All Access Star Trek Ponders Particulars Of Pandemic Production And Previews ‘Strange New Worlds’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 25 - TrekMovie

[Star Trek: Strange New Worlds discussion starts at 21:19]

Tony and Laurie discuss the latest Star Trek news on Star Trek: Discovery season 4, the GLAAD Media Awards, Trek stars getting their Covid vaccines, Michael Dorn’s pitch for his Captain Worf series, and the new promo video for Paramount +. Then they take a deep dive into Strange New Worlds, summarizing everything that’s already known about the show, and sharing their hopes for what it will—and won’t—include.

Links to topics discussed in the pod:

Interview: Michael Dorn Pitches ‘Captain Worf’ Show; Explains What It Would Take To Do ‘Star Trek: Picard’

Patrick Stewart Gets COVID Vaccine Ahead Of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Production Start

Kate Mulgrew Talks Progress On ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’; Says It’s “Very Sophisticated”

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Producers Talk Character And Production Challenges For Season 4

‘Star Trek Online: House Reborn’ Launches With Klingon Experience Update And Mary Chieffo As L’Rell

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Nominated For GLAAD Award

Watch: Pike And Spock From ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Join Paramount+ Promos

Other mentions:

DeForest Kelley And Robin Williams: The ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ Cast On The Guest Stars Who Got Away

The West Wing clip: Bartlet hands over power to Speaker of the House

Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “Lessons”

Sam Witwer as a Xindi on Enterprise

Patrick Stewart as Poop in The Emoji Movie

Star Trek TV Productions To Add AR Wall To Create Virtual Sets, Like ‘The Mandalorian’

Yeoman Colt in “The Cage” and on Star Trek: Discovery


Laurie: Robert Hewitt Wolfe Q&A on Twitter

Tony: Trekkie of the Day: New Mexico Representative Miguel P. Garcia

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Just discovered your podcast, couldn’t be more thrilled… not sure how I missed this as a die hard Trek fan but I’m sure glad I found you.

I’m currently on the site and can’t seem to find a clear cut list of past shows. What am I missing? From the looks of it there are two podcasts? Maybe I’m getting old but the site seems very hard to navigate… Clicking on “Podcasts” from the drop down menu seems to take you to articles… Do you have a simple list of past shows that are numbered? Would love to listen… is this the only platform the show is on or do you also upload to Youtube etc.?

Thank you!

Hi. We have two podcasts in the TrekMovie podcast network, The Shuttle Pod and All Access Star Trek. They’re both on Apple, Spotify, etc. (anywhere you get podcasts) and we also have them here. and So happy you’re liking the podcast! This is the 26th episode and the Shuttle Pod has even more, that one has been around for a few years. On those podcast apps, if you subscribe to the TrekMovie podcast network, you’ll get both in one feed.

Thanks again Laurie and Tony for another great podcast. Really enjoyed your discussion on SNW and what the future of the show might be if it ran for 7 seasons. The Mandalorian comparison was interesting and it would be good to look back on your comments throughout this podcast once the first season has finished and compare with what has actually transpired.

Like Laurie, TOS is part of my growing up and to this day is still very special to me. I actually thought that Discovery did a great job in their presentation of the Enterprise, both externally and with the interior sets. In particular, the bridge managed to have an overall modern aesthetic, but still incorporate features from the TOS era bridge, such as the multi-coloured, rectangular (duotronic) indicators which were very prevalent in the console displays on Kirks bridge.

I think I got used to the idea… but was mostly sold on it because I like the idea of a Strange New Worlds Series. I’m not sure I will ever like it, but I think that’s my own mental block more than anything else! I feel like I spent my childhood on that original ship. (I also think maybe the new one is too blinky and glowy, whereas the original was more about being noisy than visually busy.) It’s all completely subjective.

I like your suggestion of looking back at it afterwards. We might do another speculative episode when we’re closer to the premiere and know more, who knows?

Sounds good Laurie.

I think it would be a total letdown if Kirk didn’t appear in the season 7 finale. The last shot of the show should be Kirk sitting in the chair for the first time. If Shatner is still with us, then he can even record some dialogue for a CG Kirk, but I would be happy with a recast too.

I’m with Laurie. I don’t need or want to see Kirk.

This is Pike’s Enterprise. It’s it’s own era and it doesn’t need Kirk to legitimize it. In fact having Kirk would just undermine it.

Just shows how subjective this all is. Some fans want Kirk or it’s a cop out. Others, like me, really don’t want to see him. (I agree with the undermining comment.) But it’s such a crap shoot, right? Like I didn’t like Discovery’s Sarek but I loved their Amanda. In the J.J. Abrams movies, I thought the casting was mostly perfect (even if the stories were not). If we do see, as I suggested, the back of Kirk’s head, I’d like to hear William Shatner’s voice for sure.

I agree that Kirk shouldn’t appear throughout the series. However, we know how Pike’s time on the Enterprise ends. He hands the captaincy over to Kirk. Even if its just a cameo, Kirk should appear at the end of SNW to signal that Pike’s era has come to an end.

The SNW producers and writers are promising so much- to be fan-pleasing, science-focused, with great characters, an ode to classic Trek. It’s hard not to be optimistic, like they promise this show will be. I’d sure love a return to utopian Trek.

But then you guys run down the list of the producers and writers that are making these promises. How can I believe them again at this point?? I’m tired of getting my hopes up for Kurtzman’s Nu-Trek.

These are the guys that made such forgettable trash as Batman & Robin, Supernatural, The 100, Limitless, The Magicians.

I really, really want to like these new Trek shows, but (red alert!) there is no one steering the ship.

At least Lower Decks had McMahan.

I can’t wait for The Orville season 3. I’d put my money down on it being everything SNW wishes it could be.

A lot of the shows you mention aren’t “forgettable trash,” though. I haven’t watched them, but Supernatural was a huge hit than ran for years and has tons of devoted fans, many of whom are Trek fans. It was created by Eric Kripke, who I absolutely love because of Timeless and The Boys. The 100 & The Magicians both got a lot of seasons, and while I haven’t seen Limitless, my husband & son rave about how great it is.

I have hope. (I always have hope, though!)

Enjoyed your discussion as usual. Y’all are very committed to certain Star Trek characters. I’m open to anything. I say if you get to reimagine this time period with hella dollars and modern visual effects technology, go for broke. I definitely want to see more things we’ve never seen before but I don’t mind spending some time revisiting storylines to add context to things that happen later during TOS.

My main concern is Number One. Well technically the casting of Rebecca Romijn. I think she’s great. And I’ve seen just about everything she’s in. But TV shows with her as a main character tend to get axed pretty quickly. If she brings that bad mojo to Star Trek my feelings will be hurt. LOL

That’s funny, do you think she’s a TV jinx? Ha! I think she can do a great job as Number One, and there are SO many options for her because her character was never defined. Also after interviewing her, I like her even more—she has a great energy and I like the idea that the character will be very controlled in her behavior but there’s a big spark there at the same time.

I hope we don’t get TOO much context… a little is okay. To elaborate on what I said on the podcast, I think it makes Kirk & crew weaker if they don’t know about aliens, planets, etc. that are first discovered in Pike’s time. The tribbles (oh, those tribbles) are a great example, because the Enterprise crew had never heard of them and McCoy had to examine one to learn about the “born pregnant” thing. Lorca having one on his desk made no sense, same for Tilly making tribble jokes. But when I rewatched “The Trouble with Edward” recently, I decided to view it as a separate, non-canon, speculative comedy, a “what if?” but not a thing that happened in that era. It was a lot more fun that way.

Laurie, I suspect that some of our inability to tolerate discontinuities like the tribbles, is that we live in an exceptional era where so much information is available and sharable instantaneously through the internet.

The things that makes it possible for me to accept some of the discontinuities is to accept that

– in the 23rd century there is so much information that what’s known can be lost or buried;

– 23rd century computer technology is not so advanced that the entirety of all knowledge in the Federation can be carried in storage in the ship’s library, such that entries deemed to be of low importance may be summaries or relatively superficial;

– Starfleet is not above burying things deep and making them simply inaccessible outside of core records located centrally that don’t travel with the ships;

– many ships and planetary libraries were severely damaged or destroyed in the Klingon War so that much of the Federation’s and Starfleet’s records were lost unintentionally and can not be fully recovered or reconstructed from the limited collections of ships’ libraries, and

– so, long range explorers like Enterprise will have to manage with the incomplete libraries they take with them as subspace communication is neither instantaneous nor has unlimited bandwidth in that era.

Discovery had experiences that were informed by Korea’s knowledge from the MU. Cadet Tilly could have learned from her captain’s tribble without Lorca having allowed any sharing of information off the ship.

Headcanon is 100% acceptable! I may not agree with each example, but I get where you’re going.

Yep, it’s my head-on, but I’m also losing patience with the deeply held assumption by many long-time fans that anything that has been seen anywhere previously in historical time in the franchise must therefore be known and accessible to any Starfleet crew who come later.

Given the challenges and risks in accessing knowledge in my own sub-specialties, I find this just doesn’t pass muster as a valid idea even in our own digital library age on a single planet.

I’m also very conscious of many significant scientific, mathematical and engineering advances that were ignored and lost before being “recreated” or “rediscovered” by other researchers many decades later. If the researchers didn’t have enough status, or enough evidence, their publications generally so ignored to be unfindable.

In terms of on-screen canon, in fact, if we go back to TOS, with a central computer searching and “working…working” only to find some obscure and fragmentary references and citations, it seems that we’ve already been shown that the Federation’s knowledge management was far from the “total accessibility and total recall ideal.”. Also, consider how many “lost colonies” and “planets of the hats” Enterprise came across that didn’t match the library’s records.

Well… I agree with you to some extent but not fully. Let’s talk tribbles. McCoy wants to know more about them, and has to do all the work himself. He’s on a starship (the flagship, no less) orbiting a Federation space station. If “The Trouble With Edward” was canon, or if Tilly’s casual joke about tribbles reflected some common knowledge, he would have had access to it. There was a casual view of tribbles in Discovery’s time. (And all for the sake of a prop and a joke.) Other times, when there’s a reason, I don’t mind as much. But given the state of the internet right now in our century, it doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t be able to access information about a known species.

I try not to be a super stickler for those things, but it can really take you out of the story sometimes.


What if MU Lorca’s tribble isn’t a Prime tribble? We know the Federation clamps down on all MU intel, and presumably this would include MU tribbles too?

Okay, a stretch to think that Lorca, in the moment of being thrust into the Prime universe, grabbed a tribble! Could make for a funny comic book story, though. Then that raises a question about Short Treks: Are they canon? If so, we still have The Trouble with Edward to contend with. (I enjoyed the episode more when I decided it was NOT canon and was just there to make me laugh.)

In my head canon, those who aspire to higher levels of power and wealth in the Terran Empire, carry a tribble in their pockets as food and drink tasters/testers, to keep from successfully being eliminated by the competition through poisoning. The «expletive deleted».

Re: Poison control

Also, keep in mind, THE THOLIAN WEB occurred long after THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES, which means Terrans with power would have learned of the utility of tribbles as poison detectors from DEFIANT’s database, long before The Federation did.

Now THAT’S a theory!

Thanks again for the great episode. At this point, the only thing I’d like to see on SNW is I hope they somehow find a way to have Number One wear goggles!