Watch: ‘Star Trek’ Stars Assemble For Starfleet To Recruit You To Protect Democracy With “Trek The Vote”

Election day in the United States is coming up in just one month, on Tuesday, November 3rd. And with early and mail-in voting, it actually has already started. Voting is fundamental to democracy, which is also a core ideal of Star Trek and the United Federation of Planets. This week a number of Star Trek stars across the franchise have joined a new non-partisan, nonprofit group of Trek fans and veterans to help ensure a fair and ethical election.

Trek The Vote

The new group Trek The Vote launched this week with the stated goal of “Trekkies organizing for fair and ethical elections.” The group has already brought in a number of Star Trek stars, who appear as their original characters in a video that sends out a call to action from Starfleet to help in the 2020 election. The “Trek the Vote” intro video includes Gates McFadden (TNG: Dr. Beverly Crusher), Wil Wheaton (TNG: Wesley Crusher), John Billingsley (ENT: Dr. Phlox), Armin Shimerman (DS9: Quark), Kitty Swink (DS9: Guest star), Hana Hatae (DS9: Molly O’Brien), Robin Curtis (STIII and IV: Lt. Saavik), Andrew Robinson (DS9: Elim Garak), J.G. Hertzler (DS9: General Martok), and Chase Masterson (DS9: Leeta). Also appearing is DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr.

Born from a hope for some help from Starfleet

Trek the Vote began a month ago when Seattle filmmaker, musician, and activist (and lifelong Star Trek fan) Tae Phoenix was speaking to a friend about concerns over an election amongst all the challenges that 2020 is presenting, saying, “I wish Starfleet could just beam down and help set things to right.” From that idea was born the thought of organizing Star Trek fans and professionals to create a volunteer network. Phoenix and her immediate circle of organizers had some connections to people in the Star Trek community including Wil Wheaton, Armin Shimerman, and science advisor/writer Andre Bormanis. From there, more were recruited including Chase Masterson, who Phoenix said was very helpful by getting her Pop Culture Hero Coalition involved as well.

Find out what you can do

Phoenix tells TrekMovie that the goal is to “help Trekkies find their lane in volunteering to support election integrity, with a variety of different non-partisan partners.”

Trek the Vote has partnered with groups like Fair Count, Election Protection, Power the Polls, and Poll Hero. Their goal is to work as a clearinghouse to bring in “recruits” and offer up different assignments including getting trained as a professional poll worker, helping attend to basic voter needs, and protecting voter rights.

The following two videos from the Star Trek stars outline the opportunities and what you need to know before your “assignment.”

Find out how you can Trek the Vote

To learn more or to get an assignment, visit TrekThe.Vote.

UPDATE: Not associated with Trek celebrity fundraiser

On Friday after this article was posted the partisan group Act Blue announced a virtual fundraising event featuring a number of Star Trek celebrities using the name “Trek The Vote.”  TrekMovie has confirmed with Tae Phoenix that they were not aware of this ahead of time, and her Trek The Vote volunteer group has nothing to do with the fundraiser. She emphasized how TrekThe.Vote was entirely non-partisan and had volunteers from across the spectrum involved.

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I am grateful I live in a country with compulsory voting and publicly funded elections. The American system is designed to keep the underclass away from being able to vote.

“compulaory voting”

That sounds more undemocratic that our flawed U.S. system, no offense. And I don’t really want people voting who don’t want to be part of the process — they tend to be morons who would not be up on the issues and would end up voting for unqualified blowhards like our current president.

Er, how is compulsory voting undemocratic?

That doesn’t make sense. These “morons” you are talking about voted your current president into office, and they may well give him a second term. On the other hand, active voter suppression seems to be targeting mostly potential voters of the other party, and other people simply aren’t motivated to go vote (because people may have told them that their vote doesn’t make a difference anyway).
Compulsory voting doesn’t tell you whom to vote for. Compulsory voting also doesn’t mean that whom you vote for is known. If you don’t like any of the candidates you can vote for none of them.
What compulsory voting does mean is that the state has to give everybody (who is eligible) the opportunity to vote and actually make it easy for people to vote (because they are required to do so).

You haven’t got a clue. Too many hot dogs and guns have clouded your judgement.

The American system does have problems but compulsory voting is not the perfect solution.

Americans and citizens of other democracies like to say that with rights come responsibilities.

As a Canadian, I’ve long thought that it’s very interesting that countries like Australia have codified that for the most basic democratic right: voting. If you don’t vote, you get fined for not fulfilling your civic duty. Makes a lot of sense.

Really? That’s idiotic. That just leads to people not making an informed vote. How many under such a format who didn’t feel like doing it just flip a coin or some other such random procedure? How is that better than just letting them NOT vote if they do not want to?

I mean, the USA is a free country and people should feel free to NOT vote if they do not want to.

No it doesn’t. When you are required to do something, and the media and politics is predicated around it, people are more engaged. This ‘Trump Bad Biden good’ rhetoric is about as dumb as it gets.

You get the politicians you deserve.

Sorry but I don’t think it works that way. How engaged are you when you are forced to do something you have no interest in doing? Not very I suspect.

“You get the politicians you deserve.”

I have just been waiting for this maxim from professional political campaigners to show up here.

The version I know best is “In democracies, people get the government they deserve.”

And when voters choose not to vote, that is a choice too. In communities and regions where voting is very partisan, staying home and not supporting your party’s candidate is a choice. Many non-voters don’t admit that to themselves.

On the other hand, not voting isn’t a choice when voters are subject to active discouragement. Doing everything one can to get out the vote for your party is good strategy; impeding voters for the other party isn’t. That’s why the Australian model is an an interesting way to ensure all eligible voters are registered and cannot be impeded or discouraged.

“In democracies” is a key part of this maxim. Keeping a democracy a democracy means that voters right to vote must be protected. Intimidation, discouragement and suppression must be addressed strongly and quickly by election authorities responsible for the process. Even in Canada, we’ve had occasional issues, e.g. mysterious robocalls intentionally giving people wrong information about polling places, dates and times to discourage them.

Relax a bit on the compulsory voting, folks. While required, it’s usually built around a national paid holiday…but you only get it by participation. The Aussies fine you twenty bucks if you skip it. And yes, publicly funded elections would be a huge step in the right direction.

Here in Israel, election day is a holiday, but voting isn’t compulsory.

So, your post below saying you had just cast your second vote for Trump was BS. Your attempt at trolling wasn’t very subtle. Explains why nobody took your bait. If you need attention just get a dog…

“Thanks for the advice, but I already cast my second vote for Trump.”

I have dual citizenship. It’s not difficult.

I also note well that you consider people declawing for a candidate you don’t approve of “trolling” and refuse to believe anyone could even vote for him. There’s a word for that, and it ain’t “democracy.”

Sorry for disturbing your safe space.

You know, I take it back: The fact that support for the President of the United States on this thread is seen as “trolling” is indicative that for all the high talk, this- and every single other “get out the vote” effort- is really a barely-disguised attempt to rustle up more low-information Democrat votes.

Thanks for putting that out in the open.

Dangerous this is. The Emperor himself – should he survive the following days – may twist this into an attempted coup by the Trekkie Order. All of Star Trek may fall victim to his Order 66.
His Proud Boy Stormtroopers are already on standby, waiting for the order to be given… Shrouded in darkness the future is…
And if the Emperor falls before his rise to absolute power, Darth Pence may prove to be the real Sith Lord. Look like Valorum he may, but Valorum he is not. Q he is! Blind we are! Not see we do! Eric T…. like Hux he looks!

Hana Hate? LOL

Try… Hana Hatae.

At the way things are going now, especially now, I have no idea how Biden won’t be elected in a month. But I’m definitely voting!

I am very confident Biden would win in a fair fight.

I’m just very worried it won’t be a fair fight.

I’m not a US citizen (nor resident) so I won’t be participating in any of the above.

That’s true. Trump has been trying to disrupt the voting process in the most ridiculous way. But outside of literally trying to get ballots thrown out, there is not much he can do but whine about it. And voting has already started in multiple states. And Trump has other problems right now, big ones.

I don’t think an incumbent President has ever had a worst election year in my life time. But some of it is his own fault too. But when you start the year by being impeached, I never thought it could actually get worse from there lol. All I can say is karma.

Biden will win alright. Trump is at the hospital right now because of COVID. Interesting times.

Trump has been losing for pretty much all year. That debate was just…ugh. But after today I think his Presidency is over. And he has no one else to blame but his own arrogance and ignorance. It’s baffling, but more proof why he should’ve never been President in the first place. But yes, you never know so I’m not taking any chances and will be voting as everyone around me. Bur you’re right, definitely interesting times lol.

where the hell do you people live that you think Trump is going to lose? I have been to 10 states in the last two weeks and every one of them are FULL of Trump loving voters. Minn is going to turn red this year too……..lots of wishful thinking on your parts I would say.

I live in Minnesota and Trump won’t win here. Minnesota won’t fall for Trump’s lies.

Check back in 31 days to see if you were right, Chris.

[SPOILER ALERT: You weren’t.]

Did you talk to everyone in all 10 states lol. And you do realize there are 40 more of them right? And its going to be different depending on which state you’re talking about.

Trump has been behind EVERY poll, including most batttleground states for over 6 months now. Yes, 2016 and Hillary, but this is a very big difference. Most of all because Biden is waaaaay above where she was doing at this point. Hillary was 3-5 points ahead of Trump at this time. Biden is 8-10 points ahead.

200 thousand people have died on his watch due to a virus he has downplayed for months now; that he has now gotten sick over. Are you really surprised he’s losing???

You’re just giving us anecdotes, I’m just following the polling. He can still win, trust me nothing is in the bag; but after today, it’s looking even less likely. Believe it or not, most Americans really don’t like the guy.

Trump’s entire campaign has focused on winning the EC. He’s losing the popular vote by a wider margin then last time, but ultimately that isn’t what matters….particularly so if come complacency sets in in the Biden camp.

We live on an M-class planet called Reality.

Vote for Biden. Anyone who voted for Trump is a traitor.

I’m fed up! Voting is the only thing we can do to change this country. He is unfit to be president of anything.

He shouldn’t be president at all.

I am on fire burning with anger and rage lol.

He can’t even denounce white supremacy groups in 2020??? A. Who is he worried about offending other than white supremacists???? B. How does someone like this leads a diverse nation like America in the 21st century?? It’s all mindboggling to most of us. If Trump is the best we can do as a country, then we are in deep #$%$! He is just a disgrace on every level.

He actually has denounced them. Many many times. Over and over. Including in the debate earlier this week. Twice. He denounced David Duke, the KKK, white supremists in general. The concept that he hasn’t is a myth that a lot of people with agendas or are simply uninformed continue to put out there.

I often and perplexed how many people opt to focus on myth and lies rather than the actual personality flaws he DOES have.

Honestly, I think if I were in a room with him I would probably want to punch him. He has character traits I personally despise. That said, I could not vote for him 4 years ago. But given the last 3.7 years and what is going on now and who he is running against, I am seriously considering voting for him. Not that my vote matters, I’m in California.

Trump has denounced SOME but not all. It’s not a ‘myth’ man, we just listen to this guy shuck and jive like he did in the last debate. The point is is this: When he’s asked to denounce Obama or Hilary he will rant and rave for an hour going over every detail why they are evil. When asked about David Duke, he will walk a thin line so not to offend Duke’s supporters,. He does that over and over again. Trump is the ultimate race baiting dog whistler. That’s why he can praise people on both sides. (sigh)

I could not vote for someone who CONSTANTLY lies about everything!! Who has said racist and nasty things about soooo many people in the last four years. Who can’t even show his tax returns, the ONLY President in 40 years not to. And we found out why because he pays less income taxes a year than I freaking do and is basically broke. The guy who ran on being ‘really rich’ and a successful businessman probably owes more money than he has. Guy who has called people soldiers dying in wars losers and suckers.

The ting is it’s not just pinko liberals like me, listen to practically everyone who has left his administration. From John Bolton to General McMaster, they all say the same thing, this guy has NO core and no business being the President. His own family from his niece to his sister, his freaking sister, thinks he’s a raving nut job who has mental issues. So its not coming out of just Democrats, people close to this guy, life long Republicans, makes it clear every week he should not be there.

Trump is a total fraud and corrupt as hell. That’s why he got impeached. It’s so disgusting this man speaks for Americans. Not to mention his incompetence over the virus has left more people dead in this country than ANY country in the world while he downplayed it for months. Tens of thousands of people would be alive today if acted from the beginning when he KNEW about it. Four more years of this bullshit?? Seriously? He shouldn’t be punched, he should be in jail.

He has denounced all. It is indeed a myth. One that has been debunked over and over. Like the “fine people” line is a lie. A lie that people choose to believe. When he denounces these things it really is pretty cut and dry. The only race baiting about Trump comes from his detractors.

If you are concerned about lies from politicians then you pretty much can’t vote for anyone. Personally I never cared about his taxes so long as there was nothing illegal in them. I do not understand why some feel it’s important. It’s not. The “suckers and losers” thing is yet another myth. There is nothing factual to back it up. Although I am forced to admit it certainly sounds like something he would say.

I don’t care what his sister has to say (me and my sister aren’t exactly on the best terms either) or what people he’s fired have to say. I DO care about results.

And let’s be honest… The only reason he got impeached was because democrats controlled the house and decided to call a phone call a “high crime”. At worst it was bad judgement. But there was nothing illegal about it and they knew it. They were trying for 3 years to get something on him and nothing stuck. In the meantime the economy was growing, the country was doing great. He replaced the weak NAFTA with the USMCA. Wages were up. Joblessness went down and even this year he helped broker peace in the middle east with the very real possibility of Saudi Arabia joining in.

I honestly felt this guy would be a complete failure when he started but I was proven wrong. WAY wrong. Sure, I wish he would present himself better. His mouth does get him in a lot of trouble. That debate is a perfect example. If he just shut the heck up Biden would have hung himself as he is want to do. But he never gave him the chance. But I’m more results oriented and the fact is Trump has delivered and the Harris-Biden ticket only has “orange man bad, Biden has empathy, and orange man bad. I have zero faith in that guy. I really don’t. And I’m not a R guy. I’m actually pretty middle of the road. I’ve voted for Feinstein, Brown and local reps who are D.

You should run Trump’s campaign. You do a better job than the people there now. One guy nearly killed himself last week but he did work for Trump.

No Trump is a FRAUD who does NOT give two shits about anybody. So no, that’s not true, there are PLENTY of people to vote for simply caring about the people they serve and not treat the office like its a damn reality show. It’s not about party, The Lincoln Project tell you that since that group is nothing but Republicans who think Trump has soiled the reputation of this country. I wish people stopped pretending its the ‘liberals’ who just hate Trump when he has just as many Republicans speaking out against this POS every week.

It’s about this criminal and con artist having NO business being President and 3 and a half years has only proven that. Now he has got himself sick because he was the moron down playing a global pandemic for MONTHS and gotten tens of thousands of people killed in the process because they listened to him.

Believe it or not, Trump is not the first President who had a good economy. The guy before him had to not only deal with a recession but then still got unemployment to 5% before he left. If Trump is voted out, and I pray he will be, he should focus on his OWN finances and staying out of jail with the rest of his buddies.

Let someone who isn’t going to turn the White House into a clown show every week and actually understand how government works. Trump has never read a history or civics book in in his life and it shows.

OK. Fair enough. I disagree. I did not vote for him last time as I had major doubts going in and the results proved my fears were unwarranted. You have your beliefs and nothing will persuade you from them. As I said, for us, being in California, the question is moot anyway.

He has denounced all. It is indeed a myth

Not without caveats (“very fine people on both sides,” “stand by,”) etc. His “denunciation” of white supremacists is about as persuasive as Bernie Sanders’ denunciation of Fidel Castro.

Exactly! It’s sad people are trying to spin for this race baiting idiot. Everyone sees what Trump does, you can not be this naïve. Even Trump’s own former advisor said he didn’t go far enough to denounce these people.

There were no “caveats”. The “both sides” comment was NOT partly aimed at white supremists. This has been debunked. The “very fine people” comment referred not to white supremacists and neo-Nazis but to “people that went because they felt very strongly about the monument to Robert E. Lee — a great general, whether you like it or not.”

Also… This…

Trump, Aug 14 2017: Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-nazis, white supreacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.

This is a pretty solid comment and there are many more just like it.

Tiger, both of us are in California. Harris/Biden is going to win this state by a huge margin so literally the only reason Trump voters should even go to the polls is for the local measures and state propositions.

Funny thing about the impeachment… His popularity actually INCREASED when he was impeached. And there has been ZERO mention of it by the Dems ever since.

This is very close. And if it wasn’t for a Chinese pandemic that has killed 200,000 people and undermined a strong economy (but one that is slowly returning much to the chagrin of Biden’s handlers) a 2nd term would have been a slam dunk. To say that Harris, er Biden is a shoe in is wishful thinking of the highest order. At this point it could easily go either way. One must consider that the polls cannot be fully trusted as many Trump supporters fear saying so to pollsters (for obvious reasons) and either don’t answer or outright lie.

And let’s face it… The world is not going to end based on who the President is.

Dude you claim to hate Trump and yet you seem to be his biggest cheerleader here lol. Look at you! Its fine, you like him, just admit it already. I, along with majority of the country, think he’s the biggest POS to have ever set foot in the White House (and that’s saying a lot) but clearly he has his fans.

Yes you’re right, he did get a bump in the polls after impeachment, but his approval rating was still in the 40s, as its been for 3 straight years. Clinton approval rating was 70% after he was impeached. So yeah, for Trump, that’s amazing lol. And then it went back down to the early to mid 40s a few weeks later.

And either way, that’s not the point man. The fact is he DID try to blackmail another country to get dirt on his opponent, right? All Nixon did was try to cover for some of the people who broke into Watergate hotel, he had zero to do with the actual crime and he was on his way out. Trump literally planned the entire thing on his own and Republicans looked the other. Sooooo disguising. Again, it’s baffling this guy EVER became President.

This POS also has held large rallies and events with no social distancing and no masks, even after you got the guy on tape saying it was five times worse than the flu and knew it was airborne. He held multiple rallies in February this year knowing that but not saying a word. And that’s also why they now believe all the people who is turning up sick from the White House the last few days, including Trump, got it in the first place. That was when they announced the new Justice nominee with zero masks in sight. I’m also convinced that’s how Hermain Cain died, going to one of Trump’s rallies with NO mask on in his 70s.

Again, no one is blaming him FOR the virus, it’s HOW he has responded to it that has been the issue. He had defied his own experts on it. Trump did not give two shits about even his own supporters, especially as long as the cameras showed how loved he was by them. And now it has come to bite him in the ass. Won’t shed a tear for this clown. He reap what he sow.

Do you think he got four more years he’s going to change? He’s only gotten worse. How is that possible?

OK. I don’t like the guy. But I can begrudgingly accept that he has been good for the country. I am capable of putting my personal feelings about a person aside here. I’d rather have an clown in office who gets stuff done than a nice guy who doesn’t.

This was the first paragraph of a post I made yesterday in rebuttal but was was told I the post was being held back for some reason. I thought they might have let it through by now. Not sure why it was held back. There was no use of language, hateful speech or what not. Weird.

Looks like it was the 2nd paragraph that pulled some sort of trigger. Have no idea why. All it was was pointing out three past Presidents who either had monumentally bad terms or did something amazingly atrocious. Way worse than anything Trump did in his term. But here is the rest…

I think the facts are that it was Obama who tried to get a foreign government to dig up dirt. Those facts are coming out now. It’s not baffling he became president. At the time I felt he could win mainly because the democrats, who often cannot get out of their own way, put up what I thought was probably the only person in the country who would lose to a narcist like Trump.
I’ve often been perplexed when people complain about how he handled it when the fact is NO leader on Earth handled it without consequence of some form or another. And notice how Biden has only criticized how it was handled yet he has NEVER said how he would have even with the benefit of hindsight. It’s reasonable to conclude that Clinton, nor Biden would have done any better.
I trust Trump to get the country out of this mess far more than Biden/Harris or more exactly, their handlers.
And I say that as someone who personally does not like him at all but can respect what he has accomplished. Just like ball players (and teammates) hated Barry Bonds but respected what he did on the diamond.

Trump himself may not be able to do much, but the attempts efforts at voter suppression have already started alongside early voting. Check out Texas shutting down ballot drop off points. Can people still technically vote early? Yes. Will the GOP make it as difficult as possible? Absolutely. Take nothing for granted.

I don’t know about that. But on the flip side the campaign to encourage more people than ever to vote by mail seems to me to be a deliberate attempt to create election chaos.

Or it might be related to the pandemic going on? Just a thought.

Or not as no one seems particularly worried about going to stores and going out for regular everyday things. Just another thought.

ML31, the vast majority of people who vote are seniors, people who are the most vulnerable to this disease. All people are saying instead of standing for possibly hours in a voting line with large groups of people, you can simply do it safely from your home and convenience and not risk getting sick; especially if you are elderly. How the hell is that creating election chaos??? That’s why it’s THERE man! My god, seriously?

And btw, few people stand for HOURS when they buy something at the store, unlike voting in many places. And even then, many don’t go to stores now if they don’t have too. My mother is elderly, she orders most food online and even gets a lot of her groceries that way. She’s also going to vote through a mail in ballot because it’s just safer to do. That’s OK, right?

Dude, you are really on the hook for Trump. And that’s obviously fine. It’s just funny because you always try to pretend you don’t really like Trump and yet you are here defending this guy over every idiotic statement and thing he has done. I mean everything lol. It’s unreal. But it does tell me something, you clearly support him, but you are embarrassed to outright say it. But what does that say the candidate you support you are embarrassed to just say you support? One thing I will give most Trump supporters, they aren’t embarrassed lol. Just the opposite. Again if you, do, fine. And I guess since you’re still from California so it’s not easy for you lol. I actually have a Republican friend (true) who is also Californian and he tip toes around his thoughts over Trump. He shouldn’t have to of course, but he knows Trump is an idiot and unfit, so there’s that, he just like some of his policies. And we’re still friends!

But this issue is just, I don’t even know what to say. Trump has NO ground to stand on with his mail in ballot scandal idiocy he’s desperately trying to make a thing. My god, every state official in BOTH Democrat and Republican states has said it’s not only safe but recommends it. His own FBI director testified in Congress last week and said there is no evidence of any widespread fraud over mail in ballots. The ONLY people who are saying this is Trump and his paid talking mouth pieces. But when asked do they have any proof of it, they only say it’s possible. In other words, they don’t have any.

And you’re defending Trump on THIS too?? Some things, OK obviously, but this is just dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb!! It’s being said by a very desperate man because he reads the same polls we all read and knows he’s losing. That’s it.

OK. Yet another comment triggered the waiting for approval thing. Have no idea what caused it. So here is the response in pieces and I will see if I can find it…

“the vast majority of people who vote are seniors,”

Fact check… False. In 2016 27% were seniors. Hardly the “vast majority.”
The probability of some sort of chaos comes from overwhelming the system. Mailing works OK for the total of absentee votes that normally get mailed in. In fact, a larger percentage of absentee voters are indeed older voters to begin with. But when you scare people into thinking it is not safe to vote, (yet it’s OK to do pretty much everything else) you get a bunch of people who decide to mail or apply for absentee ballots. WAY more. All sorts of issues can come from this. This high number increases the chances of things getting messed up. Hence, it’s just better to vote in person if you can. Or, as I do, just drop off the ballot at a drop off box. Where I am there is one at the Registrar of Voters.

Found the issue but the system won’t let me respond to your 2nd paragraph. I’ve tried dancing around it but it’s still censoring my post. Too bad. I nailed the explanation, too.

And here’s the rest.

Dude… I’ve said it already… I really think if I met the man I would not like him. He has the kind of personality I personally despise. But at the same time I have to give him props when it comes to the Presidency. Yes, He’s an A-hole. I agree you there. But we differ because I can admit that even though he’s an a-hole he still got things done. Honestly I never expected that.
I generally don’t come out and say this sort of thing because politics can get really nasty. And in my experience Trump haters tend to not ever want to talk rationally. Most just cannot get past their hate. So it mainly comes down to ‘do I want to face the grief from the Trump haters?’ A lot of Trump supporters just don’t want to deal with it. Others have no problem with it.
And one more fact check… The more ballots that are mailed the greater the chance for nefarious activities and lost ballots. True. This is not saying it for sure will happen. Only that the likelihood of it increases. So it makes no sense to take the risk.

That’s not a ‘fact check’ man. That’s just an assumption based on nothing since mail in ballots has NEVER had an issue in the past. That’s literally the point, he’s making an argument where none has ever existed before. If you can argue that there has been a higher trend of voter fraud through mail in ballots, OK, then you have a point. But that’s never been the case.

Do you know how long mail in ballots have been around? Since the Civil War. I didn’t know that until a few weeks ago. Do you also know who are the biggest users of mail in ballots? The military! Hundreds of thousands are mailed in every election all over the world. These people work in some pretty questionable places. If people were this worried about some nefarious groups trying to sway an American election by intercepting ballots, wouldn’t that be one of the places to start? But you believe there is some coordinated home grown operation in America who are ready to steal ballots in huge swaths (it would literally have to be millions) in multiple states to make sure Trump the idiot won’t win? Really? This actually keeps you up at night?

I’m so glad the few lawsuits that he has tried to get states to limit mail in ballots have all been tossed on their ass so far.

This is my problem, you probably never ONCE thought the mail in ballot was ever an issue, right? I have never heard a single peep about it. Now this moron starts yelling about it and here you are defending this idiocy. That’s why so many don’t like Trump. He’s a snake oil salesman and then people like you, who I respect, is now taking this idiots word for it, why????

Only because he TOLD you to. Even knowing how much he has lied and spinned things about himself, even now, why does he have any credibility on any of it?? This is a man who can’t even show his own tax returns (I know, I know you don’t seem to care about anything he does that comes off a hint shady, suspicious, fraudulent or illegal) but you are wiling to take his word so quickly when he accuses others of doing it? Why?????

It’s obviously not based on actual evidence or precedence. I never understand this. This man has no credibility. He ran a fake university he had to settle in court and his own sister said he paid someone to take his SATs for him. And she said that when she was just having a conversation with someone else in the family. And she’s his freaking sister lol.


Wil never understand it.

No, that is not an assumption a verifiable fact. It’s something that can be easily looked up. I knew it was false but didn’t have the actual number. So I googled it. Wasn’t hard to find the 27%.

Tiger, please calm down. You are not really responding to what I said. I never claimed it WILL happen. Just that the odds of it happening go up when you start to overload the system. It just wasn’t designed to handle the extra large numbers. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to me to do it especially when there is little to no reason to.

There was never an issue with this before because there has never potentially been this many mailings. This isn’t me taking someone else’s word for something. This is me just thinking a situation through. And it does make sense to NOT do it.

Yes, many of his business dealings have failed. It was part of what caused me to seriously doubt the man back in 2016. But turns out that didn’t matter. And I honestly don’t care what his sister says about him. I know plenty of siblings who don’t get along. (A lot of what she said about his personality I believe to be true, btw) That means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

There is mutual respect here so I ask that you not make assumptions here without evidence. I’m not a sheep. I don’t support every aspect of one party nor do I slavishly follow everything the incumbent says and supports. (Example… I’m not a fan of his current SCOTUS nomination) As I said, I have voted for D’s, R’s, L’s and even I’s. I go with who I think will do the best job or the better of the choices. And in this case, looking at the alternative, I feel the choice is amazingly obvious. I’m actually irritated at Dems right now for giving people such bad options.

But Trump isn’t saying it may or could happen, he is saying it WILL happen. He’s treating it as an absolute That’s the difference. And what’s more ridiculous is if he’s so concerned about it, FIX IT! The guy is the President, instead of whining how bad he think it is, then guess what, you’re President, your job is to look at the problem and come up with ways it can be improved. Trump is not doing that because he doesn’t care. We all know this is just a strategy to have something to whine about if he loses and can say he believe corruption happened and why he lost. It’s so transparent it’s sad. I’m so sick of this guy. Most of us are.

As for seniors voting, I actually didn’t know only 27%, I thought it was somewhere around 30+%. I just meant they are the majority compared to all ages. But I just looked and realized Millenials are basically tied with them in terms of eligible voting. Regardless, they are still a big voting block so it’s just important to have mail in ballots for them, is it not?

Trump is WORST option lol. His polling is getting worse by the day for a reason. He’s also the most unpopular President we’ve had in decades for a reason. He’s never gotten over 50% approval in his first term. That’s really unheard of. Every President has gotten at least in the 60s in their first term, even if only briefly. Even Bush had 90% approval post 911 and actually stayed in the 70s until the Iraq war started to go badly.

Trump is a disaster. He’s UNFIT, undisciplined, unethical and just plain dumb. It’s amazing this guy is the President. Again, it’s not just the liberals saying this, it’s literally people who worked in his administration from Rex Tillerson to Michael Bolton. Remember ‘the Generals’ he bragged so much about as having? Well they all left lol. They not only left, they are now speaking out what a danger Trump is to both democracy and National security. So many went to work for him actually liking the things he was saying before they realized they were working with someone without a core and can’t even get through a briefing without getting bored. Tillerson said he was suggesting things that were literally illegal (he also called him a fucking moron). Plenty of people have said this.

You’re acting like people who hate and suspicious of Trump is coming out of nowhere when literally the people who work with the guy are the ones telling us our feelings about him are not only correct but in many ways worse. These are all dye in the wool Republicans who have served this country for decades. But you don’t personally care, right?

So if you don’t care about ANYTHING that he does as wrong even when his own staff and family has said this guy has some serious issues. no offense this is the problem. You and his other supporters are basically enabling him to do whatever he wants and that’s scary because he will if he can get away with it like Ukraine, his taxes, obstructing justice and on and on. You keep saying you’re not a sheep, fine, but you literally have looked away from every major thing the guy has done, right? Well I care and I think people SHOULD care because he’s done some corrupt and illegal things. Four more years I feel will ONLY be worse.

Today his approval rating is 40% now (who are these people???). That’s ridiculously LOW going into an election less than a month and he’s the incumbent President. Most people want him gone and hopefully come November 3rd it will happen.

I understand the frustration. I really do. Part of his problem is he “says” a lot of goofball things. Again, it’s why I had no desire to vote for him in 2016. But given the number of positive things that went down I am willing to forgive his mouth simply because he’s getting the job done. I say the odds of something bad happening go up the more mailed ballots there are. That’s me. I’m not regurgitating something the President said. For the record, the “fix” is to vote in person if you are able. Or, like me, use a drop off box for places that have them. Problem solved. But the issue here is there were other options besides “voting by mail” that the Dems never entertained. Why is that?

I don’t know about him being the worst option. I honestly think that is more emotional than anything else. Things were going very well until covid showed up. And we need to be honest here… Biden is showing all the signs of some sort of brain regeneration. I saw it happen to my dad and his brother. And it’s only going to get worse. So unless one thinks Harris is a great option (and I find her more repulsive than Biden and I could give out plenty of excellent reasons for that) then Trump is the better option here. (and for the record, I kinda was hoping Tulsi Gabbard would gain momentum as she was a candidate I could have gotten behind even over Trump)

Absolutely absentee is a good thing for a lot of people. It’s just that if a person has no reason to do it, then it is probably best not to. That’s all I’m saying.

I don’t consider approval polling to be the metric to use to determine if someone is unfit. Although someone with the symptoms of dementia or Alzheimers in my opinion WOULD be a metric for that.

When he does things wrong I would be among the first to call him out on them. As I’ve said, his biggest problem is his mouth. He so often doesn’t think before he speaks. I feel like it is being disingenuous to claim he is emboldened by his support. He is emboldened by himself, more than anything. That said, things have been going great until Covid. And given the condition of his opponent I think the country is much better off with 4 more years. This is a rational opinion. Not an emotional one. Sorry to disappoint. But take heart in the fact that my Presidential vote will make ZERO difference because… California.

Dude, but this is just a waste of time. I mean basically ANYTHING that is said against him you shrug it off or says it doesn’t count. LOL, so basically you will just dismiss anything said against the guy or when it’s literally proven he did something wrong.

And it’s not just ‘words’ man. My god, Ukraine WASN’T just words. He literally got $400 million in aid restricted from them completely going against Congress until they would do what he wanted against Biden. It wasn’t until other diplomats in Ukraine raise the issue and said it could be illegal of what he was doing and THEN he gave them the money. That’s it. If it wasn’t for them which was said over and over again during the trial Trump would’ve kept the aid restricted until they formally announced a Hunter investigation.

He fired Comey because Comey was leading the Russian investigation and he wanted it dropped, mostly because he didn’t want Flynn to go to jail. Showtime has just released a movie around it. And then he told Russian diplomats IN the Oval office he no longer had to worry about Comey investigating Russia since he fired him a few weeks ago by then. That’s how the entire Russian investigation even started, because he fired Comey, then tried to pass off some lame excuse why he did it when it was clear it was over Russia. Guess what, if he never fired Comey on false pretenses there would’ve never been an investigation at all.

This is also the same guy who directed his lawyer to illegally use campaign finance money to pay off a porn star and a playboy bunny with, which he lied about CONSTANTLY and denied he had any involvement. But it was all caught on tape. His lawyer Cohen pleaded guilty to it and had to serve time for doing it, and yet Trump remains in office. It’s unreal. It just defies basic ethics and moral standards. But he literally instructed Comey to commit a crime. These are not just ‘words’ again. In fact he can still be charged for exactly what Comey did once he’s out of office and exactly WHY he is soooo desperate to stay in office (I can’t blame him there lol).

These are the top things the guy has done which is slimy as hell. You are over looking everything he has done but pretend like he’s a great President of the same time. No offense, this is just disgusting to me. Trump LITERALLY belongs in jail for misusing campaign funds, but again I know I know I know, you don’t care. Basically anything short of Trump murdering a hooker, it doesn’t seem to matter to you. This is why this guy can get away with what he does man what other people would’ve lost their presidency over it. Sickening.

And you want to talk about Biden and ‘brain regeneration’. Trump the moron just went back to the White House although he’s sick with the virus when it is required to be in isolation for at least a week. He is literally putting other people in danger at the White House so he can show ‘strength’. WTF? Trump only has the virus because he was irresponsible and now he’s being MORE irresponsible. They say the worst still may come but he doesn’t care. But let me guess, you have no issue with that either, right?

We have a very different definition of what ‘positive’ mean. All that above and 210 thousand people are now dead, the worst in the world because he never tired to come up with a real plan to contain the virus and the one thing he did do he half assed it to an extreme. He wanted Obama to resign when two people died in Ebola. By that measurement Trump should be deported over his handling of this virus.

He will easily go down as the worst President in most of our lifetimes. That’s why he is so unpopular now. This guy prove every week why he is SO unfit for this job, it’s unreal. I really hope he goes to jail whenever he’s out of office.

Anyway I said everything I can. We’re just wasting our breaths, especially you seem to shrug at all his lies, ethics and crimes so its just no point man.

I keep wondering what it is I am saying that is setting off the censors here. No hate speech. No language issues. Thing offensive in any way.

So here goes with finding the issue again. Here is my response piece by piece so I can see what the problem was.

This is going round and round. You hate the man and nothing that happened that was a positive will ever get acknowledged.
The Ukraine situation was bad judgement at best. But there was nothing illegal about it. Unless one wants to admit that Obama attempting to spy on the Trump campaign with the aid of Russia is also impeachment worthy. Unethical? Yes for both. Impeachment worthy? Not in my book. And there is too much positive that has come out of his first term for me to opt to vote for a man who is obvious cognitive decline.

OK. This thing is censoring my comment about how the movie came out before the facts from the last month were revealed. There were other things too. Unfortunate as they were pretty important facts.

And here is the rest

…FBI agents have admitted to the falsification of reports and creating bad evidence. It’s all there.
I have to be honest, this is the first I’ve heard that the Daniel’s payout may have been taken from campaign coffers. If true I’m wondering why the charge has not stuck. But here is the problem… If this sort of thing turns out to be true before I cast my vote, as bad as it is this one indecent is not enough for me to endorse turning over the nuclear codes to a man in such obvious cognitive decline. Normally I would want to cut ties from someone like that. But the alternative choice is infinitely worse. In this case, and these things are taken individually, in THIS case given how much good has come out of the first term and looking at the alternative such an action is something that I just going to have to suck up and accept. That is the side effect of putting up such a weak alternative. This candidate is so bad even if half the things SAID about Trump were true he would sadly, still be the better choice. It’s why I really wish they could put up a better alternative. And they DID exist.
He was not being irresponsible. I don’t wear a mask in my house either. I have someone here in my home who is high risk. He and his family and staff have been tested far more often than I have. There was nothing unreasonable about removing the mask. If you want to discuss Trump stupidity then do it about something that might actually be stupid, please.
The 200K+ who died in this country was NOT because of anything Trump did or didn’t do. In fact in the beginning Trump was praised for getting ventilators and providing military hospital support. Dr. Foucci(sp) even said what he did saved lives. I’m wondering what people expected from him since there is not one leader on Earth who has successfully handled this thing. Further still, each country had different circumstances. Here we left a lot of things up to the States. Which I still think was a good move. If you want to get down on a leader for the dead in the US then get down on the Governors for doing or not doing things. Germany left things up to their states, too, btw. Also, Biden has constantly criticized the handling of the virus but has never said what he would have done nor has anyone bothered to ask. And at this point he has the benefit of hindsight to answer. Something no leader on Earth had when they got hit.
So yes, we are wasting our breath. You have your point and I have mine. And again, I think you ought to feel OK because my vote here in California literally means nothing. Clinton took this state 4 years ago by more than 3 million. It’s why there is not campaigning done here because it would be a waste of money from both campaigns.

Trump has suggested trying to delay the election.
He has literally said if he loses, it’s because the other side cheated.
He’s asking his nut job supporters to ‘monitor’ election polling places.
And yes, now he trying to create voter suppression by saying mail in voting is bad…which he himself does and has been around for decades. No one has complained about it until now.

Again, when I call him a POS, its for things like this. This is just inexcusable. He doesn’t want a fair election. All he wants is to do whatever he can to stay in power and will do anything to disrupt it. And that is scary. He’s not in Russia.

He’s disgusting.

Not to mention telling people in NC to vote twice. Guess the only way he’s going to find that voter fraud he keeps going on about is to encourage it himself.

He never told people to vote twice. Good grief.
Nor has he said nearly everything else his detractors claim he said. There is actual factual proof of this yet the detractors ignore it. They wholeheartedly subscribe to the concept that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

The fact is it’s the opposition who is looking to create mayhem by encouraging an increase in mail in voting.

More proof over and over again how desperate Trump is. It’s just more proof the guy knows he’s losing. It’s funny he’s the only one throwing out all these crazy ideas or issues. All Biden has said what every candidate has said, just vote and do it that is the most convenient for you. Trump is the one who is trying to turn it into chaos. Gee, wonder why?

Again, let’s not forget, this is the same guy who after he won he claimed the only reason Hillary beat him (badly) in the popular vote because 3 million illegal immigrants somehow voted for her. That’s right, naturally everyone who voted illegally not just all voted for her but they were all non-citizens at the time as well. He even created a committee over it that obviously found nothing. This was all done after he won. Imagine what he’s going to be saying after he loses??

Trump is just so ridiculous and has turned the office into a silly reality show, because he says and does things with no basis of facts or evidence, just simply to get a rise out of people. But because he’s President everyone still has to take this silliness seriously or at least report on it.

How does someone like this become President????? I’m praying this will all be over in a few months and we can get sanity and normalcy back in the White House.

Yeah, but that pesky EC is still lurking around out there. If a few of those fly over states don’t vote in their actual interest, the orange man may still pull a rabbit out of his hat.

I’m voting too!

Sh*t, I’m Canadian!

I’m voting for Biden! Vote like your live depends on it!

Because 47 years of ineptitude in office is true change, am I right?

Yes. There are qualified democrats out there I could get behind. But that party keeps choosing the worst candidates possible. Now they chose a guy who is in obvious mental decline who absolutely would be in China’s pocket. Talk about a scary thought….

Politics on this site? Really? Come on guys. I personally come here to forget about the world’s problems.

I see politics on this site every time I click a story. PAC ads popping up like weeds at the bottom of the page. Makes me sick. But if I don’t like politics, I don’t have to click on the story about Trek celebs talking politics.

Hi. Welcome to Star Trek, a franchise that has been hugely political since 1966. Those who complain about Star Trek being political just make no sense. It’s like watching Batman and complaining about the presence of bats.

I sort of hear you, but I never saw ST as overtly political. Sure, some episodes are, but in the main I’d label the show sci-fi. How much screen time of Batman is given to actual bats? Not much that I noticed.

or dutch angles. or camp.

Jason…then don’t click on the thread. It’s really that simple. ;)

Come on! Quit suggesting easy solutions! :P

I clicked on it because I knew you’d give me your customary greeting :)

Well, in theory, voting should be non partisan. The mods will probably shut off commenting soon enough….


Been an absentee voter for twenty years. If you vote absentee/postal, fill that sucker out and either mail it, or deliver it to your Registrar of Voters office immediately!

So you’ve been cheating for twenty years ;-)

Hey, if I’m going to be cashing those Soros/BLM/Antifa/Specte checks, I’ve gotta deliver the goods!! :-)

Anthony have you not always said that we should keep politics away from our posts, and here you are posting an entire article on it… Good luck managing the chaos that will surely ensue…

Kaos! Kaos, I tell you!! Apologies to Maxwell Smart….

The October surprise is here.

Whatever you think of it, and whichever side you are on, I’m just vastly critical of actors, like journalists, abusing their position of power in already too powerful (and one-sided) cultural institutions to push their usually particularly extremist* political views down the throats of their audience. In fact, both of these groups are private citizens when it comes to politics, like everybody else, and their actual job is to either entertain or factually inform the public, respectively – nothing more.

*That’s not my personal opinion; scientific studies have shown that either of these groups have political views considerably more extremist than even the typical fiercely partisan voter, and even than the extremist wings of the respective parties. So they have no business trying to pull the vast majority of people who are centrist, moderate or independent into their corner, and fan the flames of division further.

they want you to vote.
do they tell who to vote for in this message?

You misunderstood their point.

Vulcan Soul, I agree with you. They are entertainers first and foremost to us. They are of course entitled to their opinion just as all of us are ,but where I disagree is to use their characters and props of Star Trek to endorse one candidate over another, I do not know if they specifically mention a candidate and to be frank I do not care as I do not need a “celebrity” to make up my mind but it sounds like by by the little that I have read that THEY are.(I chose not to read the entire article) Star Trek was and is not about division. It is about in my opinion a united Earth that has moved on from petty divisions and formed an alliance with planets of the same beliefs. Utopia, probably but that is what I want Star Trek to remain. A great series with hope for the future and not a bunch of cast members trying to persuade their opinions on fans. Whether you support Trump or Biden, I do not care but I think we all support Star Trek. Just keep politics and the campaign out of Star Trek!. If the cast members want to campaign as themselves with no attachment(character name or attire), that is fine and is certainly their right as U.S. citizens.

Yeah Celebrities should keep it to themselves.

I agree with you. Celebrities getting political is not my thing. They are entertainers first and foremost. I understand stand that they are spreading awareness about voting and the election. Don’t act too preachy okay. They have the right to say whatever they want as U.S. citizens.

Star Trek should stay away from politics. Don’t shove Star Trek into hot button political issues.

People keep forgetting ‘trek’ has always gone there in terms of politics.
Predicting a united Ireland by the 21st century for one thing…

Sorry, get out and vote isn’t an extremist view.

Well, for some people it is apparently.

I’m going to mention my view on these “get out and vote” campaigns. Decades ago when I was younger I was totally on board with this sort of thing. I could not imagine why anyone WOULDN’T vote who had the opportunity. But over time I decided it was probably better that people who didn’t really care to vote, for whatever reason, probably shouldn’t be voting. The reason… If someone is not inclined to vote at all it stands to reason they probably aren’t all that informed on things. So if they were “pressured” into voting they would more likely than not be casting an uninformed vote. Which I think is worse than not voting at all. This opinion is not political. It’s reasoned. I’d rather informed people vote no matter which way they cast it than some uninformed person vote some way no matter which way they may cast their vote.

This is not a popular opinion, I know. But there it is. I’d rather people who are unsure of things not vote rather than have them vote because of “peer pressure”.

I don’t mind seeing politics here. The election is a month away and people need to get out and vote. Whichever side you are on, not my problem. Our democracy is at stake.

I’m a independent voter. I’m not Republican, Democrat, left, right whatever. Joe Biden has my vote because he shares my values and beliefs.

Less division and more bipartisanship. That’s all I got to say.

I’m literally here for the meltdowns and comments.

This is just great. The Star Trek Online zone chat devolved political banter has infiltrated TrekMovie.
All these people trying to convince others that their political opinions are the only right ones, are just the worst.

Then DON’T click on it. Is there someone with a gun forcing people to be here?????????

Well, Spectre-7’s boss is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who gave us a mind-control scheme in OHMSS. :)

Well, don’t come here!

I wonder if Gene Roddenberry was a conservative or a liberal, because he showed traits of both.

But it did always seem Star Trek leaned to the left, at least until 2009. IMHO

I’m voting in person next month.

Me Too. That is in my opinion the only sure way that you know that your vote has reached the poll. I realized that I worded that strangely but I am beginning to wonder in this year if anything can be taken for granted.

I have found the celebrated Trek tolerance is only extended to those who are more left than right. I encourage early voting to avoid standing in line on election day. I’m sure not using a mail in ballot.

Mail in voting for me. Don’t feel safe on election day.

I’m doing mail in voting as well. Last time I did it was in 2008 when I was living in Australia. I couldn’t miss out on voting for Obama that year.

Do you go to stores? Get gas? Walk outside? If you do any of those there is no reason you should not feel unsafe voting in person.

Personally, I take my ballot to a certified ballot box at the Registrar of Voters office. They have it set up to drive up and drop off. No mail. Goes straight to the RoV. No lines. Safe. Quick. Easy.

I just love General Martok! Even with the Santa Claus beard he can’t help but be Maaaartok!

While I would normally avoid any political discourse. I believe that the message these or any stars should deliver is that: people should vote. What they or anyone for that mater should never say is whom you should vote for and that goes for either candidate. It is no ones concern who a person votes for. This is why, if you recall, people went to a voting booth that had a curtain where you hid behind to allow you to vote in privacy. Advocating that we should get out and vote is a good thing each time it comes around.

I agree with you Lt Bailey but why this year and this election. Why was this dedication to voting not extended to all of the previous elections. I think they are suggesting a candidate by participating in this video. If they want to advocate for a candidate as themselves, that is fine, just leave Star Trek out of it.

Lynn, Your statement is very appropriate: ” Leave Star Trek out of it”. As much as I (all of us) love Trek, it is still a TV show we were enamored with from the very beginning, at least I was when it came out in 1966. I have heard many times, people use Trek as an escape from reality, sometimes a harsh reality. For example as Sir Patrick said on stage in Las Vegas regarding a LVPD Detective seeing the worst society has done in his job and then would go home to watch a Trek show or series. I do feel that the stars have the right to support either candidate, of course. But they should do so on their own and not use Trek. Trek is our Neutral Zone.

I tend to agree. Yes, actors are people whit opinions and takes but in my view such folks ought not use their celebrity to encourage people to think like they do. Entertainment, again, in my view, should be off limits to this sort of real life thing. Not a fan when celebrities endorse candidates or propositions. This goes for sports teams, as well. These things were places where people of all political beliefs could get together and unite behind a common thing. Be it a media franchise or a sports team. You add political views to that mix and now you start dividing people where before they were united. I honestly do not think that is a good thing. Just my two quatloos.

Trump comes across as a bit of a clown. That debate earlier in the week was unbelievable, it was even crazier than I’d expected it to be. “CHINA ATE YOUR LUNCH!!” and I couldn’t contain myself lol

Trump is a clown. He defied his own experts on the virus for months, literally mocking others like Biden who followed their recommendations and got his sad sheep supporters to do the same and NOW look where he is? And of course we are paying for it to give him the best treatment and care none of us here would ever get because this 74 year old man child who is the target age for this virus refused to wear a $2 dollar mask in gatherings.

Yes, that shows strong leadership, responsibility and intelligence and why he deserves four more years…in a mirror universe I guess.

In a few years half of his supporters today are going to pretend like they never supported this fool.

Tiger2, I know that I am going to bring down tha wrath of all Star Trek democratic liberals on my head but I can not let some of the comments go on this page without responding. I am not trying to persuade or change anyone’s mind as I do not believe that you can change a Trump haters mind but let me ask the following questions just for you to think about: 10 Do you want a President that hides away from contact with the world and its leaders just to promote his own safety or one that is willing to do whatever is necessary to govern a nation.2) a president who closed U.S. flights from China even though his Democratic rival called him racist, fear mongering and xenophobic. 3) Do you want your taxes to significantly rise and believe me they will with all of the free stuff mentioned 4) Do you really want open borders and have a revolving door to illegal aliens(No one has said if all of these new residents will register or pay taxes as you and I do)There would no longer be any process to even know how many non U.S. born citizens from ANY country are here. Only citizens born in the U.S. would be for sure documented and be required to pay taxes.5) Clean energy sounds good but think about all of the individuals that do not have the financial means to convert and if the government decides to HELP then there goes additional spending. These are just some of the reasons I do not like the Democratic agenda. I am not personally a fan of Trump but I do not like what I am hearing from the other camp either.

Judging from your “list” it sounds like you’re quite the Trump fan. And in a free society you’re entitled to that.

Trump fan no, but I am a fan of democracy and to be honest the Democratic agenda scares the heck out of me for my grandchildren's future. I frankly don't "like" either party . I think neither party is for the people only their party's agenda. People call Trump a liar which may or may not be true but Biden is no better with his flip flopping on past and present statements and policies. The other thing that scares me is the person that will become president if something happens to Biden. Her agenda is TOO far left!  I LIKE DEMOCRACY NOT SOCIALISM.  I don't think there is a honest politician or want to be politician in either party. Also to reference your last statement as to the freedom to have my own opinion. unfortunatly that is not true in this election cycle.  Hearsay no.  I was called dumb plus a few other adjectives in a local Walmart when the discussion over hand sanitizer and spray disinfectant went south because I did not agree with her on the President's handling of the pandemic.  As a good Biden supporter she did not want to have a disscussion over our difference of opinions but would rather hurtle insults as she literallyfast trotted away.  I wonder if Biden's first response to the pandemic would have been any better.  We know he would not have shut down any flights from China after his references to Trump being a racist or xenophobic.  No one knew anything about this virus and have had to learn starting from scratch due to all of the misinformation coming from China.  As my father used to tell me it is always easy to have 20/20 hindsight. Hope I haven;t offended anyone.


Actually, Lynn, we have no idea what he would have done. All he has done is criticize the President’s handling of the matter but never said HOW he bungled it. Nor has he volunteered what he would have done himself that would have been different. And even more horrid, no one in the media has ever asked him! Answering it now would be even easier than 6 months ago because he has the benefit of hindsight. No one really knows what he plans to do as President because he has either dodged the few who actually ask him semi-pointed questions or failed to answer them. The only thing he said he would do would be to roll back the President’s tax cuts. It seems we have to elect him to discover what is policies are. That’s a chance I’d rather not take. Go with the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t. And in this case, the devil we know isn’t as bad as many feared 4 years ago.

First, Believe it or not, Trump is not the only leader in the world. Every President, Prime Minister and even dictators all had to still lead and be seen by the public, most actually did it by setting an example like wearing masks and social distanced if their country had a lot of cases. Trump ignored that most of the time and why he’s only the sixth leader in the world to catch it at all. To drive the point even more home, a lot of those leaders who did catch it acted like Trump did, ie, downplayd the virus, didn’t set stricter rules, etc, like Boris Johnson before he caught it as well.

Secondly, again, Trump is not the only President in the world to close flights from China. But that alone isn’t going to solve the issue since, and I don’t know how people can miss this, the virus was ALREADY in the country anyway. And then he sat on his butt for a month and did nothing beyond that. If stopping planes from entering was all that was needed, tens of thousands of people a day wouldn’t still be getting sick 6 months later.

Third, if the only thing that I would vote for a President was over taxes, then that is a sad low bar on who should be President and why. This is the same talking points we have every four years. And Biden has already said he’s not going to raise anyone’s taxes who makes under $300,000 and I don’t make anywhere close to that lol.

Fourth, again man, the same talking points over and over again. The open border argument was said when Obama was President and ironically he deported MORE people in his first term than Trump did his first few years. Seriously, look it up. They just targeted different people, in Obama’s case mostly criminals. But you know what would be nice? A comprehensive immigration policy. Be nice for someone to do that first because just building a big wall is not the answer lol.

Fifth, we don’t actually disagree too much about the clean energy issue. But I at least want a President who can ACKNOWLEDGE climate change as a real thing. I don’t think either extreme is good but you have to start somewhere in the middle. And Trump doesn’t seem to believe in science in general, which is just sad.

If you truly believe Trump is a great President, of course you are entitled to believe that. But most of the country just sees a charlatan who doesn’t care about ANYBODY but himself because he likes the attention and clearly the power. He just comes off unfit, uneducated, uncaring and a extreme narcissist.

Again all you have to do is point to rallies to see that!! This guy KNOWS how deadly this virus is and yet he’s been holding these rallies with thousands of his supporters without requiring masks or social distancing. My god, just let this sink in, 200 thousand people are dead in this country, the most in the world. He called it the plague on the phone with Bob Woodward back in January. His own scientists and doctors have said over and over again how dangerous that is. And yet he did it again and again because he does not give a shit about the people he supposedly cares about. I just don’t understand how anyone, regardless of your feelings about him can not just see this? He has no empathy. He does not care. I’ll say it again:! It’s sad so many of his supporters don’t see this.

This guy ended up getting sick at one of these events, but of course he’s getting the best care in the world. What about all the other people he endangered at his events?? Do you think the people who show up at his rallies would have 10 of best doctors on the planet looking after them if they got that sick?

Trump is in the position he’s in because of himself, right? Even though he was warned for MONTHS how dangerous it was, he did it anyway. Set an example, wear a god damn mask. And now tens of thousands of people are dead due to his incompetence and many followed his lead defying rules that could save their own damn lives. And this is the kind of person you want to give four more years too? Really?

Trump is not just a bad President, he’s just an awful human being in general. He would make a better President in Russia, he has no business being one in America.

Tiger I did not list all of my reasons for voting Republican and not Democratic. Its not just about taxes and yes I do know of Obamas record on deportations. As far as the pandemic goes no one knew anything about this virus in the beginning. Even the scientific experts were mixed as to protocol. I do not trust Dr Faucci( I probably destroyed the spelling). He seems to have a liking for the limelight and the attention. As far as the death toll even one death from this horrible virus is unacceptable but I wonder why is everyone eagerly blaming the [president for all of the deaths and no one seems to blame Cuomo of New York for forcing the covid-19 patients on nursing homes resulting in according to the media around 6000 deaths. He then passed legislation so that he, nursing homes, etc. could not be held accountable for what he did. As I stated in a previous post, I don’t think Biden’s response would have been any better since everything he says he would do has already been done. Its easy to govern from a second chair when you are not the one under scrutiny. My question is also would he have left his basement to be a leader.

You don’t trust Dr. Fauci but you trust Trump??????

The same guy who endorsed a voodoo doctor a few months ago because she said masks weren’t necessary and said hydroxychloroquine was a cure to the virus. She also believed people are having sex with demons.

Dr. Fauci has been the leading epidermic expert in America and other parts of the world for 40 years. He has advised six Presidents on pandemics. Trump is a guy who was licensing his name in failed hotels and golf courses and the star of Celebrity Apprentice, What exactly is Trump expertise on ANYTHING besides listening to people like Dr. Fauci?

Did you also say Dr. Fauci has too much of liking for the limelight? Have you ever heard of President Trump? The same guy who left his hospital bed to jump in an SUV to wave to his supporters for a photo op literally yesterday even though he’s suppose to be in strict quarantine for at least two weeks? Dr. Fauci, clearly does his job out for the fame. Trump however, leads life as a monk apparently. It’s been two days without a tweet, so that is saying something I guess.

Do you not get why some of these ‘arguments’ are….ridiculous?

And no one is blaming every death on Trump, but he has to take a big part of the blame, yes? He is the leader of the country and as a country we have the most deaths by a wide margin. The fact is Trump IGNORED advise to shut down sooner and even when we did, we only did it half ass, which was the other problem.

“Its easy to govern from a second chair when you are not the one under scrutiny.”

This statement is quite ironic. When Ebola broke out in America under Obama, take a guess who was saying he should resign because he felt Obama screwed the pandemic response and that a leader should take full responsibility? That’s right, Donald Trump. He called for Obama to resign when only 2 people died and I think around 20 cases. That’s as bad as it got.

Cut to 6 years later under Trump’s watch with now over 7 million cases and over 209,000 dead. And they are suggesting that number will double by February. Clearly it’s always easier to blame someone else when they are not in charge as Trump did over and over and over again. But now HE’S in charge, right? What do you think Trump in 2014 would be saying about this crisis today?

Don’t worry we know Trump is a HUGE hypocrite. Obviously he won’t be resigning but something tells me he won’t have to soon.

Is this the same Dr Fauci that stated in a press conference that the reason he did not advocate face masks at the beginning and said that that were unnecessary and were of no benefit because he did not want the public to panic buy all of the N95 masks. He wanted to save them for the healthcare professionals, Don’t hold one person accountable if you do not hold everyone accountable. I do think the Dr. likes all of the attention and I am not offering a critique on his professional ability as I would have to research this but I don’t think the paragon you are making him would have made such a statement; How many lives did that statement cost? Everyone was learning in the beginning including Trump, Fauci, CDC etc. and a lot of misinformation was being reported. As to why Trump did not shut down sooner, what would have happened? Democrats and the media would have immediately jumped all over it and probably would have called him a dictator and overstepping his bounds as they in other events. No, he left it up to each state just as he had to leave enforcement of the law up to each star, but I will again reference my statements on Biden’s plan. What he says he will do has already been done . H seems very good not only at adopting phrases, slogans ,protocol ,etc from a lot of different people, but also either not wanting to or unable to communicate his own thoughts. I watching a news channel the other night and one phrase that stood out from one of the guests was from a successful business owner who did not endorse to vote for either Trump or Biden. His quote was,” Better the devil you know than the one you don’t”.

Are you condemning everyone who contracted covid-19. Not everyone can follow all of the rules. People have to eat, go to the Dr., etc. Are these people to be condemned? I also want to point out that each of us has a brain that can weigh all of the facts and choose a course of action. I would love someone to do a survey of known covid-19 cases to see if and how many followed the mask rule. I heard a scientist giving an interview the other day who made the statement that only the N-95 masks protected you from the virus. According to this scientist if you are wearing any other kind of mask, the aerosol droplets are dispersed and end up coming out the sides of the mask. That is why I say use your brain, access all of the info coming out and then make an informed decision as to what sounds the most logical and best protocol to use.

Dude you’re twisting my words. I’m talking about TRUMP and the irresponsible way he flaunted against his own rules to the point he literally held rallies with thousands of people that went unmasked and no social distancing that was in violation of CDC recommendations….that works under him. You can not make this up.

And also the fact he DOESN’T wear a mask only prompted his supporters not to do the same. I said it to you in my OP, you are the President you are suppose to SET THE EXAMPLE! He’s mocking Joe Biden for literally following the rules his own administration created. Think about that! And because he defied his own rules he is the idiot that not only ended up being sick but may have gotten others sick around him at the Rose Garden event. But since NONE of them were wearing mask, you can blame any one of them. These are our so-called leaders. (sigh)

And no one said masks are 100% effective. Guess what nothing in life is. People still die in car accidents even when using seatbelts, you still have to wear them because regardless it’s been determined your chances of living wearing them increases way more than not wearing them at all. That’s using my brain. Don’t use this slippery slope argument.

But you think this guy deserves four more years when he can’t even follow basic rules his own administration set up for everyone and got himself sick in the process; especially given we already have the most sick and dead than any country. Again, if we were South Korea or Taiwan with less than a 1,000 dead, then this probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But when we already make up 20% of the world dead and only 4% of the population, then you should be the one pushing to follow the rules at all times, not ignore them when it gets in the way of your campaigning just because you are behind.

As I type this, this idiot left the hospital when his own doctors and advisors say he should stay in the hospital at least another few days as anyone his age and as severe as his situation is with the virus that’s required of everybody who came down with it. But he doesn’t care about that or possibly getting other people sick once he get back to the White House. It’s just ridiculous. Does that show someone with enough maturity and foresight to lead? This guy needs to go already.

But you are possibly condemning. It does not matter if you wear a mask for 100 times but not the time and contract covid-19, you are not following protocol and therefore fall into the blaming category. I also might add that covid-19 is not the only reason to question Biden’s oeagenda. He has flip flopping down to a art. Even Harris called him a racist in one of their debates. Of course now they are best buds. He is very happy to tell you some (but not all) that he is going to accomplish, he just doesn’t seem to want to tell how he is going to accomplish his agenda. I guess what it amounts to is that I do not have a lot of faith in either candidate. I only know that I will not vote for anyone seeking to push us into socialism, away from democracy, mess with electoral college or try to change our history through violence.

Sorry about confusion in above text. No I wasn’t having a brain seizure. My 2 year old grandson came in and unfortunately he is in the terrible 2’s. I did not notice that he had disturbed the message until just now. I knew he had gotten the mouse for a couple of minutes but didn’t think to check to see what he had done. Again sorry for the confusion,

Thanks for the advice, but I already cast my second vote for Trump.

“Starfleet beaming down to take care of things” doesn’t sound very democratic to me.

And it’s odd, but we’ve never actually seen any evidence of democracy in Star Trek- no voting, nothing.

Well they have a President of the Federation, at least in the TOS era, not sure if I’ve seen this in TNG era?

They showed/mentioned the Federation President in several episodes of DS9. And yes, it was an elected office.

When did they say it was elected? Maybe he’s appointed by the council.

The DS9 episodes, according to Memory Alpha.

Time to watch through DS9 again.

Heck, it’s *always* time to watch through DS9 again. :-)

Of course, DS9 did *not* approve of “Starfleet beaming down and taking over,” as they did.

Here’s what Memory Alpha says:
“The method of electing the President of the United Federation of Planets has never been discussed in Star Trek canon. The Last Unicorn [Star Trek roleplaying game] sourcebook for the Federation suggests that the President is elected by members of the Federation Council, similar to a parliamentary government.”

ALL of those Trek actors have made comments in support of U.S. Democrats and/or Liberalism.

NON-partisan ‘get out and vote’ — that’s a welcome sight, if true.

Pretty much every “get out the vote” campaign is meant for only one side.

I recalled Frakes said at a Star Trek convention that Trump wasn’t his President! There is a reason why I always loved Frakes!

And actors don’t have to be non-partisan, they can tell you exactly who they think you should vote for just like I can tell you, but obviously you don’t have to listen so who cares? I get people don’t like it when celebrities get involved with politics, perfectly understandable, especially if they really know what they are talking about. But there is no law against it, so you can just tune it out or stop supporting that celebrity obviously, which is why many DON’T get involved with politics. Most celebrities actually don’t than do.

Tom Cruise is the most famous actor in the world, I have never heard him say a single thing about a politician ever even though he’s a registered Democrat. But I guess that guy doesn’t want anymore heat on him lol. But then people like Ben Affleck and Bruce Springsteen always campaign openly for any Democrat running for President.

Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the two most famous Republicans in Hollywood (Arnold was even Governor of my state for awhile!). I never once had an issue with them endorsing Bush or whoever even though I certainly am not Republican but it never stopped me from liking them or watching their movies (some of the reviews did though ;)). I don’t care who anyone endorses, that’s the beauty of America, you should stand up for whoever you believe in, say it as loud as you want, I can just ignore it. And end of the day people are pretty use to it by now.

I have bad news for Frakes: Trump *is* his president, whether he likes it or not, at least now and hopefully for another four years.

It’s funny, but in eight years of Obama I never heard one voice on the right say anything like “He’s not my president,” much as they may have disapproved and/or disliked him. Attempting to delegitimize seems to be exclusively a Democratic thing (and “exclusively” also in the sense that they try it on *everyone*), which is kind of ironic, considering where most fraud comes from.

But hey, I have no problem with actors having political views. If I did I’d get no entertainment. It’s just that:

  1. We should never make the mistake of thinking that actors or celebrities have some special insight here just because they’re famous and can act. Why would they?
  2. It would be nice if they were honest and said, “Vote Biden!” (or, as unlikely as it might be, “Vote Trump!”) instead of “Vote!” as if they were all neutral. We all know they’re not.

A couple of corrections – Trump is *the* president. As the catastrophe that has been his administration was something millions more voters foresaw, he’s owed nothing other then recognition that he currently occupies the office. Hopefully not past January, unless Darwin has other plans.

Either you don’t get out much, or turned a blind eye towards conspiracy theory chatter in Republican circles, all I ever heard from Republicans was that Obama wasn’t *their* president, an arguement mainly supported by conspiracy theorists that Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen. Either that, or he was the wrong color.

Celebrities and athletes are just as entitled to their voice as any other member of society. And yes, if they support particular policies they, like anyone else need to support those positions with fact based arguements, not just their celebrity status. Encouraging people to vote is a neutral position, though, and it matters not if it’s Clint Eastwood or Michael Moore making that point. The more who participate in the process, the better it (will usually) work.

I beg to differ on one point at least: It’s not that hard to vote in the US. The type of people who can’t be bothered to (or can’t figure out how to) vote…I’m not sure democracy is better off for trying to get them to vote.

Sure, it would be nice if far, far more people voted. Preferable, even. But I’d prefer they come to that on their own.

This feels like a good time to bring up what Ricky Gervais said at the Golden Globes last January…

“So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech, right? You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

And yet Trump mouthed off as a celebrity for YEARS. He injected himself into every political issue for decades. He was just a celebrity real estate developer and reality show host, right? So what’s the difference? Again, hypocrisy at its finest.

Did he though? I only recall him horning his way onto Letterman in the 80’s and he wasn’t even entertaining or interesting. When he first showed up I wondered, “who the hell his he?” And he never got into politics. For the most part I ignored him. He was nothing to me. Occasionally (I found out later) he was asked about politics by a reporter and he answered. This is a far cry from actively going out and dishing out an opinion without being asked. Admittedly maybe there were times when he did. And if he did then the same feeling applies. He should have shut the hell up about it. I only saw one episode of The Apprentice. I found nothing political in that one episode. I only saw it because my brother-in-law was watching. I found the show… Lacking.

“It’s funny, but in eight years of Obama I never heard one voice on the right say anything like “He’s not my president,” much as they may have disapproved and/or disliked him. ”

LOL, seriously???????????

You don’t remember that entire birther movement thing where they not only said he wasn’t their President but he was also illegitimate to even *be* President? You conveniently forgot all of that?And btw, who was one of those birthers who thought Obama wasn’t even born in America and therefore shouldn’t be President? That’s right, Donald J Trump. How is that not trying delegitimize him?? I’m not following your logic at all.

Hypocrisy at its finest, it’s unreal.

And even more hypocritical because if Obama did even a QUARTER of the things Trump has done, you would’ve been calling for his head over and over again. But instead you decide to just look the other way when Trump destroys basic decorum and ethics of what being a President is.

Don’t call me a hypocrite. I have certain political beliefs; you can probably guess what they are. I vote for candidates of the party that most closely aligns with those beliefs.

*You* have certain political beliefs. I don’t have to guess what they are. *You* vote for the party whose candidates most closely aligns with *those*. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t for a second assume that makes you more moral than I. (Especially as the candidate for whom you’re voting happens to be a loathsome individual, and as the positions you support are, in many cases, quite immoral in and of themselves.)

I’m saying you’re a hypocrite for saying one side opposes Trump while you ignored the other side as if they didn’t do everything in their power to denounce Obama as a legitimate President. And ironically which Trump lead a lot of the way in. Remember when this idiot sent ‘investigators’ to Hawaii lol. And of course his lawyer Michael Cohen said that was a lie, which anyone with an IQ above 20 already knew, but it just told you the type of sleazebag Trump is.

But he wasn’t the only one, groups literally went to court to try and get Obama’s birth certificate ruled as a fraud to get him kicked out of office. I’ll say it again, people went to court!! That’s how badly they wanted this guy out as President lol. And I find it funny how anytime you say anything bad about Trump being a diseased unethical, immoral, stupid and unfit crook who wants to make America racist again and belongs in jail with all his other crook buddies, people call it Trump Derangement Syndrome (OK, diseased is too much…although now it currently fits). But they once again conveniently forgot the nutty 8 years of Obama Derangement Syndrome when he was accused of being a secretmuslimterroristsympathizernanchuriancandidatesocialistkenyan who was going to destroy America from within. Again, just more hypocrisy. Right?

And I never said anything about your ‘morals’, I don’t even know you or ever exchanged a post with you until now, so relax. And you responded to me first chief, not the other way around. ;)

But Trump is one of the most immoral people around. He’s been married three times and cheated on all of them over and over and over and over and over and over again. He was having sex with porn stars when Melania was pregnant with their child….and yet he’s loved by the Evangelicals and Christian right. I don’t know much about the bible (atheist here), but cheating is still considered a really big sin, right? This guy has been in more women than he’s ever been inside a church unless he was looking to convert it to a casino or something. It’s just mindboggling how we got here lol. Do these people really not see they are supporting an absolute douchebag of a human being? Whatever.

But I have been a bit immoral though, I sometimes defend STID here on this board. Please forgive me lord, please forgive me. :(

Oh, STID wasn’t that bad. I don’t know why it gets so much hate.

When you start making positive sounds about, say, TFF…then we’re gonna have words.

Tiger 2. Quit saying that all Christians are in love with Trump. That is simply not true. I personally agree with you that i think his morality is deplorable. I do want to point out however that people can change their ways and beliefs with maturity, When and if vote for Trump it will be for what the Republican party stands for on the important issues. I do not believe that the Democratic Party has done anything to gain my support. They talk about building a better U.S. but they never seem to either want to or be able to answer any questions about how they are going to accomplish this. Nothing they have said encourages me to vote Democratic.

.. what do they mean exactly protect our democracy? That’s where they want the change to take place by using certain words and phrases attempting to make us believe they are patriotic in some fashion. We are not a democracy but a representative republic. Yet any democracy or our country that we’ve known for over 200 years and are in envy of other countries, have become the greatest country on the planet that millions still want to come live exactly what is at steak for the upcoming election. Never since perhaps 1860, 1864 has an election been more important to prevent a turning point that we may not be able to save ourselves turn us into a socialist, marxist country such as china, russia, venezuela. There is a silent majority who is fed up, sick and tired of the violence, the hoax and will be voting to save our country.

I agree Snoopytrek. Democracy is at risk in this election. If the Democrats carry out what they have stated as retribution on the Republicans, then it is not about the people, it is about gaining power and the ability to have a one party U.S. Packing the Supreme Court, adding D.C. and Puerto Rico, and ending the filibuster would probably end any chances of Democrats ever being defeated. Elections as we know them would end. I also believe that the electoral college would be eliminated. Whether you are a fan of it or not , it is the only way that small states have an equal say in an election. Our forefathers were not stupid and had just won a war to win our independence from monarchy(one party system). I believe the belief was “taxation without representation” which is what the smaller states would have. A lot of people have made rude, crude or obnoxious remarks about Trump and I do agree that I question his character, but Biden is no better. He has played fish on so many subjects such as him calling Trump a racist when he has made racist remarks his his past as well as being associated with KKK Byrd. People have made jokes about Putin colluding with Trump. It is now being discovered that yes Russia did interfere with our democratic process but not with Trump. It seems that Hilary had the Russian connection to try to smear Trump. It should scare everyone and everyone should demand the truth be revealed whether you are Democrat or Republican. If a candidate or elected official is that devious, they do not deserve to hold any office but need to be prosecuted if the evidence suggests it. Biden states that he will unify the country. I do not think that that is possible. Whatever the outcome of the election approximately half of the country will not be happy. The only difference is in how the defeat will be handled by each party. Pelosi and others have made snide remarks about Trump possibly having to be physically removed from the White House, but before the Democrats cast stones judge yourselves on your conduct since the 2016 elections. I believe it could be equated to a terrible”2’s” temper tantrum. Biden likes to critique Trump’s response or lack on covid-19, but I wonder what Biden’s initial response would have been. Obviously not closing travel from China since racist and xenophobic labels were hurled at Trump by Biden. Even Pelosi joked and visited Chinatown. People say Trump didn’t do enough but what would have been enough for people or if the tables were reversed and Biden had been in Trump’s place with the Democrats ( with there impeachment trial over the now disproved Russian collusion),media etc .occupying a lot of his time. Over 200,000 people have died from the virus and that is horrible, but estimates were that millions of Americans were going to die from this virus. Were the so called scientific experts wrong as they were in a lot of their statements or could it be that the President thru his actions actually helped to save those additional lives. Yes he probably should have started wearing a mask sooner, but I do not hold that against him. By the way when Nancy Pelosi is condemning others for not wearing a mask, someone should tell her that wearing a msk incorrectly is essentially just like not wearing one. As I was watching her speech on amending the 25th constitutional amendment, Her mask only covered her mouth. Her little NOSE was flapping in the breeze! Also Joe needs to be reminded to keep his mask on to cough and please refrain from repeatedly touching it. No more comments from me about the political scene on a Star Trek website. I would rather keep politics out of Star Trek. My last statement and I’m sorry, I just can’t resist this one as my last statement( its more of a question). When are all of the celebrities coming back to the U.S. if Biden is elected? They were going to leave if Trump was elected. Oh I forgot, they never left!!