Patrick Stewart Wins Best Actor At Critics Choice Super Awards For ‘Star Trek: Picard’

On Sunday night, the first-ever Critics Choice Super Awards aired on the CW and Star Trek Universe shows were up for a total of seven awards with nominations for Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Lower Decks. In the end, only Sir Patrick Stewart won. The Star Trek franchise also picked up the first-ever Legacy Award.

Stewart wins for Picard

The Critics Choice Super Awards is a new event to celebrate “the most popular, fan-obsessed genres across both television and movies, including Superhero, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Horror, Action and Animation.” Star Trek came into the night with a lot of nominations.

Sir Patrick Stewart won for Best Actor in a Science Fiction/Fantasy Series for his work as the star of Star Trek: Picard. He beat out Robbie Amell (Upload), Travis Fimmel (Raised by Wolves), Sam Heughan (Outlander ), Kayvan Novak (What We Do in the Shadows), Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian), and Nick Offerman (Devs).

Accepting the award remotely, Stewart said there were too many people to thank, but thanked his Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, and Gates McFadden, as well as TNG executive producer Rick Berman.

Patrick Stewart accepts his Super Award

Both Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery were nominated for Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Series, which went to The Mandalorian.  Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green was also nominated as Best Actress in a Science Fiction/Fantasy Series, which was won by Natasia Demetriou (What We Do in the Shadows).

Star Trek: Lower Decks went into the night with three nominations. It lost out for Best Animated Series to BoJack Horseman. Jack Quaid lost Best Voice Actor to Will Arnett (BoJack Horseman), and Tawny Newsome lost Best Voice Actress to Kaley Cuoco (Harley Quinn).

Star Trek honored with first Legacy Award

Stewart’s award wasn’t the only honor for Trek for the evening. The Critics Choice Association presented the first Legacy Award to the Star Trek franchise “recognizing the cultural impact it has had across multiple decades while continuing to appeal to and grow its loyal fanbase with new stories and characters.”

Patrick Stewart and Sonequa Martin-Green both accepted the award on behalf of the franchise. Martin-Green began by saying, “On behalf of my Star Trek: Discovery family and the many extraordinary television series and films that inhabit the Star Trek Universe, I would like to thank the Critics Choice Association for honoring all of us – and most importantly Gene Roddenberry’s timeless vision – with your first-ever Legacy Award.”

Sonequa Martin-Green joined Patrick Stewart to accept the Legacy Award

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Congratulations to both, Sonequa and Sir Patrick! Two great talented professionals. Glad to finally see a Black Female Captain. And Stewart returning to the Franchise! Look forward to see them both at the end of 2021 or 2022! :P

The what awards? Those aren’t real.

I was thinking the same thing!

Meaningless awards. Tell me when it’s an Emmy

Agreed Commander K.

Emmy won’t give the time of day to genre TV.

Peter Dinklage’s laden shelves might disagree.

Pretty obscure awards, but good for Stewart even though I have to disagree with the win. Fimmell was great in Raised By Wolves, but Pascal walks away with the whole thing, imo.

Anyway, congrats!

Are you serious about Pascal? Was he on set more than 3 hours the whole season? The rest of that show is some stunt man walking around in the armor while Pascal phones in his lines. That’s not acting, or if it is, it should go to the stunt man.

Voice acting is still acting.

Yeah, but it looks like they had a separate award for voice acting, that Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome were nominated for.

Whether Darth Vader or Mando, SW has relied on stunt performers communicating a great deal of body language through the mask, and often without fully briefing them on the script/lines for security reasons.

Pascal’s apparent performance can’t be separated from that in the mind of the viewer.

Yet, recognition in SW for the talent under the mask tends to come late if at all.

Doug Jones career trajectory as a player of monsters with other actors voicing over to speaking roles like Saru is an example of a happy outcome. It’s nice to see the actor playing the Osnullus prosthetics getting to be a human and speak as Lt. Una. Trek seems to give more respect to the talent under the masks.

In which “Critics” give awards to things like Sonic the Hedgehog and Birds of Prey. To be fair, Birds of Prey was still more entertaining than anything in Picard or Discovery. That’s where we’re at with the Trek franchise currently- it’s less intelligent than a Suicide Squad spin-off.

Ah, the 0.0 award ceremony.

Oh please, If the Critics Choice gave Discovery an award for the Worst Star Trek Series Ever Produced, you would call it the most important award in the fifty four years of Trek!

…haha – that was good! I don’t like Picard or Discovery for the same reason, but I have to say this comment does call out my groups occasional unresonable bias :)

^ +1

Does anyone find it odd that Patrick Stewart is reported to have thanked his TNG costars and Rick Berman rather than his fellow EPs on Picard?

I found that a head scratcher as well.

He also missed Wil Wheaton, but thanked John De Lancie. Whoops

You THINK he forgot Wil Wheaton…. >:)

I’m wondering if he had some lines worked out for the legacy award and then used them for his personal award for Picard (which was unexpected)?

Just plain odd…

Most of his TNG co-stars aren’t in Picard, and I think this is Mr. Stewart’s graceful way of assuaging the hurt feelings this must cause them.

BoJack is a ten times more entertaining and thought provoking show than anything bearing the Trek label in the past decade…I think it goes farther and bolder too. But it’s crazy looking back to think Picard was a show from 2020 – it feels like ancient history already.