Emily Coutts Talks About What’s Up With Detmer In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3

A brand new issue of the official Star Trek Magazine was released today, and it features a number of interviews with five actors who play supporting roles on Star Trek: Discovery. We have highlighted a couple of quotes from the interviews with Emily Coutts and (Detmer) and Patrick Kwok-Choon (Rhys) talking about season three.

Season 3 “shocked” Emily Coutts

In the first three episodes of the season, fans have noticed that there is something a bit off with the USS Discovery’s pilot Keyla Detmer. This has even spawned a popular fan theory we analyzed over the weekend. Actress Emily Coutts talked about Detmer’s journey in season three with Star Trek Magazine, possibly providing a clue as to what’s going on:

I think we’re going to look into how Detmer is feeling and doing after such traumatic events, And in terms of where we’re all heading, we’re heading into crazy, uncharted territory, in every sense of the word… As an actor, I feel totally shocked and excited about everything when I’m reading the scripts. And, as the character, Detmer is completely shocked because, ‘Where are we? What has happened over the time that we’ve been traveling? Where are our families, our friends?’ A lot has happened. And we have to adapt to this new time, to all these new faces.

Emily Coutts in “Far From Home”

Kwok-Choon talks finding Federation true believers

Patrick Kwok-Choon also talked about how the jump forward is impacting his character Rhys and the rest of the Discovery bridge crew:

So, we left our families and friends behind. That’s all great in principle, but once you land in the future and you actually realize that 900 years have passed, everybody is dead, right? Earth is not the same place. All you have is each other. So, I think the bridge crew, and also Rhys, are just struggling with that idea of, ‘OK, this is our life now.’ And so, the stakes are high. We have to find more Federation people, because they’re out there. There are still people that believe. You’ll see some characters that still have their delta badges in a box, or are still on a broken space station, and they’re there every day sending out signals to find each other.

Patrick Kwok-Choon as Rhys in “Such Sweet Sorrow”

New Star Trek Magazine out today

Star Trek Magazine #77 went on sale today, November 3rd. It features interviews with five familiar faces who’ve been with the show all through its three seasons. Emily Coutts (Lieutenant Detmer), Oyin Oladejo (Lieutenant Owosekun), Sara Mitich (Lieutenant Nilsson/formerly Lieutenant Commander Airiam), Ronnie Rowe Jr. (Lieutenant Bryce), and Patrick Kwon-Choon (Lieutenant Rhys). There are also interviews with Star Trek: Lower Decks voice actors Noël Wells (Ensign D’Vana Tendi) and Eugene Cordero (Ensign Sam Rutherford) along with show creator Mike McMahon.

Click here to subscribe in the USA. And here to subscribe in the UK.

Star Trek Magazine #77 newsstand cover

Star Trek Magazine #77 subscriber exclusive cover

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Detmer has PTSD

And regrets about going 900 years into the future and leaving family and friend behind.She didn’t expect to find the Federation gone and most of Starfleet blown to bits by malfunctioning dilithium crystals,causing the death of millions. Detmer’s world is now her crew mates on the Discovery and she is reluctant to put herself and them in danger.

I hope they actually give that theme some attention instead of using it to try to hood-wink the aidience like with Lorca (not that anyone was actually hood-winked mind you).

Yeah that happily doesn’t sound like Control hanging around.

There’s no ” What’s going on with Detmer. Well maybe something joined them in the wormhole ? ”

kind of talk.

You mean no ‘it’s definitely not Khan’ talk? ;). Still wouldn’t put it past them yet.

There is def something going on with Det. Whatever it is, I hope the gang is able to overcome it and A) solve the mystery of The Burn, and B) restore the Federation, as according to the Oracle of Grax. Doubtless, this is a tall order but I remain cautiously optimistic that with teamwork and courage, the gang can A) solve the mystery of The Burn, and B) restore the Federation.

What do you mean TEAMWORK? We all know all it’s gonna need is THE ONE!

I am very much afraid that between Detmer’s catastrophic injuries aboard the Shenzou and the Discovery, both of the spirit and of the body, she is headed for a big break…perhaps a fatal one. I think her physical injuries are deeper than may have been diagnosed, and may be missed on a the Discovery’s skeleton crew. I think her remarks at Airiam’s funeral betray issues about her humanity she is now revisiting, and that Airiam’s condition subconsciously scared the hell out of her.

She’s SERIOUSLY st risk, and it grieves me.

Detmer did not receive her injuries on the Shenzhou.The last that you see of her on that ship she, along with the rest of the bridge crew, is watching the destruction of the Europa.Shortly afterward, the Klingon fleet leaves the battle scene. The only Klingon ship left is the sarcophagus, which does not fire on the Shenzhou, and is later crippled by photon torpedoes.The surviving Shenzhou crew then leave via their escape pods.

A while ago, Kurtzman mentioned mental health as a main issue for this crew. Not sure if I want to see Control again, but they left some elements from Season 2, to make a return, if necessary.

I definitely don’t want any more of Control. It would be a real cop-out for them to show Detmer with PTSD symptoms and then say, “no, it was Control all along!” They already did something similar with Lorca and the Mirror universe making PTSD a red herring, and it was poorly received. It’s almost harmful to make light of PTSD in that way.

I would prefer NOT to lose Detmer.

Rhys. I’ll try to remember his name, but haven’t been given much incentive to thus far.

I’m just happy to see someone in the bridge crew actually have a story. When they all assembled under the tree in what was supposed to be an emotional moment, it occurred to me that other than Detmer, I couldn’t even remember what anyone’s name was after two seasons–and that I really didn’t care, despite being a fan of the show. There has never been any other Trek show for which I couldn’t name three or four characters. But other than Detmer, none of them have any defining personality characteristics that would make me care about them. Maybe that’ll change this season, but I tend to doubt it.

The Ops chief Owosekun got a profile moment on the away team in 202 New Eden, but there was no opportunity for her to shine really.

One gets the feeling that the writers had originally planned for something given the rationale for her joining the away mission was that she was raised in a luddite colony, but all she got to do was McGyver their way out of a locked basement.

I have a suspicion that this character may be one of the ones that may follow Georgiou as part of the ensemble for the S31 show.
The actor really could do more, and is main cast for a Canadian STEM kids series called Endlings.

No Mayweather? :(