez.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise, with series stars Scott Bakula, Linda Park, John Billingsley, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery and Connor Trinneer.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, with series stars Terry Farrell, Alexander Siddig, Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, Cirroc Lofton and executive producer Ira Steven Behr.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series, with series star George Takei and the CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, Rod Roddenberry.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks, with voice cast Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells and Eugene Cordero and series creator, showrunner and executive producer Mike McMahan.
  • Star Trek: Voyager, with series stars Kate Mulgrew, Robert Picardo, Robert McNeill, Garrett Wang, Tim Russ and Ethan Phillips.
  • Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: The Next Generation, with legendary cast members Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes.

Fans worldwide will be able to livestream the Star Trek Day panels for free. To learn more about the panels, and to livestream the day of, please visit

Free streaming marathon (12:00 AM, PT/3:00 AM, ET)

For fans based in the U.S. only, Star Trek Day celebrations will kick off with a marathon of episodes from eight different “Star Trek” television series. The marathon will pause for the duration of the Star Trek Day global panels and will resume after the panels with a curated list of episodes from Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,  and Star Trek: Short Treks.

The marathon schedule on Tuesday, Sept. 8 is as follows:

  • 12:00 AM, PT/3:00 AM, ET – Star Trek Day streaming marathon begins
  • 12:00 PM, PT/3:00 PM, ET – Marathon break; Star Trek Day global panels take place
  • 3:30 PM, PT/6:30 PM, ET – Star Trek Day streaming marathon continues
  • 9:00 PM, PT/12:00 AM, ET – Marathon concludes; Star Trek Day global panels replay

The marathon of episodes will be available to stream for free at for viewers based in the U.S. only.

Geeks Who Drink Star Trek pub quiz on Twitch (4:00 PM, PT/7:00 PM, ET)

Virtually join fellow Star Trek fans from all over the world and test your “Star Trek” knowledge during the Geeks Who Drink “Star Trek” Pub Quiz on Twitch. The quiz can be accessed at:

Official merchandise flash sale

Running low on your favorite Star Trek gear? You’ll have the perfect opportunity to stock up during the official Star Trek Shop’s 24-hour flash sale. Please visit on Sept. 8 to access and learn more about the sale.

New Star Trek emojis

Trek-ify your tweets with the addition of Star Trek-themed Emoji on Twitter. Starting on Tuesday, Sept. 8, you will be able to utilize brand-new Emoji featuring your favorite Star Trek characters, including Geordi La Forge, Michael Burnham, Jean-Luc Picard and more, on Twitter while you tweet with your fellow “Star Trek” fan family on Star Trek Day and beyond.

“What Star Trek means to me” social opportunity

In celebration of the fans that keep the Star Trek legacy alive, we want to hear from you! Starting today, fans can share what Star Trek means to them by posting stories, pictures and memories across Instagram and Twitter, using the hashtag StarTrekStory (#StarTrekStory), for a chance to be featured on the official Star Trek platforms.


On Sept. 8, for every person that tweets the hashtag StarTrekUnitedGives (#StarTrekUnitedGives), CBS All Access will donate $1 to organizations who do the real-world work of championing equality, social justice and the pursuit of scientific advancements. Organizations include the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) and the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

Additional information on free Star Trek Day programming and initiatives can be accessed at

Keep up with all the Star Trek events news here at

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Nice. I wonder what the news might be?

More Star Trek

Plot twist. It’s all shut down.

Kurtzman fired, no doubt. I heard from reliable sources. LOL

It’s Star Trek day for a reason buddy.

There’s no Short Treks panel, but I’m hoping for confirmation that the series has been greenlighted for a third season.

Better, it would be great to hear that some Short Treks will go into production before SNW season 1 or Discovery season 4. It sounds as though they would be a great way to work out the logistics and protocols of production during COVID-19.

Yeah, with close to a year without any fresh content, you’d hope there would be something lurking around out there.

Wow! THIS is what we wanted for the 50th anniversary! Thank you, CBS!

I wish people didn’t celebrate the anniversary of TOS by watching “The Man Trap,” which is neither the first episode made, nor the strongest episode, nor the most representative episode.

The first episode made was “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” which is a totally worthy episode. (Yes, I know “The Cage” was made before that, but since it features an entirely different set of characters, it IS Star Trek, but it’s not representative of TOS.)

Most people agree that the strongest episode of TOS was “The City on the Edge of Forever.”

And I think the most representative episode of TOS is “The Devil in the Dark,” which has just as relevant of a message today as the day it was made, and has a far lighter touch with the message than most episodes of TOS — or Star Trek in general — managed.

I’m usually cooking dinner at 5:00, but my husband will have to put up with a microwaved dinner for the occasion, since I don’t want to miss the Voyager interviews. :-)

Yeah, but it is the episode that came out on September 8 1966, which is technically what the day is celebrating.

That’s a very narrow view of what the day is celebrating. It’s celebrating the beginning of TOS — and TOS began with the filming of “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

It’s celebrating the beginning of Star Trek — and Star Trek began with “The Cage.”

It’s a good day to watch one’s favorite episode, or if not that one, then WNMHGB.

Its celebrating the beginning of TOS being on the air, which is what happened on 9/8/66. If it was celebrating the beginning of filming The Cage or WNMHGB, then it would be celebrated on whatever date those started filming.

I’d say its just celebrating the day Star Trek was born to the world (or at least to North America I should say). Technically Star Trek was a thing well before 8th September 1966.

I watched ST from the beginning, how was it. ‘a thing well before’8/8/66?

“The Devil in the Dark” was the first episode that I saw as a primary grader.

I recall being frightened, riveted and intrigued.

The reveal of the Horta as a silcon-based lifeform that needed to be respected and negotiated with was a fundamental values lesson that stayed with me.

I agree that it’s probably the most representative of the core ideas of TOS: inquisitiveness and openness to the new, respect for life in whatever guise. Great stuff.

It’s one of my favorite TOS episodes, for all the reasons you mention. And what a great introduction to the series you had!

The first episode *I* ever saw was “Spock’s Brain.” No lie. :-) Of course, I was eleven years old, so the badness wasn’t evident to me; instead, I wanted to know who this guy was who was so special that somebody would steal his brain to run their entire society. I didn’t know it then, but that would be the start of a fascination with all things Spock. :-)

Sorry, but I’m sick of people shitting all over “Spock’s Brain.” There’s far worse TOS out there…. “The Alternative Factor..” “I, Mudd.” “Turnabout Intruder.” “Spock’s Brain” is a B-movie Trek, but it’s not the worst TOS had to offer.

I couldn’t agree more. In the old days (polls taken during the 70’s) the worst episodes were considered to be “And the Children Shall Lead” and “The Way to Eden.”

Yep, those two get my vote. Though any episode where Spock plays the Vulcan lute can’t be considered a total loss. :-)

I also think “The Way to Eden” can be pretty interesting (not pretty GOOD, mind you, just pretty interesting) considered as a time capsule from 1968. The sit-in’s of the 60’s are history now, but at the time, people were wondering what the heck to DO with young people who occupied buildings by sitting down and singing, enough that they made a TOS episode about it. I find that pretty interesting, actually.

Now, if you wanted to argue what TOS episodes should get a ‘do over’ with (hopefully) serious storytelling, kick the writers lose to see what they could do with “The Way to Eden”…..

I have a soft spot in my heart for “Spock’s Brain,” partly because it was the first episode I ever saw, but partly because it has a certain goofy charm that the really terrible episodes (“And the Children Shall Lead”) don’t have.

Yeah, with all the laser focus on “messages” these days we seem to have lost the ability to simply enjoy some episodes as a “goofy charm” or “pure entertainment”. I also enjoy “Spock’s Brain” immensely. The only episode from TOS that I have difficulty sitting through these days is “The Alternative Factor”.

I agree, there were worse episodes. (I can’t stand the Omega Glory.)

I think that views on this change over time.

I suspect the by the TNG era, folks were bit dismissive of or even embarrassed by the trippiest elements of TOS. But it was from the 60!

Spock’s Brain has both trippiness and some of the classic 1950s “brain transplant” tropes, so it’s a classic in its own way.

LOL I just watched Omega Glory again yesterday (along with the Omega Directive from Voyager…yes because they both had Omega in the title ;)).. First time in over ten years I seen the former though….and will probably be another ten before I watch it again. ;)

I still have no idea how did the American flag and the U.S. Constitution end up on a primitive planet they all worship like a God? Anyone have any ideas…50 years later?

Anyway, TOS has aged a lot for me but I still watch it here and there like the others.

Interestingly I recently rewatched several TOS episodes and I realized that some episodes have aged extremely well and are still very watchable like Balance Of Terror and The Tholian Web.

Yeah some are fine. The good ones are still mostly decent and I can watch. But I have been watching TOS the least out of all the classic Trek shows last few years. Still watch it obviously, just not at the rate as the others.

The thing about “The Omega Glory” is that the first two-thirds of it are actually pretty good. The story of a starship captain who’s willing to break the Prime Directive because he believes he’s found the Fountain of Youth could have been really interesting. And then for some reason known only to himself, Roddenberry decided to make the Yangs and Kohms Yankees and Communists and then dragged in that ridiculous bullshit with the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance!

Given that Bill Shatner is actually Canadian, he’s a much better actor than most people give him credit for, to have done so well with the America worship in the last third of the episode. :-)

People often forget the times when Kirk defended the Prime Directive, and given how terrible the end of this episode is, I see why people try to repress the awful memory. :-) But I think it’s a much-needed balance to Kirk’s character, a time when he was <i>defending</i> the Prime Directive.

I’d rather think of this as the 50th anniversary of when Star Trek *went into syndication*… that’s really when the show thrived! NBC cancelled the show–twice–because it really wasn’t a big hit at the time. Probably didn’t help that they kept moving the show around on the schedule: Thursdays, Fridays, even later on Fridays, Tuesdays? But when the show went into syndication, stations could show it every night of the week, and what do you know? Turns out there IS an audience, when they can find the damn show on the schedule!!

True. On the other hand, there wouldn’t have been enough episodes to GO into syndication without the letter-writing campaign that made sure the third season happened.

Actually, it was TOS’ success with 75+ episodes that established the benchmark.

Desilu basically established the syndicated rerun business with “I Love Lucy.”

CBS seems to have done a great job putting together some of the panel lineups. Seeing that some who I have not seen do Trek panels in the past like Scott Bakula and vet George Takei are scheduled to appear, it should be a great day. Too bad Blalock and Brooks are not scheduled but I guess that is not a surprise. Will be good to see what the SNW cast has to say. A little surprised that the Discovery cast is not better represented, but perhaps we will get a new trailer since S3 is scheduled to premiere next month.

The marathon got my attention.

Fantastic to see the Enterprise cast out in force. Somebody twist Kurtzman’s arm to get them back together for a better final episode!

It would be totally cool by me if they just did a little time-travel-fan-service bit to sometime before trips death (oh my god, why did they have to kill him!).

I want Tripp’s death to be undone.

Please writers make it so!

Same! Bring Trip back!!! That was just the wrong thing to do.

The ENT Novels about the romulan war and “rise of the federation” as a Miniseries would be exciting !

Highly unlikely anyone could sell CBS on resurrecting Enterprise.

WOW, this is pretty big lol. You would think they are celebrating the 50th or something. I don’t remember what was done for that anniversary but I don’t think anything close to this. I guess when you now have 100 new shows to promote it gets you motivated to go big. ;)

And I love there are panels for every show. Just having them for the current shows is already enough but to see them ALL represented is pretty amazing. Although the one I thought would be the biggest TNG/PIC is pretty small with just Fraikes and Stewart. Not complaining, just odd not more are participating when you have so many cast members and so many of them are part of both shows at that.

But this is exciting. I didn’t expect anything like this for the anniversary, now I’m going to be quite busy lol. And its cool CBS has a marathon where you can watch the episodes for free too (only in America sadly).

And maybe we will get some real news and hopefully the trailer to season 3 of Discovery. Didn’t think about that until DeanH mentioned but it can be a really great day!

Yeah, I always thought everyone dropped the ball big time for the 50th anniversary in terms of celebrating it properly. I mean the only thing we got was Star Trek Beyond and even that was barely advertised. In terms of TNG cast member I also expected to see Brent Spiner in the lineup since his involvement with the Picard show but Frakes and Stewart will do.

I don’t know if you saw the other post I made with the video link but its really sad that was all that was done for the 50th. I remember how big the 30th was but it was a lot going on at the time. Beyond almost seemed like an after thought that year.

But now there is an excuse to party lol. I’m already got the day off so I can see the whole thing live. But since I already work from home these days, it wasn’t a huge deal. ;)

My wish list, previous Trek Shows will have their own brand new show, Short Treks and/or Mini Series. So glad to see Ira Steven Behr on the list. Yes!

i love all this… but seriously where the hell were these guys when star trek beyond for the 50th anniversary came out? the difference between then and now is monumental. someone licked em in the pants and assuming it has something to do with the reorganization of viacom. just wish this had happened 4 years ago instead of… i mean all i remember is trek stamps and a last minute event at paramount in LA. which TBH because that was so mismanaged i ended up getting a free plane trip and tix for the premiere at comicon… and that was all amazing but they still blew it big time back then.

It is amazing how BIG of a difference it is now. In fact I went and looked what was officially done for the 50th anniversary and sadly all we got was this video:

That was it to recognize the biggest milestone of the franchise, a 90 second montage video. And then what made it more insulting is that all the TV shows are left out including TOS lol. Just odd. But this was when the two companies were separated. And there was little going on the TV side. Discovery was happening but on the production end at that time they were still months away from even casting. And then of course Beyond had already bombed that summer so I guess no one was in a big party mood.

Now, its a different deal since as I said they clearly are using this to promote all the new shows they have and will have. What’s odd is the movies are completely excluded though. Aren’t they all the same corporation again? I would love to hear from some of the Kelvin cast and get their perspective. Its like they don’t even exist now.

Anyway, I’m not complaining this is all very cool, it just oddly feels four years too late lol. But Star Trek is humming again in a big way and very exciting.

Beyond didn’t really bomb it made nearly the same as the first one but was expecting more definitely. Or disappointed. But the 50th was supposed to be a buildup to beyond not the other way around. Everyone was expecting a year long intro to the actual date and that didn’t happen. Yeah it was crazy. They didn’t even screen scenes for cinemacon I think it’s called in Vegas. It was supposed to be a buildup to the release of the new movie and just didn’t happen. So happy it’s different. Next movie will have a much better connection to everything going on and promotion.

The first one BARELY made money (as much as people claim it was a hit) and it cost $40 million less than Beyond did. Beyond didn’t double it’s budget and made $100 million less than the first one did in America. That’s a steep dive domestically. It definitely lost money.

We can argue this all day but the reality is it’s been four years since that movie and another one still hasn’t been announced yet and most likely we won’t hear about the next one for a long time now that the Hawley movie has been shelved. They don’t seem to have confidence in these movies anymore sadly.

But I do agree with you that they dropped the ball by not building up the 50th anniversary and advertising it with the film. That was a huge mistake and it’s odd why they didn’t do it. Even Simon Pegg says that’s partly why the film did so poorly.

tiger… IMO you’re completely wrong on this one… they clearly want another trek movie desperately but want to do it right and not make a mistake…like the tv side that is now totally organized it looks like they want to do the same thing on the film side… maybe no more haphazard movies randomly happening but an actual organized process. the announcement of the hawley project being put down at the moment was not them saying were done with trek or were not gonna do trek for a while or anything like that it was them saying this is important and we are gonna do the right project. if studios have no interest in something they dont make a spalsh about it. they just let it die quietly. paramount was so lost… i’d love to actually hear about brad grey era and what happened at the end because he was not dumb… and he died not long after he left paramount… weird. they are tapping into their IPs and trek is one of their biggest. the hawley project being shuttered or paused is actually great news. i’m betting we get some word on what’s gonna happen next in the next 3-4 months.

I know they want a Trek movie, I’m not denying that. What I’m SAYING is they are cautious for a reason and they are probably afraid the movie will bomb and so they are taking their time.

Look I have said many, many, many, many times we will obviously see more Star Trek films. That’s not in dispute. But my guess is we probably won’t see them the size of the Kelvin movies (but decent budget) again and maybe not the Kelvin cast as well since it sounds like Hawley’s movie were using new characters.

But the reality is simple, if Beyond made money they were hoping for then they wouldn’t have tried to cut down Pine and Hemsworth original salary fee in the first place, right? They would’ve simply paid them what they promised them and we would probably have a movie in post-production now. That tells you everything. Hemsworth clearly doesn’t need the money these days but he still works for a certain price regardless. And so does Pine.

And lastly, the LAST time a film was this long in between development was after Nemesis and the first Kelvin movie. And that actually didn’t take that long; less than 3 and a half years between Nemesis opening and announcing the Kelvin movie. This time, it’s now been longer than four years and still no official word yet of anything.

So yes we fully agree, they obviously want another film. And maybe you are right and we will get an announcement in a few months but I’m not as hopeful. Fool me three times, shame shame on me! To me they really just seem worried how the next one will do and I can’t remotely blame them either. Truth is the Trek films are not guarantee box office hits; certainly not anymore. So we will get another one, but I wouldn’t be shocked it could be a few more years down the line.

it’s just funny because ive and we’ve been through this how many times over the last 10 year 20 years 40 years? star trek was declared dead and not worthy etc on so many occasions… the last time out when the father son movie was shelved so many people declared the movie side dead and i rolled my eyes… and here again… i mean yes we are in agreement there will be another… what’s funny is they had the formula… the first made 380 million and they were totally happy… it relaunched trek and introduced it to younger viewers and that has continued with the tv side… then for into darkness they expanded the oversea footprint to 500 million… then they sat on their hands for part 3. jj runs away to star wars and they tap orci to direct part 3… i mean that was insane… then they rush the film to get to the 50th release date and put together a good one and don’t promote it… the whole thing was crazy weird. but i don’t see them releasing cheap trek movies… that’s what happened with the tng films and we got 3 bad ones and even the big success was mild.. but yeah also 190 million dollar budgets are a bit much… time will tell as usual… but paramount/viacom/cbs is “all in” right now with trek and that’s a good thing. and it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate with the pandemic… and lastly them shelving the pineless hawley project is just another reason why i think we will see the pine cast at least one more time… no matter what we get it’ll be fun… and some trek fans will be angry like usual

No I agree I don’t think they will ever release cheap Trek movies again. That era is over, but its also probably why they are being more cautious today because the stakes are higher now. When Nemesis bombed it only cost $60 million to make, so it was bad but it wasn’t how will the company reel from it bad like a $200 movie would do. And Nemesis made all its money back once it went into home video, so it is easier for smaller movies to end up in the black.

But Paramount is thinking much bigger today obviously.

Funny I was arguing with another guy in a different thread who thought they should release $20 million Trek movies lol. The last time a Trek movie cost that low was TVH in 1986. And even that was $25 million.

I said this before Beyond was made, the next Trek film shouldn’t cost anymore than $120-130 million TOPS. I think that’s just a more suitable budget for what these movies bring in. Both 09 and STID did well but neither GREAT for the budgets they had. I mean think about it the Ant-Man movies only cost $130 million and both of those movies easily brought in more money than the Kelvin movies, between $5-600 million. So if they can’t reach even $500 million then they should’ve made the third one much cheaper in the first place. Not cheap…cheapER!

But then we saw how much Beyond cost and I was literally shocked at that price. I couldn’t believe it. If the movie cost what I was suggesting, it would’ve at least made a profit and they probably would be making another one already.

I would like to see one more movie with the Kelvin cast to wrap everything up, but I’m not as positive about it as you, at least not anymore. I said this recently too, if they greenlit another movie today and rushed it through production, we probably still wouldn’t see it until 2022 or 2023 the earliest. That would be 6-7 years SINCE Beyond. That’s a long time for sequels today.

That’s why I’m guessing they may just start fresh or try another TOS reboot (hope not though) since Beyond didn’t do that well already and in a few more years fewer people are really going to care about the Kelvin cast that much. I’m just being honest. Even most fans don’t seem to care that much now. And they can get a much cheaper cast from the beginning and start fresh by then. But we’ll see.

For me I just want another movie. I don’t care what characters, cast, director, era or universe it takes place in. I just want something good and here is a crazy idea, actually original (why I really hated Tarantino’s idea if the rumors were true). That’s all I care about regardless and will take it in whatever form.

that’s kinda funny… 20 million dollar trek movie is basically the tv shows… 2 hours would be about 20 million. and i agree a smaller budget for the new flicks would make more sense… tmp was mega-budgeted then they scaled back for khan which was intended as a tv movie. trek films have always had a weird and wild journey…

the time between films doesn’t matter IMO… with normal films and the way production works and the attention span of audiences sure i get that… but trek is always in the atmosphere. as soon as they announce it (again) it will be in the zeitgeist… and casting and production… trek and star wars can go 5 years 10 years between films and would be fine… especially with the tv side ramping things up and paramount pushing trek reruns… it’s so different now vs just a few years ago… all trek shows are freely available not just on streaming. we’re in a constant trek cycle.

you and i will be back for a sequel to this conversation soon about whichever project they choose to do next… the father son story if they went back to that would have to be the pine cast… the Tarantino one as well since he’s a big fan of the pine cast… but could probably be done at some point with a recast including peck as spock… the hawley is a new new cast apparently… or something new? i love the possibilities.

problem with trek fans as i’ve said before is we all have our own ideas what’s best for the franchise… and it’s impossible for paramount to match those expectations. i try to go with the flow. i mean if it was up to me we’d see a ds9 movie :)

This is all good stuff. Too bad I’ll be working and won’t be able to watch. But this is all good stuff.

Ah Star Trek. How I love thee so.

Well, I’m on furlough, so I’ve got nothing but free time. I’ll probably watch it.

Clearly it’s going to be the announcement of DS9 and Voyager HD remaster….

.orrrrrrr….Maybe the announcement of another $80 soundtrack release on “splattered vinyl”.

No it’s the announcement of Star Trek: Sisko.

Nine Trek shows? Wow. What were the other 8?

Is this a real question?

So where can this be seen? CBSAA? Is it only available live or can we see it at other times?

While the panels will be seen at Star, it would be nice to see a list of episodes in the marathon – for those us outside the U.S. who might want to join in, watching on DVD/Blu-ray or alternative on demand service.

Ah… So it will be on Thanks. Above article was unclear.

The article mentions clearly that both the panels and the marathon will be on

If you follow the link in the article above, under the headline “#STARTREKDAY LATEST NEWS” there is an item named “Star Trek Day Streaming Schedule”. This has a long list of times and episodes.

Cheers! Got the list now.

I do have one question I forgot to add, will the episodes be commercial free or not? Anyone know?

Looks like they’d have to be commercial-free in order to stay on that tight schedule. I think that’s why they’re playing so many Short Treks…they help fill out the rest of the hour, since most episodes would only run about 45 minutes or so without commercials.

OK thanks! Yeah that makes sense. Of course if it does come with commercials people can’t complain seeing it’s free, but its nice if they aren’t.

Just looked at the episode list for the marathon and its actually a really good mixture of all the shows! They are showing all the pilots to every show first minus TAS (although funny TOS pilot is last shown with The Man Trap). They do have one episode of TAS being show though, More Tribbles, More Troubles, and tons of the Short Treks too! About half of those.

I’m also shocked just how well balanced the list is actually. I thought it was going to just be a bunch of TOS/TNG episodes and a few of everything else but in fact every show gets equal footing mostly and they all have two episodes each in the marathon, from TOS-LDS, with the exception of TNG. That one has the most with an additional two episodes after the pilot ( BOBW and Yesterday’s Enterprise) but also more episodes as well with the pilot and BOBW, which of course is are both two-parter as well. All the others is just the pilot and one episode each (weird how Discovery is only airing The Vulcan Hello, that really is a two part pilot like the others). Also thought they might go Borg heavy but it’s only two episodes of those too, BOBW as I said and Regeneration from Enterprise.

This is a really great list. I would watch all of these on my own no problem (well OK, not huge on Man Trap or Encounter at Farpoint ;)) but solid episodes for the most part.

Anyway here is the list if you haven’t seen it yet and curious:

“The Man Trap” is the first episode broadcast. Star Trek’s pilots are of course “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, so it’s strange they aren’t showing them too in a way.

“More Tribbles, More Troubles” was the first Animated Series show broadcast. If I’m not mistaken, “Beyond the Farthest Star” was first produced.

We all have our fantasy playlists of greatest episodes, but that’s a fair representation across 54 years they’ve gone with I suppose. If leaning more toward recent and Short Trek.

Yeah, it’s ironic that the 2 actual pilots aren’t included in the list of “Star Trek pilots” since none of the ones they ARE showing were technically even pilots. Every Star Trek series after TOS was essentially sold “straight to series” because of the large start-up costs involved.

Weirdly, in Canada CTV Sci-fi channel has links to the Star Trek Day schedule and is promoting the panel, but there is no indication that they will be broadcasting the same episodes in Canada, as far as I can tell it’s just the daily weekday dose of 5 episodes of “classic” Trek series.

On the other hand, CTV’s new app now has on demand the top two-parters from the 5 “classi” series. So, there’s that to celebrate with.

They’ve posted a panel schedule, panels run about 3:30.