Shields Up! Say Goodbye To 2020 With Official Star Trek Face Shields

2020 has been one strange year, and it is wrapping up with the announcement of a new Star Trek product that epitomizes it.

Shields up!

ViacomCBS has partnered with the personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturer Shield Pals to create the first official Star Trek face shields. These new shields add yet another layer of pandemic protection to the Star Trek face masks introduced in May.

“As longtime fans of the show, we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring Star Trek to our modular line of protective face shields,” says Chris McCormick, co-founder of Shield Pals.

Star Trek face shield

Even with a vaccine on the way, taking precautions is still advised by the CDC and with in-person conventions planned to return in 2021, these shields could make for the perfect accessory. Each face shield comes complete with a halo that fits most adults and kids and has a rubber comfort strip. The shield is produced from PETG and polycarbonate material and is impact-resistant. Both the shield and halo can be disinfected and sterilized with CDC-approved cleaners or replaced with a fresh shield.

The face shields come in two different styles both featuring a ‘red alert’ design; one with a Starfleet Command insignia and the other with a Starfleet Academy medical logo.

Two new face shields cost $24.95 and are now being sold exclusively sold at

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I will say this: it’s no Spock Space Fun Helmet (TM), but it should git ‘r done!

As for 2020, phasers set to disintegrate, not stun!

I remember seeing pics of the Spock space helmet having SPOK on it (don’t know if they were covering themselves legally or just illiterate.)

Kind of think CBS or whoever they should have marketed something looking more like what Tormolen and Spock wear in the teaser for THE NAKED TIME. Would probably be more effective, though presumably not made from bubblewrap.

I have to wear face shields way down on my head to offer much supplemental protection to my mask in the jaw-and-below area, with the headband all the way down on my eyebrows. Find myself walking with my head tipped way down when walking against the wind from job to car, to keep it from blowing off and to offer ‘some’ protection against the higher-speed particles out there from everybody (and it does seem like it is nearly everybody) who insists on not even taking their masks out, let alone put them on, till they are already entering a building.

Or could do a TFF computer voice one: Re-re-redddd AHHH-LERT! (I love the movie, and that is just one tiny reason.)

That would be the perfect way to get punched in the face, walking around in public with that… Of course you would be the life of the party at a Star Trek convention…

Yeah, like being the life of the party at a Con would be my life’s ambition!

Wow! Really? Punched in the face?

The merchendising department is a bit late with this. Even more so considering virtually everyone is giving them away as promotional events. I have ones that say Humana, USO, City of Riverside Raincross, and Life Stream (local blood bank). Didn’t spend a dime on them, though the Life Stream one came after donating a pint of blood.


These masks are liable to alarm non-Trekkies! They won’t get it.

Everyone gets Star Trek to a certain point.

serious spock helmet vibes

Uh huh.

I prefer a simple mask over a face shield.

Christmas at home with my family watching Netflix, Disney+, Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max, and maybe Star Trek as well. Don’t bring up 2020 in 2021 please!

As for 2020, phasers set to vaporize!

How do you wear your mask OVER your face shield? (just kidding, I get what you wrote, but that was the visual in my head when I read your post.)

I’ve been wearing KN95 and a really nice heavy mask (with coffee filter inside) over the KN95, plus the face shield when I’m at work. Probably a good thing, since we had at least one positive last week and most employees are having to do the 2 week quarantine. But since I keep to myself and eat my lunch in my car and stay out of the break room, where they are eating with masks off, I didn’t have anything that could be considered close contact, so they let me just get a covid test and wait these next couple days for results, then I can go back. But it really sucks anyway, because every time you get a test, you wind up losing two or three days of pay when you’re staying home waiting on the pos/neg. Second time in five weeks for me. Plus they sent us home for two months in March, a week before my review was due — still haven’t gotten that review or raise. Kinda wish they hadn’t called me back so soon, because I could have spent the time looking for a work-from-home job in earnest (as it was, I spent more than half those 2 months on the phone trying to reach unemployment to get that turned on … I still have ringing in my ears sometimes, probably from spending 7am to 5pm dialing and redialing on two phones.)

Cool collectors item but I’ll never have sex again if I wear it it public. I’ll stick to my mask.

I’ve never had that. I’m married to the Enterprise. My oath of celebacy is in my Starfleet records.

Well, with that post you just guarantied that you will continue never having had that… :)

She is a hell of a lady.

No. Just…no. The more products that “protect” us from covid are introduced, the more it feels like this situation is permanent.

You never know. No guarantee another pandemic won’t pop up at any time.


I have to wear a face shield over my mask at work. Its super uncomfortable, but I guess it keeps me and those around me safer. I’m pretty sure I have to use the face shield that my employer provided though, so I won’t get this.

The first licensed Trek face shields come in two different designs.”

Design 1) Never get to touch a woman
Design 2) Never EVER get to touch a woman

I’ll pass…

But think what a great chastity belt this design could make!


If there was any justice in the world, (Discovery) Spock would wear one of the 1970’s kids Spock helmets whilst on the bridge of the Enterprise; every time Pike calls red alert, the beacon on top of Spock’s helmet would glow Red and start spinning…

What is wrong with the CBS marketing team and when will we ever get something other than garbage like this? (even the Hallmark/Eaglemoss stuff is bad in comparison to nearly every other franchise – or just way too overpriced for the quality)

^^ I do try to resist the urge to be a negative internet a$$clown, even when it’s called for. This one couldn’t be ignored.

Why is it not clear except for a small window? I’m not buying this because there’s no peripheral field of view.

They might have got me with a completely transparent field and the design in a lower corner.

Must be appealing to all those people living their lives with blinders on, tunnel-visioning to avoid the real world.