Virtual Dragon Con Features ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And ‘Voyager’ Cast Panels This Weekend

Like so many other conventions, the fan-driven annual Dragon Con has gone virtual this Labor Day Weekend, and it’s all free. In addition to a number of “Fan Track” Star Trek discussions and events, Dragon Con Goes Virtual also includes some main programming Star Trek panels featuring cast and behind-the-scenes professionals. See below for the Star Trek-specific programming.

Dragon Con Goes Virtual: Star Trek Main Events

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Saturday 9/5 8:30 AM Science of Star Trek Discovery
New science advisors on the show, Dr. Erin Macdonald, a physicist (and Star Trek Universe official consultant), and Dr. Mohamed Noor, a biologist, talk real science and how those concepts are portrayed in Star Trek: Discovery. Panelists: Dr. Erin Macdonald, Dr. Mohamed Noor.

Saturday 9/5 4:00 PM: Star Trek Discovery Cast
Join the Discovery crew as we discuss their spore-driven adventures through the Star Trek Universe. Jumping through space and time, follow the newest Star Trek characters as they make their way from the Klingon cold war, boldly going further than any other crew in franchise history.
Panelists: Mary Chieffo, Jason Isaacs, Kenneth Mitchell, Anthony Rapp, Marc Lee (Moderator)

Image from pre-recorded Dragon Con Discovery cast panel

Sunday 9/6 2:30 PM: Star Trek: Voyager 25th Anniversary Live 
Back from the Delta Quadrant, these gentlemen reflect on their mission that started 25 years ago on Voyager and share their adventures since returning. Panelists: Robert Beltran, Robert Duncan McNeill, Tim Russ, Garrett Wang (Moderator)

More Virtual Dragon Con Star Trek fan events

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Friday 9/4 5:00 PM: The State of Modern Star Trek on CBS All Access
Long time Star Trek fans Nayr & Kavura break down and share their thoughts on the state of current Star Trek shows.

Friday 9/4 7:30 PM: Star Trek After Dark
Discussion on Trek Track Discord

Friday 9/4 9:00 PM: “The Magic You Know”
A Star Trek D&D adventure, streaming on Trek Track YouTube

Saturday 9/5 4:00 PM: Exploring The Strange New Worlds of Star Trek
A crew of real-life scientists and engineers are demoted to redshirts and sent to explore brave new worlds. Will our landing party survive? Or will they become a cautionary tale for what not to do when faced with inexplicable phenomena?
Panelists: Mika McKinnon, Emily Fincke, Sarah Milkovich, Ryan Consell

Sunday 9/6 8:00 AM: Trekspertise: Ferengi Mercantilism As Religion
Join Trekspertise creators Kyle Sullivan and Katie Boyer as they answer one of the nagging questions of Star Trek: Why would anyone be motivated by money in a post-scarcity society? Panelists: Kyle Sullivan, Katie Boyer, Brandon Fibbs

Sunday 9/6 12:00 PM Star Wars & Star Trek Science Tag-Team Fight – Round 3
Two biologists and two physicists argue for whose fandom reigns supreme, Star Wars or Star Trek. Four scientists enter! Four leave! (Because this isn’t a bat’leth or lightsaber duel.) Panelists: Drs. Stephen Granade, Erin Macdonald, Mohamed Noor, and Eric Spana.

Sunday 9/6 7:00 PM: Virtual Miss Star Trek Universe in 360
Streaming on Trek Track YouTube

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