Build Your Own 2-Foot-Long USS Enterprise-D Replica With New Hero Collector Subscription Program

If you have ever dreamed of making your own USS Enterprise, Hero Collector from Eaglemoss has something special for you. Today they have revealed their long-anticipated “Build the U.S.S. Enterprise-D” subscription program.

Build your own Enterprise-D

Hero Collector is inviting fans to embark on a journey to construct their own USS Enterprise-D in their homes with a subscription program aimed at collectors, model makers, hobbyists, and even casual fans who are looking to Trekify their lives with a new hobby. The new subscription program takes you step-by-step and piece-by-piece towards building an exact replica of the iconic starship from Star Trek: The Next Generation. When complete, the final ship will measure over two feet long.

Hero Collector Build Your Own USS Enterprise-D

Subscribers will receive regular deliveries of parts and simple instructions, and there’s no need for glue or paint. Each component of what Hero Collector promises is an “easy-to-build starship model” comes pre-painted. Each part simply clicks or screws together to form your own U.S.S Enterprise-D, ready to be displayed on its model stand. The video below gives you an idea how the construction process will work.

Based on a careful study of the different studio models used in filming, the model replicates every last detail of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, from its phaser strips and RCS thrusters to the captain’s yacht.

The legendary Dan Curry, VFX producer on The Next Generation as well as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise, says that this “beautiful model” was “such good quality that we could have used it for some of the shots we created for The Next Generation. Nowadays visual effects are mostly done with CG. This reminds me of the incredible models we used to work with for traditional effects, which were built by master craftsmen.”

Hero Collector Build Your Own USS Enterprise-D

The model also features working internal lights that match the original studio model, illuminating the ship’s windows, engines, navigation lights, and main deflector. One detail Hero Collector has focused on is the model allows for the saucer and stardrive sections to be cleanly separated for display, as seen onscreen. And there are separate power sources for the stardrive and saucer sections, to keep both lit.

Stardrive section of Hero Collector Build Your Own USS Enterprise-D

Every issue in this subscription comes with simple instructions, labeled and color-coded for ease of assembly – and is also packed with extra features for Star Trek fans. With each delivery, you’ll build a collector’s guide of behind-the-scenes information, insightful interviews, and art from the people who made TNG, starting with how Andy Probert designed the U.S.S. Enterprise-D itself.

The subscription program launches in March 2021. Subscribers will receive four kits every month for $12.90 for each kit. There are a total of 120 kits, so it will take around 30 months to complete the model. The first two kits have an introductory price of $4.95 with free shipping and you also get some free pins.

To register your interest, and find more details, photos, and videos of this amazing model, visit


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If memory serves Rick Sternbach had proposed a ‘subscription’-based ‘build the Enterprise-D’ but via deckplans that were physically printed onto what seemed to be plastic pieces. That would’ve been cool.

If they can reconcile the interior and exterior of the D that’d be even more impressive.

Not sure I’d have the patience for 30 months let alone spending Over $1500 on a model kit over the course of two and a half years. If there was a kit with all the components I’d be up for it though.

And looks like a U.S. only thing, although I can’t find anywhere that states that explicitely. Tried the sign-up process and it rejected my phone number info.

Where are you based Jeff? I just had an email from Eaglemoss U.K. about it.

Canada, so pretty much next door to the US. But I think Canada and Mexico are serviced by Eaglemoss in the US. We don’t have our own Eaglemoss in country.

Jeff, I would love to hear how we Canadians can get Eaglemoss Hero Collector subscriptions. I’ve tried for years but no joy.

Every time they announce some cool element like this, I complain about the fact that you can ship to Canada (allegedly), but you can’t get a subscription if you live in Canada. So it is not possible to get the Enterprise D kits if you live in Canada. Lame.
Having said that, $1500 USD to build a 2 foot model is absolutely INSANE.

So that’s more than 1500 USD to build the whole ship? For that price, it better be (almost) as good as the original shooting model ;-)

Too bad they dont simply send you all the pieces at once. Price point also seems a bit high. maybe worth $500 and even that its a lot

The reason you have these subscriptions is so that people don’t realize how much they are spending because it’s spread out over such a long time.

It’s a cool idea, but I agree with many here that I don’t know if I would have the patience to wait 30 month nor want to spend ~$1500 for the full kit. On top of that, I don’t even know where I would display it in my house.

I did it with the Millennium Falcon.
Two years to collect all the magazines and 2.5 years (on and off) to build it. Making some improvements on the way!
Model is studio scale as per Empire Strike Back…

I hear you. My 3-foot Master Replicas model only gets out of its box on rare occasions, as I don’t have the space to properly display it in my very small house. Still, I have no intention of giving it up!

$1816USD including shipping. I’d be game if they had one for the refit Enterprise but I’m not sure where I could safely display the thing once it’s built.

$1936 if you opt for the deluxe display base.

It better be able to go to warp 1 at least for that price!

I’d be up for the Enterprise-E. Mama gets her iPad first, of course.

So, $1532 (USD), plus shipping and applicable taxes. That’s not a small commitment to make….

Wowza. $1500? That’s well outside my price range, unfortunately. That’s a shame, I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

This kind of reminds me of Johnny Longtorso from MST 3K. The action figure who is himself sold separately.

He’s long!

Way out of what I’d consider a reasonable price range, but hope those who go for it enjoy building it.

wow but the price is a bit much

30 months is 2 and a half years.

So $1500 ÷ 2.5 = $600
So $600 for two years and then another $300 for the last 6 months takes you up to September 2023.
Then you could flog it on ebay for $3500 something, because its big and rare, and new.

Ps. I’d make a terrible salesperson!
And I’m from the UK so I can’t have it anyway.

Yes you can. Eaglemoss have it on their U.K. site too. And when you look at the numbers involved in pounds it’s only marginally less depressing.

Wish it was the 1701 (original or refit) or the Excelsior

I’d spring for NCC-1701 that would be 2ft to 3ft long if it would be available!

I am building the Polar Lights Star Trek TOS Enterprise now.

I think I may be the 1st in the country to have a working main viewscreen in my saucer section bridge component, When completed the bridge screen will be showing all the original episodes off of an installed computer and flash drive. Also installed in the model with a blue tooth transmitter for complete surround sound. You can even see the screen when you look in through the dome!

If you are interested in seeing an early video of the completed bridge, take a look here…

I was hoping the Enterprise D in this article would be the same 1:350 scale as the Polar Light model. For that much money I would think that would be appropriate. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case. But two years to complete is about how long its gonna take me to make my perfected Polar Lights TOS Enterprise. Nice model. A fun build!

…And a ton of unnecessary ugly seams because they chose to break it down into per-month chunks.

Yes. That does appear to be a problem.

Yikes, that’s a big price tag. And the D is far from my favorite ship. No thanks. But this line jumped out at me:

“Nowadays visual effects are mostly done with CG. This reminds me of the incredible models we used to work with for traditional effects, which were built by master craftsmen.”

Respectfully, I find the difference to be GLARING. The models were so much better than CG, imo, and clearly a labor of love for those involved.

Well, that’s what he’s saying: It used to be master craftsmenship back in the model days. Whereas now VFX are mostly computer graphics. Of course, he doesn’t trash CGI in general because he has also done a lot of CGI work but he certainly recognizes that it used to be a different kind of work.

While the model does look nice overall there are also some very noticeable lines along the hull where apparently the different kit pieces come together. Those lines are obviously not there on the ship we saw on the show and they take away from an otherwise pretty neat recreation. Maybe the photos are from a prototype and the finished ship will look better.

I noticed that as well.
For that kind of financial commitment, I’d expect a much better look.
Hopefully you are right and we are seeing prototype photos.

And the paintwork on the top of the port nacelle looks sketchy too. I was going to order, but after watching the video… Eeeeeh, I think I’ll wait a bit.

$12.90 x 120 = $1,548. Ouch. Seems like you can find a two-foot model for less than that? I realize that an AMT/Ertl model isn’t the same scale, but it’s also only $24.99 + S&H. That’s like .01% the cost. I know Eaglemoss makes really high-quality stuff, but that seems a little excessive.

I’m not into model building since my handicraft skills are rather limited. But looking at this beautiful picture all I can think is how awesome the D looked on the outside.

Unfortunately some of the sets didn’t add up. Engineering was puny and unimpressive for such a huge ship and the transporter room was ugly as hell. The bridge was a beauty, a neat contrast to the more military looks in later Trek series.

Ridiculously expensive. Given the nature of the construction this will not resemble the studio model in any way. Visible seams isn’t a good look

It’s an out and out rip off.

Uh yeah. No.

What a beauty of a ship! This isn’t meant to troll, but does anyone really see companies even trying something similar with those ugly new ‘hero’ ships, Discovery and La Sirena (yuck!)?

Why was my comment deleted when it was only trying to be helpful to another poster showing them the UK Eaglemoss web page for the model?

Talk about draconian! FFS…

This site has their own idea as to what’s acceptable or not. Pay a staff member a compliment and your post will be deleted. Say something on a sensitive subject and your post will be deleted… Maybe your post was deleted because it was deemed advertisement for that UK site, or maybe there was one or two words the filters didn’t like… I’ve been coming here for over 10 years and this site is well run and offers good content, but sometimes these kind of things can get frustrating. One thing I will say; Trekmovie does not tolerate propagation of rumors and if you read something here, you know it’s accurate and true.

Well, if the words “oh yes you can” followed by a URL to the UK version of the web site the article talks about, then I’m guilty as charged…

I’ve been coming here on and off since day one. This used to be a fun place to come and debate stuff. Not like that anymore.
Bit of a shame really…

The lines on the saucer section are a special kind of ugly. Not worth the huge investment.

Given the price you would expect the pieces to fit together better.

Not real keen to start something like this when they killed the Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection just 10-20 volumes short of collecting every comic. Not going to be burned like that again.

Do you expect them to leave people with an unfinished ship? ;-)

I would definitely consider this! A little pricey right now for me, but I would love to see what it looks like as other people do it! Maybe several fans could pool their money together to buy the kits? I’d put in a few hundred.

Hero Collector seems to be taking a cue from Hachette Collections Japan (, which has a whole business model around the idea “serialized plastic model kit / magazine issue plus next piece.” For instance, they’re currently in the middle of a 110-volume subscription for a 1/350-scale “Space Battleship Yamato” (this fan site gives a faster idea of the contents than the official product page:

Thanks for the cool link!
I like the concept of the Space Battleship Yamato. Cool design.
Their model looks better than the Enterprise D shown above.

Awesome but like many pointed out, crazy expensive.

To add:

I’m in South Africa and Eaglemoss’s partners down here went bust due to the pandamic. Many folks were collecting the Back to the Future build-the-DeLorean series, and after being almost halfway through, the series suddenly stopped. Lots of angry and disappointed fans down here who now can only get the parts by importing each issue at almost 5 times the price.

For this reason I am very wary of investing in something like this, even importing. Too many things can go wrong if you’re outside of Eaglemoss’s primary operating territory.

That is awful.

Did I do my math right? 1/919 scale? Little bigger than 1/1000 but should work for display purposes

The seams look problematic, and the nacelles seem cockeyed… the cowling around the ramscoops also appears to be the wrong angle and the thickness of the secondary hull/pylons looks a bit too thick. Are the windows protruding from the hull?

A styrene version would probably make a better, more accurate model and cost far less. And you could probably supply all the pieces in one delivery. Best of luck to them.

The seams remind me of the original model of the TMP Enterprise refit that came out in 1979. I think I might have the Starlog with the ad somewhere…

but it was a little less than $1500.00. For that much, it should be seamless.

just noticed missing detail above the bussard collectors, I hope they fix that


No thank you, I’m quite content with my $60 Diamond Select Enterprise D that is also 2 foot long.

Not really. It’s around 16 inches,which is not 2 feet long. I have mine on display,this EM one looks bigger but like you I’m happy with my DST version. No patience whatsoever for something like this,lol!

i love star trek discovery

30 months to wait till it is complete…yikes I could be dead by then…..
I’m an original 1966 Trekker (age 12).

I need to put something in my will so that my wife or daughter finishes it off in the event of my demise…