Watch: Captain Saru Hosts A Special Meal In A Clip From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ “Forget Me Not”

On Thursday, the fourth episode of Star Trek: Discovery season three arrives. We have already shared preview images and a synopsis of the episode, and today a new clip from “Forget Me Not” was made available.

New clip from 304

CBS released a clip (via IGN) of Captain Saru gathering some of the Discovery crew together for a meal.

304 will introduce Grey

Last week’s episode introduced the Adira, played by Blu del Barrio. Another new character joining this season is a Trill named Grey, played by Ian Alexander. Today, Ian took to Twitter to reveal that he’ll make his Discovery debut in episode four .

New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on Crave. Episodes will be available on Fridays internationally on Netflix.

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The Emperor is my favorite character on this show. Great S3 so far. On to Trill!

I’m glad you enjoy her, but good god she’s a dull character and a poor fit with the rest of the cast.

It is interesting that she is such a polarizing character. I like her outsider wisecracking personality and how it plays off the rest of the crew.

It is kind of like Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I wouldn’t call her my favorite, but she is a lot of fun. She’s an awful person, but you just can’t help but love her. She kind of reminds me of Garak in some ways.

Imagine inviting a canibalistic Hitler to your diner party. I hope she doesn’t slip that she used to eat Saru’s people.

Well, unless she eats humans, she’s not a cannibal.

And she’s not the historical person Hitler either. Doesn’t change the fact that she ate the host’s relatives.

Ah, MGeorgiou. She never fails to spoil a moment.

+1 on that.

Not many people can say that they’ve been to a dinner hosted by the same species as they ate at previous dinners.

This left me feeling disappointed instead of uplifted.

So where are Reno and Pollard?

Yes, they aren’t bridge crew, but neither is Culber.

And we still don’t know who either the chief engineer or chief medical officer are.

The “we work mostly closely together” rationale just doesn’t quite fly. Neither do flippant comments by the writers and actors that “their show isn’t about that/them” when fans ask about the department heads.

Saru is better than that, but the incoherence of who the senior officers are is on the writers. In this case, it undermined Sara’s leadership moment.

If Saru said that he wanted to bring together those officers who first came forward to help ensure the success of the mission to move Discovery forward in time, that could work…but then Georgiou doesn’t belong and Reno does.

In my own experience, who is included or left out of these kinds of things can have profound impacts on morale. Saru an insightful character. He is too aware of social dynamics to begin his captaincy by underscoring who is in the “in group” and who isn’t.

Every one of those other officers and crew are also heros. They aren’t involuntarily stranded like Voyager’s crew. Each made a choice, and it sounds as though a third to a half of Discovery’s crew stayed on as “essential.” How will those left out feel to know that their new captain is having a wardroom dinner as they go each to their own bunk alone?

Perhaps this scene will play better in the context of an episode, but it just felt very wrong.

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Regarding Georgiou … maybe he’s just “keeping his enemies closer”

Last edited 29 days ago by Aztek Dummy

That did occur to me.

More, leaving Georgiou out when she clearly came for Michael (no matter what she says), would also be inappropriate.

And this constellation of people who were in the corridor scene in the S2 finale does have symmetry, but it needs a better rationale.

The “We work together most” line just comes across to me as a failed leadership moment, and it’s just out of character for someone as insightful as Saru.

I can understand that this show was originally designed to centre on those Burnham interacts with rather than the command team of the vessel, but it needs a resolution from the writers.

For example, the previous chief engineer and CMO may have not been the one who chose to come forward in time and Saru needs a new group of command officers to come forward now that the captaincy is resolved.

No budget for this episode to hire Pollard and Reno. =D

Pollard is in the stills for this episode: I can accept that she’s still holding things together in Sick-bay…

Hope so too, I like her character.

I think the writers just write what they know about which is not military command structure but Hollywood favoritism ;)

In Disco’s defense, Star Trek has always played fast and loose with the military command structure – especially since Starfleet is not a military organization.

noraa, I agree that this is persistent issue, but Discovery takes it to another level.

Issues of favouritism as shown in Discovery would be very damaging to the moral of even a large bureaucratic government or corporate organization. It comes across as an environment fraught with relational aggression (Ins and Outs) instead of a respectful work environment.

It’s my understanding that at the time of filming for this episode and last one, Tig Notaro was recently recovering from back surgery. That’s why her scenes in Episode 2 were filmed with her in a chair.

Maybe Burnham and Reno are off on a mission? It’s odd that Saru would convene a meal with his senior staff and not have the first officer there.

“And we still don’t know who either the chief engineer or chief medical officer are.”

This is so weird. These are key positions to be in the Ready Room. Since the beginning of the show, surprised that they don’t even mention them.

Are they dead? And these positions haven’t been filled? They should upgrade current characters for these positions. Reno for Chief Engineering and Culber for Chief Medical.

Gray Dax?

Again, this kind of stuff falls flat because we hardly know half of these characters. Also, I’m realizing that moments like these are specifically designed to avoid individual character points of view as much as possible. Whether it’s Saru or Burnham, somebody is driving the emotional narrative, and all the rest of the cast has to do is agree with the sentiments being imposed on them. I hope Detmer will at least be explored more and maybe go contrary to all this, but I’m starting to feel like she’s just acting the way she does as misdirection. I hope I’m wrong.

I can never remember anyone’s name other than Michael, Saru, Phillipa and Tilly and staments

Man, even in this clip you can see that Detmer is still affected by whatever it is she is going through. I really hope that she gets whatever help she needs.

Where’s Michael?

On Trill with Adira presumably.

Nobody else stayed up late to watch this episode? Alright then, so be it.

Well, I’m not someone most people would describe as a “Discovery” fan, but even so this episode kinda wowed me. I got a little choked up more than once. Some of the episode was a bit silly (the mechanics of the symbiont pool on Trill seemed a little off, and I could have lived without Michael having to be involved in every step of it; and Georgiou being invited to Saru’s dinner makes sense on a tv show, but none within the story), but in ways I can live with.

Here, finally, is an episode of this series that shows that it understands how good its cast is, and how deep that bench is, AND how to put those two facts to good practical use. Not only that, it fully integrated at least one major new member into the cast; I thought Blu Del Barrio was exceptional, and I’d say that bit of casting is starting to look less like a home run than like a grand slam. Adira has almost immediately become a character I want to see frequently; her (I’m using that pronoun while the show does, for the record) story was moving, and seems likely to continue to be.

In fact, if they can be this well-utilized weekly, I want to see almost all of the characters frequently. I’ve always been partial to Culber, so that was no surprise. But I haven’t always liked Saru, Stamets, or Tilly; I liked all three quite a bit in this episode. I liked Burnham, too; I wish she’d been a little less involved in the business of Adira gaining Tal’s memories, but I can live with that, and Martin-Green played it all well. Detmer’s scenes are strong; Owosekun and the two dudes whose names I can never remember got nice moments, though only brief ones; the AI from “Calypso” made what I assume was its first manifestation, and instantly became a major point of interest for me. I was worried for a split second that its arrival heralded some sort of bullcrap with Control, but I don’t actually think it does, so maybe we’re good there.

I even kind of liked Michelle Yeoh, although the Empress’s very existence continues to irritate me.

So overall, I think that I just saw what I’d call my favorite episode of “Discovery” to date. In isolation, I’ve liked a handful of others; but none at this level. Give me this, or something at least in the ballpark, and my days of being an anti-DSC Trekkie might be over.

We’ll see!

Thanks for the early review!

Now, what’s the point of integrating NEW cast members (where we all know WHY they are being integrated) when it’s the OLD ones that are left to rot? And I don’t mean Owo, who has been more developed than most of the bridge crew since season 2 already (the Eden episode) for reasons we also understand.

Since I’m not watching this week, please tell me: did Rhys have ANY lines this season so far?

Won’t be available in Canada until 9:00 pm EST Bryant.

I didn’t read for spoilers, but it’s great to hear that you liked it – as we know you’ve been struggling with the new series.

If Saru’s attempt at a dinner to coalesce his leadership group was intended to show the persistent awkwardness and challenges in the crew, well then my concerns expressed above in this thread may be mitigated.

Saru is by far the best, most original character on this show, imo. And whoever has been saying Georgiou ruins every scene she’s in, I agree.

Saru has it all. The actor, the make up, the character, the writers give their 100% for him. The concept was well developed right from the very beginning.

I love this tradition. Since TOS, Spock, I really enjoy Character #2. =D

Last edited 28 days ago by Jay

Michelle Yeoh is a legend, but Evil Georgiou is neither a great fit for her, nor is she a good character. They haven’t a clue what to do with her, they just know they don’t want to part ways with Yeoh now that they have her.