John de Lancie Hints He May Return As Q To Star Trek, Again

John de Lancie has been a major part of Star Trek since he appeared as the enigmatic, godlike Q in the Next Generation pilot “Encounter at Farpoint” in 1987. In addition to a recurring role on TNG, de Lancie’s Q also appeared in multiple other Star Trek series and he is now hinting that there may be more to come.

John de Lancie talks more Q

The Star Trek Universe podcast pointed us to a recent video on – where fans can buy personalized videos from celebrities, including John de Lancie. This particular video was a Christmas 2020 message from a father to his son, where the actor starts out “Q here, AKA John de Lancie,” and he begins to talk about the family’s shared love for Star Trek: The Next Generation. De Lancie then tells a story about how he got his Star Trek start in the ’80s on TNG, where he also drops a tantalizing “stocking stuffer” of a possible future for Q:

A voice behind my shoulder said, “You have no idea what you have got yourself into.” It was Gene Roddenberry and I said, “What are you talking about?” He goes, “Oh, you’ll find out.” And here it is, 34 years later, I am finding out. Oh and by the way, here is a little stocking stuffer… You are going to be seeing more of me. Cheers. Merry  Christmas. And let’s just cross our fingers that 2021 is going to be better. It just has to be better than 2020.

John de Lancie at

This “you are going to see more of me” comment is what is intriguing, suggesting de Lancie could be returning to the role of Q—again. As Lower Decks fans know, de Lancie already returned as Q in 2020, voicing the role in the episode “Veritas,” which debuted in September. Even though this Cameo Christmas message was likely recorded recently, it’s possible de Lancie was referring either to his appearance in “Veritas” or perhaps a return to Lower Decks in season two, which is currently in production and expected to arrive in 2021.

Q voiced by John de Lancie in Lower Decks “Veritas”

Could it be for Picard?

There is an even more intriguing possibility, assuming he isn’t just talking about “Veritas.” De Lancie saying “You are going to be seeing more of me” could mean it won’t be just his voice. There are three live-action Star Trek series either currently in production or soon to be in production. The most likely candidate for a Q appearance would be on the second season of Star Trek: Picard, which is expected to start shooting next month. Writing for the season has been going on since early in the year as production was to start in the summer, so guest actors would likely already be booked. And the first season of Picard featured a number of actors reprising their characters from TNG and the TNG era, with more expected for season two.

Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) guest star with Sir Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Picard “Nepenthe”

Through his many appearances on TNG and other Star Trek shows, Q has shown a particular fascination with Jean Luc-Picard, and Q played a significant role in the events of both the series premiere and series finale. In their last encounter in “All Good Things” (see clip below) Q hinted he would see Picard again, saying “the trial never ends” and “I’ll be watching, and if you are very lucky, I will drop by to say hello from time to time.”

There is also another potential connection to season two. It has been confirmed that Whoopi Goldberg will be reprising her role as Guinan, and Guinan has a complicated and adversarial relationship with Q (see below clip), so having both appear could make sense.

For now, this is all speculation. De Lancie could simply be talking about his September Lower Decks appearance, or maybe another voice role on Lower Decks (or even Prodigy). But Q did promise to keep in touch with Captain Picard, so maybe after over 20 years, it’s time for him to check in with his old friend Jean-Luc.

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Don’t care if Q comes back on Lower Decks. His is the absolute last character I’d want to see back on any other show…..

l’d love to see him back but I guess he’s a love him or hate him type of character. If you can’t stomach him in live action don’t forget he’s got a pretty good relationship with Janeway as well…

Lower Decks would be the best place for him. He always worked best as a comic foil. If Lower Decks could ever be funny Q would fit in perfectly there.

Still not seen Lower Deck yet ML31 although we don’t have long to wait now in the UK. I’m sure that Lower Decks would be a a good fit for him though but I’m definitely open to a live action appearance too!

I think there was real potential on an entire Q episode on LDX rather than the quick cameo we did get. But lost opportunities abound at Secret Hideout.

To be fair, there are probably always going to be more good ideas than than actually be put into production.

I never liked Q, but I’m afraid you and I are in the minority…

Corylea…. Phil…. couldn’t AGREE with you more! I have no need to see Q return. TNG’s mission was the betterment of humanity, and Q was the litmus test for Picard’s mission in that story. To bring him back now… just doesn’t fit. That and I was never a Q fan. Couldn’t get into the character. Found it cheap and tacky when they brought him onto DS9 and VOY and his Lower Decks appearance was fleeting enough that it wasn’t a nuisance.

But I fear we are in the minority, friends…

Didn’t really like Q in Encounter at Farpoint, but like most characters in TNG season one, Q just needed some time for the writers to settle.

Now, I’m pretty much up for just about any Q appearance.

Me too. Never cared for Q. Found the entire concept of the Q to be silly.

You are not in the minority at all. I never cared for him myself: kinda a childish genie who snaps his fingers and makes things disappear. It’s old hat , lazy tv and I’d be very surprised if today’s savvy audiences tolerate this kind of character.
Fine for cartoons- nothing else. In my opinion.

Could not agree more. Please see my similar comment on this.

Gotta be Picard

A could be quite sinister in Picard, and I think that’s kinda great. But a whole season arc that builds on “Tapestry” that examines Picard’s new life could be really interesting

I thought for sure he’d show up in Picard, towards the end. Remember those rumors based on the behind the scenes shots which seemed to so clearly show Q’s hand on the end of his floating throne?

That said, I’m always up for some Q, however we get it. It would make the most sense for him to show up in Picard, but Lower Decks and Prodigy would also work, and of course be achievable without regard for de Lancie’s aging.

Right? What did that red hand/throne ever turn out to be? I really wonder if they filmed a Q teaser at the very end, and ultimately ended up dropping it, maybe because of the leak

The aging isn’t a problem. He made himself out to be an old man in “All Good Things…” to tease Picard and he could just do that again with a lot less makeup.

Maybe they still filmed that scene and are keeping it for a more “appropriate” occasion.

Q taking some delight in Picard being an Android would be priceless.

It’s obvious this Picard’s concesioness being transferred into a synthetic body is what Q was referring to when he said to him his destiny was to chart the unknown possibilities of existence

I don’t care which show he pops up on, but I hope we do see him again. Q is always fun, and he can really fit into any Trek show.

I’ve been thinking that Q would be very interesting to bring into the mix in Discovery.

Kovich likely knows of the Q from the historical record, but it sounds as though the Q were not visible during the Temporal Cold War.

I could really see Q tweaking Admiral Vance, and being very annoying to various Discovery crew.

We don’t really know who was around during the Temporal Wars. Enterprise and Discovery have only told us a little bit about it. For all we know, Q was very involved in the war.

Star Trek: Picard

Q: Hello Jean Luc!

Picard: Q! My gods man, I thought you were immortal? You look old as F#ck!

Q: Only to match you my android friend.

See! More evidence Q works best as a comic foil!

Q is the best character of the entire Trek series. They should have made one of the TNG movies around him. I would love to see him in the new Picard series, although I would not want to see him return with his powers, not unless he gets them back.

Damn right they should have.

It needs to be for Picard. I don’t see how you can do a swan song for Picard without wrapping up the storyline regarding Q’s trial of humanity.

The storyline of Q’s trial of humanity was wrapped up just nicely years ago.

That being said, I’d love to see him come back anyway.

In “All Good Things”, Q said the trial never ends. Voyager of course dealt more with the nature of the Q.

Given that the Prime Universe Q are supposed to have a role in the continuity of the Prime Universe, it would be interesting to find out more about how the Q relate to the aftermath of the Temporal Cold War.

Again, an example of something you say here that is flat out wrong. At the end of TNG, Q said that humanity’s trial never ends. Fact!

True but that always felt dumb to me. Who is trying humanity? The Q? Who the hell are they do decide anything about anyone else? Is Q the almighty creator? Is that what they were saying? Q did make that claim in Tapestry. Maybe he wasn’t kidding?

Q was annoying but he would have to work really hard to be noticed as such on Discovery.

Or Picard.

If it weren’t for Q, we’d never have met the Borg. Defeating the Borg was an enormous effort and stretch for Federation. The whole sequence is so ingrained in me that I can’t imagine trying to back that out of existence. Is this a Cancel Culture thing?

what are you talking about?

I think in “Q Who?” Guinan said that Q made the Borg/Federation encounter happen much earlier than it would have. The Borg would have gotten wind of the Federation before long anyway, with Janeway and the Voyager.

Right on point Thorny.

Although some have argued that by introducing the Starfleet to the Borg earlier, Q actually helped the Federation prepare.

In any event, “Q Who?” definitely underscored that the stakes were real and very high when dealing with the Q.

Yes I have heard this theory a few times as well. That Q was basically preparing the Federation for what was to come since they knew the Borg were making deeper incursions in the Alpha Quadrant. So Q looks more like a savior who was trying to secretly help the Federation than impede it. I like this theory as well.

And I just wish someone came up with a grand Borg invasion story already. The Borg is still the Federation’s biggest threat by a mile. The Dominion obviously the second biggest. But yeah I don’t think the Borg are done by a mile and now that we know there is going to be new Star Trek for next 20 years again, there really should be a big storyline brewing by some point.

I agree Tiger2, I think that was the intention. Maybe there is too much assumption on my part, but it seems the Borg were already in the alpha quadrant doing recon while scooping up Romulan and Federation outposts for assimiliation. So Q was just giving Picard the warning of what was coming. I know that Guinan said that Q introduced the Borg to the Federation years before they should have – but The Neutral Zone episode seems to indicate they were already planning to invade.

“now that we know there is going to be new Star Trek for next 20 years again”

Not so fast Tiger! After THIS year we have learnt to be more careful with prognostications, especially those of continuity, right? ;) And forget continued Trek, given the relentless state of decline who knows if there is still a UNITED States of America 20 years hence ;)

America like Star Trek isn’t going nowhere. Maybe there won’t be new Trek for 20 years but seeing the franchise is now over 50 years old and there are more shows in production than ever there is a good chance it’s going to last quite awhile at least.

Kurtzman says there are plans to make new shows through 2027 now. So at least a decade. Now may not happen but with the big Star Wars news last week it’s a better chance now. The streaming wats are real!

She’s not going anywhere, what I doubt is the UNITED state. Two sides that are all but unrecomcilable due to how deep differences run, ideological, even philosophical. Its more akin to a religious conflict which as we know from history can last for centuries. And those 74 million aren’t going anywhere either, more, we have to consider this the minimum and not the maximum number (who votes for an incompetent who’s just facilitated hundreds of thousands of deaths in the middle of a pandemic and economic depression? it’s pretty much the worst of worst cases).

As for Trek, we should be careful to make comparisons with Star Wars. Even the biggest supporter of Discovery will probably admit that the Mandalorian is a whole different level in every respect, and generally Star Wars always had more popular support domestically and internationally. Now, I agree Trek wont go away completely but Kurtzman’s star may be fading rapidly once the suit figure out the only thing he’s truly good at is selling (not-so-science) fictions to them, and then we may be in for another extended hiatus once the suits figure out what to do next. Thats not even conjecture, it’s happening these days, and the past half decade already, with the movie franchise!

OMG man yes there has been division in America for decades now. Yes the Orange clown has supporters, most will just go on with life when Biden is in. No one is moving to Canada. And yes the fact America has the most deaths with the virus due to Trump’s utter incompetence is another reason he’s gone.

As for Kurtzman he’s still there and plans to make more. The day that changes OK. But both SW and ST has plans that literally extend for years. And the shows are not as important to the international market and why Disney only has 2 SW movies but 11shows planned. Star Trek has never been popular abroad as we all know and why the movie side is struggling now but the show side is thriving because the domestic side is still very strong for them. And we know how until AA gets it’s stuff together, Star Trek is really the only thing that drives viewers and another reason why there is so much coming.

But I never thought we see the day there are more SW shows than Star Trek. That’s pretty crazy.

You are giving him too much credit to say 74 million people (bottom line), more than most European countries have people overall, are HIS supporters. No, it is the other way round. He has latched onto their legitimate issues and as no one else did, they would vote for him not because, but despite all his downsides. That means he is not the cause (he is too stupid to be the cause of anything) but the symptom of much bigger issues which will still persist beyond his disappearance from the stage! It’d be foolish to dismiss them. And from my perspective these divisions have gotten considerably more out of control in the past 10 years only, coinciding with the emergence of social media (not a coincidence!)

As for Trek, that it doesn’t and still wont have the international appeal the suits clearly want will be Kurtzman’s problem sooner or later, and putting Yeoh in a Space Hitler show won’t do squat about it. He has many plans but he got no working plan for international expansion beyond Trek’s traditional market! Star Wars is in a much more favorable position: they may be finding out only now that the kind of convoluted stories the prequel movies told for example are much more suited for television! Ie like Trek, the true home for SW may become the TV series and as such, more direct competition for Kurtzman. People already make comparisons between Mandalorian and Discovery everywhere and if they dont raise the quality of everything soon enough (before those 11 new SW series are out), the writing is on the wall!

Tiger2, the problem is that the ultimate Borg invasion – Alpha to Omega – story is a book trilogy in the Relaunch universe by David Mack.

Many of us consider it the best Trek-lit written and better than a large portion of what’s on screen.

The smart thing would have to have done this as a 3-season limited series, but one of the 3 regular Trek actors that played the 3 principal captains in book trilogy, didn’t want to reprise the role. So, we got Picard instead.

Well it’s still not canon though. My guess is maybe 5% of fans ever read any of the books. And they can burrow some aspects of the story I guess.

But we also have more options today. There now can be a big invasion story in the 32nd century. It may not be as interesting as Destiny but it doesn’t mean it can’t be good.

Would LOVE to see Q in Picard!

And let’s be honest, most likely it’s only a matter of time before he appears again anyway! Obviously he’s already been seen on LDS but I expect a real physical appearance. This is the same group that brought back Pike, Talos IV and the Guardian of Forever for the first time since they all appeared 50 years ago. Q is one of the most popular characters in Star Trek (why he kept showing up ;)) so it’s going to happen. It’s only a question will it be De Lancie’s character but I’m guessing that’s a huge yes as well.

Lower Decks seems more likely but I want to see him in Picard also

Well he’s already appeared on Lower Decks but that was just a cameo.

Maybe Q will make Picard human again.

I thought he was a synth.

Riker with Q powers offered to make Data human in “Hide and Q“.

He should come back on Picard or Lower Decks.

How about a darker, more no holds barred version of the Q? With the visual effect technologies we have nowadays, the sky is literally the limit when it comes showing the powers of Q. I also think the appearance of legacy characters in Star Wars Mandalorian and the buzz they are generating might be one of the reasons why the Trek producers want to bring their own legacy characters back.

To be fair, they are already doing that. In the last year alone we gotten Pike, Seven, Picard, Riker, Spock and Data (sort of ;)). And we also know others will be coming back like Janeway, Guinan, Beverly and Geordi as all the actors, especially Mulgrew, confirmed they are coming back. And honestly I wouldn’t be shocked if SNW find ways to bring back more TOS characters as well. I expect to see a young Jim Kirk at some point with a Scotty, Uhura, etc. Maybe they can CGI Shatner for Kirk like they did Hamill with Luke. :D

But I been saying this since the day Picard was announced, it’s only the beginning. Yeah Discovery is (mostly) out of the familiar characters game being so far away now, but my guess just like what Star Wars is doing by putting many of their new shows in an era MOST of their most famous characters can easily appear; most of the new Trek shows take place in the 23rd and 24th centuries will all bring back characters from all these shows at some point. Fans just love to see characters they know, it’s just baked in the DNA.

Q will definitely return at some point. It’s not an if, but a when. The species is just WAY too popular in the fanbase and now they have several shows where he can show up without any canon breaking issues. If the GoF can show up in the 32nd century, why can’t freaking Q?

Please don’t return John. I can’t handle seeing another beloved Trek character ruined.

Q is the Cat

OMG, that’s really funny! However, I don’t think that will happen.

I just love the way John de Lancie delivers lines. So crisply and to the point. He shakes things up in very interesting ways. I think it would be most fitting for him to pop up in Picard. They have a history that writers could work with nicely.

Don’t forget…Whoopi Goldberg will be returning in the 2nd season of Picard. What better way to being closure to Guinan’s story, than for it to include Q? I mean that’s what Star Trek Picard is partly about, bringing closure to the TNG era characters. I love it, if it’s true.

I thought they already had closure.

No….All we have closure on is Data’s final death, and semi-retired Riker and Troi together with kids on a planet. Everyone else’s fate is still up for grabs.

Guinan and Q still have some sort of issue that needs resolution.

Well, Data got closure before the Picard show. As for the rest, the band was breaking up so it did feel like an “ending” to me.

Who doesn’t love Q?

Evidently some other posters on this board…

But I’m all in for seeing Q in both his ominous and humorous forms across any and all the new series.

I’m sure a lot of fans are happy about this. This one is not. A cameo on LDX is plenty. (Just wish it was funny.)

Although, if he appears on Picard he does have it in him to fix a mistake. He can just make Picard mortal again. There. Problem solved. But that would be it. Perhaps it could be Q doing JL a favor or something. A fair writer could easily come up with a good reason.

Please on Picard (episode one) and then reverse/change the stupid “Picard becomes an Android”-Plot !

100 quatloos says he’s going to be part of “Prodigy”

I am getting worried about Season 2 of Picard given they seem intent on shoehorning in as many of the Berman era characters as they can. Season 1 gave us a great new crew, and I wish they would be focused more on that versus bringing in as many senior citizen former cast members as they can.

This is the same mistake JJ and company made with Start Trek Into Darkness. Instead of just going on a new voyage as the very good 2009 movie set up, they instead tried to go back to Khan again.

Bad idea. Q is fine for Lower Decks, but his ship has sailed for live action Trek in my opinion.

While I enjoyed Picard as a whole, I’m not sure what they do from here with a still (semi disgraced) retired synthetic admiral, and a non Starfleet crew that has no real reason to stick together. A reunion show remains a horrible ideal. So, if Q shows up, is he the early TNG dark Q, or later TNG comic relief Q?

While I know Picard Season 2 is a reality, there’s an arguement to be made that this sould be a one and done limited series. Reintroducing Q is just a bad contrivance.

You make a good point. I really hadn’t thought about it in this way. Hopefully the writers will surprise us though.

Who says Q hasn’t already been back (since TNG) to visit mon capitaine?

DeLancie is a tour de force. Bring him back as Q.

One assumes there will be a great script to go with that return. ;)

Good lord, I hate to think how massively they would ruin Q on “Picard.” I’m guessing I’m going to find out in about a year.

TNG did a pretty decent job of that. The point was made early on that Q was something to be feared, only to end up as comic relief, and usually easily distracted. Revisiting the character on Picard is going to build…..on that??

I like all of the TNG episodes Q appeared in, so we’re on different pages there. (I’d argue that his DS9 and Voyager episodes were what broke the character.) I take your point, though, and it’s a good one.

I think that was the intent. But like the Ferengi I don’t think audiences really felt Q was all that scary. Making Q a clown saved the character. He certainly worked best when no one took him seriously.

Funny I just happen to be reading an article about the last Discovery episode discussing some of the time travel ideas they considered using with Georgiou’s final story on the show. And believe it or not they had considered Q as the one to lead her to her final destiny before they settled on the GOF. It’s only a brief mention but you can read the full article here which is mostly about Carl Sagan and his influence on the episode:

But the fact Q was considered makes it pretty clear they are definitely in play for any future story or show and it’s only a matter of when and not if when they will appear again.

Q would be fun.
He would fit to a funny nonsense story e.g. for Discovery but also for some serious stuff.
Naturally he would be the best choice for Picard. Hope to see him again

They’re bozos if they do. Not everything needs to be connected to some prior Trek.

I don’t see the Q of the Berman era fitting very well into the Kurtzman paradigm, not the live action shows anyway (Lower Decks, absolutely). Picard and Discovery are written for an audience that I think would be quickly bored by a rehashing of the same old Q schtick. That being said, the writers, directors, and actors have done brilliantly in progressing characters we know and love (or hate) from the Berman era forward into the Picard spacetime so that they truly integrate there, so if they can find a way to work similar transformative magic on Q and tell a compelling story, fantastic. More of the same “Oh look at me I can do whatever I want and none of you hopelessly inferior microbes can ever hope to match me” would be of absolutely no interest to me.