Preview Hero Collector’s ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook’

Today Hero Collector released the fourth in its series of illustrated Star Trek handbooks, this time focusing on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

A detailed look at DS9 and the Defiant

Hero Collector, a division of Eaglemoss, promises fans will feel as if they’ve beamed onto Station Deep Space 9 when they leaf through the pages of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook. The handbook painstakingly details the station and also takes readers aboard the USS. Defiant, and the small, multi-purpose runabouts used as transport by the crew.

Sample pages from Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook

The book begins with an account of the former Cardassian station’s construction and operation, from power storage and propulsion to maneuvering, weapons and defenses, providing a walk-through of the dark and claustrophobic structure.

Sample pages from Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook

The 200-pages illustrated guide includes over 200 images from Deep Space Nine. Isometric illustrations reveal Cardassian and Federation technology, operations rooms, and crew quarters, plus key areas and systems.

Sample pages from Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook also provides detailed annotations to complement eye-popping artwork of the 24th-century technology – phasers, remote transporters, tricorders, and more.

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Available now

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook was released today in hardcover from Amazon for $34.95.  It is also available direct from Eaglemoss for $34.95.


The new book is the fourth in Hero Collector’s line of Star Trek Handbooks. The previous three titles are also available at Amazon: Star Trek: U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Illustrated Handbook, Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Illustrated Handbook, Star Trek: The Next Generation: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Illustrated Handbook.

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The Illustrations are the ones from the fact Files, right?

It looks exactly like the stuff they used to fill out issues of STAR TREK THE MAGAZINE to me. Used to drive me crazy to buy the mag for one or two interviews or maybe some unseen concept art, and then be stuck with the rest of this silly cartoonwork, so I’d usually just tear out the good stuff and notebook it and toss the rest like this.

Always preferred set photos to this type of thing, and shots of the actual miniatures to computer cartoon artwork of same (man, what I’d give for a ships of the line calendar that was just photographs of the miniatures instead of this computer generated illustrations.)

I actually really loved every page of Star Trek: The Magazine, particularly these illustrations. Of course I was 7 years old so I wasn’t fussy. But to me these illustrated views really give you that “bird’s eye” look that set photos never could. It’s just funny to me that a book released in 2021 is still leaning on artwork two decades old…like, we’ve seen this before, a long, long time ago. Can’t they make new illustrations, or at least spruce up the old ones?


I’m buying it. I’m in season six of a DS9 rewatch every episode, so I’m in the zone. Love this show!

I’m in the midst of watching my list of Top 10 DS9 myself:

Past Tense
Way of the Warrior
Improbable Cause/The Die Is Cast
Sacrifice of Angels
In the Pale Moonlight
Trials and Tribbleations
The Visitor
Far Beyond the Stars

Going chronologically. I’m only at Way of the Warrior, so lots more goodness to come! It’s spurring my appetite for more DS9 material like this though.

Rewatched the entire show a year and a half ago when the documentary was coming to theaters. It was the fifth time I watched the show in it’s entirety. Now I’m watching the entire franchise completely and once again very excited to get to DS9. I can probably watch that entire show every year if I could!

Oops, I meant “Home Front”/“Paradise Lost”, not “Homecoming.”

I’m also on a complete DS9 re-watch having only watched the series once before when it originally aired. I’ve just watched the Season 4 opener and it already feels like a different show thanks to the introduction of Worf. To be honest I didn’t enjoy the first two seasons with Season 3 being only a modest improvement in my opinion. Of all the Star Trek series DS9 is the one that I struggled with but I recognise that it’s highly regarded by many fans.

I love season 4, and not because of Worf. I don’t have a favorite episode, but I’ve learned to enjoy more episodes now that I’m older than when it first aired. I was in college when I first watched DS9, and back then I did not like the Ferengi-silly episodes. Now, I love them. BUT I find all the Bajoran episodes the most boring now, but I enjoyed them back in the 90s. Weird.

I just finished the episode Waltz from season 6. Wow, that’s some good stuff! It’s basically a two-person play, but it works very, very well. Great acting, dialogue, and it’s the point that I think we see Dukat turn into true evil. Dukat is truly the best villain in all of Star Trek.

Thanks for the look ahead VZX. I should get to S6 in a couple of months. I actually have just seen what I personally consider to be one of the best episodes of DS9 in my complete series re-watch thus far; S4 E2 “The Visitor”. I also find the Bajoran stuff a little dull and I really struggled to get through S1&2 but S4 so far, has been very good.

Yep. From the Fact Files. Actually it’s pretty great to have them all in one place

How different is it than the DS9 Tech Manual?

That’s what I wondered.

The old tech manual has a LOT more detail.

How do you know without comparing these books side by side? I missed out on the Tech Manual, so I am hoping this illustrated handbook is comparable and worth the money.

Man I still really miss this show! DS9 was one of a kind and no Trek show since has come close to it unfortunately.

I mean, it’s on Netflix. 179 episodes of this fantastic show is quite a lot, IMO.

I know, I just wish we could have more seasons.

I admire the Eaglemoss Starship collection, but find their publications lacking. Often cobbled together from previous content and poorly edited.

As commented on the recent article about the First Contact Data figurine – it’s remarkable that there is enough of a market out there that another technical manual for a 30 year old show can be given the green light. It’s a testament to how fantastic previous Star Trek shows were.

I could be wrong here and will happily take this back through my brain chip or whatever tech we have in 25 years, but it’s unfathomable that the current “Star Trek” shows will be producing merch. I am quite curious to see how Hero Collector would have to try to make La Sirena interesting or explain how a ship with a complement of fewer than 100 has more internal space than a huge shopping mall with hundreds of turbolifts and thousands of shuttlecraft… not curious enough to pay anything for it though lol!

It’s just a rehash of a 20year old publication:

I don’t think Ron Cobb and Syd Mead together (I guess owing to a telepod accident) could make La Sirena (I think of it as ‘the barn’) interesting. Runabouts are like the Millennium Falcon or Discovery I by comparison.

I was just thinking about how the Defiant is an Insta Pot cover. Anyone else notice that?

Bought mine as soon as I saw this article (about 8.30am UK time!).

DS9 is my second favourite Trek show behind TNG.

does it explain how docking airlocks opened up on to the promenade? :P