Get Ready For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 302 By Watching These Character Recaps

After last week’s premiere focused on Michael Burnham and Book, the second episode of Star Trek: Discovery season three features the USS Discovery and its crew. We haven’t’ seen these characters on screen since April 2019, so you may need a refresher to catch you up before Thursday’s episode. CBS has put together some character recap videos to help you out.

Commander Saru

Ensign Sylvia Tilly

Lt. Commander Paul Stamets

Dr. Hugh Culber

Philippa Georgiou

New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on Crave. Episodes will be available on Fridays internationally on Netflix.

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I’m looking forward to this episode and hoping that the ensemble gets the balance of the time.

The Discovery cast is so large and talented that it’s important to give them more than snippets. Giving Burnham a focus episode last week was great, but I hope that her continuing journey is a check-in “C-plot” to leave space for the others to come to th front to lead the narrative for a time.

I’m also hoping we’ll see how Nhan, Reno, the bridge officers and Dr Pollard are doing.

I’m looking forward to it too! Burnham is the weakest link of Discovery and building up its ensemble is key to making it a stronger, more diverse show.

Well said, TG47. I am always thinking the same, why they exclude the rest of the crew, so evident. Also, wonder if Season 3 will finally let us see the Engineering Room and meet the Man of Mistery…not Austin Powers, I’m talking about Discovery’s Chief Engineer. =)

Looking forward to it too. The cast of Discovery is the strongest aspect of the show. The strength of diversity is there.

The cast is the weakest aspect of the show. Literally none of them are likeable, interesting, compelling or charismatic, made worse being placed in a show that doesn’t prioritise character development. But hey they’re “diverse”, and that’s all that matters right?? *rolls eyes*.

Apparently all that matters to you is that a show’s cast NOT be diverse. It’s a terrific cast; get used to them, they’re not going anywhere.

Really excited about the episode. I want to know what the Discovery is up to. Burnham is on another planet with a man so there’s that.

I really wish they would stop fetishizing Elon Musk. I used to like the guy; after his bizarro rants about “fascism,” and his refusal to have Tesla comply with anti-Covid guidelines in the Bay Area, not so much. (To put it mildly.) I once had planned to make my next car a Tesla. Today, I don’t know what I was thinking.

Fair point.

How about a Miguel Albucierre high school instead?

I’m not a Tesla guy.

Not a responsible person, that is for sure.

Zefram Cochrane.

Considering the Mirror Evil Lorca was the one that originally brought him up, it does take away from him a little bit, hah!

Genius and madness are close together, always have been. There’s actually scientific studies that have proven this. There’s something different about the brain patterns that enables both creativity and mental disorders.

I don’t say the worst excesses of these “Great Men” (Steve Jobs too at his time) should not be reigned in, but cancelling them altogether, as the Mindless Mob wants, would do humanity a great disservice. We need to stop reducing people to their capability of “kindness” and “empathy” – anybody can do this, but thinking outside the box, not so much! It is an invitation to mediocrity and conformity. So we should focus instead how gifted people can be enabled for the most positive outcome while discouraging their toxic tendencies.

Any chance we can give Rhys and Bryce something to do for once? You know instead of Detmer, Owo, Dr Pollard, Nhan, Reno, Airiam, Cornwell, Georgiou etc etc

No lie: do they get 1-2 lines per season now?

And what about the Osnullus officers? They’ve been in the background for years now, with no dialog or even references from the other crew. What, can they not speak audibly with those little fly-mouths of theirs?? :)

Spoiler: there’s a clip from the upcoming episode out there on Syfywire where Bryce actually gets to do (and say!) something

Unfortunately it’s a scene where he gets talked down to by Space Hitler and that reminded me how obnoxious THAT character has become!

For some odd reason I’m not as excited about this episode even though I really like last weeks. I just hope it’s pushing the story forward and not just the crew hanging around getting their bearings for an hour. But seeing them do some exploring in these pics shows it will be more than that at least.

And I’m excited to see everyone back except Space Hitler. I wish they kept her in the 23rd century or even better, in the mirror universe.

“I wish they kept her in the 23rd century or even better, in the mirror universe”

After seeing just one of her scenes in the episode, I fully agree! It’s not just the concept of her character that is an insult to Trek, it’s the venom she spits in every scene that increasingly clashes with the crew’s spirit (kinda like Lorca on steroids) and really wears thin by now.

What a great character they killed off in the good CAPTAIN Georgiou, a 23rd century Janeway! This was the initial crime of Discovery, and it all went down-hill from there!

When I talk about how diversity is a mere soundbite to them in their cynical capitalist game, look no further than this abomination! How could they take a seasoned, beloved actress and what could have been a role model for BILLIONS of Asians inside and outside America, and turn her into THIS??

Asians are probably not sitting around demanding that all depictions of them in Hollywood be positive. I kind of doubt they care; they’ve got their own huge, vibrant culture, they don’t too much need ours.

That said, I hate Georgiou. She’s the worst major character in Trek history by a wide margin.

I’m just holding them up to their own standards, Bryant. All their convictions are skin-deep only (quite literally).

There’s a new interview with Michelle Paradise, about Jonathan Frakes, and she drops the revelation that the substantial elements of a Discovery episode are ’emotional scenes, action, fun, special effects, visual effects’ and what stands out here is what she didn’t think of and say! From my observations I could have not said it better, only shorter ;)

But then again, maybe we expect too much from people formerly known for their Shakespearian work on Transformers, Friday 13th Part V and various soap operas…

…those are some pretty shallow ‘substantial elements.’ Ugh.

I love the character ,and she’s played with panache. It’s a dark world out there while I love all the idealism on star trek they need a character like alt-capt Georgia. Season 1 was just awesome. Season 2 for me picked up at the end. I hope they go all out with the wow this season.