Reminder: ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Now Available Internationally On Amazon Prime Video

Star Trek: Lower Decks is finally becoming available outside of North America. The adult animated comedy arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, January 22nd.

Lower Decks arrives on Amazon

According to the original announcement, Lower Decks arrives on Friday on Amazon Prime Video in the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand,  Japan, India  —”and more.” The entire 10-episode first season is being available all at once.

Lower Decks available now on Amazon Prime in the UK

Lower Decks wrapped up its first season in October on CBS All Access in the USA, and Sci-Fi Channel in Canada. Production on season two is currently underway, and it is expected to debut sometime in 2021.

UPDATE: Not in Latin America

We have confirmed that Lower Decks is not available on Amazon Prime Video in Latin America. We are trying to get more details on when and where fans in Latin America will be able to watch Lower Decks.

Amazon trailer

Season One Episode Guide

TrekMovie gave full coverage to Star Trek: Lower Decks season one, including weekly recap/reviews and easter eggs analysis for each episode. Our weekly All Access Star Trek podcast covered each episode as well. The below guide has links to all of it.

1 “Second Contact” Review Easter eggs Podcast
2 “Envoys” Review Easter eggs Podcast
3 “Temporal Edict” Review Easter eggs Podcast
4 “Moist Vessel” Review Easter eggs Podcast
5 “Cupid’s Errant Arrow” Review Easter eggs Podcast
6 “Terminal Provocations” Review Easter eggs Podcast
7 “Much Ado About Boimler” Review Easter eggs  Podcast
8 “Veritas” Review Easter eggs Podcast
9 “Crisis Point” Review Easter eggs Podcast
10 “No Small Parts” Review Easter eggs Podcast
Star Trek: Lower Decks key art for Amazon (abroad) - TrekMovie

Amazon poster art for Lower Decks

For more on how you can stream TV in Australia, visit howtowatchinaustralia.

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This will be as anticlimatic as bad sex.

Lol – some on here would be keen to suggest that bad sex (Kurtzman Trek) is better than no sex (post-Enterprise). I look back fondly at the dry patch in the late 2000s back when the sanctity of Star Trek was still there.

At least The Expanse is on Amazon Prime… watch that instead! :)

I was for very much against watching a Star Trek cartoon … and then the show aired and I was pleasantly surprised. Each episode got stronger and stronger and by the end it become it’s own individual thing. Don’t listen to the naysayers the humour works extremely well. From top to bottom Lower Decks is a class act.

Yeah, I agree! It’s kinda weird that the best Star Trek shows – the ones that actually resemble and feel like a Star Trek show – are Lower Decks and The Orville! wtf …

As someone who was very much looking forward to LDX and was 1000% disappointed with the cheesy, unfunny garbage we ended up with not only do I say don’t listen to the naysayers… Don’t listen to the sayers either. If you are outside N America, have a mild curiosity and already have Amazon Prime to begin with, go ahead. Check it out and draw your own conclusions. Try to not be swayed by anything anyone says about it anywhere. In fact, it probably would have been better to go into it before reading other opinions of it.

When/if ever I sign up for CBSAA again I’ll catch it, but I have no burning desire to do so. It can wait.

I just finished watching these and they get better and better. I think if people ask me today, Becket is one of my favorite characters. I love her!

I’m really interested to hear how viewers outside North America react to this show.

Thanks for sharing Trek in a Cafe!

She’s like the Bugs Bunny of Star Trek. And I mean that in the best way possible.

I am an international trekkie and I actually liked this show for the most part. Yes, some of the gags made me roll my eyes but it had its heart in the right place and that is enough for me right now.

Didn’t think I was going to enjoy LDS. But then I watched it and enjoyed it immensely. Yes, it’s a little silly at times, but most of the humour landed for me and I get the sense that the team behind it really love Star Trek. I don’t want to dump on DSC or PIC, but LDS is the only show in the nuTrek era that feels like it’s part of the same universe as the legacy shows. I’m eagerly looking forward to season 2!

Not in Mexico/Latin America yet.

The other article about Paramount+ mentioned that Paramount+ will also launch in Latin America (not just the US) in March. This is pure speculation but maybe CBS didn’t sell streaming rights for Latin America to Amazon Prime because they want to have the show exclusively on their own service when it launches there.
Then again, Amazon seems to carry the show in Australia and Paramount+ is also scheduled to launch in Australia later this year. So who knows?

What’s odd is that Prime Video does have a page for Lower Decks in Latin America, just not the episodes.

I have seen the first two episodes, ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.
Maybe my life has become dull and sad thanks to the lockdown, but I was in tears.
What a love letter to Star Trek – clearly made by people who love it just as much as I do. Amazing what you can do with a low budget and competent writers.

Can’t wait to see the rest.

Been looking forward to seeing it here in the UK. Watched two episodes so far. It’s a lot of shouting. Hope there’s less of that as the episodes progress.

Why in Mexico can’t see?

Wasn’t really sure how I was going to feel about the show before it aired, but once it did I fell in love with it instantly. Just feels so much like classic Star Trek, just in a lot of crazier scenarios and eccentric characters. Also so happy it’s another post-Nemesis and 24th century show, so the setting is much more fun for me. And it’s actually funny a lot of times. I don’t really care that it’s funny or not, just that the stories themselves are interesting or fun and most of them are. It’s still crazy out of all the new shows, this is the one most fans seem to love the most out of the gate even if others are still not in love with it yet!

Can’t wait for season 2!

“I don’t really care that it’s funny or not, just that the stories themselves are interesting or fun and most of them are.”

That’s exactly where it fails me. The stories and colorful sci-fi plots are nice if it wasn’t for those totally “eccentric” characters that annoy me every second. I cannot deal with that overacting, that stupidity written into those scripts on purpose. This isn’t Bikini Bottom, it’s the Star Trek universe and behavior like that doesn’t really fit.. Or maybe I’m just unfit to grasp that subgenre and its tropes…  

The characters are caricatures. The show is animated so probably for that reason they felt they needed frantic characters. But I could have handled the frantic characters if the show was actually funny. To me, a show that is trying to be funny sorta needs to be funny. Else it is considered a failure. But I do agree partly with what you said about them. I do think the show could have been funny had they included funny jokes AND dialed back the characters some.

Woah… I’ve just watched the first four episodes. So far it’s been a lot worse than expected. There is mucg to like about it of course: the ship, the new uniforms, the “set” designs, most of the space-out sci fi stuff, that truly explores some strange new worlds and life, the score which is so Galaxy Quest vs The Orville. All of this is GOOD, traditional Trek, even more imaginative than I had thought.

But the characters and their portrayals are unbearable. So over the top, totally exaggerated, annoying, unrealistic, bogus style… I don’t know how to handle this.
Maybe it is due to my autism that I cannot handle that subgenre of animated (adult) comedy. I’ve never been able to enjoy stuff like The Simpsons or Family Guy. I sorta liked SpongeBob which is equally silly but it takes place in its own nonsensical bubble, not within a major genre franchise. My mind does not compute. It’s beyond me, I cannot make any sense of it.

I’m going to give it another try. There is much to enjoy that actually is Star Trek. But the characters are something else…

Well, I’ve watched the whole season now and I can’t say it’s gotten any better with my issues. The only thing that sort of helps is Riker/Troi towards the end. How is that?

Well, we see them popping up in the same manner as the animated characters: over-the-top, cartoonish, overdone… so there is a certain artistic layer of animated alienation to them. It’s Riker and Troi while it isn’t. They have been changed to fit into that series, they have been rendered into cartoon characters.

But since I know those two characters so well, I can use their appearance to mentally reverse-engineer that cartoonish alienation in all the other characters, trying to imagine them as “real” flesh and blood versions, trying to picture how the action would look and feel like in an actual live-action Trek show.

That enables my confused mind to put some context to its canonical status.You know, in that fictional world there might be an actual Boimler, Mariner and Tendi just like there is a “real” version of Riker and Troi. They wouldn’t behave like cardboard cartoon characters, yet still, something close to what we’ve seen might have happened to them in “real” life… Just the rendition would be different…without that artificial layer of facepalm stupidity…

It works better for me that way, but I’m still not a big fan…

Not available in Japan either

Not available in Japan. It appears nowhere on Amazon.

Not sure why some from Japan are saying it isn’t available. Amazon’s announcement mentions Japan and we have confirmed that it is available in Japan for some at least. Here is a screenshot.
comment image

Doesn’t appear on my account’s feed (based in Tokyo) or when searched for.

Ah, if you search for Star Trek or スタートレック it won’t come up. But if you search for スター・テレック it does. Not in the feed yet so I imagine they’ve released it without tags for searches so you have to be ridiculously precise.

Edit: there’s no way to enter the ・ character on the TV interface, so you will have to search on a mobile device, start watching then pick it up in your TV in the “continue watching” section.

Japanese UX designs are the worst. Built by morons and about as user friendly as, well, any encounter with Japanese bureaucracy you may have.

That’s great. We will share that out to try to get the message out. Domo arigato for solving the Japan mystery

In Japan, there is apparently only one Lower Deck. Then again, there is no plural in Japanese. ^^

Why the hate? It’s really fun (and stupid, but we knew that going in).
Treat it as non canon like TAS and you might be pleasantly surprised.

TAS is canon.

If folks want to remove animated series from their personal head canon, that’s on them, but if it’s on screen it’s canon.

I understand that for some folks like (as Garth Lorca described elsewhere in the this thread), it hard to take an animated version as a representation of in-universe “real” events, but the franchise can’t be constrained to live action.

(By the way, the temporary confusion Roddenberry created in the 80s about TAS while rights and licenses were in negotiations is best ignored. The official, IP and legal position is that all animated series are canon.)

Well it isn’t the fact that it’s animated that makes it so hard to stomach. Animation is just a visual element that can easily be compensated for, just like bad SFX or paper planets on TOS. My quibbles with LD are the characters and their language, actions, priorities, decisions, metareferences… the way they move, speak, overact, quote other shows… There is plenty of traditional animation that DOESN’T do that sort of infamously iconic “Simpsonification”, “South Parking” or “Rick’N’Mortification”…

That stylistic specialty is much harder to penetrate because it follows its own nonsensical logics. It’s a subgenre echo chamber I’m just not able to fully decrypt.

But using Riker and Troi as canonical anchors, I can now begin to mentally unlock the essence behind it and reverse-engineer all the alienation in a desperate attempt to amalgamize it into proper headcanon again.

You see, I WANT to like it. I WANT to understand it, it’s just hard after decades of blocking out that particular form of art for being incompatible with my expectations as a viewer. I simply may not have the means, the experience… just like Data wasn’t able to feel emotions…

Why the hate? Because it wasn’t funny. But for me, “hate” was the wrong word. Disappointment sums it up much better. And no, I don’t think we knew it would be “stupid” going in. I, for one, was looking forward to it. I wonder if McMahon was more involved in season 4 of Rick & Morty than previous seasons as season 4 was not as good as the previous ones. Maybe Harmon should be involved in Lower Decks instead?

Not available in Canada either…thats BS

Lower Decks aired on CTV Sci-Fi channel same days as CBS All Access in USA. It should be available on demand on Crave in Canada.

For those who prefer premium cable television, the complete season of Lower Decks is also available On Demand through Bell Fibe.

Weirdly though, it doesn’t seem to show in the new CTV app even when logged in as a subscriber to CTV Sci-fi Channel.

Yay! Finally. I have yet to see Discovery Season 3, so I can actually “recreate” the “23-weeks”-experience. But first, I’ll finish rewatching Picard on Blu-Ray first. Loving this show more with each rewatch, despite eyeballs and the cheesy teen romance between Soji and Narek.

Sad this is not available in Latinamerica :(