UK’s Royal Mail To Issue Two Sets Of Star Trek Stamps

The UK’s Royal Mail has revealed a series of first-class stamps featuring characters from the Star Trek film and television franchises.

Mail, the final frontier

On November 13th, the Royal Mail will release two different sets of Star Trek stamps. The main set will consist of twelve stamps depicting characters from six Star Trek television series. The set features the captains and one additional character (mostly played by a British actor).

There is also a smaller set of six stamps for Star Trek movies, focusing entirely on characters played by British actors.

Philip Parker of the  Royal Mail said of the Star Trek release: “For more than 50 years Star Trek has enthralled and inspired generations of loyal fans with extraordinary adventures and an optimistic vision of humanity’s future. We celebrate the Star Trek Universe with stylish new stamps of its iconic characters.”

You can pre-order each set individually or get both in a special presentation pack for £14.80 ($19.25).

There’s a large range of collectibles available for the new Star Trek stamps, including postcards, silver coins, enlarged frameable versions of the stamps, and more. Shipping is available worldwide. For more information or to pre-order, visit

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Living across the pond watching what the UK and Europe are up to.

One day I will travel to the UK in the summer. After Brexit when the UK is free from European Union hegemony.

Hopefully in 2021 COVID is under control by next summer.

The UK has the best soccer teams in the world. My brother is a Liverpool fan.

Traveling to London and Scotland.

I’m not sure if I can import this into the states. The UK gets the nice stuff which is okay. Star Trek stamps look incredible.

You should support Manchester United Ninja, you and your brother can have some proper banter then!

I wish we had the same number of conventions as you guys do in the US

Oh, the haters aren’t gonna like post-Nemesis Trek being on these stamps.


we dont need preemptive trolling


That doesn’t look anything like either Scotty…?

Those are some rather unusual character choices.

Not really Rios they’re celebrating British actors,

And Shinzon was the only one they could come up with? :) Star Trek is FILLED with British actors.

Granted he’s not the most well received character but Tom Hardy is a very famous actor. That being said they didn’t just use Shinzon – Jason Isaacs, Marina Sirtis, Alexander Siddig, Dominic Keating, Shazad Latif, Simon Pegg, Malcolm McDowell, David Warner, Alice Eve and Idris Elba are all British too. Obviously Patrick Stewart is from the UK as well but he’s featured as one of the shows leads – Kirk, Spock, Picard, Sisko, Archer and Burnham. Other than the show leads they’ve chosen only British actors, sure they could have chosen different characters but I suspect they wanted to showcase some of the biggest acting names in the UK, reflect some of the diversity in Britain and pick characters that spanned every generation of Star Trek.

Did you bother reading the article?

“Make it post!”

Showed the set to my spouse who, natch, responded that Canada Post had already done that a few years back.

I nicely rethanked my spouse for the Canadian Mint Star Trek coinsets I received as a gift and backed out of the room quietly.

I think it’s great that the British actors in the franchise were acknowledged. It underscores why the franchise needs to keep casting a wider net for talent.

Indeed. Disco has went the other way, while singing and dancing about diversity. (Isaacs was only in briefly and the only Brit)

Wow really cool set of stamps!

Love that all the shows and films are represented. Trek has become such a big universe…or I should say multiverse!

Edit: deleted as this was meant to be a reply to Rios

These are fantastic and a sure purchase.