Actors Discuss What’s Next For Adira And Gray In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Three… And Four

The last two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery have revealed the unique couple of Adira and Gray. In a series of interviews, the actors and the show producers talk about developing the characters, and what’s next for them this season and beyond.

The Trill were perfect for adding new voices to Star Trek

Co-showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradis told Variety that in season three they wanted to bring “voices that we are not hearing from” along with telling “a great love story,” and the two ideas came together in creating the characters of Adira (a human with a Trill symbiont) and the Trill Gray. Kurtzman discussed why linking these characters to the Trill was important:

The beauty of ‘Trek’ has always been that it presents an allegorical mirror to the situations that we are living in modern times. And what was exciting to us was saying, OK, we’re going to remove it from the level of allegory and we’re going to make it literal. We are absolutely acknowledging that people have interpreted characters like Jadzia as being trans metaphors, but it was never explicitly stated. We just felt we wanted to take it a step further… The hosts for the symbionts have always been Trill. The community of Trill has to reckon with the possibility that a host may not be Trill, and what does that mean? In the vein of all ‘Star Trek,’ do you accept what initially is perceived as other, and do you do broaden your horizons?

Blu del Barrio as Adira and Ian Alexander as Gray in “Forget Me Not”

Getting comfortable on the Disco, with help from Paul and Hugh

Both actors also talked about the process of their characters coming out on the show. Blu del Barrio has previously revealed that only recently opened up to being non-binary, and their life experiences are paralleled on Discovery. Speaking to TV Insider, del Barrio discussed how this will play out on the show:

I think that they’ve been completely isolated since everything happened with Gray and I think that we can see little moments of them just opening up a tiny bit in this episode, and that’s what it felt like filming it. Just little tiny bits of light here and there, and like you said, it’s just going to get bigger and bigger. They’re just going to get more and more comfortable. Not with everyone on the ship right away, but with certain people, enough so that they feel like they can share more about who they are.

Alexander also indicated to Variety that Gray’s gender identity will be addressed in the show at some point:

I think that there absolutely should be trans characters that just simply exist, and they don’t necessarily need to explain or come out as trans to the audience. I do think there will be at some point in the future a more explicit conversation about Gray’s gender identity and his transition, but that just won’t happen right away.

And del Barrio told TV Insider how important Dr. Hugh Culber and Paul Stamets will be to Adira:

The dynamic between [Adira, Culber, and Stamets] is a really interesting and beautiful thing. Adira is a young queer kid in the future who is completely alone, and here you have a queer couple. They’re really comfortable with each other and are also really comfortable and used to helping people… Adira is overwhelmed and a bit flustered and needs help, as much as they don’t want to admit that, and I think Stamets and Hugh are the perfect people to help Adira.

Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber and Blu del Barrio as Adira in “Forget Me Not”

Tapping into Tal

In episode four we saw Adira successfully join with the Trill symbiont, becoming Adira Tal. Blu del Barrio talked to TV Insider about how this source of knowledge will play out:

Adira has an incredible amount of information in their 16-year-old brain right now, and they now have just found people who could feel like friends to them, so they want to help and where else are they going to put all of this knowledge? They want to move forward with it, and now knowing what Burnham and the whole crew is working towards, they feel like they can help and they can be of assistance, so with Gray by their side, maybe they can.

Blu Del Barrio as Adira

Gray as Adira’s “hype man”… into season 4

Episode four also revealed that Gray is Tal’s former host and Adira’s former boyfriend, who was killed. However, through the joining, Adira (and only Adira) can now see and talk to Gray. Blu del Barrio talked about this special relationship:

Adira and Gray are each other’s person for everything, the person that they will go to with their problems, with their successes, just with everything. I know Adira is really, really introverted and Gray might be a bit more confident than them, but even so, I think they both find a massive amount of comfort and solace in each other’s company. Everyone can expect to see more of that in the future.

Alexander expanded on Gray’s role to ET:

Gray is a brilliant young Trill. He’s very optimistic, just full of love and light and compassion, and he’s really everybody’s hype man. He really brings a lot of positivity and uplifts Adira when they need a confidence boost. Because Adira’s brilliant, but they are not necessarily the most confident person. Gray’s there to sort of remind them of their worth and remind them how smart and brilliant they are. I am really, really excited to be playing Gray because he’s just such a cool character. And also, it’s so nice to see a trans person exist onscreen without necessarily needing to exclaim to the world, “I’m trans.”

Alex Kurtzman confirmed that both del Adira and Gray are returning for season four, saying “It’s a whole long story with them.” Alexander talked about how their story will progress:

I’m excited for everyone to see how Gray’s story develops, how his connection with Adira strengthens and grows over time. That connection that they have truly is special. The future of Gray is… There’s a lot of exciting things coming up, especially as Gray’s story progresses into season 4, which I am currently filming for. I am allowed to talk about that. I can mention Gray is coming back to season 4, you can put that in there. Gray is going to be coming back throughout the end of season 3 and then also through season 4 as well.

Blu del Barrio as Adira and Ian Alexander as Gray in “Forget Me Not”

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I liked both of these characters immediately, even though I’ve had some mild struggles with understanding and supporting some of these issues. Hey, turns out putting a human face on things kind of helps!

This is why Star Trek is more than a television show.

I totally agree with you.

Maybe so, but it is also completely self-absorbed and tone-deaf to focus on THAT at THIS time. The biggest problem of these people has always been their *lack* of empathy, out of a position of moneyed privilege, for their fellow countrymen and their life realities, material struggles. Not just a bunch of them, but tens of millions. Well, good luck with that approach of ignoring the real needs of the masses for the next four years, the wave will come back with a vengeance.

What are you talking about?

You said you had trouble supporting these issues. But if you don’t understand it, this comment is not for you ;)

I said I’ve HAD troubles supporting them, and I also indicated that putting a human face on them — which is what this episode did — helps people like me get over that. So I’m not really sure what your beef is here. Also, I still have no actual idea what you’re saying, because you are being weird and vague.

You mean this is an emotional issue for you but for me its an issue of justice.

This is ultimately a zero-sum game (as most things are) and by choosing to devote the scarce resources “screen time” and “major regular speaking characters” to these issues, which I will very conciliatorily call personal issues of these actors that should have no major place in a scifi show (no less than five characters now!), they are automatically snubbing issues and character that have a greater impact and meaning for a larger majority in your country as well as their much-talked about “overseas expansion’ which however is not happening without any non-Angloamerican, non-Western characters (not counting Space Hitler).

Moreover, by moving the ship into a post-Federation, post-post-scarcity world, they had the unique opportunity to address the major issues of the other side which just turned out in record numbers, and in fact, most of the remaining world, which has traditionally been difficult to include in the Trek setting, but I see already they are going into a different direction talking about “true believers” and showcasing space mysticism which seems more the hallmarks of religious fundamentalism than finding pragmatic solutions for bread and butter issues!

So in short, the world, the real world gets snubbed for THIS, and that is Trek diversity in 2020. I know they and a number of posters here will deny this but that’s the reality of what is happening.

What a sad little troll you are.

Discussion over, I guess. You just ran out of arguments :)

Unlike you, I’m not here to argue, so that works for me.

OK. Don’t know what else a discussion forum would be for though!

You think a discussion forum is inherently for arguing. Yep, that says it all.

Absolutely! Of course it is! If we’re not arguing, exchanging different arguments and views, that’s not a discussion but a circle jerk :)

But I understand where the sentiment that the highest goal is some sort of emotional rapport comes from – its much the same for the writers of Discovery after all!

How did you make his post about politics? I’m as befuddled by your posts as he is.

He said he couldn’t accept this issue on the series until they put a human face on it, from which I concluded his reasons are different from mine, which I explained in rational and non-offensive terms. Then came the completely uncalled for ad hominem. I guess some of you are really afraid to follow where logic leads you!

Btw, thanks for confirming this issue is about politics. Us “non-believers” figured as much ;)

Dude, discussion ≠ argument. Disagreeing with someone shouldn’t inherently lead to an argument. I’ve had some brilliant conversations with people who have very different viewpoints than myself, and I would never classify those conversations as arguments. The fact that that is what you think a discussion forum is all about explains so much about your posts.

Vulcan Soul…. no, dude. Just…. no.

By “that” I assume you mean LGBTQ issues? Not sure why you’re afraid to use the term? One of the things Star Trek has always been about has been giving a voice to minorities and the voiceless. I’m honestly not sure how you’ve missed that these past 54 years.

Exactly! Star Trek is the perfect vehicle to address these issues. And its no time like the present. I think some people can’t just admit they are uncomfortable having trans and non-binary actors on screen. And its OK to admit that, but that’s the other point, the more we see of any group the more comfortable we get.

That’s what Star Trek is about: diversity, tolerance, representation. I always say this and sadly I have to keep saying it, but if you have issues with these things being in Star Trek, then you are simply watching the wrong show, period.

yup well said

Are you specifically talking about LGBTQ issues that you’ve struggled with understanding? Just a genuine question to better understand where you’re coming from.

Not so much the LGB part, more the TQ part of that equation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty open person, so it’s not like I’ve been out there foaming at the mouth about bathrooms. But there’s a difference between knowing a thing (e.g., trans people are *people* first and foremost) and feeling a thing.

Got it, that makes sense. I have a couple of Trans friends, and their experiences are both fascinating and infuriating, and a lot more difficult to truly understand than someone who is gay or lesbian. One of things that is often overlooked when it comes to the trans experience is the physical toll it takes on the body, from hormone therapies to surgeries. One of my friends has been dealing with a limp and needing a cane for over a year now as the hormones he’s taking have resulted in his body almost going through another growth spurt – but not in a uniform way.

In any case, I hope Discovery will not just represent the trans community by having trans characters, but truly explore what that experience is.

it was said Gray was Adira’s boyfriend and Gray is played by a male. I’m a bit confused here. Gray looks female to me. What am I missing?

Quite a bit, it sounds like.

Oh you’re clever. Thanks for the concise answer.

I mean … are you seriously unaware that Ian Alexander is a trans actor? What is there to be explained here?

The actor, and probably the character, are trans.

I figured the character was trans as well. A trans trill interestingly enough. It’s a trans trill player by a trans actor dating a female played by a non binary actor. Which is kind of cool when you think about it. But it doesn’t add to or detract from the performances either which is the main point. I like Adira and Gray. They (and their actors) don’t feel token, it feels natural. I’m pleased with it, feels like good acting and writing so far (and the writing was a complaint in season one and two for me, as well as the visual continuity changes). But, Discovery is growing on me.

Gray is a male with some feminine traits and tendencies. Such people exist in real life; why not a fictional character?

Well, it seems this storyline, these characters and actors are doing the work of helping people outside the queer community to understand what it means to be nonbianary or trans.

You’re not missing anything. The actor and character are male.

Trans male is male.

Thanks Jack.

I bet you’re one of the types who loves to trumpet that you’re all about the Science.

The actor who plays Gray is transgender. He was born a female, but has transitioned to being male – thus he has some feminine features, especially in his face. However he is indeed a he.

That was fun. These characters are phenomenal.

In order news, Joe Biden is president now!

America is back. What a great day.

You really believe this guy will be any different from all of his predecessors? I’m not a Trump guy before you think otherwise. I just think all politicians are liars and no matter the party, they are all just sides of the same coin.

You are correct, Jason. I read all the comments here, and comment little, but as a presidential historian it’s rare I can chime in using that actual knowledge! Trump is what he is, he’s Trump. We all know what we’re getting with him and I am not here to dispute any of that. But Biden is Biden, and it’s NOT the moderate, moral, upstanding man of virtue his been portrayed as during the campaign (heck, even Barack Obama got tired of defending Biden’s slip-ups and stupid comments during his presidency, remember his comment “Oh, it’s just Joe being Joe?”). Biden is simply the other side of the same coin. He’s a pure politician through and through, and I use the term politician in the negative sense. I mean, what do you expect? He’s spent 2/3 of his life in Washington (and the dude is now our oldest president ever, he’ll hit EIGHTY years old while president) and has been an insider in party circles for nearly half a century. I’m sure he’ll do some good things, but to believe he’s above lying, cheating, and using whatever tricks possible to advance his political position is naive and wrong. He will use every tool in the political toolbox. He’s got a long track record verifying that, just check out his role in the Robert Bork debacle in 1987. Not trying to say he’s evil, just that he’s no different than your average D.C. insider politician. And America was never gone, it’s just transitioned once more like it has dozens of times when different parties and/or presidents come to power and there’s a transition of power. We are a strong nation that have endured great trials, including some recently, but America has never been gone, we just change management and political direction regularly. America is still here whether it’s current management aligns with one’s own personal political philosophy or not. America means many things to many different people, and it’s always here for them even if they’re personal preferences aren’t always the ones being exemplified by the current management.

As for the episode, I should say I loved it. Was so great to see the Trill explored more in depth, and I loved Adira and Gray’s story. They are great characters with a lot of heart. Gray had a beautiful spunk to his character we haven’t see before in any Trek character. I’m looking forward to seeing their story continue and play out.

Biden believes in science, understand how government works and reads. It’s a low bar but after Trump, that’s all I need lol.

When is he going to abolish the death penalty? Democrats claim to believe in social justice but they have no movement to get rid of it.

It’s banned here in California due to executive order of the current Governor. But I looked, the last time anyone was killed here via death penalty was in 2006.

I agree with you though, I would love to see that banned but sadly I think some states would fight tooth and nail to keep it. It hasn’t been mentioned as a party platform in years. It’s more of a state issue at this point.

MAYBE it’s something Biden might work on, but doubt it.

“When is he going to abolish the death penalty? Democrats claim to believe in social justice but they have no movement to get rid of it.”

Of course they don’t, they thoroughly support death penalty by killer drone after all, and that does not even include the fair trial every American candidate gets! I guess it’s alright because its foreign brown people ;)

Tiger, he probably means Mr. Geriatric Establishment is gonna be the perfect target for a populist challenger in 24, especially a smarter and verbally more sophisticated one than the ex-incumbent (and younger ;)

That’s not to say I don’t agree it took nothing less than a Biden AND a pandemic to get 45 out of office, judging from how narrow it was once again (EC) – despite everything! And that’s because people believe in the issues, which won’t disappear just because the clown who co-opted them is gone!

Biden can still be up there in the EC by over 300. They are still counting votes and one state will need to be a recount because its so close. So no, it may not be narrow and in fact could be a blow out. We still have to wait and see.

And these ageist jokes are ridiculous. Trump is just 3 years younger than him. And an obese fat ass on top of that. HE was the oldest President we had until Biden beat him. Maybe the next one will be 85 though lol.

And dude, if Biden doesn’t do a great job by the end of the four years and gets beat, fine. That’s how its supposed to work. I don’t have an issue with that. For most of us, it was mostly just the idea someone like Trump, who was a complete disaster on every level, could get another term was not conceivable. I can’t even imagine what he would try to get away with in his second term. And at least Biden will just know HOW to be a President again and try to be a President to everyone which EVERY President in my life time at least tried. Trump was the only one who didn’t at all and partly where he is now. Trump was just an embarrassment, his policies being only slightly worse than the narcissist himself.

But Biden has a huge mess on their hands thanks to this clown, the virus being the biggest, so we’ll see. But we are in better hands at least, that’s not even a question come January 20th. Unless the clown in chief refuses to leave the White House and has to be taken out militarily. I wish I was joking but this is who we are dealing it. A 74 year old petulant man-child who can’t even concede a race he clearly lost. This has never happened before in American history. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and predictable. And another reason why four years would’ve just been completely unacceptable.

I guess I can’t blame him too much. He’s probably afraid of all the indictments heading his way now that he no longer has the office to shield him.

And when I mean ‘taken out’ by the military, I mean just that, they go in and get him. I wasn’t trying to suggest shot or killed but I can’t blame people if they read it that way lol. And no. I’m not completely serious either way. I know he will face reality sooner than that. But it’s so funny he’s the only President in my life time where such a thing is even feasible.

So happy

Go Joe and Trump DUMPED!!!!!!

It feels so so good.

timeline definitely corrected

Oh, dear god, stop with this boring shit storyline. Get back to making exciting stuff!

Agreed, too much back slapping of oh look we’ve included trans, gay, people of colour etc in our story this week. Yeah boring shite… Get back to just writing good scifi stories and also stop filling it with so much depressing personal problems. What we all need now is escapism, stories to lift our spirits and not echoing true life. This is what Trek and scifi in general used to be about.

Let me get this straight. You want Star Trek — STAR TREK — to not echo true life?

Oh, it can echo true life, but I think of equality as a GIVEN. No way should it be the FOCUS of the story. Have them be one of the main characters, but just focus on them participating in the latest adventure.

That’s … uh … that’s what they did.

Well, by focusing on their personal relationship (taking up HALF the episode), it just bored the shit out of me. I don’t know why, it just did.

Interesting! That’s one of the things I’ve been waiting on this show to do well.

Harry, try my little experiment of notwatching instead of hatewatching (at least the episodes that are obvious schmalz). Letting the argumentative guillotine fall down from a safe distance feels much more… fulfilling ;)

No surer sign of a troll than commenting rabidly about something he’s not even watching.

He doesn’t like the same episode as you. Must be a troll then.

He didn’t watch the episode, he has no idea if he likes it or not.

Oh come on now lassie. A grand total of one episode I havent watched so far, plus they are literally force-feeding us THEIR issues in the interviews! I couldn’t avoid it even if I tried to ;)

Well I am sorry that you are so outraged and offended by a trans-centric relationship. Perhaps instead of complaining about it and coming across as low key transphobic (trans issues are NOT boring by the way)- you could educate yourself? Not that I will hold my breath.

Good to see you here, Harry! BTW, has @BobOrci gotten back to you about your Trek script yet?

I don’t think it focused on that at all. It was just two people in a relationship. Nobody mentioned trans or non binary at all in the episode. It was about them being in love and the tragedy of what happened. If anything TNG and DS9 explored gay implications of trill relationships crossing hosts. This is the very core of the trill concept. It’s where the species came from in terms of a writing tool. Discovery was more subtle than TNG or DS9 were. I liked the new episode, no problems at all. It was dealt with sensitively and subtly. Hats off to the writers. And I HATED disco season one and two. Honestly I did. Happy with this season so far apart from one thing: Michael Burnham is still too godlike. But she is even written better to an extent and played better too. So hopefully the trend of improvement continues. I’m happy to give the show a chance and see where it goes.

To explore strange new worlds
To seek out new life and new civilizations
To figure out who they like to sleep with

The show definitely wasn’t shy about showing us who Kirk liked to sleep with.

Yes, but other than Edith Keeler and Miramanee, it was just someone he laid while having an adventure, which was the main part of the story, as it should be.

You must have hated Riker and Troi then… O’Brien and Keiko, Worf and Jadzia, Trip and T’Pol, Tom and B’Elanna, and all the other relationships depicted throughout Trek…

To be frank, the emotional layer of it was never as front and center as in this series. It’s supposed to be science fiction and not soap opera, after all!

why is any attempt to give characters in sf this kind of depth branded ‘soap opera’?

You suggest depth can only come from crass and cartoonish displays of emotion as Burnham/SMG showed it in the season opener? First I’d argue there is more to depth than emotion as a primal surface expression of our animal nature, much more, and second I’d say the unsophisticated style of it on Discovery (both acting and writing) is the opposite of depth anyway!

You don’t like characters of colour, you don’t like queer characters and now you dislike trans characters. Would it help if they recast the show with cishet white actors?

You continue with each post to flagrantly demonstrate your bigotry and intolerance which makes me question WHY you are a fan of such a progressive and forward thinking franchise. It doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not for one second suggesting your views don’t make you a true fan (I’ll leave the gatekeeping up to you). I just do not understand why somebody with your evident prejudices would ever consider watching a Star Trek television series. Or in this case…. not watching it.

I disagree. What you’re talking about is melodrama, which is what Discovery is guilty of being saturated with. Their handling of emotion and drama is terrible, over-the-top, and shallow. But focusing on emotions and interpersonal relations isn’t the problem. If you’ve watched Deep Space Nine, it focused on these aspects a lot. The difference is, they handled it in a much better way and didn’t (usually) resort to melodrama. Plenty of time was devoted to exploring the characters and their relationships, which seems to be what Harry has a problem with. It’s fine if you don’t like Discovery’s melodrama, I don’t like it either, but don’t pretend that the human condition was never a focus for Star Trek.

Although this episode was still sappy, at least the emotions felt more authentic, and didn’t quite devolve into melodrama, so I’d say it was an improvement.

Harry, Star Trek doesn’t need to be defined as macho guys getting laid (as you put it) on the side during adventure time.

That kind of sexual freedom was a new and compelling thing in the 60s, and Star Trek did it’s thing and provided the allegory. But that’s in the past now.

Diverse people being able to have sexual relationships that are meaningful to them AND supported and recognized in their societies is the thing our society is grappling with now. So that’s what Star Trek needs to spend time on and give us stories about.

TG47, I guess the other thing is, the love story is about two NEW characters who just popped up on the scene. There hasn’t been time allowed to have an emotional investment in either one of them. As an example, if the love story was about Tilley, I might have been more engaged in the storyline.

A really cute girl with a relationship which we all dream of but so rarely achieve. Complete understanding, empathy, support and love. As I watched the episode I was enthralled by the intimacy the actors conveyed so believably and so naturally. Adira and Gray will add a lot of human interest to the show.

It is a relevant and important storyline to be doing. I don’t love either actor and wasn’t impressed by how the relationship was depicted in the last episode, but it’s totally the kind of thing Star Trek should be trying to do.

I had sort of a mixed reaction. I was sold on Adira and we actually have got to know more about them in 2 episodes than most of the Discovery crew in 2 seasons so far! I like Adira so far. I’m not as sold on Gray and I do think some of the romantic scenes were kind of cheesy…then again Trek (old and new) sometimes misses the mark with romance. That didn’t make the reveal any less tragic but probably would have had greater emotional resonance if everything was top notch. I did believe it more than say Jadzia’s love story in “Meridian” though

Completely agreed.

Really LOVE this idea of Adira and Gray! It was a bold twist not to only have these two actors but to make them symbolic within Trill society. Many of us has been saying for a long long time that Trills basically are bi-sexual at the very least and can go into all other areas of sexual identity. It was so smart just to throw it out there directly! This is Star Trek to me.

And I guess that’s how the non-binary issue will play into Adira and their story line. Symbionts themselves are essentially non-binary. All of this is very fascinating to me and why I always loved the Trill species. This is one of the cases Star Trek was ahead of its time when Dax was created. But now we are at a time in our society where you can fully explore those issues without bias or concern.

And I’m happy to hear they are going to be in season 4. So it sounds like Adira is a permanent character on DIscovery which is cool. I imagine being part of a 8-900 year old symbiont and just being from the 32nd century in general they are going to provide a lot of information about the 32nd century in the third and fourth season. Man, I’m loving Discovery now! Now part of a completely new era and can do so many interesting things with it, including altering how we look at familiar species. This is how the show should’ve went in the first season!

Is it just me, or does blu look like Jadzia with short hair from the side?

I think you’re confusing the characters. And yeah, it’s just you.

As a straight white older male, I found the Adira/Gray storyline woven into the fabric of S03E04 in a compelling and compassionate manner, and added personal traits and relationships in a manner that added greatly to the episode, and the season, as it also correlated with the Trill society’s bias and bigotry, and eventual awakening. Best episode of the series, by far.

This series has turned into a stupid overly sensitive drama dealing with overplayed PC crap. Doesn’t feel like adventure style Star Trek that made the franchise successful. Thanks alot Hollyweird.

How have you never realised how progressive and inclusive Star Trek has been for the last half a century? This is not new to the franchise- it is just a little more obvious. Giving trans actors and character their own storylines is not “overplayed PC crap”. It is EQUALITY and it is INCLUSION.

I’m wondering where they are going with this. Since the episode “Dax”, Trill’s have been conceptualized a blending of the host and the symbiont (with all the past hosts memories). Are we supposed to understand that this is how Trill’s experience this? Or is it the traumatic event of losing your love, who is now literally a part of you, allowed something to happen like this?

The fact that the host is human might also affect the experience of bonding, and how the personas integrate

Yeah very good point

Disheartening but not at all surprising to see some blatant homophobia and transphobia seeping through in to these comments from the usual suspects.

Unfortunately it is sad. It proves we still have a long way to go, even for some Star Trek fans.

I finding it heartening that some sincerely confused people are trying to ask for help to understand what they are seeing.

One could be depressed by it, but Trek has and has always had a role in making the unseen seen.

Clearly, there are fans watching the show who have no points of reference to process stories about people who aren’t cisgendered.

Just as there were those who lived with no awareness in communities where LGB people were unseen in the 80s and 90s or where mixed relationships were not seen in the 60s, when interracial marriage was just becoming legal in many US states.

Unfortunately, for every sincere inquiry there seems to be someone who expresses their rejection, it still seems the only way forward though.

Ronnie Rowe Jr who plays Lieutenant Bryce on Discovery starred in the first Hallmark Christmas movie this year as the leading man in a romance with Julie Gonzalo a latinx actor. It’s part of Hallmark’s effort to embrace diversity — 50 years after Trek did — and it says something that it’s a regular Trek actor who was tapped for the role.

While the movie got super ratings (2.6 million viewers), and was featured to launch the season, there were also some nasty down reviews and social media statements that Hallmark shouldn’t be showing interracial relationships. I suspect there will be more complaints when another Hallmark Christmas movie about a gay couple adopting a child. But there are also so many people who finally feel seen.

I just hope Adira Tal doesn’t become the ’Wesley’ of ST:Discovery by being the brilliant teenager that solves all the problems that arise.

There’s already Tilly in that role…

It also might be a savvy business decision to “lean in” to LGBTQQIP2SAA characters and issues (yes, that’s a real acronym). Then the streamer can accrue a loyal group of defenders regardless of the entertainment/dramatic quality. Discovery drew the ire of internet-bound right-wing culture warriors from its launch, so it might as well go whole hog with the LGBTQQIP2SAA.