Watch: Patrick Stewart Goes Formal To Read The Final ‘Sonnet A Day’

Way back in March as the world started to self-quarantine, Sir Patrick Stewart did his bit to help people cope with life under COVID by starting his “A Sonnet A Day” series. Since then he has been reading one of William Shakespeare’s sonnets each day on social media, except for a brief break in June to start his new memoir. There are a total of 154 Shakespearean Sonnets, and today marked the reading of that final one.

Stewart finishes #ASonnetADay

Saturday on social media Patrick Stewart read Shakespeare’s 154th sonnet and to mark the occasion he wore a tuxedo, and since he was wearing a tuxedo, he declared having a martini was mandatory as well.

Stewart is ready to get back to work

Of course, the pandemic isn’t over yet, so perhaps Sir Patrick will return to social media with more ways to help people pass the time in quarantine. And even with all the constraints of social distancing, Stewart still found acting work over the summer, shooting a number of Uber Eats commercials with Star Wars star Mark Hamill.

Stewart has said he is eager to get back to work on Star Trek: Picard, which was supposed to begin production on a second season over the summer. According to the latest update, the show should begin shooting in Southern California in early 2021, possibly as early as January.

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A class act. I followed this series faithfully on Facebook. Really helped me cope with the isolation I felt this winter.

I will start following him on Twitter.

Facebook I don’t want that bad website lol

Patrick is having fun.

I’m Patrick Strewart fan.

Quick! Somebody dig up Shakespeare’s corpse and have him write some more sonnets!