‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Will Reveal Number One’s “Mind-Blowing” Backstory

The upcoming series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds had its first-ever official panel discussion on Star Trek Day. On hand were with series stars Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck. Joining them were executive producers Akiva Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers, along with co-executive producers Akela Cooper and Davy Perez. We have broken down all the news from the panel.

Episodic, with a hint of serialization

Producers for Strange New Worlds have already said that the show will return to classic Star Trek storytelling. Executive producer Henry Alonso Myers started off the panel by outlining how they are approaching this format:

We want to do Star Trek in the classic mode; Star Trek in the way Star Trek stories were always told. It’s a ship and it’s traveling to strange new worlds and we are going to tell big ideas science fiction adventures in an episodic mode. So we have room to meet new aliens, see new ships, visit new cultures.

Myers added they are going to make sure that characters grow and evolve on the show, drawing a bit of a contrast with the original Star Trek to make his point:

Audiences are sophisticated and so if Kirk falls in love and the love dies, the next week he’s going to still feel it and that is the kind of thing we wanted to carry over. We want to bring a modern character sensibility to classic episodic storytelling.

Writer Akela Cooper also added that there will still be a bit of plot serialization woven into the first season:

While we’ll have like individual one-off plots, the character arcs are what’s going to carry us through in a more serialized fashion. There’s probably one plot point that we will be sprinkling through this series until we actually get to the episode. And that’s all I can say about that.

Playing with the core three’s dynamic

Akela also talked about how the writers have picked up on some of the chemistry Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and Rebecca Romijn showed in season two of Discovery, and are finding new ways to play with their dynamic:

The fun thing in the room is coming up with cool and unique situations and scenarios to put them in that will bring about certain aspects of their personalities we can play with, and see how they would complement each other but also contrast each other. And to just see how those puzzle pieces fit.

Writer Davy Perez revealed more of how they are seeing the relationships on the Enterprise:

We did have conversations about Pike and Number One being sort of parental figures to the ship and in specific to Spock. Because Spock is the younger Spock. He is not the wise, old Spock from The Original Series, this is the young guy just out of Starfleet Academy and still finding himself—and what kind of Spock will he become? And so you have great mentor/mentee relationships. And oftentimes, you can learn from your own kids just as much as you can teach. So there’s a lot of interesting relationship dynamics to play with there.

Anson Mount during the Strange New Worlds Star Trek Day panel

Pike’s fate, Spock’s balance, and Number One’s “mind-blowing” backstory

The actors talked a bit more about where their characters are headed. Anson Mount talked about how he will play Pike knowing his fate (which he learned in season two of Star Trek: Discovery). The actor said:

The most honest thing I can say is, I’m still figuring it out… Pike didn’t just learn how he dies, he learns in what circumstances. So we do know that at some point he’s going to be presented with a promotion opportunity to Fleet Captain. And he has to accept that in order for the fate to come into existence. So what is it that’s going to allow him, both in terms of circumstance and emotion, to accept that promotion? It’s a tough question, but I think we’ll figure it out together.

As for Ethan Peck, he is preparing to take on the struggle Spock has with his Vulcan and Human halves:

I’m very thrilled to find the balance in Spock. He between two worlds of logic and control and of emotional volatility that we all struggle with. And so it’s going to be an enormous challenge. And there are plenty of scenarios in which we could play with that. And I’m very excited to see what the writers come up with. And I’m just going to throw myself in. I can’t wait.

Rebecca Romijn talked about being excited to explore Number One, who is more of an open book for the writers:

“The Cage” being such an old pilot, the writers have this very unique opportunity where they’ve had this character that’s existed since the beginning of the canon, but she’s never been written. I can’t wait to find out how vast her skill set is. What are the arrows in her quiver? My number one question is: what’s her backstory? And I had a delightful meeting with the writers’ room a couple of months ago, and they floated an idea for Number One’s backstory that I’m not going to share right now because it is it blew my mind when they said it. But that’s all I can say.

Ethan Peck during the Strange New Worlds Star Trek Day panel

Referencing TOS, and beyond

When asked about how Strange New Worlds will be tapping into Trek history, Davy Perez said they are looking at more than just The Original Series:

The storytelling in itself is using sci-fi to say something about the world around us and that in of itself is like a way to touch upon the legacy. We’re obviously going to be mining as much as we can The Original Series and if we can reach into Next Gen some way. But… those Original Series episodes and that TNG era and Deep Space Nine were using episodic television to say something really introspective or really important about the world around us and about ourselves as the human species and what we could be in the future. And that kind of legacy storytelling is how we’re sort of gonna really look at each episode.

The USS Enterprise was introduced in the second season of Discovery, and Henry Alonso Myers talked about how while they’re developing the designs for the rest of the show, they’re doing what they can to hold to the original style:

One of the great joys of this job has been we meet weekly with our incredibly talented production and design team and we look over the incredible sets. For us, I think the fun of it has been figuring out how to keep continuity with the past. How to keep some of the amazing design elements from the ’60s that were incorporated in the first one and updating it for a modern audience.

Ethan Peck as Spock; Rebecca Romijn as Number One; Anson Mount as Captain Pike in Short Treks

Crossover with Lower Decks?

Rebecca Romijn (Number One) just happens to be married to Jerry O’Connell, who voices Commander Jack Ransom on Star Trek: Lower Decks. According to Romijn, this has created “nonstop competition” in their household over who is the best Star Trek first officer. However Romijn made it clear, “I am the better Number One, just letting you know.” As Romijn was discussing this friendly Strange New Worlds / Lower Decks competition in the Romijn / O’Connell household, executive producer Akiva Goldsman jumped in to say:

I do want to want to be clear, without violating any confidentiality agreements, that I have already begun advocating for the crossover episode.

This surprise revelation caused an eruption for others on the panel into some wild theories about what a Strange New Worlds / Lower Decks crossover might look like, including mentions of a mix of live-action and animation like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but that was all speculative.

Watch the full panel

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The mind-blowing revelation about Number One is [SPOILER]… they reveal HER. FULL. NAME!!!

Yeah… That line has “oversell” written all over it.

I think somebody once theorized she came from the planet where they program the ship’s computer, tying into TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY. Just throwing that out there, not supporting it.

Goldsman spent some time talking about how they get to play not only off The Cage, but also more than 50 years of people imagining what those stories would be to come up with what will be on-screen.

There are some cool Trek-lit and fan stories out there that give Number One a fascinating backstory. Given that Pike called her “Una” in the season finale, picking up from a series of Trek-lit novels, it’s more than likely that some of that will make it on-screen. I can also say that Q&A is consistent with Trek-lit in its portrayal of Number One.

(And before anyone chimes in about IP, Trek-lit uses writers-for-hire. ViacomCBS owns all the rights. The television series can use any of it that.)

I also note that I have a suspicion that Dayton Ward, a Trek-lit author who is an ex-marine, may have been contracted as a consultant on this one – or possibly S31.

He’s hinted he has some kind of consulting gig, without even saying it’s for Trek, but that’s mostly what he writes.
Ward is one of the authors that’s written several TOS-era books, but also ones featuring Pike and Number One.

There’s been no formal announcement of a consultant for either series, but Kirsten Beyer is pretty tied up with Discovery and Picard (and is moving up the producer ranks). David Mack, another top-rated Trek-lit author (and writer on a couple of DS9 scripts) is consulting for the two animated series. So, my bet is on Ward, with both his writing and real-life marine experience may be the guy to anchor things for SNW.

Beyond the name, Una holds the most interest for me, of the big three in this series. She’s pretty much a blank slate forward and backwards in the timeline.

Probably that she’s related to Christine Chapel.

If that ends up being the case, then I hope Rebecca Romijn plays her (in a blond wig!!)

And … Christine & “Una” got together secretly having a baby and gave birth to the woman who eventually provided her voice to all of the Federation’s computers?

Numberonella ?

Mind-blowing backstory… They better not be joking.

Has to tie into the CONSPIRACY aliens to be truly mind-blowing …

That got a genuine snort from me – thanks kmart!

Roger Rabbit? Good God. No doubt the episode will feature Slacker Mariner (TM) teaching Spock how to stop bring such a square.

One of the strengths of TNG was that it did not rely on Easter eggs and inside-baseball crossovers to build its legacy. Indeed, there was no reference to TOS until “Sarek” in season 3 (except for “The Naked Now,” but that’s a minor point). Even TOS aliens made nary an appearance until the Ferengi disappeared. This meant that when they finally did that crossover, in “Unification” and “Relics,” it really was something special.

Later crossovers (the DS9 two-parter, Generations) were not as successful.

“Indeed, there was no reference to TOS until Sarek in season 3”

There were many TOS references, not the least of which was McCoy’s appearance in “Encounter at Farpoint,” which also featured people from the World War III era (from “Space Seed”). “Up the Long Ladder” introduced more Eugenics Wars survivors (“Space Seed” as well). “The Naked Now,” as you note, was a sequel to “The Naked Time.” We had Prime Directive stories in “Code of Honor,” “Justice” and other episodes. Majel Barret returned in “Haven.” A visible computer screen in “The Big Goodbye” referenced Zephram Cochrane, Deltans, Garth of Izar, Colonel Green, Cyrano Jones; Harry Mudd, Sarek, and even Gene Roddenberry. And those are all just off the tip of my head–there are many more.

The writer’s guide pretty much forbade TOS references, so it was largely up to the staff to make those calls. One of my specs (not the one that got me in to pitch) looks like they abandoned it on page 3, which is where I had Riker respond to news of an unexpected quadrant-wide alert with, “Somebody’s probably lost a tribble.” Page was folded down at that point.

Second spec, page was folded down just before the end of act 2, when I had a bit of exposition about black holes. Must have been too much tech for them. Too bad, because it had a ST-TMP meets DOOMSDAY MACHINE ending and a helluva concept that Greg Benford apparently used a few years later.

Third spec, no pages folded down, called in to pitch.

What was your pitching experience like? Who did you pitch to?

I was supposed to pitch to Piller, but he got called out right before the meeting started to deal with GR, who had come in that day (Dec 1990) and was having a fit about the s4 ender. I heard Piller say that the outline wasn’t supposed to have gone to him, and then a few minutes later he came out again, looked at me and shrugged. Then it wound up being done with Jeri Taylor, who was fairly new there. Ron Moore (how cool, right?) and one member of two-member writing team (Carren/Caroll maybe) were also there.

Even after selling hundreds of production articles, I’ve never felt all that confident about my writing, especially the creative stuff. But that day, I was, because I KNEW how good some of those pitches were, and I could demonstrably point to dialog that showed I had the characters down too. I was confident the way I was during my first season of Little League, when I faced off at the plate against a pitcher and KNEW whatever he threw, it was going out there, way out there.

Made no difference at all. 45 minutes later, out the door, the end of a messed-up day. Most of what Taylor said seemed to be ‘PIcard wouldn’t do that,’ though the real capper was when I re-pitched my black hole spec script, and she interrupted to say, ‘we don’t do fantasy.’ What are you supposed to say when you’re pitching hard SF extrapolation, pretty much the opposite of fantasy, which I don’t even read, let alone write?

They were definitely not buying shows with VFX challenges. I had one where the Enterprise blows a ton of water into space that freezes, essentially turning itself into a dirty snowball (i.e. comet) in order to passively monitor a Romulan incursion. Idea being that you had a suspense aspect as they drift sunward, with the ice melting threatening to reveal the ship to what turns out to be a squadron of of Roms. Nuh-uh, no way.

Another show with a news reporter on the ship, where the whole thing would be bottle show, except the video reports would be done in 3D (7-11 did a providing of 3d glasses with this kind of thing in the 80s a couple times) or on some kind of high-rez video, and that was a no-go for their show and budget too.

She did like a c-plot/runner I had about Picard always trying to be off the ship to avoid birthday parties, but they weren’t going to buy something that small without a story to go with it.

The one that I liked best … what I thought of as the ‘Patrick Stewart will get an Emmy for this one’ is the one Moore actively got behind and campaigned for, which had to do with a kid dying on the ship and the domino effect unraveling things from the top down. It played with a subtext that ‘this can’t happen here — on STAR TREK’ and he clearly got that, but Taylor felt Picard wouldn’t get messed up over something like this. The third time she said that, Moore sat WAY back on the sofa and never spoke another word for the rest of the session … the body language, in retrospect, should have told me, ‘she’s not buying today.’

There was one I thought would be “Patrick Stewart will kill to do this” (this from a guy who wasn’t a Stewart fan) because it was a riff on HENRY IV pt 2, and I imagined Brian Blessed in the role of a Falstaff-like figure, but that didn’t fly with her either. Oddly enough, a couple months later I went to my last TREK convention, where I heard Patrick Stewart answer an audience member’s “what’s your favorite play?” with HENRY IV pt 2. Made me want to claw my way to the microphone and recount all this!

I’m sure that if you dig back 18 or 20 years on trekbbs there is a much more detailed recounting of all the other pitches and the whole day (Plane for flying down to LA got cut off by another plane during takeoff, then the door to cockpit flew open during takeoff, and the pilot announced our travel time to Ontario Canada, making everybody on board think we were on the wrong plane.) I had new shoes that didn’t fit right, so I spent the whole day with my ankles actually bleeding.

I dug the pitches out a couple years back and found that about half would work for THE ORVILLE, but I don’t have an agent currently.

Wow, thanks for this! Would you be open to summarizing the pitches?

90s Roddenbery essentially wanted to erase TOS and anything 60s Wagon Train to the Stars Roddenbery and thus wanted to avoid any references. As soon as he was pushed out they started to bring in some TOS references which tricked some (like myself) into watching the full show despite it being mostly a snoozefest outside that time Picard destroyed half the Starfleet.

I had forgotten the McCoy appearance; but I’m not sure it ultimately negates what I wrote. As I recall, they never even referred to him by name, merely as “a very special admiral,” and it was more of a handoff (“treat her like a lady and she’ll always bring you home”) than an Easter egg.

The other examples, though, really aren’t relevant. “Up the Long Ladder” was your standard lost-colony episode, and it never referenced the Eugenics Wars; that’s your extrapolation. The World War III survivors in “Encounter at Farpoint” were clearly from the 21st century, not 1996 (admittedly, we didn’t know much about the post-1990s history of Earth in the Trek universe then; we know a little more now, but still relatively little). Still, the point was they never referenced “Space Seed”: not once.

The Prime Directive isn’t truly a TOS callout, any more than “they travel around in a starship named Enterprise 1701” is. I’d never heard of the computer screen in “The Big Goodbye” until your post. Perhaps that’s technically an Easter Egg, but the LCARS displays were low-resolutions and not meant for the television audience. If it was an Easter egg, it was more for the production staff, the way that “Admiral Rick Berman” is commemorated on the Big E’s commissioning plaque.

With the exception of “The Naked Now” and the Klingons/Romulans, they did not want plots that hinged on TOS species. The Klingons and Romulans were, admittedly, pretty big exceptions, but their presence (especially the Romulans’) came once it was clear the Ferengi weren’t working out dramatically.

In terms of specific *characters*, except for the McCoy cameo and the throwaway mention of Kirk in “The Naked Now,” there were no TOS *character* references until “Sarek.” (And Stewart’s delivery of the line in “Naked Now” even suggested that Kirk was something of an abstract historical figure, not a historical legend. He didn’t genuflect before Kirk the way Kirk did before Abraham Lincoln.) Contrast that with DISCO season 2, where TOS characters were ensconced in the plot.

Even though it was a busy work day, I managed to take in three panels and I have to admit after just 10 mins into the Discovery panel, I had heard more cool info and watched a new trailer making today’s Star Trek panels 10Xs better than anything I saw at virtual SDCC. Thanks for posting the SNW panel – it was one I missed earlier. Btw the Voyager and Enterprise panels were also great to watch. For those who missed them, go check them out on the official site or YT. Unfortunately I missed the TOS and Picard/TNG panels.

For Number One, I think we find out she is Picard’s great great grandmother and planning on doing a cross over event of the century between the two shows. Minds are going to blow when she reveals her full name as Una Picard! BOOM, just gave it away kids! Keep this post for future reference and just remember these four words, “I told you so!” ;)

“For us, I think the fun of it has been figuring out how to keep continuity with the past. How to keep some of the amazing design elements from the ’60s that were incorporated in the first one and updating it for a modern audience.”

So basically what they completely avoided doing in Discovery. Better late than never I guess.

Uh, please no. Let’s leave TNG in the blandverse.
Lower Decks seems to be working well with it as a not-so-serious comedy.

Sorry to burst your bubble, Picard got a second season lol. TNG verse is here to stay dude.

Cmd. Bremmon and his anti-TNG bias is like that guy in the park trying to hand out flyers that literally nobody wants.

LOL tell me about it. It’s gotten beyond annoying at this point. It’s just a TV show, it didn’t take your wife. Move on already.

That’s a good idea Tiger but I think there’d be more symmetry if she’s Riker’s grandmother!

My bets are on her marrying into the Betazoid aristocracy and becoming Luaxana’s mother.

I quite like that as well TG47!

Warp Speed Captain Pike, punch it.
Don’t make this TNG – remember your in a world of Wagon Train to the Stars filled with unknown dangers, challenges and things to explore – and you’ll nail it!
Also for Number One, I’d recommend you make her Alpha Centuarian as defined by Star Fleet Battles/Prime Directive; a matriarchal society (where most of the men died out).

Ethan Peck was asked what he’s doing to prepare to play Spock, and he said that of course he’d watched TOS several times and had read both of Leonard Nimoy’s autobiographies. He said because Spock was such a virtuous man and was really the philosopher of the crew, he’d also started reading Aristotle and Kant and Confucius, the better to play a man who would know and understand all of that. I was highly impressed; it sounds like Mr. Peck is taking the responsibility of portraying Spock VERY seriously!

When asked what Star Trek meant to them personally and what it meant to them to be tasked with creating new Star Trek, all four of the producers on the SNW panel burst into tears. They’re writers, not actors, so they can’t cry on cue, and I was moved that THEY were so moved by what they were getting to do.

Agreed. Peck does seem to be taking the role very seriously.

Mr. Nimoy took it very seriously, too, so I hope Mr. Peck’s results will be good. Now we just need them to write him something good to play…

Somebody should tell him about David Gautreaux going out and doing a desert fast to prepare for the Xon role in Phase II.

I think SNW has the potential to be the greatest ST show. The best storytelling of TOS and TNG with modern acting and production values. While I love Discovery and Picard, and Lower Decks has at least been amusing, this is the one I’m really looking forward to the most. The second Anson Mount walked on the bridge as Captain Pike, I was sold. I thought nobody would beat Bruce Greenwood in the role, but Mount didn’t even have to speak a word; he was that good. The new Enterprise model and interior design (sans the weird empty-cavern, winding turbolift) are also phenomenal. I really can’t wait for this show. I haven’t looked forward to a Trek show this much since I was 11 and TNG was being developed.

I agree; I’m looking forward to SNW way more than I looked forward to the other shows. Then again, Spock has always been my role model and inspiration, and much as I enjoy the other shows, a show with Spock in it will always call strongly to my heart.

I’m enthusiastic too Aka Lukas, but I love the “habitrail” turbolifts.

There definitely has been a design idea for modular ship interiors that goes back to the work up for TMP. The Jeffries Tubes and turbolifts were suspended in the interior hull and link everything together, but there is definitely empty interior volume.

You’ll find this referenced in the TNG Technical Manual.

Well, I was REALLY looking forward to Lower Decks. Was disappointed. I’m trying to not look forward to SNW now.

Why does Pike accept the promotion, knowing what fate it will lead him to? Easy, he is disfigured while saving the lives of cadets. It’s what someone like Pike does, and if he can make the decision in the moment to sacrifice himself, then he can also come to terms with making the decision in the longer term. Pike wouldn’t leave the survival of some kids to fate and assume someone else will be there to save them. He knows he’ll be there and they’ll live (and, incidentally, so will he, if with severe disabilities). I think it’s as easy as that. And Discovery already brilliantly showed his willingness to fall on an exploding phaser to save the people around him.

I think it obvious. The only way to live with that sort of knowledge is to just believe that your destiny is not written. After, there is nothing stopping him from stepping in front of a phaser and getting vaporized. He cannot buy into it. Period.

Or accepts his fate and gets on with it like a great Starfleet captain.

We know Spock gets married because a young Lt. Picard attends the wedding of Sarek’s son. Since Sybok died in Star Trek V, this has to have been Spock.

Given this, and the events depicted in “Q&A”, my prediction is that Una and Spock get hitched in a “flash forward” at the end of the series, and their logical courtship is what gets sprinkled around during the course of Strange New Worlds. You read it here first.

But that would make her well over 100 at the time of the wedding.

Who said she ages like a normal human?

…and last, since that isn’t what is being planned.

It could have been another son of Sarek with his next human wife…

Easily. Even humans have been known to become fathers at advanced ages. Saul Bellow at 84, Anthony Quinn at 81, Tony Randall at 77… those are just the famous examples.

Doohan in his 70s as well, i think.

Given that they’ve implied that Pike and Number One are going to be like parents to Spock I think it’s extremely unlikely they’ll be taking this route. Technically we don’t even know that it was Spock’s wedding that Picard attended. Certainly it was implied but Sarek did remarry and it’s entirely possible that his new wife might have wanted to start a family.

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting much from these Star Trek Day panels, especially after what they delivered to us at SDCC Virtual. Now that I’ve seen most of the panels, I have to to complement CBS for putting together absolutely compelling panels, a S3 Discovery trailer and for bringing in the likes of Bakula, Takei and others who normally don’t take part in conventions. I missed the LDs panel and still have to take in the Picard TNG panel but I was especially happy to see the Enterprise, Voyager, TOS and Discovery panels. Too bad SNW is still in pre-production, but what can you do when your in the middle of a global pandemic. Same thing for Picard and Discovery but very much looking forward to S3 Discovery.

Agreed. Oddly this is what I think most of us was thinking we were going to get for the SDCC a few months ago. Some real news, insight into where some of the shows were going and got to see so many others in all the past shows. I watched them all (but got busy when the TOS panel came on so only saw a few minutes of that one) but they were ALL great.

And looking forward to all the shows and new seasons. It feels like Star Trek is back in a BIG way!

It’s possible that CBS already had plans for the Star Trek Day before virtual SDCC and decided to keep the good stuff for Star Trek Day. With SDCC only taking place virtually, they were getting a lot less attention there than they usually would have.

It was great to hear Bakula’s passion for Enterprise and to hear some of the TOS stories including the backstory of Sulu and fencing as well as the blowback Gene got because some southern states refused to air Plato’s Stepchildren. The TOS panel was also interesting for me personally because of something George Takei said about his family’s internment during WWII. He said that even though his father had every right to be bitter and angry at the government for the way Americans of Japanese descent were treated, he never tried to instill any of that into his children. Exactly the same attitude my father had as Canadians of Japanese descent also lost everything and were interned during the war.

Wow that IS interesting DeanH. I did not know you were Japanese. Of course I heard Takei talk about his internment before but I never heard the part he didn’t want that anger instilled in his children. That is very open minded because sadly as humans it’s easier to hold grudges than it is to forgive. And I’m not saying you SHOULD forgive necessarily but that’s why its harder to progress at times as well.

I come from a black family and my grandmother was very hateful of white people growing up. But of course she grew up in a time where they were not only hateful of her but also created laws to amplify that hate. I fortunately did not grow up during those times even though racism is still prevalent today. But she had a much different life growing up when it came to white people and even hated the fact I even had white friends at the time. She never told us not to like white people or anything but she did internalize a lot of hate until she died.

Our personal history and cultures are important traits to everyone on this planet no matter who you are but it shouldn’t define us either to a point we can never let go of our own hate. But you look around the world and sadly that still happens a lot, even today.

So I’m glad to hear Takei say that while also never letting anyone forget what was done to people like him and your family. I obviously can’t imagine what that was like.

Geez …. I wish I could say (or felt) that I was interested in knowing what Number 1’s ‘mind blowing’ back story is all about – because I am not.

So don’t watch it. :::shrug:::

Today it rained champagne. A son was born again. A genius unchained… a life of wealth and fame. Francs and dollars and peacocks’ wings. Sequined gowns and birds that sing. Private planes and fishing lakes. Bigger crowds and bigger, bigger, bigger takes! But what’s it all worth when my son is blind? He can’t hear the music nor enjoy what I’m buying. His life is worthless, affecting mine. I’d pay any price to drive his plight from my mind.

Who’s No.1 lol?

This looks good but I still don’t fully trust Akiva Goldsman. Hope he can prove me wrong. I also hope they don’t make Spock too emo, yes he is younger but I feel Leonard Nimoy had that dignity with the character in his posture and mannerisms, if they can manage to achieve this it will be fine.

Goldsman is as big a hack as has ever hacked his way through Hollywood. There is zero reason to trust him.

I, too, would love to be proven wrong.

I think if there were to be a crossover, it would be only in animated form. A less serious take on a “Yesterday’s Enterprise” type of story. Although, it could still be a tearjerker if Futurama proves anything. Maybe their could even be a Melvar cameo. You could have Mariner and Boimler debating whether it’s the Pike era or the Kirk era Enterprise before the viewscreen is turned on.

It would be fun to see Arex show up as a member of the Enterprise crew. With modern CGI it seems like they should be able to do the character justice now in the visuals.

It depends on whether they want to spend a big chunk of the VFX budget on a background character. Didn’t they at some point consider to have Ripper (the tardigrade in season 1) as a crew member but decided against it due to cost?

Frakes noted on the Star Trek Picard podcast on Deadline that the villain in Stardust City Rag was originally written to be a Caitian.

However, the cost and post-production time for credibly animating a major character, even just for one episode, was prohibitive. Which given the budget of that series, says a lot.

Remember, mind blowing was her term, and that can mean something very different to her than to us.

It could mean she’s an old friend of Pikes. Or it could mean she’s a changeling.

Or she could be a betazoid. What if her full name was Una Troi?

Tappijng into Trek history…..I’ll assume they’ll ignore the raging sexism from the good old days.

I think the episodic format could suit the more classic premise of this show. But sounds like there’ll be enough serialisation to keep me satisfied. I always wanted more serialisation in TNG and Voyager. But ‘planet-of-the-week’ or not, I’m looking forward to some actual exploring.

SPOILER! She’s the direct descendent of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully’s secret love child. If she develops a fixation for sunflower seeds, there’s your sign.

OMG, please no “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” animation-live action mixing crossover ep.

This is right up there with the moronic idea Kurtzman and JJ had of rebooting WOK for STID, and we all know how that turned out.

Keep the kiddie cartoon stuff out of my serious, live action, Star Trek pleas.

I have absolutely the opposite view Methuselah: I think that it would make a fantastic experiment as a Short Trek.

“Serious, live action”??? – what is it with the deep American disrespect for animation? You’d think Disney animation wasn’t successful worldwide.

Has it ever been established where in the timeline the 2 Short Treks episodes “The Trouble With Edward” & “Ask Not” take place? Are they before or after Season 2 of Discovery? & If before, are they before the events of “The Cage”?

The reason I ask is, didn’t Davy Perez just give away that “Strange New Worlds” will be set in the timeline before “The Cage” when he said ” He is not the wise, old Spock from The Original Series, this is the young guy just out of Starfleet Academy and still finding himself”… As Spock’s rank is Ensign in “Q&A” and Lieutenant in “The Cage”..

Be great if we eventually get to see the events that went down on “Rigel VII” (other than the Talosian recreation in The Cage)

It sounds as though this takes place in 2258 and later, after Discovery has jumped forward.

Spock still has a way to grow and mature to the Spock of TOS. We’re still the better part of a decade before that and Spock is a lieutenant, two steps below commander.

If the series is set after the events of “Discovery Season 2” I don’t understand the remark “Just out of Starfleet Academy” when talking about where Spock is at in his life…unless there are flashbacks and that is what “Davy Perez” means?

But then again (Chris Pine) Kirk, was just out of the academy when he took the captains chair of The Enterprise…

I was also confused. Maybe they were wrongly thinking about Q&A when they wrote that