Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 3 Finale With New Images From “That Hope Is You, Part 2”

The thirteenth and final episode of the third season of  Star Trek: Discovery arrives on Thursday. We have a first look at some new images and in case you missed it, a promo video and a clip too.

“That Hope Is You, Part 2”

Star Trek: Discovery season 3, episode 13 “That Hope Is You, Part 2” will be available to stream on CBS All Access on Thursday, January 7.


As the Emerald Chain tightens its grip and the mystery of the Burn is finally solved, Burnham and the crew have one last chance to save themselves – and the Federation.

New Images: 

Janet Kidder as Osyraa

Blu del Barrio as Adira

Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber

Blu del Barrio as Adira, Ian Alexander as Gray and Wilson Cruz as Dr. Hugh Culber

Sonequa Martin-Green as Commander Burnham and Janet Kidder as Osyraa

Bill Irwin as Su’Kal

Doug Jones as Saru

Jake Weber as Zareh

Jake Weber as Zareh

Kenneth Mitchell as Aurellio

Episode 313 preview videos

“That Hope Is You, Part 2” promo.

Clip from “That Hope Is You, Part 2” from The Ready Room.

New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on Crave. Episodes will be available on Fridays internationally on Netflix.

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I enjoyed the second series, mainly for Pike’s presence, but this third series was gratingly dull, especially in the latter half.

I have been a Star Trek fan since 1973, and I never thought I would ever find myself more excited about a Star Wars series more than a Star Trek series. The Discovery writers could learn something from The Mandalorian. Cobra Kai also holds lessons.

Hey, you can love Star Wars as much as Star Trek. I adore TOS and the original crew ( and have done since the early 1980s ).
But for me also, I am enjoying S3 of Discovery to a lesser extent than S2 – so roll on, Strange New Worlds!

The Mandalorian is fun, but good writing? I just don’t see it. It is a popcorn flick on TV, little more. There has never been much meat to Mandalorian dramatically, just excuses for action sequences (especially the Ice Spiders episode, which really did nothing whatsoever to advance the storyline.) Worse, Mando essentially became a secondary character in his own show, with Grogu (Baby Yoda) being the breakout star. Did I cheer when Luke showed up? Sure, but that was telegraphed with a big “GET READY FOR THE BIG CAMEO!” two episodes out. The only real question was “Will it be Mark Hamill or are they bringing in a new actor?”

But yes, Discovery Season 3 did become pretty dull after a promising start. The ill-conceived two-part detour to the Mirror Universe completely destroyed the narrative the show had built to that point. All this to get Space Hitler her own show? It wasn’t worth it.

I think as a serialized show Mandolorian is much more successful. First, in each season, they know where they are starting and where they are going. Second, it is much more focused. There is a lot going on around the main story arc, and characters enter and depart, but the emotional core of the show is clear. It’s kind of amazing because if you look at any one episode, not too much happens, they are also very focused, but it clearly moves the season story along little by little. In the Mandolorian the fan-service moments have been used very well and caused a great deal of excitement, in Discovery it comes across as tokenism (I’d add that in Picard I think it was done better, see “Nepenthe”). This is clearly a compelling way to do serialized television based on the response from the audience. It’s a good example of a creative team taking some big risks in doing things a lot differently in an established universe but having a big payoff. I wish the Discovery creative team was given permission and/or had the courage to do something similar. Picard has been slightly more successful, but, gain, I think tries to do too much in a dozen episodes. Once again we are down to about 45 minutes left of TV in the finale, and dozens of story lines and multiple “important” characters (including yet another one introduced just last week!) we are supposed to care about which will be neatly wrapped up in a completely unearned manner, with a Michael Burnham speech to tie the bow. It’s extremely disappointing given the amount of money and artistic talent (actors, design, production) that’s been invested into this show. Enough to keep me watching week-to-week, but I can’t say I enjoy going back and watching again. Hope springs eternal for a better season 4.

The Mandalorian is good. You don’t get it.

I would never say the Mando show is groundbreaking in terms of storytelling, but when comparing it to modern Trek, I do really appreciate just how barebones the stories are, how they’re allowed to breathe. They’re not overloaded with mystery boxes and convoluted plot lines that get twisted into a pretzel by the end. Something that has hurt recent Star Trek and other Star Wars outings, in my opinion.

I haven’t so much as watched a single episode of S3 and I honestly can’t remember much of S2 because I just kept falling asleep or otherwise was unable to really give it my full attention.
I’m probably likely now to just wait until Dsicovery ends its run years down the line and then watch the whole series over about a few weeks and months or something because spoilers don’t really bother me anyway. If a show is good then spoilers shouldn’t act as a problem to watching it.
By the sounds of it I havent really missed much but not watching S3 of DISC. Im sure to give it a chance in a few years but for now I’m really not that interested myself.

My suggestion for S3 as for PIC: watch the first episode, than watch only the prologue of each episode and jump to the final episodes. S3 and PIC felt like 3 episodes extended to 13. Thus said, I enjoyed the mirror universe episodes and both episodes after very much. I will rewatch the last 2 episodes in a row with the final one.

Will wait til the final ep us over for a full critique but to me…
Burnham face off with osyrra, I think osyrra will be left on that Holo planet on her own.

Zareh faceoff with bridge crew with high fives and cries and hugs for good measure.

Saru, Culber, Adira lots of tears and emotions and feelings.

Stamets one of two characters I care about also gets the emotions.

Did ds9 and TNG do the emotional stuff better?…it was almost cool. Picard in the Inner Light…you cried, or when Jake found his father in The Visitor on DS9 you felt the had resonance…it didn’t make me feel the characters were weaker it made me as a guy accept that even these characters are real and human.
Burnham or any of her squad get emotional it feels a bit…over the top and a reflection on the current generation of kids who are a little more sensitive to everything under the sun??

Burnham or any of her squad get emotional it feels a bit…over the top and a reflection on the current generation of kids who are a little more sensitive to everything under the sun??”

Hey man, don’t go there with the “current generation…” stuff. It just makes your argument weaker and makes you seem like an “old geezer” complaining about these “young whipper-snappers”

Having said that I COMPLETETLY AGREE with the crux of your argument. I have never seen a television series, much less a Trek series, that has as much crying as this one. Yes, I’ve been watching Trek since I was curled up in front of a 25-inch color TV in the living room watching Kirk make machines blow themselves up with “logic”.

Michael cries, I honestly think, at least every other episode. It just gets real old for me… too…

I hate agreeing with this because I really do enjoy this season, but yeah, the emotions are a bit out of control. I’m not against more emotion than what’s typical in general and I see the value of pushing for emotional openness, I really do get it, but… the fact is, when something is overdone within a story, it loses its value. I don’t feel anything anymore when the characters are upset, because they’re upset more often than they’re not. I feel like at this point, the best way to get an emotional response out of me would be to have a character react without emotion. It’s about the only emotional surprise left. They just need to chill out on having every character go from zero to ten and not forget that one through nine are right there waiting to be utilized.

“I have never seen a television series, much less a Trek series, that has as much crying as this one. ”

Michael London cried a lot in every series I saw him in. Must have something to do with the name Michael.


Michael cries a lot because she was never allowed to do so, growing up on Vulcan. This season, she has been shedding the Vulcan upbringing more and more. Just my opinion.

Oh, I love them all. All the Star Treks. And I also love The Mandolorian. I’m even thinking about watching The Clone Wars animated series before the next season of The Mandolorian. It’s not a marriage. You can love them all if you want.

DO go there with the “current generation” stuff.

DON’T be bullied into thoughtspeak. Seriously, telling someone else how they should talk or argue? You’ve already lost the debate.

Shall we go back to the values of the fascist and racist generation of the 1920s and 30s, you know, the ones who demanded respect for the white man and little else, where emotional weakness would be seen as failure and even sick, who led the world to WW2?
Now of course not everyone of that era was truly racist in any extreme way, but it is easy to generalise and plop everyone in the same basket and say they are all of the same creed and values.
There really isn’t any such thing as generational stuff. If anything you could describe it as current society incomassing all age groups.
Also, the ‘current generation’ which I guess is anyone from 20 up to about 45 if we are talking about young and active adults in positions of power in society, were raised by and are a product of an age group ranging from 46 up to 80 so maybe point the finger at the generation that raised them lol. But honestly this whole little debate is pretty pointless anyway.

I don’t know. I’m 43 and I see so many younger people complaining and crying about how tough their lives are, how difficult and demanding work has become, and so on. The people that I know that are my age don’t do that, at least not to that extent. Same thing with cancel culture, political correctness, and so on. So, yes, there is generational stuff. It’s not the cause for everything, but it can’t be denied.

The moment you started generalizing about generations of fans is the moment you completely lost any point you were making.

I’ve really enjoyed this season. It’s so much more coherent and has avoided the worst failings of previous seasons and of Picard S1.

As I said on the speculation thread, I’d give it a B+/A- so far with a final rating to be determined by how the season wraps with this episode.

One of the factors is that I’ve felt that it’s been more suitable for viewing with our kids than previous ones (other than the Mirror Universe episodes which were written in a way that they could be skipped without losing the thread of the rest of the season — appreciated).

Agreed. I find this to be the strongest season of Disco by a country mile and am so surprised/shocked that some don’t. I get art is subjective, but this seems like a clear improvement over previous seasons in almost all ways: pace of story telling, coherence, character beats, letting the bridge crew shine a bit more, (slightly) less focus on Burnham (though, she doesn’t bug me), a more interesting mystery, etc. etc. etc.! But, of course, to each their own – IDIC!

Well put.

The Mirror Universe two-parter completely took me out of it, though, and the pace has been that of a snail since. Like Season 2: strong start, sputtering finish.

Great start, slow decline to MU episodes and a slow ramp back up. I was excited for DSC season 3. I just feel bad writing choices were made. Love the characters, love the cast and the fact they escaped the canon constraints. I usually keep my CBS sub active all year. I have friends and acquaintances who work for the different shows. I know CBS doesn’t need my $10 bucks a month but I do it to show support for the franchise. I just might pause my sub until new seasons come out. Let’s see how Thursday goes…
Oh, and I predict Tilly dies on the season finale. When she worried about being XO meant she was responsible for lives? I saw a little foreshadowing, there. With the promo where she says they must “fight to the last man,” made me wonder again.
On a personal note, I HOPE this isn’t the case. I quite enjoy her character and the actress who plays her. On the business side of it, they gave her a husband a role, as well. Maybe to throw her a bone at losing her regular income. We’ll see what happens.

I don’t think they would kill Tilly. At least, I hope not. She is my favorite.
I think she is showing that she can make command decisions, in spite of being young and self-conscious.

I agree as well TG47!

Hands down, this season has been pretty good overall. I have really enjoyed it. Especially not only being in a new era for the first time since Enterprise, but one so far from everything, it’s just really fun to watch and learn how different the galaxy is in this century.

I really do think the explanation of the Burn suck though but maybe there will be more in the finale. But individual episodes have been mostly good. There were definitely a few bad ones for me, but not that many. But the show just feels a lot more like classic Star Trek again. That and I really loved the stuff like the Vulcans and Romulans finally reuniting, seeing the Guardian of Forever and learning more about Temporal War and the chaos it clearly caused. That’s what makes the show fun, because as I said ALL canon from the every show and movie can now be incorporated.And they can now add to whatever they want without it feeling forced or out of place like some of it did when the show was set in the 23rd century.

And yes, waaaay less violence, which I never really cared about, but not every episode you need blood splatters or heads being cut off.

Again, the show is faaaaar from perfect. It’s still mostly at the bottom of the rung for me in terms of placement (only beating Picard now) but that’s not a really bad thing considering I love all the old shows, from TOS to ENT. So it’s getting there and I do think every season has improved from the last, so that’s obviously a good thing even if there are still lots of flaws. But the new setting alone is just a lot more fun and exciting to me! I wish it was set this far in the future on day one.

What did you feel failed about Picard S1 for you?

Picard was so uneven, and when it was bad it was awful. This is a Discovery thread, but since I know you’re asking sincerely VS, here it is.

The Romulan sister – brother incest innuendo was gross, boring and annoying. It actually undermined any suspense being built following Picard and the mystery. I really only found the sister interesting and credible from episode 8 on.

The season finale two-parter works on its own, but is so different in tone from the rest of the season. More, it pretty much ignores resolution for anyone but Picard’s story. After making a major point about the X-Borgs being victims, they and the ship are abandoned, leaderless with a wrecked cube. The naive synthetics who nearly invited in destruction are left to Soong who has been shown to be inadequate to the task. Picard however has had his one “good parent” moment modeling correct behaviour, and is now taking off on his new adventures.

But most problematic for us was the Starlight City Rag opening scene which was at best derivative and offensive. Star Trek had already renewed its titillation with eye destruction in Discovery season two, and the abattoir was too much. One of our teens stopped watching Picard after that even with my having previewed the episode, given a cautionary warning and skipped the worst.

Icheb was a character our kids had identified with on Voyager. Fridging Icheb for the sake of Seven’s character development was not the only solution the writers could have found, and it was completely oblivious to Voyager’s keystone position as the franchise’s current gateway series for preteens. (Yes, the actor who played Icheb has been offensive and couldn’t be brought back, but the young and loyal fans of the franchise’s teenage XBorg did need to be shocked for the sake of Seven’s development.)

No matter what we said, they were too concerned something bad would happen to Seven and refused to watch Picard again. And given Hugh was fridged as well, it’s probably for the best.

In fact, Picard very nearly cancelled the possibility of watching any new Star Trek as a family. It took a lot of effort to get them to try Lower Decks about half way through the season, and if Lower Decks hadn’t run before Discovery S3, we wouldn’t have watched the season premiere as a family.

So, from me, the best Picard S1 can get is a C+, approaching something meeting expectations but with some areas that need significant improvement.

Is fridged a new term for killed? Asking because I don’t keep up with slang terms.

Dvorak, “fridging” is a term for killing off a secondary character to give a main character a traumatic experience that leads to a change of motivation or to character development.

It can be considered a bit of a cheap writer’s trick. Think of action movies where the girlfriend or family member is killed early on to set the hero on their path. Or Kirk losing his son David who he’d just met as an adult.

Michael Chabon has argued on social media that Icheb “had” to be tortured and killed on-screen to justify/explain Seven’s transformation and despair.

We’ve heard less of a justification for Hugh’s death, but it was also used to galvanize the young Romulan’s willingness to help Seven.

I’m not saying that characters shouldn’t ever die, but for a franchise with as huge a library as Star Trek’s, consideration needs to be given to what the impact of killing off a recurring character will be on the value of all the episodes where that character previously appeared.

Icheb was a significant part of the ensemble in the later Voyager years. Knowing that he will die horribly diminishes the appeal of Voyager to preteens and teens (based on our kid’s reaction).

It was a stupid choice to burn the value of that capital when clearly Voyager is so appealing to that age group that they are bringing Janeway into Prodigy.

Again, it it’s evidence that the writers don’t fundamentally get the ensemble nature of the show that developed in the 90s.

Chabon was a fan from childhood, to the point of having deck plans on his bedroom wall. I’d like to ask him how his experience as a fan would have been affected if at age 15 he saw Sulu or Chekov tortured to death in an abattoir in order motivate Kirk or McCoy.

Thanks, didn’t know that.

Spot on. I realize Star Trek has the flexibility to appeal to targeted audiences, but I absolutely disagree with the push to make Discovery and Picard adult-only shows. Discovery has lightened up on that as of late, but that all-important first season was anything but family-friendly, ditto Picard’s. I think it’s a hugely limiting thing to immediately exclude a big chunk of the potential audience who could have become lifelong fans as so many of us did as kids with TOS-ENT or even could do via the Abrams films.

Poor Adira. What happens when someone falls asleep at a party and there’s a pack of markers in the room…

It’s interesting that Blu Barrio’s bone structure isn’t a great fit with the Xahean forehead protheses and make-up.

Usually, the casting takes into account the facial structure and body type that works best with a particular alien species. Adira as a Xahean does look unnatural, whereas it worked organically with Queen Po.

But this mismatch for Adira rather reinforces the point that this is a holosimulation forcing a human to look like a Xahean.

Culber makes an unexpectedly natural Bajoran and the subtext of Bajoran spirituality subtly reinforces his role as a counselor.

Gray makes a surprisingly natural Romulan or Vulcan.

I was wondering what species Adira was supposed to be. I didn’t recognize it as Xahean.
If the producers had thought that the Xahean make up didn’t fit the actor they could have easily rewritten it to be a different species. I mean at least so far there hasn’t been a story reason why Culber is a Bajoran and not any other species. So the species chosen doesn’t seem to have any significance so far (except for Saru, of course). Maybe that’s going to change in the finale, maybe it won’t.

Yes, Gray really looks like those Vulcan kids in ST2009 and TAS who bullied Spock.

I fell asleep towards the end of the last episode. Normally I would rewind and finish what I missed, but this time I was like, “meh, maybe next week.”

I hate sounding negative, but when I heard that this is the last episode, I thought, “OK, what really happened this season? What has been the point? What’s the big idea from this season?”

And to my disbelief, I’m straining to come up with something. Hopefully the season finale will make it all make more sense.

Looks great! This season has been the best season in Trek history and one of the greatest produced in the history of television. No finer cast, producers, or directors. Congrats to CBS for transcending the medium!

You are delusional. Its fine to like the series, but to say its the best Star Trek and one of the best series in history? Beyond loopy.

Mein Gott, he was sarcastic. You Austrians have to learn what sarcasm is. I know that it is expected to put a /s behind it, but where is the fun of using sarcasm if you have to flag it?

Let’s ask Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter. ;-) Wait, was your comment sarcam too?

Damn, you are right. It seems I confused Aussies and Aspies ;)

Not watching it.

Then why even bother commenting on here? Some fans go out of their way to be negative.

Which Ninja is on today?

It sounds like someone else has taken over while the real Ninja is back at their freshman classes.

I really think this season has been mediocre at best. There are only four good highlights:

1. Discovery’s exit from the wormhole.
2. NCC-74656-J
3. The guardian
4. Book’s mighty morphing power ship

That’s it. Discovery season 2 supersedes all the rest.

Hello, Matt. I consider Book’s ship to be Star Trek’s answer to the Astro Megaship from Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

It’s Star Trek; enjoy it! I only have one issue; Sonequa Martin-Green whispers way too much when she should use a normal speaking voice.

Best season of Discovery hands down so far for me!

Still NOT amazing, but like season 2, the changes they made (in this case the biggest its setting) has been more of a plus than a minus. This is the kind of thing I been wanting Trek to do literally since Voyager went off the air and nearly 20 years later finally got it lol. This was the shot in the arm the show needed IMO.

Now that said, I haven’t loved it all, far from it. I still think the Emerald Chain are the weakest villains since the Kazon. There is still waaaaay too much melodrama and crying on this show. The reason for the Burn, the entire mystery of the season feeling like an utter let down. And yes, First Officer Tilly.

So please don’t call me an apologist, I have definitely called out things I thought sucked this season, but compared to the first two and definitely season one (still my WORST season out of every season of Star Trek) it’s been a breath of fresh air. And even better now that Space Hitler is gone for good!

And I just loved all the fun fan service stuff as well like the Guardian of Forever showing up,mentioning the Kelvin Universe and the Voyager-J! I have no idea why I’m so giddy over that one, but I hope we see it in action soon!

But we’ll see what the season finale bring. It may not be anything amazing but hopefully it’s not as bad as the first two seasons were.

The only reason I have my CBS All-Access subscription at this point is a) Strange New Worlds and b) Lower Decks.

Discovery Season 3 is utterly disappointing. I’ve never tuned into a Star Trek show and found myself wishing the episode was over — during each and every episode this season.

I expect the alien intelligence within Discovery to take over for self-preservation and eliminate the Emerald Chain threat to it. It’s obvious that is where this nonsense is going. And viewers will be shown how they should feel along the way, too. Bloated, self-important “scripts”.

Seriously. Fire the writers. Fire the producers. Fire the executives who champion this garbage known as Discovery. I might read an online summary of the season finale. It’s unbearable to watch each week. Cancel the series, CBS. It is THAT bad.

Just a very boring season. The two new characters are like Wesley and the last episode was a bit ugly to look at, way too many crazy colors and bizarre camera shots, cuts.

Think about the other side of this story.

An admiral is trying to hold together the last of the Federation and they are “getting by” but then Discovery shows up and basically the crew over sell themselves to him. Within a few weeks, the ship and its spore drive tech is captured by the enemy, the Federation’s current location is revealed which could end up being the deathblow all because it seemed like a great command decision to put an ensign in charge. And this was AFTER Suru had already been made a fool of by Burnham and her inability to follow orders.

Discovery has been a complete nightmare for the remaining Federation forces.

And yet, you can bet that by the end of this, everyone on Discovery gets a medal for being amazing and no one is held accountable when they should be getting the ship taken from them and fired. There is literally no “awesome fix” the crew could perform at this point that wouldn’t warrant severe consequences on them for all the damage they’ve caused- short of time travel and erasing history.

Way to go writers. You’ve written true villain story here. Just not the one you probably wanted.

Not sure what the heck happened in the writers room that got this approved and while, yeah, in a vacuum some of the episodes were interesting, the season as a whole was a logic mess.

I keep getting duped. And I blame myself for that at this point.

Series 2 was good. But, excluding the cartoon, that leaves 3 seasons of turgid new Trek.

How hard can it be?

So happy you guys came back. Boy with this pandemic and staying home. I am up to date on everyone of the Star trek episodes in the new streaming Picard and Discovery is the greatest shows ever. Every last show and movie. I am a binge watcher.

I liked this season better. But somehow it feels like it just started, like they never really got to the core of the subject. But maybe season 4 once will be a sequel to season 3 instead of restarting with a new topic

We have already learned that Adira, Gray and Kovich will return in season 4.
My hope right now for the finale is that it “ends” the burn mystery, but does not undo it. So the burn still happened 120 years ago, but they make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Then season 4 could focus on rebuilding the Federation.
Last week’s episode suggested that the Emerald Chain is much more than just a bunch of thugs. I would be interested in exploring that side of the Emerald Chain more. I’m not sure if it’s worthwhile trying to “reform” Osyraa into a more interesting character or if it’s easier to get rid of Osyraa and introduce a new face to represent a more well-rounded Emerald Chain.

I am 65 years old. I have watched every iteration of Star Trek since it premiered in September 1966. I have, for the most part, enjoyed every TV show and movie of this franchise. UNTIL NOW. Star Trek Discovery is so boring, convoluted and just plain stupid, I don’t know where to start. With all the other Trek series, I was engaged and invested in the characters. With Discovery, I not only don’t give a shit about the characters, the plot lines are insipid and weak. Over the years I always looked forward to a fresh episode of Trek. With this series, it pains me to watch it. I have to force myself to tune in.
Other than the words “Star Trek” being in the title, this show bears no resemblance to any other series or movie representing this beloved franchise.
I hate to see this much MONEY being spent to produce such DRIVEL! *

* (the one exception was any scene with Pike on the bridge of the Enterprise)

Man Discovery still seems just as hated by a lot of people on the boards. I have issues with it too but I wasn’t bored with this season with maybe the exception of 1-2 episodes.

The legendary Harry Ballz.

Uh, thanks, Keith, I think.