Star Trek Wines Introduces Klingon Bloodwine And Federation Special Reserve

The line of official Star Trek Wines is expanding with two new releases, including one fit for Klingon warriors. Wines That Rock has announced a 2018 Klingon Bloodwine Cabernet Sauvignon and a United Federation of Planets Special Reserve 2019 Sauvignon Blanc.

Star Trek Wines is one of our all-time favorite projects. The collaboration between Star Trek experts from ViacomCBS Consumer Products team, our award-winning winemakers and designers, as well as several of the world’s leading Star Trek and Klingon experts have produced two new additions to the Official Star Trek Wines Collection that our entire company are proud of,” said Wines That Rock’s President Howard Jackowitz. “Our goal is always to create great-tasting, limited edition, collectible wines that we as fans want to own and enjoy. As Klingon Warriors would say – Qapla’!”

Klingon Bloodwine ($50 per bottle)

Fans of the original Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation will recognize the ceremonial Klingon bloodwine, a salute to Klingon culture deeply rooted in the three pillars of honor, duty, and tradition.

In honoring the ancient methods of the great Klingon vintners, Wines That Rock chose premium Cabernet Sauvignon grapes to create a traditional bloodwine, cultivated to produce strong flavors that glisten a vibrant ruby color in the glass with aromas of dark chocolate and bold flavors. Each bottle is hand filled and expertly wax-dipped at E2 Family Winery.

Front label of Klingon Bloodwine

The Klingon Bloodwine was developed in conjunction with the ViacomCBS Consumer Products team, along with the leaders of KAG (Klingon Assault Group) and the KLI (Klingon Language Institute) for their expertise in all things Klingon. Everything from the design aesthetics, use of language and the wine itself was carefully crafted with authenticity in mind. As a special ‘Easter Egg’ for fans, Bloodwine bottles also feature four separate, unique corks that were produced with Klingon proverbs.

Pre-sale of the Klingon Wines is available now with a ship date of September 17th, The Klingon Day of Honor.

Back label of Klingon Bloodwine

Federation Special Reserve ($40 per bottle)

The second new wine being released on September 3rd is the all-new United Federation of Planets Special Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. Each limited edition bottle is individually numbered. Designed as a companion to the United Federation of Planets Old Vine Zinfandel, its futuristic round shape and unique label cut were inspired by the Starfleet Delta and are a nod to Star Trek: The Next Generation official issue uniforms. The United Federation of Planets Sauvignon Blanc was crafted by an intergalactic sommelier and designed to please palates on multiple planets. The bottles elegant design and premium wine quality were created as if they were to be served at official United Federation of Planets gatherings including diplomatic banquets, Federation Council meetings, and planetary assemblies. Both Federation wines pay homage to the history and mission of The Federation, a dream that became a reality and spread throughout the galaxy.

The two new Star Trek wines join the previously released Chateau Picard Cru Bourgeois and Special Reserve United Federation of Planets Old Vine Zinfandel. All four are available exclusively at, and you can get all four tpgether for $190.

All four official Star Trek wines

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Can Star Trek Wines say “Overpriced”? FFS…

Get cheap wine. Stick Star Trek label on. Sell for ten times the price. Laugh at Star Trek fans and count your money.

You can start a business by doing that lol

Looks like someone beat us to it haha. FairPlay to TM allowing my comment.

Ok, the Klingon Bloodline is tempting if only as a collectable for the bottle.

My spouse is sufficiently intrigued to be musing about whether one should drink it or save it with the label intact.

Problem is, I don’t think it’s going to be available in Ontario. LCBO please use your market power and bring it in so it’s not too expensive, taxes notwithstanding.

LCBO is crap… cross over to Quebec and go to the SAQ!

They know their fine spirits!


Klingon bloodwine is my drink of choice.

You’re too young to be hitting the blood wine Ninja, might I suggest sticking to the prune juice!

I already got one. You should drink some vodka.

Vodka? Where I’m from, that’s soda pop… ;)

You must be Irish.

Well I guess if you’ve already ordered one then the only thing to say is k’plah. Enjoy!

Okay, but they seriously missed the mark by not branding the label “Star Trek: Deep Space Wine.”