Watch: Teaser For Virtual NYCC Star Trek Universe Panels Hints At Announcements And Surprises

New York Comic Con has gone virtual for 2020 and the first day kicks this Thursday with a Star Trek Universe event, which will include cast and crew panels for Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Lower Decks. Today CBS released a teaser from the pre-recorded panels that hinted at what is in store.

Watch the teaser

CBS released the following teaser today on their various social media platforms (and also on the official site).


Highlights teased in the teaser

  • A sneak peek of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 will be shown.
  • Alex Kurtzman will make a “special announcement” about the Star Trek Universe.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks panel will include a surprise “unannounced guest.”

While an official announcement on Star Trek: Discovery getting a fourth season is expected soon, the way it was worded, it appears the “special announcement” will be related to something else besides Discovery and Lower Decks. Listeners to TrekMovie’s All Access Star Trek podcast will already have heard Laurie and Tony predict (based on some social media clues) CBS will use this panel to announce something regarding the upcoming Nickelodeon animated series Star Trek: Prodigy, possibly a teaser trailer and/or release date announcement. However, it could be just about anything.

Star Trek Universe NYCC Metaverse event details

Star Trek will be kicking off New York Comic Con’s Metaverse virtual event, which runs from October 8-11. The Star Trek Universe panel begins on Thursday, October 8 at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT, and will have two back-to-back discussions. Here is how CBS describes the two-part panel:

Join the creator of Star Trek: Lower Decks, Mike McMahan, and series voice cast for a special edition of CBS All Access’ official Star Trek after-show, The Ready Room, as they dive into the season one finale with host Wil Wheaton. Voice cast appearing include Tawny Newsome, Jack Quaid, Noël Wells, Eugene Cordero, Dawnn Lewis, Jerry O’Connell, Fred Tatasciore and Gillian Vigman.

Be the first to learn the latest about Star Trek: Discovery before season three premieres on Thursday, Oct. 15, exclusively on CBS All Access. Join series stars Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman and Wilson Cruz; new cast members David Ajala, Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander; and series co-showrunners and executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise, for an exclusive conversation on what’s in store for the U.S.S. Discovery crew. Moderated by Sarah Rodman of Entertainment Weekly.

You can watch all the Metaverse panels for free at

Learn more about the virtual NYCC at

Keep up with all the Star Trek events news and reports at

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Please announce a European release date for lower decks.

Yes, please!

Wow, completely forgot about NYCC. I thought after the great Star Trek day last month, we were done with these type of events for awhile. Funny this will take place exactly one month later after that one!

And a great time to have it, since LDS will have ended its first season the day after and DIS on its way next week, so this is crazy perfect timing.

I don’t want to over excite myself with the ‘special’ announcement but some theories anyway:

LDS has been renewed for another season. It’s the ONLY show so far they haven’t said if it got renewed before its season ended, but to be fair season 2 was already green lit with season one so it’s a bit different.

Maybe an official green light and info for Section 31. Don’t yell at me, they keep saying it’s still happening ;).

Start date for Picard season 2. I think Frakes said that could happen by January so maybe it’ll be made official as well.

Strange New Worlds start date.

Short Treks gets another season. Really be nice if this happens.

Discovery announced for season 4. It sounds like it’s but official at this point anyway. Kurtzman hinted about that in another interview.

Announcement of a new show? Yeah I know, long shot, but we do know another show is being developed they have not talked about at all. Not holding my breath on this, but hey!

William Shatner is coming back as Kirk and he’s going to make a guest appearance in every new show!! OK, maybe an even bigger long shot. ;D

Tiger2, you should be part of the TrekMovie team. Good theories. Hope all of them come true. Live Long and Prosper! =D

Thanks! But I’m just happy enough I haven’t been banned yet! ;D

We’ll see if any of those come true. Half of them are just when shows might start filming, so nothing huge. But it will at least be nice to know we don’t have to wait for infinity for another live action show if one can start shooting soon. If Picard starts in January as Frakes said then we should get that by 2021 even if it’s a year from now.

Also forgot about Prodigy. Maybe it will have something to do with that as well?

This is what I get for reading the article too fast but the article says it most likely will be Prodigy related which was the only show my OP completely left out lol. Be cool if we got a teaser trailer for it though.

Tiger2, it’s true that we’re overdue for casting information and a first look at the main characters on Prodigy. However, animation being what it is, we can’t expect a trailer much before the season premiere in 2021.

I do think you’re being reasonable looking for some news about Discovery season 4 and SNW production.

Both shows have been showing as firmly in preproduction in Toronto on the guild sheets for weeks. So, if they are moving to production of Discovery in late October / early November, and SNW in February, you’d think that NYCC would be the place to get the media hit.

However, Covid doesn’t care about anyone’s plans. It is a continuing factor and on the rise in the Toronto area since September, and out in Vancouver some productions have voluntarily paused while the province of BC has been flattening the curve again. So, maybe they won’t be saying anything until it’s happening.

No, I don’t mean a full on trailer or anything, just probably a few still images with a voice over or something. But it would be nice if we saw something. Even though it took forever to see footage of LDS, they actually did show us images of the characters and a bit of who they were in NYCC last year about this time. So even something like that would be great. Most of us just want to know what the show will be about and where it will be set at this point, so I would just be happy with that! Don’t have to show us anything.

I only thinking it could be about season 4 of Discovery because there has been rumors for months over it and then Kurzman basically semi confirmed it a few weeks ago it’s going to happen. That said, I don’t see the rush to even announce one so soon since season 3 hasn’t even started. But we know there is probably an entire host of reasons why these shows get renewed so early and yes part if probably just needing to get more content out sooner than later, especially since its been 18 months between 2nd and 3rd season. Man I remember the old days if it took longer than 4 months for a new season I was ready to riot lol.

As far as SNW, I imagine if they already writing the scripts they probably want to start early next year as well. Picard was probably the fastest any Star Trek show from announcement to start of production ever happened. Now ironically second season maybe one of the slowest starts thanks to Covid. If it started when it was suppose to back in June, they probably would’ve been done shooting in the next month.

If ANY of these shows can start within 6 months from now, that should be considered a win at this point.

Posters have submitted context before. If used, it’ll show up as a staff article.

I predict Alex Kurtzman will announce that he will complete Star Trek’s transition from Gene Roddenberry’s positive vision of humanity into a show about mindless dystopian violence by naming the next upcoming Star Trek series “Grand Theft Starship 2400.” And Picard will be renamed “Head Chopping /Eyeball Mutilators & Company”. And Kurtzman he will finally admit that the mission of Star Trek is no longer about a hopeful future but to be a cash cow for Paramount. To fulfill that mission statement, he will mandate that each episode of the franchise have a minimum of one head unnecesarily chopped off per episode, as well as one eyeball crushed and torn out of its socket. And no, a head chopping will not automatically count as an eyeball crushing. In fact, there will have to be two scenes, one of head chopping and one of eyeball mutilation. A fan will ask him if both can occur to the same person. He will answer it will only count as one of each if the same person has their eyeball torn out of their socket, and then after that their head is chopped off. It will not count if it is of the opposite sequence; that is, if the head is chopped off and then the eyeball is torn out from their decapitated head. He will explain this is because the person would already be dead, and therefore that would not be sensationalistic enough to make enough money for the suits at Paramount. Then the audience will burst out in approving applause.

Says Gary Seven, character from a Star Trek would-be spin-off co-created by Gene Roddenberry and without a single droplet of Roddenberry’s Optimist Vision For Star TrekTM.

You forgot about a very important thing, Gary. Anyone who watches GTS 2400 and dares to not praise it would be immediately doxxed by loyal “fans” and smeared as a bigot.

“I’m a live and let live kinda person. Enjoy your life, I’m happy for you. I must say though that at times I found GTS 2400 was a bit heavy handed with its politics whereas old Star Trek encouraged more of a dialogue and more rounded discussion of issues.”

“You vile fascist!!!! Star Trek was always about communism and authoritarianism being excellent ideas”

Right. For example, TOS tackled racism not so much on the nose, but through metaphor, with Bele and Lokai, who are both blinded by senseless hate. Both sides where responsible for the violence and, could not look beyond their petty differences.
And “Sorry we will try to do better“ said the segregated black community and so racism disappeared from the United States. End of story
Not ;)


Sorry. This isn’t even clever.

In your opinion. You’re not adding anything to the discussion, you’re merely hurling insults at people.This behavior reflects why are society is deteriorating. Trolling I belueve is the word. I may be criticizing you now but at least time presenting reasons and contributing to a discussion. Not merely saying “you are not clever “ which of course would be the easiest thing for me to do. And of course contribute nothing to the discussion. Except of course venom.

Announcements and suprises…..Paramount is thinking about making a movie. In the future!!

Paramount Pictures to Present

Star Trek 2063

Seems a logical period to go as Kutzmann apparently loves dystopia according to many. Now how we get to see humans in space, I’ll leave that to the writers.