Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Three Premiere With 8 New Images From “That Hope is You, Part 1”

The third season of  Star Trek: Discovery arrives on Thursday, and we have a first look at some new images. And in case you missed it, we have a sneak peek at the first couple of minutes too.

“That Hope is You, Part 1”

Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 1 “That Hope is You, Part 1” will be available to stream on CBS All Access on Thursday, October 15.


Arriving 930 years in the future, Burnham navigates a galaxy she no longer recognizes while searching for the rest of the U.S.S. Discovery crew.

New Images:

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; and David Ajala as Book

Book (David Ajala) stands by while Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) shows her Starfleet field kit to someone.

David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Season premiere teaser


New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on Crave. Episodes will be available on Fridays internationally on Netflix.

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I hope its not the kind of story where she doesn’t meet up with Discovery until Episode 3.

Surprise, surprise!

Boy do I have some bad news for you :(. That’s exactly what Frakes said would happen in his interview with Trek Movie on Disco.

It’s exactly like that kind of story.

Frakes said episode 1 follows Burnham and episode 2, Discovery and everyone on board.

I recognize that it’s a good way to expand and triangulate the point of views on the 32nd century situation.

It’s also a way to let SMG have her starring moment while giving the rest of the very large ensemble some dramatic space to show their own experiences.

When I think about season 2, I realize that there was often two sets of events in every episode: those focused on Burnham, and then the events with everyone else with Discovery.

Separating this into two distinct episodes to start the season is just a more stark version of this.

I think the correct way to put it would be… I hope it’s not like that kind of story where they squander the first three episodes with handbrakes on and won’t get going before episode 3…. like PICARD!

If they have to do something like that it means they had major trouble filling out the 10, or in this case, 13 episodes. Which shows poor show planning, plotting and writing. Elements that have plagued Secret Hideout Trek from day one. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

I’m thinking instead ML31 that the original idea might have been to have episode one and two cut back and forth between the two locations as did many episodes in season two where Burnham’s story separated from the rest of the ship.

However, I’m glad they have allowed Discovery and the rest of the ensemble one whole episode without Burnham to have their own dramatic space to discover the 32nd century.

In fact, this kind of alternate episode storytelling has worked well in other series. I kind of like the approach.

Yes, I’ve seen it done on other short series’. But with such short seasons I’ve felt it a bit of a waste. Usually when I’ve seen it it was done late in the season when things are winding down. It always feels like the show grinds to a complete stop when it does that. So I guess kuddo’s to STD for doing it up front. But I’m guessing the story line sorta forces it. But I’d still rather see intercutting of the two stories over the first two episodes than essentially two separate shows. So we merely have two different perspectives on the matter here.

That Andorian looks like a blue version of the leprechaun from, well, you know, “Leprechaun”.

It seems that they are continuing to establish that there is more variation within alien species than we saw in the 90s series.

I appreciate that but, still, that Andorian looks like Leprechaun.

That is exactly what I said to myself when I saw the image. Prefer more the Jeffrey Combs Andorian type. Every show or movie, they change the look of many aliens.

Worf was fortunate. Season 1 Worf was terrible. He got better season after season, for DS9 he was all set!

Andorians are my favorite Star Trek alien. I like them more than Klingons.

The more interesting question is, when are these hyperprogressive studs giving us the inevitable capital B Black Andorians? Because every alien species must have (don’t hold your breath for white Klingons though beyond TOS) ;)

Dont get me wrong, I think mapping human skin color variation on aliens is stupid and anthropocentric, no matter which color we are talking about. Let aliens be aliens!

Lurian. (That is all I have to add. Lol)

I saw that too. Morn! :D

Does anybody know how long Lurians live for? Maybe it is Morn.

Based on some of the video we’ve seen, this Lurian seems a little too… energetic?

you havent paid attention. Morn is a serious enegy bomb when he is off screen.
At least according to people like Dax.

Well, sure- he’s also a real talker, if we’re to believe the stories. But are we seriously suggesting the audience would or should ever get to see the version of Morn we only hear stories about?

We did see him dancing at Jadzia’s bachelorette party.

We know that Morn was extremely talkative, clearly his energy went into that.

We did actually see some of that energy onscreen as well when he was dancing at Dax’s bachelorette party with Nog. One of the best scenes in that show and that’s saying a lot lol.

I wonder if this one will talk. (Morn’s original issue with talking was makeup, but then it became a running gag.)

That looks very much like Morn in the back there!

Talking the ear off everyone, I’m sure. The guy just never shuts up.

i just started with discovery again from the beginning… and dang it’s more fun second time around… though i really wish they had shown the first 2 eps together as a movie and shown it in one shot and ended with michael being brought on to discovery as a prisoner… would have given fans more hope vs the dark dark way it started then having everyone wait a week at a time… the way it was aired discouraged some people and they never recovered…

but it is what it is… very excited for this…

Season one is on CBS. I might watch it again.

It’s amazing how two people can have the exact opposite views of something. I rewatched season one and finished two days ago and man it was still very rough for me overall. And its the first time I rewatched the whole thing since it aired. Some of it was certainly a little better and of course in hindsight knowing the truth about Lorca, Tyler, etc upfront made it more fun to catch all the clues but overall I just did not like season one overall. I thought maybe a second viewing and where I can watch it relatively straight through could change it for me, but nope! Just too dark, soap operaish, a bit cold and too many ridiculous twists. And just a lot of questionable choices. But could’ve been worse.

But I’m watching season 2 now and so far finished the first third of it and definitely it enjoying it a LOT more. And I will say the episode I REALLY hated that season, Points of Light (the Klingon one ;)) isn’t as bad in second viewing and hindsight. Still not great though, but OK. Season 2 IS definitely a lot more but I’ve rewatched nearly every episode at least twice before but certainly a more interesting season for me overall, even with its own problems. Will watch more today.

You are strong, Tiger, to re-watch that. I’d have to be like Alex handcuffed in front of the screen, iron clamps forcing the eyes open and all :)

I for one are properly lowering my expectations to Mariana Trench depths so I MAY just be surprised a little by Friday (not holding my breath)!

I’ve done the same thing. I’m expecting pure garbage again. So it won’t take much to give me hope here. But there is one huge problem that will continue to plague this show. The characters. Most just aren’t interesting in the slightest. Only Saru is kinda interesting and that is only probably because he is so different. Reno I like but mainly for the acidic wit. Wish she stayed behind for SNW to be honest. So for this show to work at this point the story has to be the driving force because I honestly don’t care about the characters.

Reno had to come on the trip.

She’s the one who was able to follow Queen Po’s math and will be able to reverse engineer Po’s dilithium incubator cradle so that Discovery can provide the 32nd century Federation the technology to overcome “The Burn” .

In other words, by putting the first red signal on the wreck of Hiawatha, Burnham not only brought Reno to save Discovery and make its flight to the future possible, she also brought Po’s tech and the person to hack it.

(I rewatched the season two finale with my spouse on the weekend. The clues seem kind of glaring in hindsight.)

Yeah I’m glad Reno stayed as well. She was a big plus to DIS last season even just being in a few episodes. I’m 2/3rds of my season 2 rewatch now and just finished episode 9 but every scene she was in has been great. It gives us more to look forward to.

Actually she didn’t have to. They could have just as easily let Stammets do all that. But as Tiger said, the good thing for her being there is because it’s one character I don’t cringe when I see. So that helps the show right there. My point was because she is a good character I’d rather see her on a show with more potential (such as it is) than the two season failure STD has been.

It’s just too soon to rewatch something that left such a seriously bad taste in my mouth. MAYBE after 15 years or so… When my perspective might be different. But right now there is no way I can put myself through the pain of seeing it again.

It’s been a long time….
Getting from there to here…

NO! Bad Bern!

Rocket man!

Correct your username please. For Discovery season 3, it’s “Feel the Burn”. Galaxy’s taking a hard turn left ;)

So do I stay up and watch it at 12:01AM PST or wait until later Thursday? Who am I kidding? I’m totally staying up!

A lot can change in 930 years…

I wonder if my favorite restaurant is still gonna be there….

Things Burnham might say learning about Spock’s life after landing in the 32nd century!

“He was given a court martial?? Spock? For trying to take Captain Pike to Talos IV?? Why would he want to….ooooh yeah OK, I can see that!”

“He died saving the Enterprise??? But was brought back to life a week later?? Well, Dr. Culber can certainly relate.”

Whales?? You mean like a gormagander? No, an actual Earth whale whale? Those were extinct. Where did he find th….whaaat???

“Who the *bleep* is Sybok? NOOOoooooooo!!!! C’mon? Who is going to buy he had another sibling this whole time that no one else knew about? And he stole the Enterprise to try to meet who?? Somebody is making all that up, right?”

“He actually help make peace with the Klingons? Wow! But they were all wiped out by the Breen-Gorn alliance in the 28th century? That’s disappointing.”

“Why would he defect from the Federation to the planet Romulus? They tried to wipe out Earth in the war! Wait….Romulans are really w-h-a-t?!?!? C’mon???


well played. Lmao

Hilarious :)

That’s high praise coming from you Matt! :)

I wonder if they’ll even get into the history of what they missed at all. I know for us that seems like a no-brainer, but I would not be surprised if they just left it at ‘shit happened’ and only cover the recent history of ‘The Burn’. In a way, it’d make sense because the bulk of what the fans know is from the 23rd and 24th centuries. To only cover some 150 years after Disco left and not cover the rest (which they’d have to make up) would be, weird. And if they make it up, well… that’s a lot of time to fill-in. I’m wondering how they’ll handle this. Even the 24th century history would be bonkers for the Disco crew to learn about. They don’t even know about the Borg….

Probably not as specific as mine lol, but I assume some things might be covered that would be essential to them even in the 32nd century. Like becoming allies with the Klingons, what happened to Section 31 or maybe how much bigger the Federation had expanded post 23rd century like throwing in Bajor as a new member as an example. Stuff like that

And I don’t think they are going to add in too much between the 25th and 32nd century, nothing major anyway. They might say stuff like some small group left the Federation 200 years ago or there was a small civil war on Cardassia in the 27th century but they probably don’t want to lock into anything too big for future show purposes. Thats why I suspect the burn only happened in the last century. And maybe we will get tons about new groups and alliances like who we see Burnham and Booker fighting off in the trailer.

But its is going to be fun to find how out how much they are told about things. Learning about stuff like the Borg or Romulus would be fun!

Love it.

The writer’s room needs you!!!

I’m anticipating some scenes akin to Interstellar, when Cooper returns to 23 years of missed messages.

That would be interesting actually!

I can smell borigness..

Boring? Doesn’t picture number 3 represent a near perfect freeze frame of St. Michael’s / SMG’s perpetually unhinged emotional state that somehow got normalized in our day and age? Guess we got 45 to blame for that ;)

Weird seeing her be so robotic and lacking in personality for 90% of the series, but then have these flashes of over-acting, hopefully they tone down her GASPING for breath or screaming in slow motion this season.

It seems Steve as though you have been watching but ignoring the character’s entire arc.

Burnham is a human fostered and raised to act as a Vulcan, who wanted to “pass” as Vulcan in that society and be a Vulcan scientist/explorer. After a decade with Georgiou and in Starfleet, she was still acting that way and it led to tragedy.

If she were actually Vulcan and swerved from locked down emotionally to emotionally over the top, you would likely call this great acting because the franchise tells us that when Vulcans lose their emotional restraint, their strong emotions burst though.

Instead with Burnham, we have a human going through and working through great trauma with her Vulcan psychological training ripped away and it’s over the top and not pretty.

I can’t say I enjoy it, and she lost my empathy in the episode Project Daedulus. For me it comes off as the most lurid, lowest denominator kind of melodrama, but it makes logical and emotional sense even while I feel myself disengaging from the character.

Human beings working through trauma can be pretty emotionally over-the-top and self-absorbed even when they are sincerely trying to do the right thing.

I can’t criticize SMG’s performance at all.

What I can hope is that the writers and directors allow Burnham to continue to grow and find a healthy, grounded balance between expressing human emotions and her Vulcan training.

We’ve been told Burnham is more joyful this season. I’m cautiously hopeful.

All well and good. But that is just not what I saw. Maybe it wasn’t SMG in S2 but rather directors asking her to give more and more. That is a possibility.

But the fact is when I heard the concept of a character who was human raised on Vulcan I was actually intrigued. Was thinking we could really get something fascinating. Yet the show NEVER touched on it in any meaningful way. That is less SMG’s fault and more the writer’s fault for not using a major character tool at their disposal. Right from the pilot she came across as fully human with little to no trace of a Vulcan upbringing. And then, of course there was the other issue of saying she was some sort of pariah but all that is gone by the 4th episode… So this group’s forte seems to be to set characters up and then either ignore them or not pay it off.

I just rewatched Project Daedalus last night. And I will say the last ten minutes of that episode was done so well. SMG reaction seeing Ariam sucked out to space was perfect. But sadly it still ring so hollow to me because they just killed off a character they gave more lines to in this one episode than the last ten episodes she was in combined. Just felt forced in so many ways but it was a very effective death scene. It would’ve just felt more effective if we had learned like three things about her in those two seasons.

Indeed. That episode could have been the 2nd season’s Lethe. But they didn’t earn the emotion they were going for. Ariam HAD to be more involved over the previous episodes than she was to achieve the impact they obviously were going for. I know these writers have resumes but that just seemed like they never wrote anything before.

I do criticize her performance though, on top of how the character is written (the writer’s fault). And I don’t believe its the directors forcing this upon her because she is “overacting” just the same in the convention and interview footage I saw her in. Coming from the other side I guess I just clash with these kind of hyperemotional beings, I suppose. We’re not the same species!

And before someone accuses me of this and that, I had a similiar problem with Scott Bakula as Archer. I haven’t seen him in anything else but at the very least he was miscast. His impulsive behavior and constant shouting to his crew and Vulcans, especially T’Pol really ticked me off. This was not at all Kirk style, it was GWB meets Trump style, only nobody seemed to be mind at the time!

I thought Bakula was miscast fairly soon into watching Broken Bow. He is good but he has a Kevin Costner quality about him. There just are parts that don’t fit that kind of actor. I watched him in that short lived show MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE and he was good. But he was just missing that intangible element that allows one to portray a starship captain. He always felt like he was forcing out something that he couldn’t quite grasp. I think they jumped at the chance to get Bakula because he was coming off QUANTUM LEAP. A popular show. But didn’t really consider how he would be as Archer.

I think that’s when she finds out that they successfully saved all sentient life in the galaxy. Screaming in joy seems like a perfectly reasonable reaction to me.

Is that some kind of cheese?

I’m looking forward to seeing where they (the writers) go with season 3. I’m hopeful a character that I identified as much as I did with Pike shows up or develops over this season.

just did episode 4… and wow really interesting with lorca and ash in the klingon cell with harry mudd… and lorca and ash are not who they seem but we don’t know that for a long while… really digging the re-watch. i’m not trying to convince the haters because haters will just hate so you dont need to share with me how much you hate it. i’m just sharing my joy of rewatching discovery for the first time… it’s quite addictive.

funny i remember the giant spore slug being a bigger part of the show but it’s already gone by ep 4… weird what seems slow or deceptively more significant in a weekly watch vs a daily rewatch.

That one was certainly a better episode and Wilson played Mudd really well there. I actually hate Mudd in TOS and never saw the appeal of that character, but this one was so much more interesting and fun. He came off as a complete in every sense of the word…but you wanted to see more. I was hoping we saw him in season 2 but maybe he’ll pop up in SNW.

Also liked the introduction of Tyler. Even though I thought the Voq twist was very stupid, I always liked the character. I liked him even more in season 2. I was hoping he could stay with the show but now that its gone to the 32nd century maybe he’ll pop up in SNW or Section 31 as well.

Unfortunately I didn’t like season one anywhere close to you did lol, even after rewatching it, but there were certainly some good episodes, that was a decent one.

Good to see Morn back.

It appears that the full news release indicates not only that Nhan survives to arrive in the 32nd century, but that Rachael Ancheril has been elevated to regular cast.

I’m wondering if the writers are setting her up to join Georgiou wherever she’s going for the S31 series in development.

The Andorian make up looks like the same horrible, stiff make up from the STD Klingons.