Watch The Opening Scene From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Premiere

The New York Comic Con virtual Star Trek Universe event is happening right now, and during the Star Trek: Discovery segment they revealed a sneak peek at the opening scene for the season three premeire, which arrives in just one week on CBS All Access.

See how season 3 begins

One week away

Discovery season three arrives next Thursday, October 15. With new episodes of the series’ 13-episode season available on-demand weekly on Thursdays, exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers in the United States. In Canada Discovery season 3 will debut on CTV Sci-Fi on October 15 and be available to stream on Crave. It will debut internationally on Netflix in 190 countries around the world on October 16.

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Is that Earth?

The planet in the opening scene looks like Earth.

Wow, there is a lot of debris around the planet. Wreckage of ships everywhere, too much space junk.

If it’s Earth then the Federation is doomed.

So excited about next Thursday. Can’t wait!

Wasn’t their future destination Terralysium?

It was Trenzalore

Wrong universe,

Oh :)

It’s not.

I assume it‘s Terralysium from the second episode of Season 2 “New Eden.” At least, that was the destination that was set by Michael, et al.

Seems the 23rd century Red Angel time suit is not just a bona-fide time machine but superior to 31st century starships as well since it has all sorts of starship technology in an ultracompact suit format (heat shield, thrusters without storage tanks for any sort of propulsion reactant, whats next?). Its capabilities are only limited by the requirements of the plot, I presume. Resuming right where we left off, on Planet Fantasy. Sigh!

Everything in Star Trek are only limited by the requirements of the plot. Transporters, warp drive, computer technology, holodecks, etc… That’s a real stupid take.

Believe it or not, before there was at least the attempt of a design lineage and timeline of technology. That’s why 23rd communicators were bulky standalone devices while 24th century devices are integrated into the badge. Same for other devices… Anyone with a minimum of understanding of engineering will see that pushing all sorts of huge starship systems into a tiny suit of the 23rd century, while none of this exists even in the 24th century, not just messes up canon but the definition of science fiction… then it’s really just magic, as in fantasy.

Well… Transporters were only created because it cost too much to have the ship land on planets every other week…

 Its capabilities are only limited by the requirements of the plot, I presume

Congratulations. You just discovered how writing works.

Suspension of disbelief….and pretty much my gripe about Iron Man/War Machine as well. No visible pressure suit on Stark, form fitting suit with no visible propellant storage, and lots and lots of ordnance appearing where his arms, shoulders, and legs are.

Superhero movies are not science fiction in my book, Phil. However, Star Trek at least tried to be believable as a potential future before, with thoughtful talented individuals like the Okudas and Rick Sternbach as stewarts of the canon and treknology. Who do they have now? I only remember tattoo girl from some marketing interview (not actual contributions) – and it shows!

If you don’t think super hero films are science fiction then there is a huge flaw in your logic. They are absolutely, 100% science fiction films. And I think you know that- you just want an excuse to trash a show you don’t like.

The science fiction vs science fantasy debate isn’t new.. All peddle in the craft of plausibility, so decent continuity, regardless of the franchise overcomes whatever scientific objections a causal viewer may have, and makes all this watchable. I can rattle off a whole list of things Trek did then, and does now, that are completely obsolete by 21st century standards. But I don’t watch it for those reasons – it just needs to reasonably service the story. That’s good enough for most people.

You got it, Phil. I recognize the border between scifi and fantasy is a fluid one and may fluctuate for everyone personally but unlike what the detractors say, it does exist. Scifi is supposed to have a self-consistent system of A science (not necessarily equivalent to our contemporary knowledge) underpinning its technology, not pure magic pulled out of the hat. No doubt even in Classic Trek they veered from that at times, most notably in late DS9 with all the religiously mumbo jumbo and on Voyager (not intentionally, just sloppy continuity/writing) and Trek never got as pure, hard scifi as TMP again, unfortunately, but the difference in Abrams/Kurtzman ‘not care at all’ style is notable. Most obviously, as I pointed out, we have ALL possible technology in ALL eras now, and that’s one major part that violates self-consistency and for me, sense of disbelief! This is just not how history works.

The time suit really was similar to the Iron Man suit. But that means Star Trek has entered comic book reality. Which is a tone it has never taken until Discovery. Which, in my view, is yet another in the long list of things that are wrong with that show.

I think generally Discovery is to TV Trek what the Kelvin movies were to Trek films: a dumbed down version for more casual fans, high on emotion and explosions but low on thoughtfulness in any regard. And I think no matter what they try this keeps showing up in every detail big and small.

TOS took the position that they really weren’t going to explain how anything worked. Warp drives is classic comic book fodder – somehow, a matter/antimatter reaction is channeled through magic crystals that collapse space around the ship. Represented by rooms with boxes and flashing lights. The time suit and warp drive are both plot devices that allow our future universe to function. One really isn’t more *real* then the other.

Except… We understand the need to create a Warp Drive to traverse the distance between the stars. And all the Trek universe has abandoned relativity if you really want to start nit picking. But the warp engines were huge. It helped sell the illusion that such a thing could exist by making it that way. And the dilithium crystals did make some weird future sense as a way to help channel/create (pick one or both) the awesome energy needed to do this. It fits the tone and the genre. But the time suit just does not fit this narrative at all. The things in Trek are fantastical fantasy but there is an element of sci-fi reason to them. So it works. None of that exists in the time suit. The time suit fits the Marvel universe far better than it fits the Trek one. And they even did it in Endgame!

Vulcan Soul, this is Discovery, OF COURSE a time travel suit they built in about an hour is more advanced than anything we seen a hundred years in the future. ;)

Remember the Section 31 suit not only time traveled, but somehow could also teleport people and buildings 50 thousand light years and had the power to disengage entire weapon’s systems like the Ba’ul. With all that kind of power, how is Section 31 not one of the most powerful organizations in the freaking galaxy. Sucks they only built one. ;)

You heard me say this forever now, this is why Discovery never belonged in the 23rd century, at least not the prime universe 23rd universe. And science fiction writers believe or not want to make super cool advance tech, putting it in that era only limits them. Now they can literally do whatever they want in a century past everything we know. Glad they are at least rectifying that now.

“Remember the Section 31 suit not only time traveled, but somehow could also teleport people and buildings 50 thousand light years and had the power to disengage entire weapon’s systems like the Ba’ul. With all that kind of power, how is Section 31 not one of the most powerful organizations in the freaking galaxy.”

Thanks for pointing that out, Tiger! How anyone could not appreciate that is pure FANTASY, and indeed superhero movie stuff, not routed in scientific extrapolation or a believable chronology of technology, is beyond me! How much it spoils the enjoyment of the product varies by the individual, of course!

Again, what I always find funny about this show is that when it was announced people applauded it being pre-TOS because they act like they were going to get some grounded and stripped down show tech wise. But in reality, it has no less fantastic tech than the 24th century shows did and with the nutty time travel suit it’s even crazier because that thing seems to do things basically out of a comic book as you said. There is no rhyme or reason to it, it can just do all those crazy things. The irony is most of us just assumed the suit was from the future or created by a very advance alien race. That would’ve at least gave it some logical sense. But neither of those proved to be the case. We just have to believe Section 31 has secret technology that is apparently centuries beyond what Starfleet has.

I’m guessing when we get to next season, maybe the suit will be done for good since they only had one time crystal, but I wouldn’t be shocked they didn’t find a way to use it again to rebuild the Federation with it. ;)

Actually they really still can’t do whatever they want. Just because you move an out of place 23rd century ship and crew 900 years forward does not suddenly give you freedom to do anything or fix the fact that the ship was out of place to begin with. The core problems with the show still remain no matter what era they moved them to.

So unless we get a new batch of writers and producers there is little chance the show will improve in any meaningful fashion. From what I can tell the behind the scenes crew is the same.

As I have mentioned before my fear is that the writers indeed THINK they can do whatever they want (and the interviews give every indication that is the case) but that this further degrades the believability, consistency and rationality of the show as scifi drama. In fact, canon was a creative constraint that limited bad behaviour (which of course is why they violated it so often).

You don’t “fix” a bad driver by giving him a faster car! That only increases the mayhem to say the least.

I just mean whatever crazy tech stuff they come up with in the future, it will be easier to buy in the 32nd century than the 23rd. Stuff like the spore drive and time travel suits, the damage is already done there, you either accept it or you don’t. But new crazy tech from this point on can just be accepted being in the era they are in because not only is it more advanced, we literally know nothing about the era, so anything is possible again.

Awesome Sauce, I need to sign back up to CBSA today.

Trek has a long and glorious history of flirting around with physics. Looks like that grand tradition continues……

Not able to watch the video, is SMG as annoying as ever?

Grimacing as always (vulgo: “emoting”). Then the same PEW PEW PEW, miracle fantasy tech, overdesigned visuals and thiefing cool guys. 900 years my a$$! The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Yep, sounds like Discovery.

Yup.. same here. Not available in Canada… all that money wasted on advertising for a preview that can’t even be watched in Canada. Utter nonsense.

The same in Germany. I just found it here:

The same nondescript, generic pew pew spacebattle action that vanishes from people’s memories about 10 seconds after it’s shown. JJ Abrams would love it.

I was able to run the preview from the link in the CBS Studios Twitter account and I’m in Canada.

You must really hate that a woman is the star of this show.

A woman of colour at that. Let’s not pretend that this isnt why most of these angry fanboys hate this show. We all know on some level it is. Racism and Sexism.

In many cases, that’s probably true — but not all, and maybe not even most. For example, I think Burnham is a terrible character; but I love SMG, who is a beautiful, vibrant, and thoughtful woman who serves as a terrific ambassador for the franchise. It IS possible to dislike a character without disliking the person who plays that character. So maybe don’t assume people are racist/sexist/etc. just because people think differently about certain things.

How predictable, the racism and sexism card. zzzzzzzz

I know that fits your pre-determined narrative of people who don’t like the show but it’s not true in the slightest, at least for me. I’m sorry to tell you this but it is possible to find Burnham/SMG incredibly robotic, annoying and generally terrible, without it being a race/gender thing.

And yet you posted the following in the next news thread.

“Fun news. She’s female so that fits 33% of the casting protocol for CBSTrek (the other 66 being black and non-straight, naturally)”

Seems the card fits you perfectly.

But he’s not totally wrong with that observation is he? Whenever TPTB want to put in minorities, which is often, they put in a black person (preferably woman). It’d be blind not to see how other minorities, many of which are in fact MAJORITIES on a global scale, are brushed over for both principal and supporting casts, even guest actors. Like, ASIANS. Yeah, Space Hitler ain’t it!

Only to people who go out of their way to actively look for such things. When you go looking for something like that you usually force yourself to find it in places where it doesn’t exist.

Cold hard uncomfortable (for some) truth.

Love how they are still using window view screens. I hope Book is the new Cap.

Official Panel (no geoblock) Time-Code 25:38 the Sneak Peak:

I’m still high from that mind blowing Lower Desks finale and now this! How am I to focus on my boring work Zoom meetings.

This looks great! I can not wait!

Soon we will all demarcate our era as BSTDS3 and ASTDS3- Before Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 and After Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. This is going to be one of those cultural touchstones by which everything that follows will be judged. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

Awesome!! Can’t wait for all the trolls to talk about how much they hate they show and how it doesn’t make any sense and how it is failing! And then watch them eat their words as Discovery kills it and the subscription numbers go through the roof again and well you know the rest!

Yeah I’m do Over the “hey you guys! I hate all new Star Trek now listen to me complain!” Group. Go. Away. If. U. Don’t. Like. It.

Be prepared for a number of “new posters” (or new aliases) to suddenly show up here at 4:00am EDT/ 1:00am PDT with super negative rants about the season premiere on Thursday.

And then to see those negative posts word-for-word spammed across every Trek discussion board and comment section.

There really a group of folks who just can’t stand the fact that many of us do watch and enjoy (even when we have critiques).

Beyond super boring and predictable at this point.

You’ve come to the right place. Trek pessimists, unite!!

Looks very cerebral.

They’ve really upgraded the Space VFX. Not only do they look way sharper, they are using tracking close-ups and less of those static wides which feels more contemporary and cinematic.

It looks like this Alien ship has some Krypton tech, ha. They’ve done a good job establishing just how alien this new Universe is going to be.

I was wondering about that too Michael K.

We’ll have to see when we have the full stream on a larger screen available, but it looks like they’re stepped it up a level once again.

I don’t get it. To me the visuals, style and sounds is exactly the same as in every JJ/Kurtzman Trek since 2009. They didn’t even change the sound of the “pew pew pew” in 900 years! To me this is frankly early confirmation they are not REALLY thinking this through and delivering on the premise (I see plenty of this in the 2 minutes, including a “SIGNAL DETECTED” in plain English font that looks and reads like any previous Trek lingo – the time gap is big enough not just for a change in word choice or orthography but whole different writing systems!) Frankly we had more imaginative and interesting weapons systems in Classic Trek already – the Ferengi energy ribbon (RIP), temporal displacement waves – go wild or go home, as they say! It’s a little lazy and boring.

For me the visuals aren’t really a problem. I can live with how they do the effects even if the final version isn’t exactly my cup of tea. The problem was the shallow characters and gawd awful plots and writing. So the question for S3 will be… Was THAT fixed? My prediction is NO but will watch to see if my prediction holds out.

Yeah, 900 years into the future, prequel, sequel, spinoff… won’t solve any of the character writing problems of these writers.

My point is, it’s an audiovisual medium. Visuals and sounds are part of the canvas that makes the setting believable, or not. That two minutes of sneak peek are enough already to question how well they have done their homework what 900 years into the future really means (not exactly the same starship pulse beam weapon fights, for example) shows that not much has changed regarding the shallowness of this show (its real problem, whichever time period).

The space VFX look exactly the same as they always have in CBSTrek, generic and terrible. Still fast paced, non-deliberate pew pew. Maybe a tad more tracking close-ups I suppose, that’s a start.

I want a good story over slam/bang action effects. Having said that, the special effects look cheap and poorly done. Shouldn’t they be more realistic looking and dazzling at this point? The space scenes look like they were slapped together on a cheap computer.

Well, when was the last time we had a good story in Star Trek, but we still watch it?

For me, some episodes in the last season of Enterprise were really good. Other than Lower Decks, I think that was the last good live-action Star Trek story.

Canadian viewers heads up: both CTV Sci-fi channel and crave have ALL episodes of both Discovery seasons one and two available “On Demand” this month.

Perfect for catching up or rewatching over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend before the new season starts nest week.

I’ll check out the show when it starts next week. Going into season 3 with very low expectations. I expect the show to be bad. With this monumentally low bar maybe I will be surprised.

But still don’t want to watch a clip. I’ll wait till Thursday.

“With this monumentally low bar maybe I will be surprised.”

So if Discovery is Biden then, that means Picard is Trump? :D

Not a bad analogy there….

When watching a TV show starts to feel like homework, I stop watching. Discovery feels like that. This did nothing for me.

BUT: I am on the fence since I love the Trill and Andorians, buuuut. I don’t know. I did not like the first two seasons. Should I give this a third chance?

What’s that saying? Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me. Burn me thrice, shame on…..?

Everyone is ashamed the third time ;-)

I forgot Already all the details I barely could see.
Is this the new bond movie?

Looks good. Still, I miss the days when Star Trek took me places that I wanted to be.

Just watched the S1 finale of Lower Decks. I didn’t enjoy the show with it over abundance / over reliance on jokes rooted in older shows.

But I loved the finale!

I am serious. I really thought there was meaty goodness there. It felt like a well thought out Star Trek movie boiled down to 25 minutes. Really loved how they make fun of the flaws in Federation policy (make 1st & 2nd contact then walk away and assume the culture will continue to develop without issues – not!). An example of better Trek writing would be to investigate that very issue in a live action show. But that would bring the Trek part to a halt so that you can focus on the administrative side of The Federation … which I really would like to see.

In any case, I loved the Lower Decks season finale. I was entertained and my thoughts truly were provoked.

It is truly my hope that STD S3 will do the same. I just rewatched S1 & S2. There is a lot that I liked and a lot that I didn’t like. In my rewatch, it was nice to see and appreciate new things that I glossed over on 1st viewing. On balance, I’ve mostly enjoyed DISCO. But my main issue is the one plot armored character that is the core of every universe saving narrative and who is the only available redeemer to help Star Fleet rediscover its righteous moorings in those grey moral areas.

I can get over it for another season. No problem.

But… I don’t get this item from the opening scene: her suit’s propulsion system is knocked out. She’s heading high speed into a planet’s atmosphere. She activated heat shields. Then she does a full system reboot. Shouldn’t that shut the heat shields off as she is speeding through layers of atmosphere? Shouldn’t the whole suit have shut down… because it is a full reboot? If it was a full reboot, with shields down, shouldn’t she have been burned rather fatally?

No problem. Belief is set to suspended. Now, let’s enjoy STD!!!!

Video geo locked to the US…again.

Take a close look at Book’s cockpit. Behind him are three transparent columns gently rising and falling like pistons. Gotta be a deliberate wink-wink to Doctor Who.