Virtual Trek Con 2 Kicks Off Thursday With 5 Days Of Star Trek Celebrity Panels

In July the team behind Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Cirroc Loften’s 7th Rule podcast put together their first “Virtual Trek Con” featuring a great set of online panels over five days with Star Trek luminaries from in front and behind the camera. This week they are doing it again, with some new stars added to the lineup. The festivities start on Thursday.

Highlights from Virtual Trek Con 2 starting October 15

Thursday, October 15th kicks off Virtual Trek Con 2. Panels for the day include Star Trek: Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan, The Roddenberries, The 7th Rule, and Lambda Quadrant.

Friday’s highlights include Richard Arnold, Robert Picardo, Michael Harney, Marc Zicree, Michelle Hurd, Conrad Coates, Raven Dauda, Cirroc Lofton, Tracee Cocco, Rico E. Anderson.

Saturday features Thomas E. Surprenant, Tracee Cocco, Rod Roddenberry, Doug Jones, David Benjamin Tomlinson, JG Hertzler, and Robert O’Reilly.

Sunday features a DS9/TNG writers’ panel, Eric Pierpoint, Gary Graham, Armin Shimerman, Alexander Siddig, Hana Hatae, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Cirroc Lofton, Ira Steven Behr, Adam Malin, and a live concert from the Tim Russ Crew.

Virtual Trek Con 2 wraps up on Monday, October 19th  with a bunch of panels focusing on Star Trek sports and science.

The full calendar for the event will be posted soon at

The free online convention will take place primarily via two YouTube channels: The 7th Rule YouTube channel (dubbed the Aron Eisenberg Stage) and the Falling Tower YouTube channel (the René Auberjonois Stage). Fans will be able to interact with each other and with panelists using YouTube chat features during live events.

In addition to celebrity panels, the five-day event will include virtual games, trivia, Star Trek showtunes, cabaret, and episode reviews. There will also be a virtual vendor room called “The Promenade” with over 40 vendors and dealers.

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