Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 306 With 17 New Images From “Scavengers”

The sixth episode of the third season of  Star Trek: Discovery arrives on Thursday. “Scavengers” brings Book back into the picture. We have a first look at a bunch of new images and in case you missed it, a promo video and a clip too.


Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 5 “Die Trying” will be available to stream on CBS All Access on Thursday, November 19.


After receiving a message from Book, Burnham and Georgiou embark on a rogue mission to find him, leaving Saru to pick up the pieces with Admiral Vance. Meanwhile, Stamets forms an unexpected bond with Adira.

 New Images: 

Mary Wiseman as Tilly

Mary Wiseman as Tilly

Vanessa Jackson as Lt. Willa

Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets

Oyin Oladejo as Lt. Joann Owosekun and Emily Coutts as Lt. Keyla Detmer

Blu del Barrio as Adira

Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets, Ian Alexander as Gray and Blu del Barrio as Adira

Blu del Barrio as Adira

Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets and Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber

Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets and Blu del Barrio as Adira

Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets and Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Oded Fehr as Admiral Vance, Doug Jones as Saru and Vanessa Jackson as Lt. Willa

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou

Did you notice the upgrades?

It appears the USS Discovery is getting upgraded with programmable matter, at least in the bridge consoles.

Owosekun tries out her upgraded console

And the crew can also be seen wearing the new 32nd century Starfleet badges.

Burnham with her new badge


Episode 306 video teasers

“Scavengers” Promo.

A clip from “Scavengers” was shown at the end of the latest episode of The Ready Room.


New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on Crave. Episodes will be available on Fridays internationally on Netflix.

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This season feels more like TNG every week :)

I predict that in 10 years time – when DSC is regarded as one of the best Trek shows –

all the Gatekeepers will be saying they *always* Loved Discovery.

Here’s a prediction less heavy on the ‘shrooms: in a decade’ s time Discovery will look more dated than TOS due to the producer’ s insistence to chain everything to the contemporary, from the costumes and haircuts to the orange & teal color schemes, smudgy SFX and silly “mystery boxes” ;)

While that fact remains that TOS looks very dated (so does TNG), that doesn’t seem to distract that people still enjoy the show, even with it’s share of stinker stories. My most accounts (and I know you’re a Never Paper Products-er) most fans seem to be enjoying the season for similar reasons, they are telling good stories. That would suggest that in ten years, your complaint won’t matter to fans of Discovery then it does to fans of TOS. Time will tell.

Agree Phil, end of the day if they are telling good stories, everything else will come into a distant second. TOS is one of the most dated shows around today and yet over 50 years later it’s still very beloved by a huge portion of the fanbase. It still gets new fans every year as well, with people in their 20s because the stories (most of them anyway) are compelling enough to overlook everything else. And there is a lot to overlook.

I’m not going to say Discovery is going to be some beloved Trek show on the level of TOS or TNG, but it if can at least tell original, fun and heartwarming stories then for most people that’s all that really matters. And for the overwhelming stories of Trek out there, most do just that, it just takes awhile for them to be more consistent mostly. And so far, at least IMO, it’s doing that so well this season. Certainly way beyond anything in season 1 and above season 2, at least where that season was at around this period.

Again though, like Picard and prior Discovery seasons, they can mess that up easily by episode 7 lol. That’s the sad thing about serialized shows, the story suddenly goes in one bad direction and your hard work prior to that is just erased. So I’m still being cautious but it’s been amazing so far.

You have to give them credit so far at least since it looks like A. they really lean their lessons from the first two seasons and B. that they do listen to the fans (not EVERYTHING, just mean in general).

For me, everything I hoped Discovery could be in season 1 is finally happening in season 3. That’s not some odd coincidence, it’s people really taking a good hard look at their show, getting a read of the kinds of stories the fanbase wants and working like crazy to turn it around. And they are.

Gatekeepers and canonistas be damned.

Discovery keeps getting better. Star Trek is in good hands.

I wouldn’t compare this season to TNG but you have a point.

Discovery feels more like Voyager LOL.

I don’t know why people have a problem with canon in this case; Season 3 is ESTABLISHING canon,

I guess you haven’t seen stuff like “TeH rOmUlAnS sHoUlD bE DoMiNaTiNg CuZ oF tEh ArTiFiCiAl SiNgUlArItY dRiVe!”

And we don’t even know the Romulans situation at this point, so who can say? Again, that’s the beauty when you are in new territory, anything is now possible. Maybe the Romulans are **GASP**, good guys now! Remember how shocking it was for fans to see a Klingon on the bridge when TNG first aired? A century into the future, you can do anything you want.

In this case, it’s been 800 years since they lost their planet, maybe their conquering ways are over and they turned over a new leaf. They could even be part of the Federation themselves since we did (sort of) see the relationship between the Federation and Romulans improve in Picard, at least compared to the old days. But I guess that’s like saying U.S. and Russia have a better relationship today compared to the cold war…but still not all that great.

That’s what those people don’t get. It’s no longer the 24th century, they shouldn’t just assume everyone will have the same attitudes. Earth in episode 3 made that clear.

(Don’t get me wrong, they are still Romulans, so I don’t trust that theory working out much…but anything is possible.)

Exactly! This is why this was such a smart move to reboot the show in this way. Discovery is the first show literally since TNG that can define the universe however it wants in any way it wants. Voyager was the second most since it was in a completely new area of space. Every show obviously made their mark in some way, but they all had restrictions of some kind put on them. Ironically the first two seasons of Discovery had it the worst than any show before it. Now they are the most free.

Star Trek is truly boldly going again and not just tip toeing around canon like Discovery was the first two seasons.

Amazing how you’re using an unfounded personal prediction in the future to lambast people that don’t have a time machine and rightfully judge Disco on 2 poor seasons. How silly and egotistic.

The prediction isn’t unfounded. It’s based on the fact that people used to make the same sort of objections about every Trek series since TNG when it was new, and now claim they always loved it.

It’s hardly an unfounded observation. It took TNG, VOG, and ENT a couple of seasons to find their space legs. The first season of TNG was barely watchable. At least based on what has been presented so far, Discovery seems to be on the right track now.

Hear hear, asd.

I’m glad that some are enjoying Discovery. I gave up on it at the beginning of Season 2 when I saw a scene of a turbolift flying through huge cavernous internal space within the ship, which was so ridiculous (are the people making this show implying Discovery is 20 miles long?). I was going to try to dip back into it this season and heard SMG say in a trailer “the ship contains all the plants in the galaxy”… records of all the plants in the then-known galaxy, fine, microscopic samples of all the plants in the known galaxy, probably pushing the limits of believability… but all the plants of the galaxy is so mind-numbingly stupid, I just cannot respect these writers/producers.

Add that to the fact that every season has gargantuan plot holes and massive loose ends and words just fail me.

Enjoy your show, Discovery fans. I’m happy that some of us Trekkies feel we’ve got new Star Trek… but it’s not an intelligent or a great show by any stretch of the imagination and it’s deluded to claim that it is.

Yeah in 10 years I’ll feel the same way I felt about TNG S1 and S2. I thought they pretty much sucked when they aired and still do now. I don’t know anything about any gatekeeping.

David… you sound like a gatekeeper… actually.

No-one’s gonna remember much about this show in ten years.

That’s an awful thing to say. The less TNG the better.

Adira is an interesting character.

Book reminds me of Han Solo.

Georgiou is different this time.

This season has beef to it.

Your algorithm has a malfunction.



Does not compute

Low power mode. Semantic module was taken offline. Only the random sentence generator and the IdeasFromOtherPosters database plug-in are running.


What kind of pattern is that?

Are you running a CAPTCHA on “him”? ;)

No but I was wondering if they’ve fallen down a freshman year poetry metric rabbithole after last week’s haikus.

All I can say is…
*blink* *blink* *blink* *blink* *blink* *blink*

Definitely getting into it, the VFX could do with some…simplifying and less overcomplication, too many things to look at on the screen

Quite true, the whole starfleet hq scene was really neat but super busy looking

I take it over that copy & paste fleet in Picard any day. Any SFX lead worth their salt should hang their head in shame over that one!

UI Upgrade for Disco it seems

Cool, I always liked Oded Fehr and always thought he would be excellent in Trek. Glad someone else was listening.

I think this episode adressed a number of gripes that have been plagueing Discovery for a long time and seemed unchanged in the first two episodes of the new season, one of them being not enough non-Western characters/actors (I understand the actor is Israeli).

One problem that remains unsolved is the names though. Charles Vance? Really?

Oded Fehr? David Cronenberg? Sincere kudos to the casting director! So far, Season 3 is going like gangbusters. Looking forward to this week’s episode.

Do I detect a little spore drive envy here?
Also, Burnham seems to be attaching significant value on determining the cause of The Burn. Not sure why, as it (hopefully) won’t cause dilithium to magically reappear…..
32nd century Starfleet seems to have a tude…and not in a good way.

I found that Starfleet in general has an uptight attitude in Discovery – Pike being the notable exception.

Slight thread hijacking. I was wondering what you think that the Federation/Starfleet revealed so far is oddly still (or even more?) a “homo sapiens club” judging from the looks of it in episode 5?

Of course major members like Andorians, Orions and Trill left (likely Vulcans too, we’ll know next week) but it seems odd humans would have such a leading role after the core system dropped out and much of the quadrant has a much more alien vibe now (with “pidgins” as new standard etc) Are these humans in Starfleet all off-world colonists/boomers then ?

I’m much prefer the previous 2 series. This one is a bit dull

I think a good litmus test for any new Trek series is that, in the years to come, how tempted would you be to rewatch any of the episodes? So far, all previous series deserve that attention. Discovery? ZERO INTEREST. NONE. BORING.
And the criticisms/arguments will start in 3, 2, 1…..

Actually, I tend to ignore you.

Oh, good, my plan worked!

You mean, you only bother with people who have the same opinion as you?

Actually I tend to agree with you. And I appreciate your candid approach to expressing your opinion, which is what you have done on this site for, what 13 years?

Yes, Silvereyes, 13 years. Gawd, time flies when you’re spitballin’ with fellow fans! And you’re right, I’m simply being candid, not confrontational.

These Star-Trekkies are a sensitive bunch. Lack of light from hanging around their mother’s basement too long (now THAT’S being confrontational!)

I believe we’ve had this conversation before. You’re entitled to your opinions, just like those who are enjoying this season are entitled to that. Consider the pot stirred. Cheers…

Thanks, Phil. Right back atcha! :-)

Given that I’m rewatching a season 2 episode as I write this relegates this to nothing more than your opinion.

Which is all it was in the first place.

By the way, I have written for The New Yorker, but I digress.

Is that supposed to impress me?

And if this really was “just your opinion”, you might want to change the pronoun in your “litmus test”…

As someone who did rewatch Discovery season 1 and 2 right before season 3 started, I have to say I’m on the fence about it so far at least.

Season 1 still did not win me over at all ALTHOUGH it held up a little better with hindsight but overall the season just isn’t something I want to rewatch over and over again. And since it took me 2 years to finally do it, yeah, even less so. And I feel season 1 will probably feel the most irrelevant going forward since it feels like a completely different show in every way in season 3. It almost feels like none of it mattered now other than setting up the characters we have today and of course stuff like the spore drive.

Season 2 though does have a lot more rewatchable episodes and I can see myself rewatching most of it in the future. And it still feels very relevant to the show although it’s still 23rd century stuff but does set up everything for season 3 and on. How much I can rewatch it, not sure yet but I can at least say I like the episodes overall and have rewatched some like New Eden a few times before. So I disagree with you people will have zero interest. At least I can speak for myself.

BUT, that said, maybe because it’s just the nostalgia fan in me talking, I still don’t view it the same way as I do classic Star Trek which I can watch the old shows over and over again. There is not a week that goes by I’m not watching an episode of TNG, DS9, TOS, ENT, etc. I probably watch at least 5 episodes a week of the old shows. Watched episodes of DS9 and VOY just yesterday. Maybe in 20 years I’ll be watching these new shows that way but the episodic nature of old Trek makes it more accessible.

I’m still rewatching season 1 in the shutdown version with one of our kids (who we felt was too young for it in 2017).

They are really enjoying it – to the point of asking me to leap ahead on demand (which I won’t do because they still need some of the mature content cut out).

The thing is that I’m really enjoying it too. More than I thought I would.

I do agree though that it just “feels” like it’s a different show. I can’t say however that this is all that much different than early seasons of TNG or DS9 vs their best seasons.

Glad they are enjoying it! :)

Love the pic of Owo playing with the new console. It is clear Discovery is, rather sensibly, being upgraded with 32nd Century tech like programmable matter.

I hope the show’s tech advisors and writers are clever enough to think through the implications of nanotech, replicators, and programmable matter. Shape changing self repairing starships that, like a robot from a Transformers movie, reconfigure at will for various missions, perhaps. Crew quarters could be infinitely customizable and could collapse into something the size of a cupboard when not in use, for example.

Discovery is truly on fire this season! It’s bringing me back to all the goodness of classic Trek…just 800 years into the future. ;)

Oh and it does look like Discovery is finally getting upgrades, YAY! I guess this means the ship stays now (ugh), but as long as it’s being updated to this century it won’t feel as ridiculous at least.

This is becoming a pretty good for Star Trek. Picard didn’t do it for me ultimately (still looking forward to season two though) but LDS and so far Discovery have all been great Star Trek. Yes DIS can still go off the rails but being in this time period alone just makes it so much more fun and interesting.

Was saying this is becoming a pretty good year for Star Trek.

OMG, the above graphic had about 7 of 9 (literally) panels showing scenes from Star Trek, and one from an anchor talking about the 2020 election. For a moment I literally thought they were going to attribute The Burn to that!

Burnham going on a rogue mission against orders by both Vance and Saru…?

She needs to be stripped of her rank, and removed from Starfleet. Permanently!

Paris disobeyed Janeway’s order once (in violation of the Prime Directive), and he was demoted and given 30 days in the brig. Burnham needs to face some punishment for her repeated transgressions.

No one disobeys orders like Mariner though lol. Compared to her, Burnham looks like Picard or Pike.

Difference being, Mariner was primarily disobeying her Captain (who also happens to be her mother), whereas Burnham is disobeying her Captain (whom she has no blood relations with), as well as Commander of Starfleet.

If I were Vance, I’d expel her from the organisation, and let her fend for herself together with Book versus the Andorian-Orion Syndicate.

That’s not completely true though. We know Mariner have been booted off other ships for being insubordinate. The Cerritos is her fifth ship IIRC.I think landing on her mother’s ship is basically just her ‘last chance’ option to straighten up or kicked out of Starfleet for good and this is a way for her mother to protect her.

And I’m not completely excusing Burnham or anything, it was more of a joke. But we don’t know how this will play out yet. Maybe she will be reprimanded hard OR maybe whatever she is doing will be deemed worthy of going rogue and Vance will let it go. But she is not the first character on Star Trek to go rogue. Kirk was the original rule breaker and defied orders over and over again. It wasn’t until TVH we FINALLY saw an actual consequence of it (on the show, we never seen even a reaction to it) and even that was basically a slap on the wrist and his actions got his own ship destroyed. But he did save planet Earth, so yeah.

So many do it and usually it’s done in a way where they are considered ‘right’ in the end and it’s overlooked. But yes not all of them get off scot free like your example with Paris, but even as you mentioned it was severe because it also violated the prime directive. But honestly most who do go rogue or break the rules seem to get off quite a bit.

I’m wondering if Georgiou isn’t rogue at all in this. I suspect a twist.

I’m wondering if Kovich gave her some subliminal direction to support whomever the person is that Georgiou cares for on Discovery.

I’m also wondering if Discovery’s dilithium was still being stored and hidden on Book’s ship or in some secret cache that Book’s set up. After the experience at Earth, it seems doubtful that Discovery would continue on its search for Federation and Starfleet with that much unshielded dilithium.

We haven’t heard about Discovery handing over it’s trove of dilithium, and the advance scene makes it clear that Federation ships are taking months to make relief trips at impulse.

If so, Book won’t have just sent back Grudge the Queen in his ship he may have sent the dilithium, and Burnham is right that he’s owed a debt by the Federation to keep the dilithium safe. If Book is the only one who can access the dilithium, it’s imperative to get him and it to safety.

Seriously, I really like tilly – but that hairstyle doesn’t do her any favour.

Oh, also really like Lt. Willa and happy to see she’s back on the Discovery. Maybe she will be a permanent member of the crew to replace Nhan? Kind of coincidence she happens to be a security officer the same episode Discovery lose theirs.

Somebody said her looks and demeanor are exactly like Lt. Ivanova’s on Babylon 5 and I have to agree! And that’s a compliment really. This show has way too many stereotypical touchy feely women already (including St. Michael now). Not all tough logicians have to Space Hitlers, right?

(Really looking forward to SNW with THREE rational adult professionals leading!)

I hate these controls. Okudagrams for ever.

Looking forward to it. Thinking this will be a filler episode. Hopefully less tears this time. Starting to get to me.

DSC just keeps getting better and better, I love it. To be honest, I have had moments of doubt at various choices or decisions, but the show creators reward my faith with a show that I love so much. To think, a few years ago I had someone tell me I wasn’t a true Trek fan and to -kill myself- because I would not prejudge DSC before it had even been released!

I realize that they have to do this, but having the same rank insignia structure (e.g., four for captain) after all that time is a bit weird.

I guess it would be less weird if they didn’t use the US Navy system that they introduced for TNG in ENT and DIS, leaving TOS-TMP and the movies as weird outliers.

Does Starfleet have standard PJs? Why would they be a color so different from the uniforms? Do they require them to be worn? Are Culber and Stamets really strict about regulations and others aren’t? Do they just like the freedom of not having to worry about what to wear? Do they just like red? Do they like to match? Or do we just happen to see them only on those nights when they happen to both be wearing the same design? Inquiring minds want to know.

We’ve seen both Tilly and Burnham sleeping in their shared quarters in previous seasons. I think that their standard pjs were grey…

It may be that standard sleepwear is required since officers may need to wake and respond to crises immediately. Their might be colour options though.

That Stamets and Culber would choose the same optional colour at home just sounds like them.

Yeah, that all sounds about right.

Not sure anyone is still engaged on this thread, but I’d like to put something out there knowing that the episode after this one is called Unification III.

I’ve been musing about Burnham’s PTSD and emotional state.

Her brain is on high alert all the time and she seems to need some more profound intervention.

I’m wondering how much of her fostering as a Vulcan and integration of Sarek’s katra is complicating an already complex layering of traumas.

Rewatching season one, I’ve been reminded how much unaddressed trauma was there right from the start of the series.

Burnham used Vulcan logic to cope, but underneath her traumatic fear of Klingons was so powerful that she subverted logic to justify mutiny.

In season two, she was on a quest to retrieve and save Spock, who rejected her efforts dramatically at first, and then she encountered her birth mother whom she’d long accepted was dead. In Project Daedulus and Perpetual Infinity we saw Burnham completely ruled by her amygdala, shutting down logic and looping instead of taking necessary action.

Add to that encounters with Control and the traumatic 930 transit only to arrive without Discovery.

After a year with Book, she’s taking action and not spinning out emotionally and paralyzed like she was late in season two, but she’s still not regulating herself within the larger organization.

I don’t agree with Saru that it’s a matter of her not learning the lesson that it’s not ok to go rogue and assume she’s right, it really seems more a matter of her letting her trauma rule her.

But back to her Vulcan upbringing and Sarek’s katra.

What it Burnham won’t be able to regulate until she has some kind of mind meld healing with a Vulcan?

Culber is subtly directing Burnham to help others and so doing heal and regulate herself. However, with Sarek’s katra, human therapeutic approaches will not be sufficient on their own to gain self-regulation.

Could it be that a mind meld is needed?

Is there a Vulcan out there who carries some of Spock’s katra?

Unification II wasn’t just about the Romulans, it also involved a mind meld between Picard and Spock where Picard shared Sarah’s katra which he carried.

I suspect that Burnham will need to finally close this loop.

Burnham can’t be trusted.

season 3 is actually beginning to resemble star trek,go ahead and skip the 2 first embarassing seasons if you havent seen them.Now to make it a really good show loose the michael character completely.Whats the point of having someone breaking orders,doing their own thing when star trek was always about teamwork?and please,never show that new klingon look ever again,that was a total epic fail.