Celebrate Thanksgiving By Watching John de Lancie Make Pizza With Bob Picardo And Kate Mulgrew

John de Lancie (Q) has started a new website and launched a new YouTube channel this week, starting it off with a special cooking show featuring him making wood-fired pizza with special guests and Star Trek: Voyager stars Kate Mulgrew and Robert Picardo.

Pizza in the Continuum

Here is how the video is described on his site:

John de Lancie shares his favorite pizza recipe in this one part cooking show one part party. Featuring Bob Picardo (The Doctor – Star Trek Voyager) as Italian pizza master extraordinaire and a very special guest. Join the party and share in the laughs and sometime crude humor of these three best friends and former co-actors as they make way more pizza than any one can finish in one night. Follow along at home with John’s special pizza dough recipe and try out making a pizza at home for yourself!

Want to get more from John de Lancie? Check out johndelancie.com and his YouTube channel.


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Why aren’t they wearing masks as they cook and joke around? I care about them all and I kept worrying about that.

Maybe they are at home but I’m worried too.

They don’t live together…

Nachum stop putting words in my mouth…

I never said that!

He meant to say: Even if they were “at home” it wasn’t their shared home.
It doesn’t matter where you meet people. If they are not from your bubble and you can’t keep a safe distance it’s probably safer to wear a mask.

Thank you, indeed that’s what I meant.

Of course, you have to take it off to eat, but other than that.

They are from the future. Covid is over at their point in the timeline.

My mom is making Thanksgiving dinner right now. It smells so good.

Not to be harsh, but given that they aren’t socially distancing (and it’s real world in the present) this shouldn’t be shared. People will see it and it will help normalise behaving recklessly.

How do we know they’re not in a bubble?

It seems pretty unlikely. If they are, then they should say so.