Watch Star Trek: TNG’s “Sub Rosa” With The Shuttle Pod Crew In Their Latest Audio Commentary

This week we bring you another audio commentary, wherein you, the listener, are invited to watch an episode of Star Trek along with the Shuttle Pod crew, who just won’t shut up and talk over the whole thing. It’s a fun time and an opportunity to listen to the opinionated chit chat of some internet strangers while you watch Star Trek.

What’s not to love, particularly when that episode is none other than the infamous episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Sub Rosa”. Yes, that one. Yes, the one where Beverly Crusher reads erotic diary entries in her recently departed grandmother’s diary and makes love to a ghost candle. Shuttle Pod hosts Kayla Iacovino and friend-of-the-show Kara Brugman sit down to discuss this, erm, special episode.

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So, it’s getting the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment?

SCHLEFAZ in Germany! “SCHLEchteste Filme Aller Zeiten” = Worst movies of all time. WORMOAT…
They really celebrate such movies and make it entertaining. For example Sharknado.
The presenters of SCHLEFAZ even had a cameo in one Sharknado sequel… A bit offtopic but a fun fact…

Just the kind of episode to get you in that spooky Hallowe’en mood, good timing :)

You guys seem to have unnatural obsession with Sub Rosa :)

I’m not sure what you mean 😂😂😂

Say what you like about the episode (I liked it), but the first time I saw that grandmother’s corpse sit up in the coffin I jumped a mile!

Would you believe it there’s a Sub Rosa mention in the latest Lower Decks!

Fans sure love to beat a dead horse.

You lost me at this:
Watch Star Trek: TNG’s “Sub Rosa” 

Good man.

This is one of those episodes I absolutely cannot watch. Idiotic. Belongs in an Harlequin Romance novel not a TNG episode.

Does anyone else remember an article around the time season 7 started, with a writer or producer basically saying, “We’re having fun with nutty episodes and some genre-bending vibes because, hey, it’s our final season”?

I wish I could find that quote. I think that article contextualized the season for me.

I remember going along for the ride with episodes like this, even though I didn’t like this one that much (didn’t hate it either). I remember taking it for what it was… a TNG take on a ghost story.

It certainly is a weird episode for TNG and granny popping out of her coffin is a genuine scary moment. Gates McFadden never looked more beautiful or glamorous. They seemed to take extra special time lighting her and fixing her hair perfectly. I bet she loved how she looked.

You do realize that there’s literally hundreds of better episodes, right? And they’re still putting out new Star Trek every week, right? Why would anyone choose to watch Sub Rosa?

Have you ever listened to the Shuttle Pod? We are gluttons for punishment.

Ah, now it makes sense. Thank you Kayla! Looking forward to the next audio commentary.

fair enough, if sadomasochism is your thing, more power to ya!