The All Access Star Trek Podcast Tackles “Cupid’s Errant Arrow” And Muses On The News Of The Week

All Access Star Trek episode 5

This week, Anthony and Laurie talk about the newest additions to the Star Trek: Discovery cast, discuss the possibilities of a Short Treks/Captain Proton team-up, and preview the online festivities happening on Star Trek Day (September 8th). They also dig into “Cupid’s Errant Arrow,” the latest episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, to figure out why it’s so much better on its second viewing and how it connects to Shakespeare and Robert Altman. Before they wrap up, they reveal a fun connection that almost happened between Star Trek and Parks and Recreation.

Links to topics discussed in the pod


Non-binary and transgender characters added to Star Trek: Discovery

From NYCC; Star Trek: Discovery will be visiting Trill in season 3

DS9’s “Invasive Procedures

DS9’s “Playing God

History of the Dax symbiont

Article: Are The Planets Aligning For Captain Proton From ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ To Rematerialize In ‘Short Treks’?

Delta Flyers episode where Robert Duncan McNeill talks about reviving Captain Proton 

Star Trek Day schedule

Other mentions:

The airport scene from Airplane!

Planet of the Apes scene (but don’t watch it if you’ve never seen the movie before)

The Planet of the Apes musical from The Simpsons, which we don’t talk about on the podcast at all, but it amuses us, so here it is

Brain slugs from Futurama


Laurie: Literally! With Rob Lowe podcast episode with Nick Offerman

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I haven’t watched the newest Lower Decks episode but saw the review you guys did. My experience might be different from yours when I get to see that eventually.

Non-binary and transgender characters added to Star Trek: Discovery is a really big deal.

There needs to be more LGBTQ representation in Star Trek and in the entertainment industry more broadly.

I appreciate the folks behind Star Trek: Discovery introducing non-binary and trans characters.

People deserve to see themselves on TV in a personal and understanding way. We’ve come a long way in treating others who are different from us as fellow human beings.

That gives me hope that humanity can evolve past its primitive nature and emerge in a world of tolerance and cooperation.

Holy crap, Episode 5 was fantastic. If it continues like this it’s already found its footing.
They seem to have already made some of the adjustments I suggested recently. The humour is less childish and made me laugh loads of times. It’s placement never got in the way of a really good ‘Trek story. I dunno if it was just the planets aligning or a particular writer, but this was head and shoulders better than previous episodes.

Lower Decks is getting better with each passing episode. The show is figuring itself out and good job to the writers.

I’m happy to hear that you liked it.

Regarding unjoined Trills, there was at least one DS9 episode that showed Ezri’s family of unjoined Trills.

Yep good call, that would be “Prodigal Daughter.” And during the pod I mentioned but could not remember the name of “Invasive Procedures” with John Glover as guest star playing unjoined Trill. Another DS9 episode featuring unjoined Trill is “Equilibrium”

Yep, I was totally wrong on that one… even as we were talking I remembered other episodes! It happens. We linked to a few of them in the post.

Feedback: you’re amazing. Informative, balanced, insightful, respectful, and a great plus for every new episode. Thanks for all the hard work! :-)

Thank you!

Great job on the review. I agree with Laurie about the art direction, especially the exterior shots of the ship in space, they look bright, colorful, and have a glow about them. I’d love to see some legacy ships done in this way.

I agree that this new Disco Trill will get the Dax symbiont. But I wonder if they will ever visit the DS9 wormhole, see the aliens in there that exist outside linear time, and maybe see Sisko? Maybe Changelings?

Regarding Sisko: Avery Brooks seems to have completely retired from public life. He doesn’t act in movies or TV, he doesn’t do any interviews or conventions. He didn’t even record anything for the big DS9 documentary because he thinks he has said all that there is to say about Sisko. As for returning as Sisko, I think he’s said that he would only consider it if it was really meaningful for the character. This is not a knock against the writers on Discovery but I doubt that any cameo because Disocovery decides to pay a visit to the wormhole would meet that requirement. So basically, all they could do would be to re-use old footage from DS9. I don’t know what the rules are on that but they might need to get Brooks’ approval for that too if they repurpose it to to a new context.