Review: Hallmark’s “Mirror, Mirror” Star Trek Ornaments Are The Perfect Fit For The Holidays In 2020

Every year, collectors anxiously await the release of Hallmark’s next Star Trek Keepsake ornaments. The first Star Trek Hallmark ornament was the original USS Enterprise NCC-1701 in 1991. Since then, Hallmark has produced at least one Star Trek ornament with lights and sound every year, as well as some without the bells and whistles. And with Christmas two months away, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays.

For 2020, the folks at Hallmark have outdone themselves. Not only are there 3 new Star Trek Keepsake ornaments,  there’s also a large tree topper, and all are themed around the classic episode “Mirror, Mirror,” And together, they tell a story, for real.

Hallmark 2020 Keepsake collection tells a Star Trek story

Let’s start with the stunning U.S.S. Enterprise tree topper. Measuring in at almost 10 inches high, this tree topper will be noticed. The artist, Jake Angell, has designed a clean NCC-1701 and stylish base of four delta shields. A support rod attaches to the underside of the base and can be attached with hook and loop tape to the top of the tree. The base can also stand alone on a table.

Hallmark 2020 USS Enterprise Musical Tree Topper

Hallmark 2020 USS Enterprise Musical Tree Topper

When plugged in with the included power adapter the base lights pulsate, as do the ship’s nacelles and center of the saucer section, while ambient ship sound effects play. The sound effects last about 10 seconds at which time the ship lights remained steadily illuminated and the delta shield lights change colors every few seconds. The colors are white, yellow, red, purple, blue, and green.

Hallmark 2020 USS Enterprise Musical Tree Topper with lights on

Pressing the button on top of the secondary hull activates a light and sound show that is mesmerizing. The opening theme song of Star Trek: The Original Series, complete with Captain Kirk’s voiceover, plays while the lights dance along to the music.

Hallmark 2020 USS Enterprise Musical Tree Topper with lights on

There is also a remote control, so you don’t have to worry about reaching up to the top of your tree to activate the show. The remote is shaped like a Starfleet delta and has a hanger loop on top so you can hang it on the tree disguised as just another fabulous Star Trek ornament. The remote uses 2 LR-44 button batteries (included).

Hallmark 2020 USS Enterprise Musical Tree Topper (with included remote and support rod)

As if the breathtaking ship wasn’t enough on its own, Hallmark has three Keepsake character ornaments this year that interface with the topper. This year’s characters are in the “Mirror, Mirror” Collection: Captain James T. Kirk, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, and Lieutenant Nyota Uhura.

Hallmark 2020 Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” ornaments

The ornaments are definitely aesthetically pleasing. Jake Angell did a fine job designing the trio of “Mirror, Mirror” characters. Each stands on a lighted base with the light matching their uniform color. Mirror Kirk stands handsomely with his arms akimbo and is a fair likeness.

Hallmark 2020 Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” Kirk

Mirror Sulu looks fit and has a mischievous look on his face. Mirror Uhura is a stunning as Nichelle Nichols was in the 1967 episode. The details of the uniforms are painted precisely and the colors look good. I am impressed with the artistic design and quality of the final product.

Hallmark 2020 Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” Sulu

Hallmark 2020 Star Trek “Mirror, Mirror” Uhura

See and hear Hallmark’s Star Trek Storytellers

But these aren’t just Keepsake Ornaments, they are Storyteller Ornaments! Using the Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately), you can create different story combinations. Each character’s pedestal has a button on it. When depressed, the ship activates, playing the theme song and voiceover, and then the story begins. You can also start the story with the delta shield remote. Each character (including the ship) lights up and speaks lines from “Mirror, Mirror.” Each ornament that you connect unlocks more content.

The following video shows you the sound features of the 2020 Hallmark Star Trek ornaments.

Star Trek novelist and senior writer for Hallmark Kevin Dilmore wrote the script for the main performance as well as every permutation of it depending on which ornaments take part. According to Dilmore, more Star Trek Storyteller characters are coming in the next two years.

Hallmark Storytellers Mirror Mirror Collection available now

The 2020 collection is available at Hallmark stores and online at

U.S.S. Enterprise Tree Topper (6.59″ W x 9.89″ H x 15″ D) retails for $149.99.

Captain James T. Kirk (2.42″ W x 5.74″ H x 2.31″ D) retails for $34.99.

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu (1.55″ W x 4.47″ H x 1″ D ) retails for $34.99.

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura (1.59″ W x 4.4″ H x 1.21″ D) retails for $34.99.

You can also get the entire set together retails for $254.96.

Keepsake Storyteller Power Cord (powers up to 7 ornaments) retails for $14.99 USD.

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Is this the end of the yearly Hallmark ship ornament series, or is the tree topper the most recent entry? I don’t think I can justify the price, even though I have all the ships (minus the original Enterprise).

This is not the end of our annual ship ornaments. With the first-year commitment we made to Star Trek Storytellers including the 1701 tree topper, which in my experience is the Star Trek Keepsake Ornament most requested by fans, we believed asking fans to pick up a new ship this year felt like a lot.

Great news. Happy that that will keep going. My late grandparents bought be the ships from the time I was in middle school until their passing a few years ago, so the series has great sentimental value for me!

Wow, that’s a shame. First time there’s no ship ornament since 1991?

Agreed. I’ve been collecting the ships each year since the Shuttlecraft Galileo in 1992 so this is a real bummer. The Storyteller line is quite an epic achievement, so sincere congrats to Kevin and team. However, it’s a big disappointment to miss out on a ship due to the release of this collection. Many of us would have loved the choice to have a new ship instead (or in addition). 2020 keeps delivering the punches!

I hope you guys don’t flame me for this, but; Does anyone else feel the Trek Movie news/story postings are coming too frequently? It seems sometimes a comment is posted to a story but more stories are posted before hardly anyone reads the comment or reacts to it.

Not long ago we had time to react to stories and comments. I remember when there were few updates and we were wishing for more. I guess it’s a case of be careful what you wish for. Still, I’m grateful for all the Trek now being aired and planned. At least now with streaming I can watch Trek on my schedule. This old dog is learning to adapt.

Nah, there was a stretch a few years back where there’d be weeks between posts. This is better.

I remember those days after Anthony took a step back from daily operations. If you weren’t here way back, keep in mind that this site was started to track news regarding the announcement and production of the 2009 reboot. It eventually morphed into a general Trek news site. Someone should write a retrospective article about this website’s history.

I’m totally with you Iconian.

The only ornament I wanted was Serenity, and that was impossible to find, and now sells for far too much by scalpers.

Actually it was available on Hallmark’s site about 5 months ago.

Damn, I’m a sucker for these. And a tree topper! Mirror Kirk looks a little, um, ‘wifty,’ but Sulu and Uhura look good. I love having a separate Trek tree every season.

No idea what ‘Wifty’ means but yeah he is odd that’s for sure lol

Looks like Conan O’Brian

While the ornaments and the tree topper are incredible and very nice pieces for this year I am greatly disapointed by the decision to not release a ship ornament this year. When I was a child my family made it a tradition to buy me the ornament each year and I am proud to have the complete collection. This years decision has broken a family tradition. There are so many ships that could have been featured but never produced.

Agreed. No Excelsior. 35th anniv of TSFS, too. (ish)

Now the hunt for this in-stock in Canada begins. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….

For what Hallmark is charging for the characters, much of the components of that awful base should be miniturized and incorporated into the figure or on the figure’s back. It’s 2020 and they’re still using the engineering/design/molding/materials techniques of 1990 FCOL…

I’m well-up for that model of the Enterprise but the Kirk figure looks a bit dodgy; it actually looks more like my mate Joe Stains, and looks absolutely nothing like Kirk!

Looks more like Conan O’Brian

Here in the UK looking at this website, and see the Hallmark USS Enterprise.

Me: Blimey, I’ll have some of that…

Hallmark US website: You are not in the US, please click here to go to our UK website.

Me: Ok mate, fair enough…

Hallmark UK website: your search for Star Trek USS Enterprise did not return any results

Me: WHAT YOU SAY? hurls iPad across the room…

Americans care about Americans.

Yeah, and historically that’s always turned-out so well; hasn’t it?

Trump wants us Americans to be First! online store sells these with 15% off and free shipping on first order.

But of course… not available to Canadians. Because apparently we suck.

Why is there an ornament of Conan O’Brien dressed as Mirror Kirk?

I love the tree topper. Mine arrived today, but I’m not sure if I’ll be investing in the Storytellers ornaments. I’m not thrilled with the look of them and not sure if they’d have a place on my tree. There’s still a few ships I’d rather add to my lacking collection than these.

So…bearded Spock is where?

I was wondering the same thing. The power cord has room for a total of 5 characters. I would have thought bearded Spock and Scotty would have been available. Maybe those 2 will be released next year? I can hope.

The ship looks fantastic; Sulu and Uhura are lookin’ good. I don’t like the Kirk sculpt.

Very sad there’s no bearded Spock, and also no yearly ship ornament besides the EXPENSIVE tree topper that looks like it’d tip our tree over. As fun as it might be, it’s huge and not a reasonable replacement for the yearly ship ornaments I’ve been collecting since I was a kid.

so I was gifted this set as a birthday gift. Every year my best friend (and ex) gifts me a new Star Trek ornament either for my birthday or for Christmas. This year, our primary tree is nothing but Star Trek ornaments. There’s now nearly 100. I keep the DS9, gold original Enterprise, and Enterprise D on display in my computer room which is filled with Star Trek items. Some years we’ve had 2 trees; one for Star Trek and one for the primary. Can you tell I’m a huge Star Trek fan? I’ve been a fan of every series, movie, comics, and novels since it’s inception on September 8th, 1966. I do know from some highly placed Hallmark executives (and friends) that there will never be an end to the ornaments.