Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 312 With New Images From “There Is A Tide…”

The twelfth and penultimate episode of the third season of  Star Trek: Discovery arrives on Thursday. We have a first look at some new images and in case you missed it, a promo video and a clip too.

“There Is A Tide…”

Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 12 “There Is A Tide…” will be available to stream on CBS All Access on Thursday, December 31.


After capturing the U.S.S. Discovery, Osyraa seeks a meeting with Admiral Vance while Burnham and the crew must overcome unimaginable odds as they attempt to regain command of their ship.

 New Images: 

Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Burnham and David Ajala as Book

Noah Averbach-Katz as Ryn

David Ajala as Book

Mary Wiseman as Ensign Silvia Tilly

Emily Coutts as Lt. Keyla Detmer, Ronnie Rowe Jr as Lt. Bryce, Noah Averbach-Katz as Ryn, David Ajala as Book and Mary Wiseman as Ensign Silvia Tilly

David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Burnham

Episode 312 preview videos

“There Is A Tide…” promo.

Clip from “There Is A Tide…” from The Ready Room.

New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on Crave. Episodes will be available on Fridays internationally on Netflix.

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Osyraa is poorly written and she should go.

Even Georgiou has a deeper sense of complexity that Osyraa lacks. That’s puting it lightly.

The best Discovery villain by far is Lorca from season one.

Not only was he a good villain, he was also a badass captain.

Lorca was great, a shame to have lost this thread.

First! My prediction after the scene

around 0:25: They jump again in time to prevent the emerald chain to get the spore drive (although they simply could jump to a place far far way… maybe so far away that they don’t even land on a different universe but also a different sci-fi franchise… just kidding…)

Maybe they jump into Star Wars lol.

Simon Pegg already did it.

Holy Shit…. Spoiler Tags… is this new?

I think they have been there since they have changed the design. I didn’t want to speculate or spoil without any warning.;-)

It was a nice jester

“Mary Wiseman as Ensign Silvia Tilly”

Shouldn’t it be “acting Captain Tilly”?

I still cannot take that seriously, as this show seems to not understand the concept of a chain of command

Maybe there’s a reason why ensign Kim always remained ensign. 😉

According to Wikipedia, John F. Kennedy was commissioned as an ensign in the US Navy on October 26, 1941. He attended Naval Reserve Officer Training School in late summer 1942 and was promoted to lieutenant junior grade on October 10, 1942. He completed additional training on December 2, 1942, and was placed in command of PT-101 on December 7, 1942. His famous command, PT-109, took place from April-August 1943, and he was promoted to full lieutenant only on October 8, 1943.

How is this so different from Tilly’s rise in the ranks? He earned a command scarcely one year after being commissioned and within a month after completing command training. It’s taken Tilly longer than that to become *acting* first officer. True, Tilly is an ensign, but realistically, she probably would have been promoted to LTJG had Discovery not jumped forward in time and instead returned to Earth with Enterprise.

Yes, you can draw some distinctions. JFK served in wartime; but Tilly did too, both against the Klingons and then Control. JFK’s command may have been marginally less important, but Discovery is not an aircraft carrier. And of course Tilly is XO, not the skipper.

There were also limited command-track officers to replace Burnham. Detmer — who as helmsperson had a role that traditionally led to a command — was suffering from PTSD. Nahn left the ship. Bryce was not *that* much more advanced than Tilly, and it’s not clear that communications was a command-branch job. The same is true of Nillson and Reno; both were engineers. Stamets, similarly, was a scientist, as many of the off-screen crew were. That left Rhys and Owosekun as the other realistic candidates. And Saru may have wanted Rhys to remain at tactical, as Riker did with Worf back in BOBW.

This was a defensible choice, particularly since it was clear the appointment was on an interim basis. No one would be complaining about it had Tilly received a promotion to LTJG. No one complained about Geordi’s meteoric rise in TNG, either.

Chain of command does seem lost In this version

There’s a difference between rank and position. It’s the difference between captain and Captain. I just read a press release moments ago where a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy appointed a Captain to be the commanding officer of a vessel. And the Lieutenant Commander is higher up the chain than the Captain is. Rank is not absolute. It’s more a token of tenure and remuneration than anything else. My $0.02.

she still get’s paged to the bridge as ensign tilly…so no.

I’m convinced that someone at Starfleet headquarters compromised the Discovery.

Osyraa was not only able to transport boarders through Discovery’s shields (even if 40%), she had details on the Spore Drive, the location of the chamber and Stamets role as navigator. She even had a solution for a physical link with Discovery so the two ships could jump together.

More, we know that diplomatic negotiations had been attempted and failed. This may also be a sign that the Emerald Chain had compromised Federation security more broadly. Why negotiate when one has access to information that would enable takeover from the inside?

I’d really rather it turns out to be Lieutenant Willa than Admiral Vance.

Willa led the refit and is Vance’s chief of security. So she had access and opportunity.

Willa can’t however admit a ship under threat to the Federation headquarters bubble without Vance’ specific order. Willa would need to work with Osyraa to create a situation where Vance would authorize Discovery to enter the bubble while under enemy control. From this perspective, her being the mole rather than Vance would make sense.

However, Vance could have been maneuvering the circumstances such that the Federation would finally concede to the Chain. Discovery’s arrival in the 32nd century could have blocked this strategy. Vance might have needed to set up a situation where the Chain was inside the bubble in order to justify a concession on the Federation’s part.

I really hope that this isn’t a badmiral situation. It is too much of an old Trek trope, and many of us were enjoying the opportunity to have a good and sincere admiral who broke the mould.

I’m hoping that the fact that we’re now seeing the Commmand-and-Control centre at headquarters means that we’ll be seeing more of Starfleet headquarters in this season and season four.

Normally I would doubt Willa since she was there for like, two seconds, and hasn’t been seen in a while. Why setup a twist like that when you haven’t given the audience any chance to suspect her at all? Then I think, oh yeah that’s exactly the kind of thing Discovery does… So you could be right!

If it turns out to be an inside job, then I will be impressed and apologize for my criticism of the weak storyline that a bunch of underwhelming space pirates were able to take over a Federation starship with relative ease. Osyraa’s backstory could have been very interesting and she could have been a great villain, worthy of someone who legitimately could engineer the takeover of Discovery – instead she seems litte better than a space faring version of Bella Oxmix (sorry for the spelling).

The people who “compromised” Discovery are the writers and ‘creative’ staff who have crafted a badly written series which bares little resemblance to Star Trek.

Oh here we go again… gatekeeping. Discovery IS trek whether you like it or not.

Odd that All Access stopped showing the promos for the next episodes this season. Is that to force us to watch The Ready Room? That usually consists of me scrubbing to the preview clip and clicking out as fast as I can to avoid Will Wheaton’s gushing “thank you SO MUCH for watching.”

All Access shows the (edited) promo, while the Ready Room shows an extended (continuous) clip.

All Access hasn’t shown a promo for the following week’s episode in months.

I gave up on that show after two episodes because of how unctuous Wheaton is.

Its worth watching the whole thing. Wil Wheaton is just so genuinely excited about everything. Its awesome.

Not my thing. He’s a nice guy, I’ve gotten a kick out of some of his writings, and I do actually like Wesley, but I don’t really enjoy watching hyper hosts who gush over everything.

I’m the opposite. I can’t stand Wesley, but I love Wil.

Let me get this straight, a very well informed host, who is part of the Trek family, and is thankful to his guests for sharing their behind the scenes experiences rubs you the wrong way? His thank youz only last 4-5 seconds, skip those if you see the need to. I for one enjoy Wheatons’ enthusiasm as the host, a much more “organic” one than the previous Ready Room hosts. Great job Mr. Wheaton! Keep ’em coming!

You got it straight, let me know if you need any additional clarification.

Looking forward to seeing Ryn again!

Which one is Ryn again?

Oh right, the Andorian.

I’ll be glad when this season is over. After a promising beginning, it has — in a development which really should not have surprised me one little bitty bit — devolved into nonsense. It’s embarrassing that this is what passes for the flagship of the franchise right now.

Not me. I’ve enjoyed every episode immensely except for two boring ones early on (one was the endless soap opera about the ghost of the dead teenage boyfriend, I forget which was the other one), and lately they’ve been terrific.

I agree that the whole Gray thing has been awful. We don’t need ghost characters; they often work out very badly.

I can’t stand Gray. The dead lover ghost trope is well-worn, Ian Alexander is not a good actor playing a flat character, and Adira as a whole is in a bit of a limbo. We’ve gotten a little bit of her affection for Stammets and Culber after basically being adopted, but none of her coming to terms with being joined is anything DS9 didn’t cover already with Ezri, and without the need for a grating sidekick.

No snark — I genuinely am glad you are enjoying it! (I actually really loved the episode you disliked, by the way.)

Forget me not is the episodes name. I think for my money probably the best thing Discovery’s ever done. I was riveted from start to finish. The only negative was the actor who played the boyfriend who wasn’t strong at all. My value of the show grew leaps and bounds after that one, sorry to say its largely been downhill after that.

I was in the same boat. I thought, “Aha, this is finally a show I can love!”

Nooooope. Right back into the pit after that. At least for me; obviously it’s still working for plenty of folks. I’m envious of them.

I just watch it out of morbid curiosity at this point, “how’s it all going to end?”

Well, this seems to be the outcome of our (and other fans) asking for a greater variety of types of episodes and more character beats. We’ll like some of these close to stand-alone episodes more than others.

It feels as though Discovery has been taking a step this season towards the lighter serialization of the late 1990s and early 2000s (like DS9, Farscape, Buffy among others).

I’m good with that, but we’re going to hear more about “filler episodes” and “wasting time” on planets, characters and the MU. Sigh…

I still feel that there could be a place for Star Trek Made-for-streaming movies, limited 4-6 episodes serialized mini-series or an anthology of 1-2 hour “long treks” . There are a lot of great Star Trek novels that could be adapted that would give people the kind of tight narratives that some are looking for.

Looking forward to a better effort on the writing for this week’s episode.
Someone posted the other day that they were disappointed at the easy takeover over of Discovery – I commented that that is what should have been expected when you leave a cadet-turned-ensign in command.
All joking aside, it is one thing to see a technologically advanced race like the Borg take over a Federation starship or a race of genetically engineered augements with their superior intellect and physical strength comandeer the Enterprise – BUT to have a bunch of space pirates and inferior bullies take over the Discovery, that just looked like weak writing. At least when the Kazon took over Voyager, it was an inside job that made it plausible. The writers could have at least done something similar.
Ok of course the Discovery crew will win back the ship. Let’s see if the writers at least came up with last two episodes that are worthy of a pretty good season three. Up until last week, I had really enjoyed this year’s Discover… until it came crashing down last week.
Here is hoping for a great S3 penultimate episode and finale!!

Kirk and Spock lost control of their ship to pre-teens, space hippies, and a bunch of other folks. This ain’t nothing compared to that. Especially with an obvious mole at Starfleet HQ.

Don’t forget Riker losing the Enterprise D to the Ferengi.

No, Damar, I’ll try my damnedest to forget that ever happened, thank you very much.

And Archer losing NX-01 to the Suliban in “Shockwave.”

Haha touche. I hope Discovery continues to make more good episodes than bad ones! That way, years from now, we can forget the bad episodes and point only to the good ones!

We can hope that’s how we remember the show, DeanH, but when it’s serialized storytelling, it’s hard to sift out individual stories. I look at shows like “24” and have a hard time remembering the bad episodes (Kim versus the cougar notwithstanding).

I think a lot of you are missing the context of what the federation is now and conflating it with the major technology leading power it once was. The burn and 120 years of struggling to maintain cohesion means the Federation is no longer a true power in the alpha quadrant. Cutting down from 350+ worlds to 38(including Vulcans and romulans who are crucial to federation scientific advancement) and having your tech shattered across the cosmos for everyone to grab and adapt means the playing field for power is level. The emerald chain could have better tech and actually be more advanced than the federation in many ways and I think most of you haven’t realized that yet. Also, where are the Klingons in all this?

“Also, where are the Klingons in all this?” Maybe there are still hold back (like a certain ship too) for the big suprise in the next or the final episode. Maybe they appear commanding the Enterprise – M-Z.

I really hope we see Tilly’s “Inner Killy” come out. With Georgiou and Burnham, we’ve seen some similar though subtle character traits that connected the Prime and Mirror counterparts. For Tilly to become a captain someday, it seems like something similar about Killy within her should come to the forefront soon.

So what will be the repercussions for ‘Captain’ Saru’s extremely poor choice of Ensign Tilly to be his acting First Officer? Let me guess; promotion to Admiral? If so, it will provide yet another opportunity for the crew to cuddle and kiss each in self-congratulatory excitement. Who knew season 3 Discovery could out do itself in poor storytelling?

They’ll need to cry it out first, THEN they’ll cuddle and kiss.

Saru is going to die or leave the show, Burnham is going to be made Captain, and Tilly (who’s going to be given something by the writers to “prove” how “worthy” she is) is going to be her XO. It’s going to be terrible.

Probably none of that actually; except maybe the terrible part. My actual guess is Saru remains Captain, Burnham becomes his XO again, and Tilly decides that command isn’t for her and becomes the main science officer or something like that.

Did anyone notice Osyrra appearing to report to a man in a black Bajoran-esque uniform in a futuristic wheelchair? A man that looks juuuust like Kenneth Mitchell (and Mitchell confirmed he’d be appearing this season as a human character).

Whaaat? I completely missed that. Good catch. I still think Nilsson’s involved somehow, their’s a mole for sure.

Two shots in the teaser for next week during the part where Osyrra says she knows how the spore drive works. One shot over his right shoulder revealing 3 silver dots behind his right ear (an interface of some sort?) and one wide two shot showing the chair/uniform.

The uniform really does look like updated Bajoran. Can’t tell from the teaser if he has Bajoran ridges. No right earring though. May be a coincidence, but what if the masked bad guys (why are some masked and some not?) end up being revealed to be Bajoran.

Is he her boss, and the true big bad? He’s supposedly in two episodes so sounds like he’s got a significant part to play in wrapping up the season.

The actress that plays Osyrra said during The Ready Room that “there’s more than meets the eye” with her and that we don’t know her true motivation yet. I think there’s another layer yet to unravel in the final episodes of the season.

what is if its the bajorans?
thus alone wouldnt be rather interresting.

also… what is if its not The bajorans but just a bajoran?

The character with the Bajoranesque uniform is Lt. Willa. Her uniform is also different from all the others (as is Oded’s, but he’s an admiral) — I actually like the standard uniforms, despite the fact we’ve seen so little of then, so Willa’s stands out.

Now that you mention it… I also discovered Daft Punk in the trailer!

That’s definitely Kenneth Mitchell.

It’s so great that they found a way to give him the opportunity to have a role without prosthetics.

Osyra is just obnoxious and a cliche villian. I love the show, have seen every episode a few times. Been a Trek fan for decades. With all the fascinating characters, creativity, and depth of S.T.Discovery, Osyra could have, should have, been a more unique character.

Completely agree. On the surface she seems hardly worthy of a villain capable of taking over a starship. I compared her earlier to being little better than a Kazon. That said, if there is more than meets the eye here, then I will be happy to eat crow. It seems like many of those posters above seem to think there is a lot more going on behind the scenes – I certainly hope so.
Looking forward to seeing if the writers have come up with a worthy storyline for the penultimate episode and a great finale to an “overall very good” season 3!

I realize you can’t give away the story before it drops on CBS, but these pictures? Totally useless.

After seeing this my only question is, and I did like the episode, why is it taking two episodes to do what Captain Picard did in one all by himself?