Mohamed Noor And Jayne Brook To Explore ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Science With YouTube Miniseries

If you have ever wanted to explore more about the concepts behind the strange new life in Star Trek: Discovery, there is a new video miniseries that has you covered.

Say hello to BioTrekkie with the Admiral

Star Trek science consultant Dr. Mohamed Noor (aka “BioTrekkie”) has teamed up with Star Trek: Discovery actress Jayne Brook (Admiral Katrina Cornwell) to launch a new YouTube miniseries that discusses science using season 3 episodes of Discovery. BioTrekkie with the Admiral will be less about explaining scenes in Discovery episodes and more about using on-screen depictions as springboards to teach interesting real-world biology. Videos will cover 1-2 Discovery episodes at a time and close with Brook’s insights about acting and production, so Brook and Noor alternate taking on the role of student and teacher of their respective crafts.

Jayne Brook and Mohamed Noor in BioTrekkie with the Admiral

Each video episode of BioTrekkie with the Admiral will be about 30 minutes long, and new videos will launch weekly on Sundays at 8 am Pacific starting January 10, 2021, in Noor’s “BioTrekkie Explains” YouTube channel.

An introductory video to the series was posted this morning.

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When I first saw the picture, I was afraid that this was the animation for Prodigy.

That was my first thought as well. interestingly enough.

That was my reaction too.


Just had a look at one of his older science explanation videos. This series could be really fun.

From the Trek show that ignores science and seems like an awful teen drama in space…? Whatevz.

I’m hoping one of our teens will watch it.

They’re interested in principle, but the promo went on too long to hold their interest. We’ll need to see what an actual installment is like.