Ring In 2021 With A Site-Wide Sale In TrekMovie’s TeePublic Store

It’s a new year, and you know that that means: a new you! Why not shed the worries of 2020 by upgrading your wardrobe or surrounding yourself with trekked out household items? Now is the perfect time. TrekMovie’s merchandise partner TeePublic is having a site-wide sale now through Saturday (ending midnight EST), with classic t-shirts for $13 and everything else up to 35% off! You can find tons of officially licensed fan made art on tees, pillows, mugs, and more in TrekMovie’s TeePublic store.

Celebrate Space Exploration History

Both in reality and in-universe, Star Trek wouldn’t be what it is today without the explorers that paved the way into outer space. Rep your love for modern-day space exploration with these NASA-inspired designs.

Check out NASA USS Discovery tee, UFP Space Shuttle tank top, Space Shuttle Bursting Through Clouds mug, and Shuttle phone case.

Looking Deep Space Fine

I, for one, need more Garak in my life. Spice up your workspace with these DS9 designs!

Check out Come To Quark’s sticker or magnet, Terok Nor hoodie, Garak’s Tailor Shop tote, and DS9 Crew Tribute tee.

See tons more Star Trek designs in TrekMovie’s TeePublic store.

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How do all the artists in your store get their designs officially licensed? Is there a process?

I had a trek image in teepublic before licensing. They came around and said your image is infringing/a candidate for licensing, it will be reviewed. It was reviewed and accepted by CBS licensing. I had another image, same thing, trek, CBS licensing didn’t like or want it, so it wasn’t licensed and it was delisted from teepublic.

I get a few dollars from sales, like $2-3, a month, not great, but not nothing, so I decided to see if I could bulk out the trek images I had listed. I came up with, what I thought, was a great idea based on different star ships. I submitted them, like 5, and was told they would have to be reviewed. They were reviewed and I was informed that CBS licensing wasn’t considering any new designs, maybe they did, but just didn’t like them it is hard to tell from the form letter. But I suspect that they are also keen to maintain quality and keep on top of quantity.

The stickers are the best thing they sell. The t-shirts however are printed on cheaply and the shipping makes it not such a great deal. I bought a Sisko restaurant one and after one wear, it already started to peal. Wasn’t vibrant on the shirt at all when it was new. Lesson learned.