Watch: Brent Spiner Battles LeVar Burton In Musical Comedy Short ‘Brentwood’

Back in 2018, Brent Spiner starred in a short musical comedy pilot called Brentwood, where he played a fictionalized version of himself trying to leave his Star Trek: The Next Generation character of Data behind as he worked as a drama professor. In the Brentwood version of his life, Spiner’s main nemesis is his former TNG co-star LeVar Burton.

Watch Brentwood

Brentwood was shown at some festivals and shopped as a pilot for a TV series. Just this week it was put online for the world to see by Omeleto, which showcases independent short films. In addition to Spiner and Burton, Brentwood features Peri Gilpin (Frasier) playing Brent’s wife and comedian Doug Benson playing himself. Check it out…

About Brentwood

Brentwood was written and directed by Sharon Everitt, who briefed TrekMovie on how the project came to be:

I was with a friend when we came across Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton having lunch—out in the wild!—together. To top it off, my friend had worked with them, and introduced me. I thought my nerd brain was going to explode. In speaking with Brent, I was obsessed with his self-deprecating humor. I pitched him on the idea of a comedy musical where he HATES LeVar, and Brentwood was born.

Everitt and Spiner also worked together on a viral video that used a portion of the Brentwood pilot, which Brent shared during Emmy season earlier this year.

Everitt says she is still working to get Brentwood picked up as a series. She hopes that having it available online now can help build up some buzz for it. If you want to see more Brentwood, share the YouTube video and leave comments about it on YouTube.

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One of these days I’ll look up just how these things are monetized. If it’s clicks, Brent owes me a buck.

Yeah but you didn’t actually pay for it. If that was the case I should be owed thousands watching bad YouTube videos.

I love this weirdo!

Ha, that was gold!

That was funny! I don’t know if I could watch it for over 12 minutes, though.

I can never be sure if Brent ever plays a fictional version of himself. I think there might not actually be a regular Brent. Kind of like Peter Sellers has his himself surgically removed.

I cracked up laughing when he barked the last two words as it ended. Funny!

I just watched it a second time. It holds up well.

This was hilarious – so much better than Lower Decks as Trek comedy.

They should get Wil Wheaton and Terry Farrell involved, too.

Oh yes, I’d love that! And some cameos here and there, like Brent impersonating Patrick Stewart again and him popping in on the scene. Would be funny ;-)

Two thumbs way up! Hilarious!

I’d watch that if it was picked up to series

Anyone else remember “Fresh Hell” from the better part of a decade back? I enjoyed that web series & was disappointed that it only ran for one season…

Brent Spiner has long been one of my favorite actors. But the parts he played were much cleaner than this. The “curses and vulgarity meter” went off the charts in the first two minutes. Not a fan of Brentwood.

Brent if you’re reading this (haha) that was awesome. You’re a legend

Hilarious, I enyed it.

Ok that was actually hilarious.

“Never go back” – Steve Harvey

It’s like watching an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with some extra flare! Love it

How’s a 12 minutes video better than 3 seasons of Discovery? :)