Watch New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Trailer

Star Trek: Discovery new season 3 trailer

During the Star Trek: Discovery panel at today’s Star Trek Day virtual event, CBS released a brand-new trailer for season three along with a new poster, the new logo, and more. The surprise trailer reveal was introduced by series star Sonequa Martin-Green.

Watch the trailer



As always, we’ll be doing a full breakdown of the trailer in an article to come.

New poster

In addition to the trailer, CBS also released a new poster with the new Discovery logo. Featured on the poster are returning Discovery cast members Sonequa Martin-Green (Commander Michael Burnham), Doug Jones (Commander Saru), Anthony Rapp (Lt. Commander Paul Stamets), Mary Wiseman (Ensign Sylvia Tilly), Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber), and Michelle Yeoh (Philippa Georgiou). The poster also includes new cast member David Ajala (Cleveland “Book” Booker) along with just announced Blu del Barrio (Adira).

Season 3 coming October 15

Discovery season three arrives exactly one week after the season one finale of Star Trek: Lower Decks.  New episodes of the series’ 13-episode third season will be available on demand weekly on Thursdays, exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers in the United States. In Canada Discovery season 3 will debut on CTV Sci-Fi on October 15 and be available to stream on Crave. It will debut internationally on Netflix in 190 countries around the world on October 16.

Season 3 synopsis:

After following Commander Burnham into the wormhole in the second season finale, season three of Star Trek: Discovery finds the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery landing in an unknown future far from the home they once knew. Now living in a time filled with uncertainty, the U.S.S. Discovery crew, along with the help of some new friends, must work together to restore hope to the Federation.

More Discovery news to come

The Star Trek Day events are still ongoing! Keep an eye out for more updates here at, including a recap of the news from the Discovery panel. Check out all of our Star Trek Day coverage.

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Can you provide the link to the Netflix variant of this trailer? Usually they come along for all of us non-americans.

still being blocked here in the UK………. seriously CBS stop pulling this shit.

Strange, it works for me although I’m not in the UK but well outside North America. The website doesn’t seem to like ad blockers. I don’t know if you’re using one of these.

So you never heard about those free VPN sites where you can simply paste a link into their web page and select a US server, and then you can watch this?

Sadly, Netflix hasn’t shown any interest in promoting season 3. The last time they updated their startreknetflix social media accounts was in 2019.

I think the version hosted on the official site is region free?

It works for me in Europe

Confirmed. Works in Germany.

Great set up – TOS explorers must save the stagnant post TNG Federation.
Unfortunately I worry the writers just don’t why the TNG Federation would be stagnant and why you’d need some Wagon Train to the Stars types to save it.
Please don’t be like Enterprise where you throw away the great set up to play TNG… fingers crossed.

In the panel, they said the event that happened wasn’t due to the Federation itself and that actually the Federation was as strong as ever been by the 32nd century. It was an event from outside it that caused it to crash. So it wasn’t ‘stagnant’ it simply had some foe or maybe a temporal anomaly that caused it to fall. I know it probably won’t have anything to do with the Temporal Cold War but it could be something similar.

I seen others speculating it could be the Omega molecule that the Federation was so worried about in the 23rd and 24th century that could kill off subspace and warp travel.

And I think Discovery still having the spore drive is probably what will make it help solve the crisis as well.

Either way I’m excited to see where its all going!

Well, if they blame Omega particle or other equally lame “outside our control” plot mechanisms while ignoring the chance to double down on the “fun” of exploration and space colonization and the challenges that result well… sounds like throwing out your great set up to play TNG and like TNG… lame (outside Lower Decks comedy).
The spore drive with magic mushrooms, anti-science in my opinion.
Hell even Andromeda got the analog.. “what happens after the Roman Empire falls, can the fundamentals of the Roman Republic ever reemerge from the chaos”?
Another great set up waste and out the window (like Enterprise)?

If the Federation is rebuilding after a crisis, how is that like TNG?

If the Federation is the same stagnant bureaucratic perpetual motion machine of TNG and the crisis is over, what do you get (beyond adults playing holodeck being the most entertaining part of their day)?

Why would you think that a Federation rebuilding after a major crisis would be “the same bureaucratic perpetual motion machine of TNG”? For that matter, what in this trailer (or elsewhere) makes you think the crisis is over?

You do realize they explore in TNG as much as they did in TOS. I don’t understand your obsession with the holodeck but having it hasn’t stopped the Federation from exploring. In fact the Federation has expanded a great deal by the 24th century. There are more ships and better technology. Q even said once the Federation would have made it to the Delta quadrant on its own by the 26th century, so they are still exploring and boldly going dude. How is that ‘stagnant’ if they reaching farther into space every century??

Yes, yes, there are a 10000 starships running on perpetual motion machines, no resources required, exploring a 10000 generic worlds where all is good and conflict is always external because we are so perfect and all the aliens will learn from us and not vis versa.
Hopefully the writers of Discovery haven’t put blinders on regarding why Strange New Worlds with Pike/Number One/Spock got so much interest as you have.

I don’t think the word stagnant means what you think it means though.

That implies no progress. In the 24th century more planets are part of the Federation than before. They found a wormhole that got them access to the Gamma quadrant (OK, not all positive on that front lol but still). First (and second) contacts are still done frequently. Science and innovation is being pushed and why we have such things as the holodeck in the first place. And they still have and create colonies throughout the galaxy.

And if everything was so perfect why is there a Section 31? Or a Turkana IV? Or an Admiral Preston? Admiral Jameson? Or the Maquis? Yeah everyone is very perfect if you just ignore the ones who aren’t.

Humans never learn from other aliens in the 24th century? Did you fall asleep during The Inner Light? Q Who? Darmok? Tapestry? Force of Nature?

I understand fans will like and hate things but your reasons are bizarre and you always cherry pick to death or ignore everything that goes against your points. The 24th century is just as active if not MORE active than the 23rd century, mostly because the Federation has more reach and more ships are actually out there exploring. You act like TNG just showed people hanging out on Earth all the time or something.

So what your saying is maybe next year they’ll have 20000 starships or 20000000 starships running on perpetual 2000000000 starships running on perpetual motion machines, no resources required, exploring a 200000000020000000002000000000 generic worlds where all is good and conflict is always external because we are so perfect and all the aliens will learn from us and not vis versa.

(except for the part where all of the above joins together in a unimind for the good of all and becomes it’s own worst enemy)

As for Picard… on his watch he build a race of pseudo AI slaves who then blew up Mars.. then he ditched his friends and potential love interest only to bring Data back for him to commit suicide.. I LOVE Picard, if anything highlights the nonsensical nature of TNG where your utopia is a dystopia complete with 200000 bland generic Federation starships all of which combined don’t have a 10th of the excitement factor of the 1701, this is it. I couldn’t have wrote it better myself (okay, not true, the fleet could have all jumped in with magic mushroom drives just to drive home how anti science the series has become). Please.. keep that going.

They already have thousands of starships in the 23rd century, so what’s the difference?? And the shows only focus on one ship at time anyway, so what does it matter lol.

Just the most bizarre hang up I’ve ever seen…but it’s yours to have.

Star Trek was a lot more exciting when you were watching 1/12 starship class capital ships than 1/10000 starships. That you Still don’t see how that impacts storytelling after the cookie cutter armada in Picard is beyond me.
Quite frankly your “who cares” is a good foil.

It’s no longer 1966 man. Both Discovery and Kelvin has presented tons of starships, am I right or wrong? Again you act like this is something they did in TNG only. Outside of ENT and TOS every iteration of Trek since then has made it clear Starfleet is a HUGE organization with hundreds if not thousands of ships and resources. I mean both Kelvin and Discovery has bigger and more advanced ships and technology than the 24th century lol. Did you see a spore drive anywhere in TNG/DS9/VOY? Discovery has retcon the TOS view of Starfleet long ago since they have more than just one class of ship. ;)

Remember when Section 31 was so powerful on TOS that they also had their own class of ships and bases and a super advanced AI machine that they followed? Wait, that didn’t happen in TOS? Kind of odd since this all took place even before TOS. Oh yes, that’s right they ignored TOS and just added things anyway that makes that era way more advanced and resourceful. Did you forget all about that? It was literally last season of Discovery.

But you seem to think only TNG has presented something different. This is my point when I say you cherry pick things all the time. What’s ‘beyond me’ is that A. you have ignored everything that completely goes against your argument and B. not everyone cares about this stuff man, including the people who now make these shows apparently. I know, shocking, right, but true. I don’t watch Star Trek because I thought it was only 3 ships surveying 2000 solar systems. That’s never been remotely on my mind. I don’t remotely care because Star Trek is 50 years old with 700 hours of content. The great majority had very little to do with that.

You also need to realize people can watch shows for different reasons than you do. And that TNG IS the most popular and most watched show because they liked its stories and characters. You don’t, that’s more than fine, but your narrow minded view of the show is not the consensus by most TNG fans, including most people here thankfully.

Well they made it clear the spore drive will still be very important in season 3.

And maybe they didn’t want to go all in with what Andromeda did so not to be compared to it although it is a lot now. I never seen it.

And TNG is ‘lame’ only in your opinion. Anyway, the point is they are trying to restore the Federation so eventually exploration will happen again. It hasn’t happened in two seasons of Discovery yet, so fingers crossed this could be the year for it. ;)

Exploring fake planets is boring. I rather see drama and conflict.

Sounds like your nonexistent sex life. Go away troll. Nobody cares.

Is that you Tiger King?

Go away troll.

Dude, the most of Star Trek is “anti-science” if you think about it.

Star Trek TNG I think is anti-science but once upon a time there was a show called Star Trek which in the 70s and 80s used cellular phone communicators which only existed in their imaginations but now was something people wanted.
The bridge which did not look like a hotel with a fixed Captain’s chair and had visible monitors all around that a commander could actually monitor the situation and use the full 360 degrees with space optimization which was then actually promoted by RAND as an optimum command center design.
The show included ideas of physicists looking at matter/anti-matter engines (a few grams of real anti matter really costs trillions of dollars which would put a crimp in the idea that we could build 10000 starships).
People used to spend hours debating if we could really warp space (unfortunately it requires negative mass which doesn’t exist) and/or how maybe we could manipulate time dilation.
How this crowd devolved into “oh free energy is totally possible and why do we need to invest in energy infrastructure and why do we need minerals?” is beyond me. Can’t get worse right? Wrong! MAGIC MUSHROOMS ARE GOING TO NOT ONLY POWER STARSHIPS INSTEAD BUT BEAM THEM INSTANTLY ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. WHO NEEDS THE LARGE HADRON COLLIDER WHEN YOU CAN GROW BEYOND MEAT BURGERS?!?
Prepare to verify destruct sequence code one. Destruct sequence one, code one, one A.

Personally I think the premise would work better and be a bigger task had the UFP fell apart from within. An external force means people would still be interested in rebuilding it. From within means many would not be.

So already a misstep. Not a huge one but a misstep none the less.

I would’ve been fine whatever way they went with it. But I’m guessing they think it would depress people knowing all the progress and optimism the Federation projected in the TOS and TNG era would feel wasted if it just died on its own centuries later. It would literally destroy the one thing that Star Trek is all about, hope.

But I don’t understand how that is a ‘misstep’ though? This is basically what Star Trek does. Federation is somehow wiped out, they have to figure out how that happen and fixes it. That’s what First Contact, City on the Edge of Forever and Past Tense all did. The difference with this is we actually see the Federation (mostly) gone for ourselves and it’ll take longer than an episode or movie to fix it.

But I’m guessing they think it would depress people knowing all the progress and optimism the Federation projected in the TOS and TNG era would feel wasted if it just died on its own centuries later. It would literally destroy the one thing that Star Trek is all about, hope.”

I concede that point. I just think it will be a tougher and more impressive task if it had crumbled from within.

Fair point. As I said I wouldn’t have been too bothered personally, eventually everything does die, but yeah I do think that’s the issue.

A 1000 years later the Fed becomes evil according to that short trek episode.

Tiger2, I really hope it’s not Omega molecules because then it would sound like a rip-off of the ‘Final Frontier’ cartoon that didn’t quite make it to production. Omega was supposed to have split the Federation up a bit, I think the Romulans took advantage, and then Starfleet became more militaristic. And so the main character wanted to try to put Starfleet back on the right path, and get back to exploring.

Even if DSC3 ends up being sufficiently different from that, I don’t think Omega would be a great plotline simply because it’s a callback to past Trek. They specifically went to the future to avoid all that, and of course it won’t be without it’s references and continuity, but why not create something new?? I can only hope they use this opportunity to do just that, rather than mine more Trek history for ideas. It’s the same reason why I really hope the Trill we see isn’t another Dax..

I never heard of this cartoon until now! But since so many seems to think this is a rip off of Andromeda, that boat has already sailed in that instance.

But yeah you could be right and they don’t want it to be based on past story lines and do their own thing. If so, that’s great, as long as its GOOD! But it is funny on this outlook because some people seem to think if you ignore all past canon then what’s the point? But others like yourself, and me too btw, think its just a great opportunity for Discovery to set its own path. I have gone over why I don’t like prequels but that is the main problem, I don’t care what you do, you are never completely free to pave your own way. When its something like SNW, that’s fine because its basically a prequel to TOS in a way and the expectation is to build stories to some things we already know. But for me, I still want new stories that can come up with completely unknown possibilities and Discovery is in a place it can do literally whatever it wants now.

So I’m fine if its not TCW or the Omega particle, etc. But as fans, we latch on to ideas that are already out there so I can’t blame people for having these theories but it probably will be something completely original.

But yeah, I still want another Dax lol. I will be totally fine if its a completely new person but the fanboy in me still wouldn’t mind seeing certain things we know.

I’m excited. This trailer seems to really work.

I’m really liking the mix of species – and is that a half-Kelpien or another new species speaking with Saru?

I haven’t got to the Discovery panel yet (work does take priority, despite the frequency that I drop in here on breaks.). I’m curious to see it.

Me too!

And yes I thought that too about who Saru was talking with and maybe it was a half-Kelpien or something. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see how different many of the species will be across the board. Maybe the Romulans will be less dicks for a change? Not holding my breath, but hey.

Well, this trailer made a pretty good job of reminding me how terrible season 2 was and how much I despise Michael Burnham. God job. I’m out

Funny, here I was thinking the trailer did a pretty good job indicating the new season was a soft reboot. But then, I don’t hate Burnham, so I guess it didn’t need to overcome that obstacle with me.

I didn’t see it that way. Burnham is the lead so I expected her to be all over the trailer, which is fine. It’s just that I didn’t see anything from her to suggest she has had to do any kind of growth or character development.

I said I did not care for the trailer but to be fair I have some 26 episodes of STD guiding my opinion more so that a two minute trailer. Who knows? It very well could get better. But since the same people remain behind the scenes the odds of that seem slim. I’m still a fan so god help me, I’m still watching.

Season two was fantastic, but OK.

I don’t think it was anywhere close to fantastic, but did have some good episodes and a big improvement over season one, at least for me.

Oh please! You’ll watch it, you’ll hate it and you’ll feel compelled to tell everybody how much you hate it.

Your user name just reminded me that the awful rebooted version of battlestar Galactica exists.


I rather enjoyed that version of BSG. Far superior to the original.

You. Despise. Michael Burnham? A fictional character. Such a strong, negative emotional attachment to something that doesn’t exist, save for flickering images on a monitor somewhere.

Not much I can add to that.

The actress is poor. I too cringe at her ‘acting’.

She really isn’t but okay, go off I guess.

Well some of us like it and nobody cares if you’re out.

Okay, I’m excited now. I’m guessing one of the new cast members will be the new Dax host!

Hoping it’s a new Dax!!!!!!

Stanning for a new Dax here as well.

Do Trill even live that long?

I wonder whether the new logo will be used in the titles as well, or just in promotional material. (Aside from the shift from “Enterprise” to “Star Trek: Enterprise,” this is the biggest logo change a Star Trek series has had mid-run. TOS changing colors and the “whoosh” effect from TNG season 5 are smaller than this.)

Since they’ve changed up the main title sequence multiple times (at least twice during season 2), I’d expect an entirely new sequence with the new logo.

That’s a fairly good trailer, but I’ll believe it’s cut from a fairly good season once the season is over. Or not, as the case may be.

I think those are four pips on Saru’s new badge…

I have to be honest, I went into this trailer with high hopes. I’m gonna give this season a try but after enjoying picard and lower decks as much as I do, I’m willing to let this show go unwatched. I wasn’t a fan of the Distopian federation plotline when it was pitched more than a decade ago and I feel the same now. Hopefully my Bias against this show is unfounded when the season starts… so far it seems like they crammed all of the cringy aspects of season 1 and 2 into one trailer

Looks great! :)

Just exciting to see Star Trek in a new era again. To boldly go into the future is something many of us been wanting for a long long time now. So I can’t wait to see what they do with it but it looks amazing. Just happy to see Star Trek FINALLY expand in a huge way!

This is EXACTLY what I feared, a 100% copy of Andromeda. Just awful. Please bring Ron Moore, Ira Behr, and the crew back. Please!!!!

I am more optimistic than you, but yeah, the premise is basically the same as ANDROMEDA.

And the premise of Andromeda was taken from Roddenberry’s Genesis II.

The ability of some folks to write off an entire show, season, movie, etc. based on a 2-plus minute trailer never ceases to amaze me.

Agreed. It’s idiocy.

I didn’t say anything about writing anything off. What I said was that I feared this was a copy of Andromeda, which we don’t need right now. We don’t need to see a retread. Also, with our society in such a state of chaos it would be great to see how we can advance past that. More Kurtzman dystopia.

My comments have nothing to do with bashing what I don’t know. We have now learned that this IS a Federation that has fallen apart, and it is up to Discovery and their crew to rebuild it. So not original.

In no way is this “a 100% copy of Andromeda.” Why are so many Trek fans so laughably melodramatic? Sometimes around here, it’s like watching The Bachelor.

While we haven’t seen it yet, and who knows, the trailer indicates the following:

  1. The Federation has fallen
  2. It is up to this starship crew to rebuild the Federation

That is Andromeda 100%. The opening dialog of Andromeda is as follows… “The long night has come. The Systems Commonwealth, the greatest civilization in history has fallen. But now, one ship, one crew has vowed to drive back the night and rekindle the light of civilization. On the Starship Andromeda, hope lives again.”

Those words are spoken almost exactly through the trailer. Substitute Systems Commonwealth for Federation, and Andromeda for Discovery and the trailer describes this literally word for word.

How is this a copy of Andromeda?

Have you seen Andromeda?

Doubt it, I think he’s 18.

David Moss, Andromeda itself was based on Roddenberry’s Mark III “Dylan Hunt” pilot (the earlier two being “Genesis Two” and “Planet Earth” – both post-Armageddon tales that got shown as made-for-TV movies.)

So, let’s not suggest that Andromeda was something completely original in itself, especially when the Systems Commonwealth was clearly a Federation analogue.

Andromeda was definitely not all that great a series. I can’t get our kids to watch it, but they have the 5 classic Trek series replaying almost every day.

I think that it’s a great idea to take the “time jump forward” from Roddenberry’s unsuccessful “Dylan Hunt” projects and find a logical fit in the Star Trek Prime Universe.

Frankly, I’ve been waiting for TPTB to merge the “time jump” “Dylan Hunt” type storyline with Prime Universe Trek from the time I first saw “Genesis Two” on TV in the 1970s.

Let’s hope Kevin Sorbo shows up.

For a second I thought that bearded guy, older guy in the trailer was actually Sorbo :))

Andromeda was not based upon that originally, and you’re right, Andromeda was not a well done show. Andromeda was Roddenberry’s attempt at an intelligent starship. When they resurected it, Majel Barrett combined Genesis II and Andromeda together and hired Robert Wolfe. The original plan for Andromeda never had a dystopian fall of a government.

This session looks so epic. I’m so excited for this session. It looks like a whole new adventure.

The new Discovery font is somehow more generic and yet also better than the original Disco font, which always looked horrendous to me. I hope it sticks around; logo changes could signal a prominent shift, which this season seems poised to deliver

It’s a better logo. Looks like a good sign of things to come.

It’s generic sci-fi, much like Discovery and Picard are, but yes, much better than that hideous original logo

Love the trailer, and I think the new logo is great and makes sense since the crew is in an entirely new time-frame. The new characters are intriguing. I’m very excited for Season 3!

Looking forward to this, although I think Burnham is going to be even more of a Mary Sue than previous seasons.

…and that’s bingo!

you just say ‘bingo’

Every single one of you complaining about Mary Sue, won’t say the same thing (Gary Stu) when Spock or Pike come up with most solutions on SNW.

Love Trek.

Despise the fans.

I like the new logo, looks nice and clean. I felt the original looked, messy? Maybe too busy?

yes. agreed. this is an improvement

Stop making it look like the fate of the Universe rests in the hands of Michael Burnham. That story got old REAL fast.


You literally had a Captain who was a god damn messiah for a race that was conceived by supernatural aliens to save the entire universe… but now it’s just too much.

Yeah, but, like, he was a guy. Totally different.

No, that was at the end of seven seasons. This is 3 times the galaxy will be saved by Burnham in the space of 60 episodes.

Make that 39 episodes. Just a little more than one REAL TV season.

60 episodes, huh?

Trailer doesn’t exactly thrill me. But then I had two seasons of Discovery guiding my opinion. It still doesn’t look to be very good. Yes, yes, of course we shall see when the season starts. I might still be OK with it but one must remember I have a low expectation here.

VERY low expectations.

“The Burn” was the only interesting thing about this trailer.

I’m at college right now. I watched the trailer right after I finished class.

Discovery is simply not good enough. Very low expectations

I swear you have said in the past how much you enjoyed Discovery. Then again you went from loving Lower Deck’s pilot to trashing it inside of two weeks so….

I like the new logo.

“The Burn”… What is that? The Federation collapsed in to anarchy. I’m cautiously optimistic about this!

It’s Burnham from the future. Or the past. Whatever.

Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see Michael and friends back in action. This is going to be a super interesting season I think. Disco is my fav Trek show to date.

Captain Saru.

Burnham, as annoying as ever.

SMG somehow managing to be both hollow, and overly-dramatic.

You’re a nobody. Everyone she’s worked with or for feels the opposite.
So, clearly the problem is your taste-level.

I have only seen SMG in this one show and I have to say she is unimpressive. And, dare I say, overly melodramatic at times. Now this could be the director demanding she give more or something like that. I don’t know. But the results that I have seen are that she is mediocre at best. I mean, Tilly is a terrible character but from what I have seen Wiseman is a better actress. As is Michelle Yeoh and even Emily Coutts. Sorry. That’s just how I see it.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Even you.

What do you expect people to say in public? Talk about how awful they are to work with or how bad an actor they are?

I was hoping that when Saru said “WE may be disconnected, we are together” or something that was going to say “we are Starfleet.”
Federation, Federation, Federation. I wonder how many times the word Federation was spoke in that trailer.

I’m looking forward to that Trill and Andorian, and Jett Reno. Not much else honestly.

Oh, and who is the captain this season?

Looks really good, can’t wait!

That trailer actually made me interested in watching Discovery, which I did not think would be possible. Maybe the third time will be the charm. At least this time they will be free from having to contort themselves into or bulldoze through TOS continuity.

Will the characters finally be able to develop fully and consistently into a crew that we want to spend time with? That is their real challenge.

Back in black
I hit the sack
I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back
Yes, I’m let loose
From the noose
That’s kept me hanging about
I’ve been looking at the sky
‘Cause it’s gettin’ me high
Forget the hearse ’cause I never die
I got nine lives
Cat’s eyes
Abusin’ every one of them and running wild

Top 5 worst characters in Star Trek

  1. Burnham
  2. Burnham
  3. Janeway
  4. Burnham
  5. Burnham

Well Neelix wasn’t great either.

Yes – Neelix. #7, Kes #6.

…but you don’t have a problem with female lead characters. Got it.

It is not the female lead, it is the actor. They both have a pretentious presence about them. They are always right, they are never wrong, they are above all others.

Nonsense. Both characters made mistakes — sometimes big ones. Heck. the whole first season of Discovery was about Burnham trying to make up for her mistakes in the first episode.

No it wasn’t. She was completely accepted among her crewmates by the 4th episode. And she consistently showed up her captain. Both Lorca and then Pike.

Geoblocking. Booo!

Even my recycled koi could do a better job!

Definitely getting something of a soft reboot vibe through this trailer. I think the biggest improvement I see this season is that the crew looks more like a family, everybody seems more at ease with themselves and who they are. More importantly, this season clearly focuses more on the Discovery crew, not Pike. The story looks way more accessible, focused, and confident in its crew. This looks like a story that can continue progressing each season instead of constantly fixing.

One thing I liked about this trailer and I feel I will like about the third season is the fact that the focus is on the Discovery crew again. I believe many people liked season 2 but honestly in season 2 Spock and Pike stole some of the focus from the Discovery characters so it is gonna be good to see them back. Plus I am really enjoying Jett Reno, that is one cool character.

The Collector’s Mum: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all”
Me: “Errrrrm… The new text/logo for the show on the poster looks good!”
(Nothing further to add)

Agreed. Moving right along past this article. Enjoy, everyone. Looking forward to reviews and comments here.

Sadly they are not exploring one strange new world after another or re-finding one strange new world after another. Sadly this seems like they are fixing everything broken, like they know about it before they know about it. Sadly it looks like they took a mission instead of having freedom. Sadly no one took that cackle out of the trailer. Sadly it looks like the whole season is going to be promoted as “BUCK UP, YOU’RE IN THE FUTURE!” Not, hey, what is this new present?

Of course I’ll still watch it. I did like a lot of Andromeda. It wasn’t really afraid to be a little offensive and weird. This a little too Space Marines.

Oye. When everything is epic, nothing is epic. Discovery brings spore drive to a future that can’t travel at warp because of “the burn” and spends an entire season getting chased for the tech while everyone is very sad all the time. Burnham saves everything in the end and gives a speech. Spoiler alert.

“The Burn” = climate change, we will see

That applies to a planet though, not to space. And how could that affect the hundreds of Federation worlds with so many different climate systems around the same time realistically?

The same way environmental concerns were addressed in Space in TNG, the destabilization of space time rendering warp travel impossible.

OK, yeah, that’s a great point. I forgot about that, even though I was one of the people who suggested the Omega molecule could be the reason and has a similar effect on space.

Yeah, the Warp 5 speed limit. One and done episode, ignored moving forward.