Watch: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Mid-Season Trailer And Panel Reveal Big Cameos And More

The Star Trek: Discovery season 3 trailer wasn’t the only one revealed during Star Trek Day. We also got a new trailer during the Star Trek: Lower Decks panel, which covered the second half of the 10-episode season, which kicks off this Thursday with episode 6. You can watch the trailer below along with the full panel but be warned there are SPOILERS below.

Mid-season trailer

Q and more coming to the Cerritos

We have known that some legacy characters are coming to Lower Decks and the trailer above reveals one of those to be Q, the iconic god-like character introduced in the series premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation. During the Star Trek Day  Lower Decks panel, show creator Mike McMahan talked about legacy cameos:

Coming up in an episode John de Lancie joins us and he is playing Q in a small part. The whole episode isn’t about him, but it is hard to make a TNG era show and not have Q show up… In the same episode Kurtwood Smith plays a tough alien named Klar. I don’t want to reveal too much about what he does, but Kurtwood originally played the President of the Federation in Star Trek VI. We try to cast some legacy Star Trek voices not just in the roles they originally played but in stuff they are the perfect voice for even though it is a new role. You can see both of them soon.

McMahan also revealed there are more comic voices doing guest spots coming up later in the season including Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) in a role Mike would not confirm and Tim Robinson (Detroiters) playing a character described as the Barclay of Lower Decks.

Watch the full Lower Decks Star Trek Day panel

The full panel includes voice actors Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells, and Eugene Cordero along with series creator, showrunner, and executive producer Mike McMahan. They talk about how the show has been premiered, favorite moments, the challenges of making the show during a pandemic, and more.

More Star Trek Day coverage at TrekMovie

There is a lot of news coming out of the virtual Star Trek Day. We will have more updates as the day goes on. Keep up with all of TrekMovie’s Star Trek Day coverage.


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I’m looking forward to when Arex shows up in the final episode of the season.

That would be….


Such a stunt could very well salvage a little something for the show.

I fully expect it to happen. One of the “later this season”-type promos showed the profile of an Edosian without showing his face, and the crew have made reference to “the admiral.” I am willing to bet good money it’s Admiral Arex.

Arex showing up would indeed be awesome!!
They really should CGI up TAS and bring it back but use the original voices. I wonder if they have the recordings?

Arex, and the bulk of the guest voices, were done by Doohan.

Yeah, but Arex is an easy voice to do. Plus, Doohan’s son can do a dead-on impression of his father.

We know that an Edosian will show up at some point, but it isn’t necessarily Arex. With Doohan gone, they would have to recast if they brought him back.

I would wish for Simon Pegg or Chris Doohan as possible recasts.


From TAS, he was an Edosian and the helms officer, replacing Chekov (who wasn’t in TAS). Edosian’s can live for a very long time (in the centuries).

OK thanks. And I did look him up after I posted that. Never seen TAS but have seen that character in places. Just didn’t know his name until now.

Hi Tiger2,

This is my friendly reminder to just get over the wretched 1970s Saturday morning cartoon quality animation already and give TAS a try.

(I still can’t believe optimistic you is just that put off by other’s negativity on this one to the point that there’s a whole Trek series you haven’t seen. So, I have to stan for TAS every time this comes up ;) )

I am just waiting for you to watch it and come on here bubbling with happiness in a “First time watching” reaction post.

Honestly I never been much of a cartoon guy in general. Sure I watched cartoons when I was kid but I grew out of them by my teenage years. Obviously I did give LDS a chance but it was also something new, but I didn’t know if I was going to like it. And yes the ‘reviews’ of TAS has never made me interested in it in general.

I just had never had any inking to watch it at all. But OK, I’ll give it a chance. I’m going to just watch the entire first season in one sitting since its only 12 episodes. And if I like it enough I’ll watch season 2. Either way I will give it a fair shot. No idea when but I do have tons of time on my hands so maybe relatively soon. I’ll let you know when I start!

Go for it Tiger2. I’m keen to hear your “First time watching” report.

I just rewatched the credits as it turns out that the Lower Decks main title theme weaves in the TAS theme. (See the All Access podcast discussion…)

Anyway, I’d forgotten that DC Fontana was the Executive Story Editor, and that the episode “More Tribbles, More Troubles” was written by the writer of “Trouble with Tribbles.”. DC Fontana herself wrote ” Yesteryear” which is in many peoples’ top episode ever lists.

Oh man, there is hope for you yet!! Watch TAS!!!!
More evidence this series needs to be CGIed (keep the voices and stories).
It was mostly great, sci-fi stories intelligent enough for adults but short enough and animated for kids. This is what I believe got me into Trek watching this with my Dad when six. Despite being shorter the story quality was surprisingly good; better than 3rd season of TOS IMHO.
Beyond the Furthest Star was among the best Trek stories Period. Imagine that as a movie now. More Tribbles, more troubles has more dramatic strategic starship combat than all of TNG put together.

What do you mean ‘hope for me yet’??? Man I like Star Trek way more than you do lol. You seem obsessed with just TOS only. I love the franchise as a whole and can accept it on multiple levels. I know this will come as a shock to you but I can actually love both TOS and TNG at the time as I done all my life just like I can love both Star Trek and Star Wars at the same time (I like Star Trek more though, have to make that point ;)). If the style is not Nick Myers enough for you, you reject it. So please don’t act like I’m the one who has hard time accepting this franchise or differences. My issue with Star Trek is they don’t change it ENOUGH. You want it to keep it the look of the 80s. And I love pretty much every show (minus the new ones but they still have time to win me over) and most of the films.

But I’ll try and give TAS a fair shot. I will at least watch the first season and if I like it enough will watch season 2.

Another endorsement to check out TAS. The hardest part is getting over the crappy Filmation cheap animation and sound. But apart from that a number of the episodes would have made for pretty good TOS episodes.

Given that DC Fontana and other TOS writers were responsible for several TAS episodes, they likely were originally story ideas for the 4th TOS season that never happened.

I know it’s a bit off most people’s radar but I kinda liked “Albatross” myself.

Ok I will. I’m going to watch all of season one at least. Not sure when yet but soon.

I think they sort of showed an Edosian already, but no indication that it was Arex.

It doesn’t need to be Arex himself. Just a member of his species. That’s all that it would take to fan service this fan!

This show never seems to disappoint anymore.

Can’t wait to watch it again in October.

Still no word on an international partner?

(not that I’ve let that stop me keeping up with it)

I looked at Parrot Analytics demand for Lower Decks.

The show is scoring well so hopefully that will motivate the international distribution partners to get it up soon. Perhaps they will post the whole season at a time rather than weekly…

Interestingly the “demand expressions” for Lower Decks from Germany and the UK are very high, and not much lower than the United States given that it isn’t distributed there yet.

More generally Lower Decks is doing well in the United States and Canada with streaming demand expressions in the upper ranges for an animated comedy.

It could be Netflix or Amazon or another international partner at this point.

Q feels more right for this show. He worked best when he was a clownish figure on the other shows. When he tried to be serious the entire concept fell apart. And this sounds like he will just be some sort of quickie cameo thing anyway. So, cute, I guess.

I’m just hoping the 2nd half of the show is better than the first. Because those opening 5 episodes were pretty unimpressive. Not many good laughs. Some cleverness, but nothing made me laugh so hard I had to pause the show or even miss the very next line. I heard McMahon say he preferred the 2nd half so we shall see….

I don’t think Q should show up on the Cerritos. I think his son should. Q Jr is a lower deck’s Q.

Been rewatching early tng and he’s darn near terrifying in those eps. After he becomes human they tone him down a lot.

To each his own. I found the entire concept of Q to be tired and ridiculous starting right off the bat with that monumentally lame “humanity on trial” idiocy from Farpoint.

But when he showed up and just played the clown… Only then was he slightly entertaining.

I always thought the Q were held back during the TNG days. I wouldn’t mind seeing the scary, no holds barred versions of them.

Too tough to write that, though. There would be no suspense. How does anyone defeat an omnipotent being?

Who says they need to defeat them :)) Q can take over and something happens and maybe they have infighting or their snobbishness gets the better of them and they end up destroying each other. I am sure there can be story potential here.

When he tried to be serious the entire concept fell apart. 

I disagree. I still think “Q Who?” is by far the best “Q” episode.

I like pretty much all the Q episodes minus his last two appearances on Voyager. The last one was just dreadful.

I liked Tapestry the best. Most did not work for me, however. Part of that is that I never cared for the concept of the Q to begin with.

I always assumed that Q would pop up on the Ceritos at some point. I look forward to seeing him.

Doesn’t really make sense for Q to be here.
He tends to visit the important ships, on important matters.
Cerritos is supposed to be the least important ship in the fleet.

He popped up on Voyager a bunch.

Well, he had the Q hots for Janeway. Can’t even imagine what that would look like….

He seems to show up whenever the writers need a crutch.

Well he only popped up on the Enterprise to be fair. It’s not like he showed up on the other important starships in the fleet. He only showed up on Voyager and DS9 the first time out of circumstance when other people he was involved with landed there like Vash obviously.

So I wonder what’s going to happen? Perhaps something like Q blinks onto the bridge, intending to visit the Enterprise E but he got his wires crossed. He disappears in a flash of light, as quickly as he came after a comment about the Cerritos being the bottom of the Starfleet barrel or a ship full of ‘little people’ (think Q-Less).

Ah ha!!….oops, wrong ship. Snaps out….

Kurtwood Smith has had bigger Trek roles than that.

Anyone want a Clarance Boddicker cameo?
Where’s Red?


OMG, this just made my week. We knew eventually he would show up again and makes total sense for it to be here. Can not wait to see him again, even if just briefly! I love being in this era again. :)


Discovery’s new eps can’t some soon enough.

For those who have problems with the region lock, the trailer is also available from the official Star Trek twitter account

Well, an animated Q doesn’t have to be aged.

Hmm… would like to watch.
International Link Anyone?

Try They have a lot of the videos that CBS releases geoblocked.

Try official Star Trek twitter, first tweet of Sep 9

Q is the perfect fit for Lower Decks. It feels natural seeing him on this show.

sounds like Q is going to zip in for the teaser and be on his way.

STNG, All Good Things, May 1994
Q, Final Scene

Picard: Q what is it that you are trying to tell me?

Twenty six years have passed and I am still trying to figure out exactly what he meant when he tried to whisper an answer. This is torture. Hope someday we can hear the answer or a continuation to that final conversation. =)

I’ve often wondered the same and I love how he delivers that final line. Picard season 2 could touch upon that since Picard’s fate is ultimately something significantly more.

OK, finally got a chance to watch this show. I’m half way through the first episode and… um… it’s pretty cringeworthy. Does it get better?

“McMahan also revealed there are more comic voices doing guest spots coming up later in the season including Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) in a role Mike would not confirm”