Celebrate ‘StarTrek: Discovery’ Season 3 With These Goodies From Our TeePublic Store

The third season of Star Trek: Discovery is upon us. What better time to spice up your wardrobe and your home with some Star Trek themed goodies from TrekMovie’s TeePublic store? To make matters even better: there are some big sales happening this month.

Save some cash with these sales on all kinds of items in the store:

  • Oct 22nd-23rd: $14 tees and everything else up to 30% off
  • Oct 28th-31st: $13 tees and everything else up to 35% off


And check out Discovery, The Terran Empire, Disco, A Red Angel, and the full line of tee shirts here.


And check out Section 31: You Never Saw Me, USS Discovery, Enterprise D Planetfall, Discovery Ship Fly By, and the full line of pillows here.

Smart Phone Cases

And check out Federation of Planets, Disco Blue, Trek Love, The Spaceship, and the full line of phone cases here.


And check out Replicate (Tea, Earl Grey, Hot), Terran Empire Gold, Live Long and Prosper, Discovery Arrows, and the full line of mugs here.

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This is always my least favorite aspect of fandom: the merchandising of trivial and novelty items.

Good to know.

Much of it is awful, but some is lovely…personal experiences will vary ;)

What an odd stance. I mean, whatever, it doesn’t matter to me; I just don’t think I’ve ever encountered it before in a venue like this.

Don’t get me wrong–if people enjoy this stuff, more power to them. Vive la différence and all that. But for me, the stories are what matter, whether on screen or in print. When I see companies peddling cheap-looking mugs, phone covers and other novelty items as an attempt to cash in on the franchise’s talent, I just roll my eyes because I feel like it dilutes Star Trek and contributes to the media’s stereotype of fans.

The other thing is that TeePublic’s shirt quality has had all sorts of problems–misprintings, shirts that rip and stretch too easily, poor customer service, etc. They’re a company with a pretty weak reputation. That’s why products like these make me cringe–because they’re not high in quality, which means fans are being screwed over.

Buying stuff I don’t need. Merchandising and whatnot.

You really can be quite an obnoxious person.

I’m halfway convinced Faze Ninja is an AI experiment. Many of his comments read like the kind of thing written by “someone” who doesn’t really understand the language but is very good at mimicking it. Granted, I myself sometimes — maybe even right now! — seem like a program somebody has set to dick mode, so I’m probably no one to talk.

You dont think an AI would have more consistent memory banks? ;)

Of course, if you’re wearing a Red Angel tee, 99.999% of onlookers will just think it’s for your evangelical megachurch.

What we need for season 3 is a MFGA hat!


I bought a few of these. The quality of the t-shirts needs to improve, even if you have to charge more.

I should add that the quality of the existing shirt is normal and fine, it’s just that I like a really nice t-shirt.

Our kids enjoyed having the merchandise when they were middle-graders, less so as teens.

Graphic tees seem to dominate what’s available for that age, and many of the designs are poor and don’t reflect our kids’ tastes. Our kids don’t like and have refused to wear a lot of the “fake-team” sports shirts that are sold by many of the quality vendors of kid’s clothing. (They say that they don’t like representing or pretending interest in something they’re not involved in, and are selective about where they want to wear club jackets for the sports they are in.)

For the market niche, the quality of this company’s tees is on the better side of average in our experience. They wash well.
The sizing is a bit unusual though, even using the helpful guide. I haven’t found a long sleeve tee that fits me really.

We’ve found the mugs to be nicely done with nice colours that stand up to repeated washing. The masks to be well made.

We do miss the higher end merchandise that Think Geek used to put out. One of our kids had a Borg-cube print bedding set that they really loved.

If they come in size 4X and somebody is willing to give me $50 to wear it, I’d take one of those Red Angel shirts. Otherwise, hard pass.

I dig the other one, though; probably not enough to actually buy one, but it’s a cool design.

Or, set up Teerepublic account yourself, find those same images on Google image search in ten seconds and “create” the same T-shirt’s yourself in five minutes flat and buy a tee shirt from yourself. Teerepublic will still get the lion’s share, but you won’t be paying someone else the commission.