The Shuttle Pod Crew Treks Into Horror Just In Time For Halloween

The full complement of the Shuttle Pod crew hunkers down by the campfire and discusses the kooky, the spooky, the disturbing, and the downright scary episodes of Star Trek. Listen along as Brian, Jared, Kayla, and Matt pick episodes from all over the franchise, creating a non-exhaustive list (of course there are too many to talk about in just one episode!) of fun frights for your All Hallows’ Eve viewing pleasure.

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I have a question for the ShuttlePod crew. I think your Podcast is excellent and you’re all incredibly entertaining. I miss the days when you were reviewing episodes of Discovery and Picard (No offense to Anthony and Laurie). I get the feeling that you as individuals were not hugely satisfied with these news shows and, as a result, were relegated to talking about other things. Trekmovie, after all, is a brand that often works alongside CBS as an influencer of sorts. Is there anything to this, or was it simply a time thing for you all?

Thank you for the kind words, we really appreciate it! We decided to stop doing the weekly episode reviews due to a combination of things, primary of which was the weekly nature of it. Weekly episode reviews are a ton of work (as Tony and Laurie can attest) and after doing three seasons of shows we decided to take a break. It’s entirely possible we’ll return to it at some point. We made that decision long before Tony and Laurie decided to start their podcast, so one thing has nothing to do with the other. There is an editorial firewall of sorts between the rest of the site and the podcast; Tony has no editorial input outside of being a guest from time to time.
Thank you again for listening. It gives us great pleasure to know that people are enjoying it. Cheers!

Can I also add how much I enjoy the podcast. I actually went through the majority of your back-catalogue of podcasts (way back to the start) and it considerably livened up lockdown. I’d love to hear a discussion from you all on “The Animated Series” and also “Enterprise”, both of which I revisited in their entirety during the first few months of lockdown. Thanks again and best wishes to all.

Hi Scott – Glad you’re enjoying the podcast! TAS and ENT have been on our to-do list for a while – perhaps it’s time to do them!

Thanks for listening. Be well!

Thanks Brian and I look forward to those podcasts.

One of the reasons, you noted common horror references in, WOLF IN THE FOLD, WHAT ARE LITTLE GIRLS MADE OF? and CATSPAW could be that Robert Bloch was responsible for all 3 scripts.

The 1st series launched with a Vampire(NaCl), then followed it with 1 of THE CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED, CHARLIE X, although its in-story holiday was THANKSGIVING, then continued exploring the same creepy powers the following week in WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE.

I’ve always enjoyed “Wolf in the Fold.” It does a great job of being creepy and mysterious, and I always feel for poor, dumbfounded Scotty as he’s framed for murder after murder.

I never noticed any problems with the plot. Whatever plot detail you guys were virtue signaling about must be relatively minor—I don’t remember it.

You guys inspired me the re-watch Catspaw. Lol!!! It was fun, but far from Trek’s brightest moments! I don’t think I ever need to watch it again. But I always think that horror can be done very well in Star Trek. In fact, parts on First Contact were very horror-like. Especially when those two crewmen were in the tubes in engineering.

Maybe that’s what the new movie should be: a straight-up horror movie in the Star Trek universe!