Watch New Paramount+ Star Trek Universe Super Bowl Commercial [UPDATED]

The first half of the Super Bowl on CBS featured the “expedition” promotional campaign for Paramount+, the relaunched and rebranded version of CBS All Access coming arriving on March 4th. The spots, which have been previewed over the last couple of weeks, featured characters from the ViacomCBS family, including several from the Star Trek family. During the second half of the Super Bowl, Paramount+ began running shorter targeted spots focusing on specific original programming for the upcoming streaming service—including Star Trek.

Star Trek Universe… “such stuff as dreams are made of”

The Star Trek Universe promo was one of three Paramount+ ads run during the second half of the Super Bowl. (The other two were for SpongeBob and the just-announced Yellowstone prequel.) The Star Trek Universe promo featured a voice-over from Sir Patrick Stewart, starting with a quote from Shakespeare and what could be seen as a mission statement for the franchise:

We are such stuff as dreams are made of. Openness, optimism, curiosity. That is life. That’s why we’re here.

It features brief glimpses of Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Saru (Doug Jones) from Star Trek: Discovery, Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) of Star Trek: Picard, and Captain Pike (Anson Mount) and Spock (Ethan Peck) from the upcoming series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

NOTE: Twitter version should be viewable outside the USA.

Pre-game hype with dancing Stewart and Spock

Before the game, Paramount+ ran some silly promos on social media featuring Patrick Stewart playing air guitar and Spock solo-dancing.

UPDATE: Paramount+ overview featuring new and classic Trek

On Monday Paramount+ released a new promo giving an overview of the service. It shows the various content included on the service, starting off with a clip from Star Trek: Discovery and also includes clips from the other new Trek shows, The Original Series, and even a Spock-themed moment from Young Sheldon.

New Picard promo

On Friday, Paramount+ also released a new branded promo for the first season of Picard, touting some of the reviews.

More to come from Paramount+ campaign

The first phase of the 13-week Paramount+ campaign is now over, with the second phase running into March. ViacomCBS is planning a “mega-stunt” on launch day, March 4, to kick off phase three, which will highlight Paramount+ original series and include trailers for upcoming shows. The campaign will continue into March Madness and through to mid-April.

Get 50% 1 year of Paramount+

ViacomCBS has also rolled out a new promotion. If you sign up now for a CBS All Access annual plan, you can get 50% off your first year. On March 4, your subscription will automatically switch over to Paramount+.  To get the 50% off deal CLICK HERE and use the code PARAMOUNTPLUS. This limited-time offer expires on March 3rd.


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I will now be very disappointed if we don’t get a scene of Spock dancing in SNW.

Damn that big E looks great!!! Can you believe that design from the 60s still captures the eye like sixty years later?!?
Then again looks like 40 is the new 20!

That doesn’t look like the Enterprise. It looks more like an old Romulan ship (in the Picard promo) and something more like NX-01 (in the multi-series promo).

I like how they basically took the NX-01 nacelles and made an updated version of them to this version of the Enterprise. You really do feel like you’re getting evolution of the ships through the various periods. Sadly the original Constitution ship kind of sticks out when you look at the shows before and after it.

But of course nothing sticks out as bad as the Discovery lol.

The original 1701 has too much of a 1950s riveted steel plate navy ship look.

While the interiors were mid-20th century modern, the plain exterior owed more to legacy WW2 ship fabrication than a dream of space.

Perhaps it’s because I saw too much of legacy wet water ships and ferries of that era, but I find the detailing on the reimagined version much more credible.

The original 1701 also was built for television sets in the mid-1960s, most of which were still Black-and-White and came in on staticy over-the-air broadcasts. Roddenberry and Jeffries never dreamed that 50+ years later people would be watching this show (and looking at that model) in high-def. The TOS Remastered project probably could have greatly updated the 1701 for the 21st Century, but they chose to honor the original look and I applaud that.

Agreed! The original Enterprise would look OK if it was just TOS and no other Trek shows. But now, it just looks too outdated and why I like the new Discovery version so much more. And it just really aligns better with the stuff we seen on the other shows as I said.

I think when we saw the original Constitution ship in stuff like DS9 and Enterprise, it was fine because it was a homage to the original show and 1-2 episodes. And it was mostly for old fans. But now that we have an actual show in this period again, you can’t use that as the main ship anymore…not unless you want people under the age of 50 and new to the show to take it seriously.

And I’ll say it again, which I been saying for years now, when people said they wanted an updated look to TOS on Discovery, things like the Enterprise was literally what people were talking about. It didn’t have to be bare cardboard looking sets or a complete redo like it felt like it belonged in another universe. There was a middle ground they completely avoided doing the first season of Discovery; but now HOPEFULLY we will get in SNW. But with the new Enterprise and uniforms, they are basically there already. I love the SNW TOS uniforms. Could do without the silly collar thing but they are easily 100% better than the DIS band uniforms. And they actually fit the era.

Reason #47 it was a smart move to throw Discovery 900 years into the future and have SNW replace it in this era.

The 23rd century Discovery is way more visually appealing in my opinion than anything serving with Blobfleet Command in the 31st century. The Big E however looks visually stunning next to the Discovery, just amazing!
I’ve been told it’s because Of the use of the golden ratio by Jeffries

You mean the 32nd century? And what is Blobfleet? And we didn’t get to even see those other ships in action. I hope we do in season 4. I just think the Discovery ship is really ugly but it’s growing on me I guess.

I’ve liked all the Enterprises except the original NX-01 but that one grew on me too.

Sorry 32nd century. Can’t say I’d be too excited about seeing a bunch of generic blobs which can detach into smaller blobs do battle… but I’ll take what I can get, at least those crews have to worry about energy. More exciting than holodeck sims so bring it on!
Ironically the NX-01 makes me sad… here is a starship that could have had fusion reactors, nuclear missiles, laser turrets, mass drivers, primative cool looking warp engines that need EV repairs, robot arms, sensors, fighters/shuttle bays with no transporters and we got… the Akira class with a saucer. Saucer and TOS colors better than Akira but still, UGH!! A product of the fanboy PBEM RPG days when everyone thought it would be cool to have a ship that had 100 torpedo bays and 50 mega phaser banks without realizing just how bad that translates into a narrative.
Picard was the best example of that.. everyone used to want 100 super starships showing up and doing battle. Now you see it on screen how boring generic starships are. Lesson learned? I hope so.

The issue is we haven’t even seen any of the ships up close and in action. They showed a few up close basically stationary the entire season. But I did like the few we saw a lot like Voyager J. But we never even saw her do anything lol. Or a really good look at her.

And there are probably hundreds of ships still around post-burn. It’s just weird to say they all suck when we haven’t seen any of them do anything or what they look like inside. I’m hoping if nothing else, we see what one of these babies look like inside next season.

But I now understand what you meant by the 31st century since probably most ships we see are in fact from the pre-burn era, which is pretty crazy. A lot of them are probably 100+ year old ships, but Starfleet builds them to last…mostly. ;)

A lot of people wanted the NX-01 to look different including me, but I got use to it. I thought it was pretty primitive though. I just rewatched the entire show last month (rewatching the entire franchise for the first time ever from the 22nd to the 32nd century and all the crazy time travel inbetween ;)) and it definitely feels like a much less advanced ship at least compared to the 23rd century ships. Sure it could’ve felt more primitive I guess, but we didn’t know much about how primitive Starfleet was in the mid-22nd century, at least canon wise. So they could get away with it, just as long as nothing felt more advanced than the TOS era basically.

The problem with Discovery it was supposed to be a 23rd century ship that felt like a 25th century ship lol. It’s a thousand year old ship now and it still felt pretty advanced to the other 31st century ships, just minus holodecks and floating nacelles, which it now has both.

I am pretty sure we haven’t seen any of those ships up close because up close they look awful. The Voyager looks like they used an old version of 3ds max with blocks (chamfered triangle, cylinder, cylinder, chamfered block and… done! Oh wait, texture.. uh.. generic grey bitmap.) and then stamped a “USS Voyager, NCC-XXXXX-J”, the thought being that’s enough to appease the fanboys. Hell, I think the detachable nacelles idea came out of the fact they didn’t want to take the time to model the connections.

Again, we seen very little and we will probably have multiple seasons with this show so hopefully when we do see the ships in action, they will be cooler. But if you don’t like them, I understand. Just remember its the same people working on all the shows basically so there is no guarantees what a lot of these ships will look like on most of the shows. And while I liked the ships we saw when Discovery was in the 23rd century none of them were super impressive either. And you know my thoughts on Discovery itself.

I hope we get some more ships on Picard next season too and hopefully not that lazy copy and paste stuff we got in the finale of season one. I’m still hoping the Enterprise E (or F ;)) shows up next season too.

I think the door has been opened for the starbase starship Enterprise J fighting the temporal war and/or being recovered.. though I hope they redo the model to make her a bit more exciting. They have a chance to redo the model somewhat I think given the scale (I think the Ent-J is more starbase than starship??).
As for the 23rd century… sad we did not see a Connie face off with the D-7. See Axanar for how good the ships should have looked, see Starfleet Battles for the strategy that should have been involved.
Hopefully we get some of that in Strange New Worlds.

He’s referring to the “Pike” segment, and the one at the end is the Discovery, not NX-01.

To be honest, I prefer this re-imagined 1701 to the original. While the original is iconic, I never loved how overly simple it was.

The new version is the perfect blend of retro and modern, the perfect mix of 1966 and 1979 refit. Very fitting to me that Ryan Dening was one of the concept artists, as I personally know him and worked with him on some small projects about 10 years ago.

At that time, he had been chosen specifically because his work had those hallmarks and he had that aesthetic of modern retro. What we were working in was a modern update to something classic. Nothing anywhere as big as Star Trek, but still something very recognizable and originating in the 60s.

Yeah they really nailed it with the new Enterprise, both inside and out. Other ship designs on Disco I haven’t loved as much, but the Enterprise looks fantastic.

Totally agreed. The Redesign of the iconic 1701 (no A, B. C …) in Discovery was very elegant and, as you said, a perfect mix of retro and modern. I’m looking forward to see that iteration of the big E again in SNW!

My hope for Strange New Worlds is that they pretty much completely ignore the aesthetic Star Trek Discovery set for the era. Just start from scratch. The uniforms is a good start. Hopefully they can update the E a little more so it looks like it is a new take on what we saw from TOS. Things like… Lets not be so dark on the ship. Throw some light around. The interior needs to be brighter. We do not need exact matches. Just something that feels like the old Enterprise while still looking good for modern TV audiences. What we saw in Star Trek Discovery season 2 was what the E would look like in that aesthetic. Let’s abandon it and again, start from scratch. Do it RIGHT this time.

I wouldn’t hold my breath to any big changes to Enterprise. Basically what we saw is pretty much canon. They may change minor things but my guess the basic interior will stay. Which I don’t mind, it looks close enough to me. Especially when compared to Kelvin Enterprise. ;)

I loved the Kelvin bridge… I don’t know how they went so wrong on the Apple Store-prize.

The thing is, I liked to too but that was after seeing the Discovery sets. If I saw the E sets without seeing one frame of what Discovery looked like I would not have been as enthused. Which is why I would like to see changes made to the sets. Make it look more in line with the era it is supposed to be in. It can be done while still making it look good for modern TV audiences. I’ve said before that the NX-01 was a good compromise. Still looked good for modern TV but also looked like it could evolve into what we saw on TOS. Now Strange New Worlds will be much closer to The Cage era. So we are certainly not going to get THAT. Nor would I expect it. But we can get something that better evokes that feel or look.

But I think you are right. What we saw will be the basic frame for the E’s interiors. At best there might be some small tweaks here and there. Which is too bad as far as I’m concerned.

That said, if the show was actually good none of this will matter much to me.

They already did it right the first time! As mediocre (and after three seasons, ultimately disappointing) as DSC has been, the Enterprise was one of the highlights.

Big disagreement here. They did it right only if one considers the aesthetic they already set for the USS Discovery. Now that that ship is out of the picture, I think it would be good if they alter things to be a little more in line with the era they are supposed to be in.

Has it been confirmed anywhere that Discovery will get 13 episodes for season 4? I think because of covid it will only get a 10 episode order now.

Discovery has been in production since November, and is scheduled to wrap in June.

That’s the usual for a 13 episode schedule. When interviewed, Kurtzman has indicated for all his series that the focus has been on making decisions about what to shoot in advance, and avoiding shooting a lot of extra content that they would usually make final decisions on in editing.

SO happy to see Seven in that ad!!!!!!

Agree! And Jeri Ryan is as gorgeous as ever

So true! Love Seven and Jeri Ryan!

On All Access right now, the TNG episodes are only in the DVD quality. They aren’t the HD remastered available you can stream on Amazon Prime or on Blu Ray discs. Will Paramount+ fix that?

Really? What episodes? Last time I did a random sampling, it looked like every season was finally HD, but I know it took them ages to secure that for the later seasons.

Just wish the original, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, LDS, and ENT were represented in the “Star Trek Universe” marketing campaign.

The focus in marketing seems to be the new live-action series.

It would be nice to see LDS get profiled, but that definitely would give the ads a different tone.

Also, it sounds like TPTB want to keep a merge of live-action and animation Trek as a special event for a special episode or Short Trek.

On the other hand, ST IV showed us what happens from too much LDS.

Why would they market old content for their new premium streaming service? People pay for new things

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the old shows are available on other services as well and not exclusive to CBS All Access/Paramount+

Yeah I know that too, but people subscribe for new shows….not I Love Lucy..

Well, some people might also subscribe for old shows if they can’t get them anywhere else. But yes, while Netflix originally started with a catalogue of older content the focus seems to have shifted very much towards a constant supply of new, exclusive shows and movies.

As others pointed it out, it’s just not necessary because A. they are trying to entice people with new shows, not old ones. If they did that for Star Trek, then they would do that for ALL their shows from I Love Lucy to CSI. And let’s also be honest, they could highlight plenty of older shows that is much more popular and interesting for the masses. The fact that they don’t with those as well makes it clear the priority is on the newer stuff. But they are pushing a lot of classic and blockbuster movies though.

B. Someone else said it, they are not exclusive to All Access/Paramount+. I have them all on AA, Netflix, Hulu, Prime and Pluto, which you can watch them for free with ads. You now have five streaming sites so they just aren’t as marketable being in so many other places. But obviously the new Trek shows are very exclusive in America.

I don’t know their plans but it seems like the way Star Trek became popular was that it was a cheap rerun on local television. They should keep that going by licensing TOS and TNG everywhere cheaply.

All the Trek shows still rerun on TV. Where I live the first five live action shows from TOS to ENT comes on a local channel 6 days a week for years now which is pretty amazing. So you don’t pay anything to watch them. But yeah streaming is really the home for these shows because not only do they stream on multiple platforms but worldwide for everyone else. Star Trek is more accessible today to anyone than it’s ever been which is great and probably why we have new Star Trek today. Or at least why CBS decided to make new shows for All Access seeing how well it still plays on Netflix and Prime.

Still want to see the refit Constitution class Enterprise back on the screen at some point…

YES, BIG YES! A show taking place in the second half of the 23rd century deserves a Connie refit cameo

It’s amazing to this day we have never seen it on any of the other shows, even if it’s under a different name. It’s like someone wrote a contract it was only to be seen in the TOS movies and nowhere else. Then again we haven’t seen the Enterprise E on the small screen anywhere as well. Was hoping to see it on Picard, but hope was dashed lol.

I think both of those ships were designed specifically for the big screen with much higher detail and design elements. This is why they didn’t try to put them into small screen yet, but now that we have high definition TV sets and basically movie quality TV setups maybe they can consider putting them there.

Ah, great point! Yeah that could be true. I don’t really know enough on how a lot of this works but it’s possible.

Still, the Excelsior class, and redressed versions of the Reliant, and of course the Klingon BOP and Cruiser were all seen on pre-CGI 90s Trek, often re-using footage straight from the films. I never thought about it, but Tiger2 is right: why have they never used the refit Enterprise, even if it was a different ship still in service.

They nearly did for “The Battle.” The Stargazer was written to be a Constituion class, hence Picard having a model of one early on. You can even see where they ADR’d LeVar Burton to dub “Constellation” where he’d said “Constitution” during filming.

After that, the only place we ever saw that design was in wreckage. A shame!

I’ve always been a huge supporter of a show set post TUC.

Agreed. Wish TNG had been a movie era continuation with Saavik, Marcus, Sulu, etc in line with the awesome DC comics of the time.

So it’s Anson Mount on Mount Paramount. I love the sound of that…

I was hoping to hear the Guardian of Forever when Sir Patrick pressed the icy button :-)

Are the Star Trek series on Netflix and Amazon Prime outside the US moving to Paramount+ when it launches here?

Given that Netflix and Amazon paid a lot of money for Discovery and Picard I would expect that Viacom cannot simply take the shows away from them. But Paramount+ may be able to show them as well in countries where they have been Netflix/Amazon Exclusives so far.

Doubtful. They may or could offer to buy the shows from Netflix and Prime, but contract wise, they probably have ownership to those shows as long as they stay in production.

And I doubt Paramount+ will be in a lot of places outside of America for awhile, so it would be smart to keep them on those sites for at least a few years.

I believe P+ launches (or rather, relaunches since we already have a Paramount+) here the same day it does in the US.

OK but where is ‘here’?

And while it may be in some places, I highly doubt it’s going to be around 190 countries anytime soon like Netflix and Amazon is in.

Disney+ is now over a year old but still in less than 50 countries…and it’s Disney. It takes a long time to really spread these sites out globally.

Again I don’t think anything stops them from trying to buy them back. But my point is if these shows are very popular on Netflix and Prime and really popular in countries that P+ won’t even be in, they probably won’t sell it….or in fact maybe keep them for countries WHERE they now have to compete with Paramount.

The announcement said Nordic countries, Latin America and Australia to start.

ViacomCBS is focused on rolling out Pluto in France and Italy now, with it having taken off quickly in Spain in 2020. So, it would make sense to focus on Pluto first, and then try to sell up to Paramount+.

Yeah that’s still a pretty small list of countries.

Latin America.

OK thanks!

Actually Tiger2, ViacomCBS owns the IP for Discovery and Picard, not the other streamers.

Netflix and Amazon were sold exclusive licenses outside North America for a set period of time, but the streaming rights will revert in time.

With ViacomCBS’ new policy, as of spring 2020 they are not selling exclusive streaming rights to other streamers anymore. So, LDS should appear on Paramount+ as well as Amazon outside North America.

What’s not clear is the situation for Discovery from season four on. We know that it’s been renewed by ViacomCBS, but Netflix may not have exclusive rights for future seasons.

Yeah I know that obviously. I just said ownership in the broadest terms that while it’s on their site, they basically can decide to keep it or not, at least what I assume. But the way these things are done these days.

I mean sure, they may revert some day, but I don’t think between now and March lol.

Prime Video in Latin America has a page for LDS but isn’t streaming the episodes yet. It’s annoying.

My hunch is that when the current contracts expire they will shift Star Trek content from Netflix and Amazon to Paramount +, if it’s still operating at that time. Netflix is probably not happy that CBS/Paramount is going worldwide with a streaming service, but Amazon won’t really care – they will still get a cut of physical DVD/Bluray/Book sales through their website down the line.

Netflix has to know that’s the name of the game, after all, they accelerated these content wars the second they announced they’d be making House of Cards and competing with every single TV distributor.

ViacomCBS is obviously taking a renewed interest in streaming because it has to compete, but it is also content to mix/match what it retains for itself as exclusive content and what it licenses to competitors, hence Star Trek reruns being omnipresent and HBO Max having South Park. I would think it would let Discovery and Picard revert back to it when it has the option, and other shows like Jack Ryan as well, but it may also just come down to a bidding war.

Renewed interest? More like a fundamental rethinking of the mergered firm’s strategy.

ViacomCBS shareholders punished the value of the stock in January 2020 when CEO Baklish said that they would continue making exclusive content for other platforms.

So, as of then, ViacomCBS has a policy that anything they produce and sell to others will non-exclusive, and Paramount+ will have the rights to stream it.

There are a few deals signed before the change where Netflix or Amazon is getting exclusive rights for a certain number of years, but no more.

I’ve been wondering if the change in standard contract terms for licences was one of the things that held up the deal on Lower Decks with Amazon.

They’re still going to pursue a hybrid approach. Maybe no more mega deals like the South Park one, but Paramount is certainly not going to stop selling select new movie titles to the highest bidder, even after Covid. They’ll hold onto big budget fare, but low to mid-budget films will always be fair game to possibly skip theaters.

Amazon just has a streaming licence for Picard. It doesn’t own the IP. Neither does Netflix.

All the DVD, blueray and book profits belong to ViacomCBS.

Nimoy would be deeply moved to see his creation, Spock, dancing with SpongeBob to a library music power ballad to sell a streaming service. With each passing year, the clueless ViacomCBS conglomerate will further degrade the Trek franchise until it is virtually indistinguishable from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Would that be the same Nimoy who made an LP called “Mr. Spock’s Music from Outer Space”?

LOL. Or sang “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”

“Ah ahhh ahh, Bitter dregs.”

Nimoy’s only previous problem with Spock being used in advertising (Heineken’s floppy-eared Spock ad campaign from the 1970’s) was that he didn’t get paid for it. If he’d gotten paid to show up in this commercial, he’d have done it. He wasn’t dumb.

Also, the commercial would have been a thousand times better.

Either way, actors don’t own their characters they play. They may be able to personally refuse to participate in something, but it still doesn’t stop the studio from using the character any way they want.

As Marina Sirtis has said about Troi’s image on a stamp from UK Royal Mail, she does not own her own image as Troi so, while she’s delighted, she wasn’t consulted.

Actually, I think Mr. Nimoy would be thrilled to see that the character he worked so hard to create did NOT die with him but is still considered relevant.

While I hated the Spock golf spot, I thought the Spock dancing spot was pretty classy … well, for advertising. :-)

We do know that Spock danced as a child (as he said in “Whom Gods Destroy,”) and we know that he loved music, since we saw him playing his lute many times and saw him playing the piano in “Requiem for Methuselah. So I don’t think Spock dancing is that big of a stretch.

BTW I watched most of the Superb Owl on SeeBS- Beavis chortling “crack, heheh, crack” to Martin-Green was easily the low point of the entire broadcast. Vintage Viacom.

I must confess to getting a good laugh out of that spot. As always, Burnham came across as dour and overly serious and I thought Butthead’s comment was the perfect counterpoint / meta commentary / punchline.

Funny. I saw the “crack” comment to not only be the funniest thing on any CBS related thing in perhaps decades but it also had legs to the point where I was chuckling at it the entire rest of the ad.

Anyone else feel like the SB halftime show was directed by JJ “Lensflare” Abrams?

Nice spot. But it still isn’t enough to get me to subscribe. In fact, I really do not understand why anyone would subscribe to any streaming service for more than a month or two at a time.

And for the record, CBS still had glitches. I had Disney for a month in January and didn’t get one glitch. Further, Disney has an option to turn off the feature that runs you right into the next episode. Why doesn’t CBS or Netflix do that?

Some day in the future, streaming tech will be as good as a DVR. But it just isn’t there yet.

CBS All Access on Amazon Fire TV has that option in the settings. It is called “Autoplay”.

But CBS-AA does have glitches and it has been getting worse these last few weeks. Three or four times now, it has forgotten that I pay for Commercial Free and forces commercials on me. The only way I can correct it is to log-out and log back in again.

I’m not using Amazon, nor do I want to pay for another service just to get slightly better quality from the service I pay for already.

Sorry but CBSAA just sucks and I’m doubting Paramount+ will suck any less. I’m only there for Star Trek.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around how it could be that you know CBS All Access ‘just sucks’ when you don’t subscribe to it. Also, Netflix has the option to turn off autoplay, too. When was the last time you actually looked in the settings of these apps?

How were you able to determine I haven’t subscribed to CBSAA when in the very post you responded to actually said “I’m only there for Star Trek”? And yes, if you remove the new Star Trek from the library there is literally nothing worth subscribing to CBSAA for. And the fact that nu-Trek has been pretty bad is enough to not subscribe. I only do it because, God help me, I’m a fan.

Regarding Netflix… I would LOVE to turn off that super annoying feature that automatically starts the next episode 3 seconds after the credits start to roll. What moron ever thought THAT was a good thing? I went snooping around the settings some time ago and could not find a way to stop it. Is there a way to turn off other annoying netflix features as well? Like that irritating trailer that runs for whatever they happen to put up on the home page? Or the fact that if I leave the home page up for more than perhaps 20 seconds it starts playing whatever it was previewing automatically? I would love to fix the FF and rewind so it doesn’t move at a million mile per hour. Can we fix the delayed action on the controls? (Some of these are not exclusive to Netflix and it’s what makes streaming not a preferred technology at the moment)

How were you able to determine I haven’t subscribed to CBSAA

Because you wrote…

“But it still isn’t enough to get me to subscribe.”

Still trying to understand how you use this app without subscribing to it.

You turn off Autoplay in Netflix by going into your account settings with a web browser. It is annoying that you can’t do so within the app itself, but that does have the advantage of only having to change the setting once, since it applies to all devices you use. You don’t have to change it on each device.

Still trying to understand how you use this app without subscribing to it.”

Sorry to say this but you are either intentionally ignoring what I wrote (this will be the 2nd time I reminded you of it) or just are only reading certain sentences. Like certain politicians out there.

Again, I wrote “I’m only there for Star Trek”. You also ignored the context the comment you cited. Again, like certain hateful politicians out there. If you read the entire post it really isn’t that hard to put two and two together. But here it is for you.

I DO subscribe ONLY for the Star Trek. Once the current season of what ever Trek show is done the service goes off. If it wasn’t for Star Trek CBS has nothing worth subscribing to their service for.

I did check the auto play thing (I was able to turn it off for the brief month I had Disney) for Netflix and discovered one much go through the browser. Which agreed… Is sort of a pain. I’ve turned it off but haven’t watched anything yet. This could alleviate one of the issues Netflix has but does not solve the other irritants inherent with the current streaming technology.

That’s kind of the idea of streaming, that you drop in and out. Generally the studios and networks or whatever can make this work because there will be always millions subscribed at any one point, and money is taken immediately on sign up everything.
To the individual consumer I’m pretty sure not many would have enough time on their hands to be subscribed to multiple streaming services. You watch the content you want and then might move elsewhere to see the content of another service and keep going back and forth and around depending on mood and interest in content.

As for glitches, possible this could be more down to your Internet service provider? Streaming at HD and especially 4k demands cobsistent high speed Internet. It may well be even worse at ‘peak’ times when everyone is at home more, such as at evenings and weekends.

I don’t have the data in front of me but I don’t have reason to believe that a lot of people do that. Subscribe to one service for a month or two and move to another. I strongly suspect that most subscribers keep their services year round. It sounds counter productive but it’s just human nature. Back in the 90’s when most cable subscribers had DVR’s studies showed that more people than you think failed to FF past the commercials. A lot more than I had suspected. The services really want people to stick around. It’s why they offer long term discounts. If they were fine with people turning their product on and off once a year I doubt they would make such offers.

The glitch thing is unlikely to be my internet. Netflix has NEVER glitched once the show was running. Not once. CBS does it for everything I have ever looked at on it. In the month I had Disney it didn’t do it once. Nor has YouTube when I watched it on my big TV. This is obviously a CBS issue.