Review: Latest Waves Of Star Trek Mego Figures Will Make You Feel Young Again

When I was a kid, back in the 1970s and early ’80s, I had classic Mego Kirk and Spock Star Trek figures, along with a Spider-Man, a Batman, and a Wonder Woman. 8” tall, they interacted with my Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures, and they all looked up to my 10” tall Superman figure. The height disparities didn’t bother me; I just loved playing with them.

Everything old is new again! Mego Corporation (or as it says on the packages, “Marty Abrams Presents Mego”) is again producing affordable 8” Star Trek figures with cloth uniforms and styling that harkens back to the figures of my youth. After relaunching in 2018, Mego has now released nine waves of figures. We recently received the latest three Trek figures. Wave 8 included Jean-Luc Picard and Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. And in wave 9 Mego released a Saru figure, their first from Star Trek: Discovery.

The three latest Star Trek Mego figures

Details, Details, Details

Each Mego figure has a surprising amount of detail. The characters feature fantastic facial sculpts, especially for figures in this price range. Saru’s facial features are astounding. Well sculpted, and painted with care, Saru looks every bit the Kelpien wonder that he is on the show.

Detail on Mego Saru figure face sculpt

The sculpts for the TNG figures are also impressive, although Picard’s likeness is not as good as the sculpt for Data’s, which is excellent.

Detail on Mego Data figure face sculpt

Detail on Mego Picard figure face sculpt

Saru’s hands are also detailed in accordance with Doug Jones’ makeup on the show, and he has Kelpien-style boots, as well.

Detail on Saru figure hand

Detail on Saru’s boots

The Next Generation figures have boots molded into their lower legs, which are of black plastic, while their upper legs, hips, torsos, and arms are flesh-colored (or android-colored) plastic. Not surprisingly, Saru’s torso is not molded with Kelpien detailing but is a standard human male torso. In case you are wondering, inside his boots, Saru’s feet are human-styled feet and not Kelpien hooves.

Detail on Picard figure without uniform

Construction and articulation

The articulation for the Mego figures makes them easily positioned in a number of poses, and each can stand on its own for display without a stand. Mego promises 14 points of articulation, which include a rotating head, ball joints at both shoulders, hinges at the elbows, ball joints at the wrists, a ball joint at the waist and each hip, and hinges at the knees. If you’re counting, that’s actually 12 points of articulation for Picard and Data, so they are also counting the wrists as bending and rotating. Saru has hinged ankles, giving him 14 points of articulation, but because of the design of his special boots, it’s not possible to move his ankles while he has them on. Because of his Kelpien-style boots, Saru stands about half an inch taller than the other figures.

Mego Star Trek figures are easily posable

The uniforms are fabric and removable. The tunics close with a Velcro strip down the center of the back, and the pants have elastic waistbands. The Next Generation figures have details printed on the colored fabric, including combadges and (amazingly!) rank pips.

Detail on removable uniforms

Saru’s costume is made of several different fabric panels, with strips of golden elastic ribbon down each leg and around each shoulder. The underarm panels on Saru’s uniform are detailed with tiny delta shields, and Saru’s boots bear the small deltas that are seen on the screen-worn costumes. The Next Generation uniforms have the v-shaped leg cuffs that we would expect to see, and Mandarin collars. All in all, these are impressive garments for such small figures, especially Saru’s.

Detail on Saru’s jacket

Like the Mego figures of the ’70s and ’80s, these figures are constructed by hooking the shoulders, waist, and hips to thick elastics in the trunk of the figure. This allows their shoulders, waist, and hips to rotate freely on the ball joints, giving them an extensive range of motion. Due to what may be a manufacturing flaw in the ball joint of his right shoulder (see picture), our Data is not able to easily raise that joint.

Articulation on Data figure’s arm


All three figures are very simply packaged, with backing cards styled to their respective TV shows, and a 2-part plastic blister. Picard and Data come with phasers and holsters, molded in black plastic, which are secured to the plastic holster belts with clear elastic bands that are easily removable.

Packaging for Mego figures

Compared to a lot of action figures these days, which often are secured with half a dozen twist ties, a handful of pieces of tape, and several interlocking plastic doo-dads, these Mego figures are very easy to remove and play with immediately. The back of the Next Generation cards feature pictures of the available figures in the Next Gen line, including Q, while the Saru figure features a photo of Doug Jones in character as First Officer Saru on the bridge of his ship. Interestingly, the packaging also includes credits for the Sculptors and Seamstresses who designed the figures and uniforms – a nice touch that I’ve never seen before but appreciate.

Packaging for Mego figures

Bottom Line

For what they cost (prices range from $15 – $22 depending on retailer), these 8-inch figures pack a lot of detailing and play value for the money. The new figures have styling that clearly follows from the classic Mego look, but with facial sculpts and costumes that are detailed enough for any modern-day collector. These are just what a new generation of kids, introduced to Trek through the many new shows coming out regularly, needs for their toyboxes, while also being attractive enough for adult collectors to feel proud of displayed on our shelves.

Mego figures are available in the US at many retailers including Walmart, Meijers, and Target. They are also carried by a number of online retails including Amazo, including Saru for $18.99, Picard for $18.49, and Data for $20.70.

More Mego Star Trek coming soon

Wave 10 is arriving by the end of January which will include a Q figure and Locutus from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wave 11, arriving by the end of February, will include Capt. Pike and Michael Burnham from Star Trek: Discovery. And Wave 12 in March while include three TOS figures: McCoy, Scotty, and the Salt Vampire.


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A bad likeness for Picard perhaps, but perfect for all of us who want Victor Meldrew as a Starfleet officer

I had to look up who that was. You’re right, it looks just like Victor Medrew!

I don’t believe it!

The seams on the outfits seems a bit sloppy hopefully thats because these are prototypes?

very retro and fun for the memories they bring back

I LOVE that the quality of the Mego outfits on all of their figures has NEVER improved. Like customers have never seen Barbie clothes.

The fabric and manufacturing defy, until their last breath, being scaled to the size of the figure! It makes me extremely nostalgic for Mr. Spock, Lt. Uhura, and the Klingon I had decades ago!

Maybe Mego has cloned Ed Wood and put him in charge of costume production!!

Six pack Picard!!

Yeah, my 1970s Kirk, Spock and Scotty dolls definitely weren’t ripped.

i want more tng.

The Mego Star Trek II figures are particularly cool. I’m tempted by Q and Locutus. You gotta be willing to roll with the imperfect likenesses and cheesy retro-ness of it all. I love it and think it has a unique charm!

I took the clothes off of my sisters Barbie dolls when we were kids cause I was eager to see what was there. Stripping the uniform from Mego Picard- thats just weird!

Were they designed that ugly on purpose?

Where is Captain Sisko? If they makes the Sisko I will make a Purchase.