Production On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Appears To Be Imminent

The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery went into production last November, Picard is about to start on season two “soon,” and now it looks like a third live-action Star Trek show is gearing up to start shooting as well.

Peck is in Toronto

The third original live-action Trek series for the soon to be rebranded Paramount+ is Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which was announced last May and will feature the adventures of the USS Enterprise in the decade before James T. Kirk. The show stars Anson Mount as Captain Pike, Ethan Peck as Spock, and Rebecca Romijn as Number One, all reprising their roles from the second season of Discovery and Short Treks.

Ethan Peck as Spock; Rebecca Romijn as Number One; and Anson Mount as Captain Pike in Star Trek: Short Treks “Q&A” 

While there has been no official word from CBS or the executive producers on exactly when Strange New Worlds will start shooting, there have been indications from social media and industry sites that the series began pre-production in late 2020 in Toronto, Canada. Now, it looks like things are getting closer to cameras rolling: Los Angeles-based Ethan Peck posted a couple of pictures from Toronto on Friday showing just how cold and snowy it is there.  When asked by one fan on Instagram if he was there to shoot Strange New Worlds, Peck replied with a winking-face emoji.


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5 Star Trek shows in production in 2021

The timing for Peck to be in Toronto now for rehearsals (beginning with quarantine) would make sense schedule-wise if the show is starting production in the last week of this month, as indicated by a trusted industry site. Strange New Worlds will be filmed at the new (and nearby) CBS Stages Canada production facility in Mississauga. As Discovery is shot at Pinewood Studios in Toronto, both shows will be able to be in production at the same time without running into each other.

Assuming Strange New Worlds stays on schedule and Picard also starts up soon in Southern California, Paramount+ will soon have three live-action Star Trek shows in production simultaneously. All three should be able to wrap up a season this year, but it’s unclear if any of them will make it onto Paramount+ before 2021 comes to a close. So far the only show confirmed for this year is the season 2 of the animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks. The premiere of the animated kids series Star Trek: Prodigy should arrive in 2021 on Nickelodeon, but is expected to eventually find its way to Paramount+ sometime after the season wraps up.

Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green with CBS executives at the September 2019 opening of CBS Stages Canada

3 Spocks in latest Paramount+ promo

Peck and Mount featured prominently in the Paramount+ launch campaign leading up to the Super Bowl and in a new Star Trek Universe spot aired during the game.  In case you missed our update, on the day after the Super Bowl, Paramount+ rolled out another new spot that showcased the service and included Star Trek. You can see Ethan Peck as Spock from Short Treks, Leonard Nimoy as Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series and even Iain Armitage dressed up as Spock from Young Sheldon.

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Preview Strange New Worlds with the All Access Podcast

Two weeks ago Tony and Laurie dedicated an episode of TrekMovie’s All Access Star Trek podcast to Strange New Worlds, going over everything known about the show as well as offering up some hopes and informed speculation.

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe on TV here at

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Man, I can’t wait for this show to arrive! I like DSC but THIS is exactly what I’ve waiting for since… forever… TOS with modern SFX and a contemporary vibe. The KT movie came close but not close enough. This is the best shot we’ve ever had at truly bringing classic Trek back to the screen.

If it works it could restore traditional episodic space opera as a whole that has only been done on The Orville so far since ENT ended almost two decades ago.

Arc-based, more “mature” space series such as NuBSG and The Expanse are fine for what they are but they simply are not what I MAINLY like to watch.. DSC tried to emulate those shows in parts and that didn’t turn out too well. I think DSC is back on track after Season 3 but still it isn’t quite there yet. SNW could be the game-changer I’ve been waiting for…

I’m trying not to get too excited, but like you, this is the exact show I wanted since they launched Discovery, even before Pike showed up. I dreamed up an idea where a sister-show that could frequently cross over in the ways DS9 and TNG rarely did. With a newly cast Pike and Spock, on a reimagined Enterprise.

It would be episodic, with weekly planet visits as they explore uncharted space.

In my head, the series was called Star Trek: 1701, but “Strange New Worlds” works just as well

Again, trying to temper my enthusiasm, and eagerly awaiting a teaser trailer late this Spring.

I like the variety they are offering, but I am most excited about Strange New Worlds like you are. I am enjoying all of the series but expected a bit more out of Picard, although I was still pleased with it. Seeking out new life and new civilizations is best left to episodic Star Trek.

I’m still a little hung up on the fact that it is a “prequel,” in a galaxy that is already fairly built out at this point in time. If they introduce us to big new alien race the fan question invariably becomes “why haven’t we seen them before.” I don’t have a huge problem with “it’s a big galaxy,” but in terms of MAJOR races and civilizations, things are pretty mapped out it seems. I suppose we can visit smaller worlds and see how they are impacted by what’s playing out on the main stage. I also want to them to lean into some real science more and show us some really strange planets.

It sounds as though Rebecca Romjin may have been in the Toronto area in the last week.

Her spouse Jerry O’Connell was promoted as joining a podcast “live from Toronto.”. Perhaps the whole family’s moved up for the second school term/semester that started the first week of February?

He could be up there filming one of his trash straight to Syfy movies.

He can do his voice work from anywhere. He’s showed up in a number of the DC animated features as Superman among a few other things.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the production design looks for this series.

The production design and costume designs for Discovery have looked to a lot of inspirations. While I love the updated Enterprise interior and exterior, I’m keen to see how the strange new planets and civilizations will look. (And I’m really looking forward to more new worlds that don’t all look like Southern California…)

Surely we’ll see some more TOS design influences, but what about other science fiction?

I’ve been watching Space 1999 now that it’s available for streaming in Canada. It’s amazing how much influence it’s mid 70s design and technology ideas had on the franchise from The Motion Picture through some of the sick-bay additions in the 90s series (e.g. the Arch). And from the station design to the lighting to the new Federation uniforms, it clearly was an inspiration for 32nd century Discovery. I’m loving it.

So, will we see some trippy Farscapish, or Red Dwarfish design? Back to Forbidden Planet mid-20th century modern?

Or will British production designer Jonathan Lee bring a new sensibility? (From his folio of drawings, it looks like he could bring a bit of steampunk into the design.)

Can’t wait.

And when those planets in the 23rd century DON’T look like Southern California, how many people will be online complaining that the look of those planets aren’t “canon”? ;)

For us older folks SoCal has been shot to death. Nearly every location is identifiable. I mean, you can only shoot the Bronson Canyon from so many angles before you start to repeat. That is happening in the Vancouver area now. So many things have been shot there I’m seeing many duplicate locations. What Toronto will offer is something we haven’t seen much of. And I do look forward to that.

Oh, I am in complete agreement with you. Southern California born and bred myself, as were my parents; I’m over seeing Southern California in Film and TV unless it is supposed to be taking place in Southern California. I was actually hoping that Picard would shoot in the UK, near wherever Sir Patrick’s country home is. He, unfortunately had other plans. If CBS keeps this commitment to multiple and varied series, I’m hoping that they use studios in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Spice things up a bit.

I still don’t know why this bothers people, especially for Trek. Part of the fun of TV in the 80s and 90s used to be spotting character actors popping up on all the other shows, spotting re-used props, reused locations.

And for a show like Trek that has traditionally re-used props, sets, locations, and even FX shots to save budget, I think seeing locations we’ve seen over and over is par for the course.

When the Maquis use Fajo’s Varon-T disruptor, when USS Balerphon dining room is just a redress of Voyager’s mess hall. When the Maquis settlement is the same matte painting from “Ensigns of Command”. When the same shots of exploding BOP interiors are re-used over and over. When the ENT-A in TUC is filmed almost entirely on TNG sets!

Trek has always been… not cheap– they’re often expensive to produce– but let’s say BUDGET CONSCIOUS, and this stuff is fun to spot, and part of Trek’s charm for me.

I once noticed the same coffee table in Janeway’s ready room appearing on an old episode of Family Ties (also Paramount) filmed around the mid-1980s. Which mean the studio held on to that stuff for years and years.

Around the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, Discovery has already used a few of the favourite locations.

One of the favourite sites on The Escarpment was used in S1, the Lafarge quarry has been used every season (including in winter with the GoF). The Scarborough bluffs were used for Kaminar. In S3 some fairly distinctive Canadian shield bedrock and water formations were used too.

They may have to go further afield in Ontario to get more variety, but Canada doesn’t lack for diversity in geography.

More, they now have access to an AR wall. Hopefully we’ll get to see new planets with green and pink and purple skies and finally see lighting that makes sense with those.

The one thing I’d like to see is for Toronto to get to play itself in at least one episode. Any of the branch series. Dress it up in 23rd, 24th, 25th or 32nd Century architecture if they like, but still…

Yes, it has been used. I’ve seen an obvious Toronto double for New York for example. But the point is not nearly has heavily as LA has been used or more recently even Vancouver. At least for productions aimed at the USA.

At least they’re not filming in Vancouver. So many sci-fi planets look like the Vancouver area it is ridiculous.(Who does Resident Alien think they’re kidding?) Toronto looks a little different, but is also kinda blah.

Actually, Resident Alien is clearly being shot on the Island not the Lower Mainland.

But it’s still the rainforest.

Probably the worst offense I saw was in Smallville. Supposed to be in Kansas but the mountain peaks of British Columbia often showed up in “Kansas”.

Ha! That reminds me of the mountains in the background shots for I Dream of Jeannie, which was set in Cocoa Beach, Florida!

I took a look at Lee’s site and also his credits, and he seems an unusual choice. I checked the credits on the concept artists listed on imdb and there’s more of a genre background there, so it will be interesting to see how ‘sf’ or ‘trek’ the look winds up being.

Im pathetic I realize but I really really really need them to lengthen the neck of the Entrerprise to where its supposed to be. Apologies. I’ll see myself out.

Remember, it’s not the length, it’s what they do with it.

I still think you could retcon a telescoping feature into the neck, like a collapsible drinking container. Would be a great way to reveal TMP-style torpedo launchers.

Queue the fanboy erection jokes in 3…2…1…

Peck and Mount featured prominently in the Paramount+ launch campaign leading up to the Super Bowl and in a new Star Trek Universe spot aired during the game. In case you missed our update, you live in a place other than America.

I drive by CBS studios almost every day in Mississauga… as I’ve posted here before 2 weeks ago.

The production is well underway.

They have big STRANGE NEW WORLDS covid visitor instructions signs visible from the street.

ALL the main crew not even yet listed on IMDB already have assigned parking spots marked and visible on the exterior of the building on Matheson.

Anson Mount did a Valentine’s Day instagram post this morning clearly from the townhome rental kitchen window he’s been assigned in Mississauga.

Any chance you might spot some of the other cast names? Only Mount, Peck and Romijn have been announced so far.

I was going to compliment ST:EXP on being very good and not leaking the names.

It sounds as though ViacomCBS needs to get that release out soon though.

Regardless of the high level advertising and promotional plan for Paramount+, if the building has the names of the other members of the ensemble posted out in public view, the call sheet is not going to stay under wraps for long.

I looked at all the spaces and it’s basically for the production crew directly, most of which whom are local residents of the region; not the cast.

Most of the main key cast will have drivers ferry them from their temporary homes daily.

The extras can park at the McDonalds across the street. :)

… and no, I’m not posting what I saw because it feels stalkerish. That’s bad karma.

That’s certainly fair.

I think you’re right about that particular press release re: the core cast. It’s going to have to be soon. My fellow Canadians try to be a polite lot, but we do have our jerks.

I am very excited for this show, but I am really troubled by the huge lack of logical quality control shown in things like the huge turbolift chasms within the ships. This kind of thing is pushing these Trek shows into Lost in Space/Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea silliness. If the need for action set pieces overrules common sense and logic then this entire run of Trek shows is just not going to be cannon for many fans long term. And I am a fan! I have enjoyed most of the new stuff. Just can’t get past the ridiculousness of those big action parts.

Maybe they’re just trying to catch up to the (at least) 78 decks we saw in The Final Frontier.

Kidding aside though, I think that as much as I enjoy the new era of shows, this type of thing is the one aspect that keeps them from being truly great. The previous series have the vessel (Enterprise, Voyager, DS9) feel like a real thing and treat them as another character in the show. I have not felt that with Discovery, and by treating the ship as a fantastical thing, I don’t think that connection is going to happen.

comment image

I am still writing that TFF turbolift stuff off as being starbase-surplus that hadn’t been properly fixed up yet.

That said, I hope they do skip the “oversized turbolift vault” stuff. It does throw me off my suspension of disbelief a bit. They have to know that people are going to work up their own deck plans eventually…

Time and space dilation have been a feature of Trek since TOS. How often did we see Nimoy and Shatner climb abord, and the trip through the ship was always long (or short) enough for them to deliver their lines? A little context; the good ship Enterprise is roughly the size of an older class American aircraft carrier, stood on end, the size of a decent sized skyscraper. You never saw turbolifts stop from deck to deck to pick up and drop off passangers, so in a cable pulled elevator today, it only takes a minute or so to get to the 80th floor. The horizontal turbolifts are just a terrible waste of real estate. It’s probably better to just accept that they work, and if the directors want a little artistic license in what a turbolift trip looks like, let them. A graphic presentation of a rediculious concept doesn’t take anything away from Trek, at least for me.

Moving the lifts horizontally is indeed a waste of space. I’ve considered that but it never bothered me to the point where the concept would ruin the show or even an episode. That said, what they did on Star Trek: Discovery is patently absurd. Those huge chasms of empty space within the ship is… Ugh. There aren’t the appropriate words to describe that level of derangement.

This is the one I’m looking forward to most of all! TOS won my heart when I was eleven, and I’d love to see Spock and Pike and Number One in action again. I know those actors can play the heck out of those characters, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping as hard as I can that the writers give them something wonderful to do.

The third original live-action Trek series

Fourth: Discovery, Short Treks, Picard, Strange New Worlds

I took that to mean there will be three in production simultaneously.

Are any Short Treks still being made? I thought they were gapfillers between the major shows, but now there aren’t any more gaps.

so sweet and original

Man, I love Star Trek. Here’s how I know: even though I’ve disliked four of the five seasons of Trek produced in the CBS era, I still get excited when I see a new season is on the verge of filming.

Just can’t help it.

Which one did you like?

Lower Decks

Curious that none of the other cast members have been announced. A number of reasons for this are dancing through my head but for the moment I think I will keep my theories to myself.

For the record, I so very much want to be excited for this series. I really do. But given the track record of Secret Hideout I am actually being cautiously pessimistic towards it.

Alex Kurtzman has learned from all his mistakes and is about to make The Greatest Star Trek of All Time. I couldn’t be more excited to climb Mount Viacom along with Dr. Quinn, T.J. Hooker, and Julie Chen Moonves.

Now, now. It’s Mount Paramount, brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department.

Thank god I wasn’t the only one scratching my head at that. “Mount Para … mount?” Does not roll of the tongue well. Why not Paramount Peak? or literally anything else.

Fan base before Discovery: Oh no, not another TOS prequel! Terrible idea!
Fan base before SNW: Oh yeah, just what we were hoping for! Great idea!

I would ordinarily be dejected at yet another prequel, but I also think the difference is largely in the way Anson Mount nailed the role of Pike, improving on Hunter’s original. So: we’ll see.

My response is similar. For me, I do not mind a TOS prequel. But would not have been too interested in a Pike driven show. But after seeing how Mount did Pike in that season I have changed my tune. I feel like a lot of people who would have been against a Pike show (for whatever reason) have changed their minds based on Mount’s performance.

We can be cautiously optimistic if the series fully uses the new rear-screen tech to create unusual places – something like a hash between TOS foam rocks and Mandelorian. Visually, DSC has been beautiful but short on really “new worlds.”

Also, Anson Mount is one of us, an original Trekker and he wouldn’t waste his time if the stories weren’t closer to the Trek we love.

As far as “when” this is – we don’t know. SNW could even begin during the Klingon War. We have no idea.

Wouldn’t waste his time if the stories weren’t closer to the Trek we love … I’m sorry, do you think the actors see all the scripts before they get hired? Mount has no idea what’s in store for him, nor do any of the cast.

Mount may not get to see scripts (just because they haven’t been written yet) but, as the star of the show, I’m sure he’s having extensive discussions with the producers about their plans. Of course, it’s a long way from a story pitch to a script to a finished episode, so in a way he really doesn’t know what the finished product is going to be.
In response to the original poster’s “Anson Mount wouldn’t waste his time if the stories weren’t closer to original Trek” I’d reply that Mount agreed to do Discovery season 2 which arguably wasn’t exactly close to original Trek.

Wouldn’t surprise me if SNW ends up replacing Discovery as the flagship series pretty quickly. I think it could be likely Discovery has five seasons maximum before it will be wrapped up.

SNW’s if done well could last years, certainly as many as seven seasons like the 90s Trek’ shows managed. This is the format that works best for Trek; standalone but with plenty of overarching storylines going on too.

This is and can’t be 90s Trek, which is fine. Been there done that with something like 400 episodes plus. This could and should be better.

There is so much potential for this series to be great.
Just need to really get some good writers involved, at their A game.

DataMat, what’s with the “flagship” competition between series.

SNW may become the favourite among the new series for many people who enjoy TrekMovie and post here, but we’re not likely to be the mass market that will carry Paramount+ and the franchise into the future.

Discovery was targeted and designed to reach a new and younger audience. For many of them, TOS at best can’t hold their attention and at worse is cringy.

We’ve already heard that Discovery has been mapped out for 7 years. That would be a total of a bit more than 90 episodes, enough to meet the syndication threshold with a dozen to spare. I can’t see any reason to stop earlier if they have the audience.

I haven’t heard anything about Discovery having been mapped out for 7 years to be fair, so apologies on that as obviously I missed that news story.

As far as the audience for Discovery is concerned you make an obvious point. Being 29 myself I’d have thought I was within the prime target demographic but in honestly I’ve never been able to get into Discovery. I also find TOS tough to watch, though I love TNG.

Kurtzman gave some interviews in the summer talking about working with ViacomCBS on mapping out the next five years for the franchise.

In those interviews, he mentioned a few times that 7 seasons is the usual model for Star Trek series and that Discovery had enough story left to tell to fulfill that.

Also, given that it will take 5 short-season streaming series to give the same number of episodes per calendar year as when TNG and DS9, there doesn’t seem to be any margin in ending a series early.

If he wants to take DSC to a full decade, and the cast is up for it in sufficient numbers…I’m not going to complain. Unless the series gets pulled from CTV SciFi in mid-run. Then, I will complain. Politely and loudly.

I think one ought to take those comments with plenty of grains of salt. For one thing, the 7 seasons referred to were ACTUAL seasons of 24+ episodes. Not half seasons of 10-13. So if they want to use that metric then they would need to reach a minimum of their 13 mini seasons.

If SNW takes a fully episodic approach, it will, at best, fade into the din of shows like Hawaii-Five 0, Nu MacGyver (note those two series are Kurtzman productions), new Knight Rider, and the endless episodic medical dramas: in other words, something people can enjoy now and then, but ultimately empty calories that are not remembered for much. It will not be a cultural touchstone.

At worst, it will crash and burn early on, as Paramount+ has zero to compete with the likes of House of Cards, the revival of Borgen, the 3%, Breaking Bad, and so on. Viewing tastes have become much more sophisticated since the Sopranos premiered back in the late 1990s. And yes, much of TOS is cringy. It’s remembered for the episodes that fall within the top quartile or so, not Bella Oxmyx.

Now, it’s true that Secret Hideout has not yet produced a masterful serialized season of Discovery. But Picard worked well, undoubtedly thanks to Chabon. Enterprise season 3 worked well. The “series of triologies” approach from Enterprise season 4 was a stroke of genius and will, I hope, be something of a model for SNW.

I wasn’t as happy with Picard as you River Temarc, but I’ve said my piece elsewhere.

I do note that at this point Secret Hideout has completed a total of only 52 episodes of live-action Star Trek. (42 episodes of Discovery over 3 seasons; 10 episodes of Picard).

I’d argue that there are more scenes and episodes of excellence in these initial 52 episodes from Secret Hideout than in the first two seasons / 52 episodes of TNG.

So, I’m continuing to look for this era to reach it peak, and giving Secret Hideout the benefit of the doubt on its ability to execute a successful strategy with quality products.

I’d argue that there are more scenes and episodes of excellence in these initial 52 episodes from Secret Hideout than in the first two seasons / 52 episodes of TNG.”

I wouldn’t make that argument.

Sadly, Star Trek has not been a major cultural touchstone in a very long time, and the structure of its storytelling has little to nothing to do with it.

But SpongeBob clearly is a touchstone for many American millennials.

While the Mandalorian or Cobra Kai may top it for a few weeks a year, it dominates the ratings year round.

ViacomCBS evidently won a lot of love from millions of SpongeBob fans by playing Sweet Victory at the Super Bowl. If this brings them over to Paramount+, then the streamer will want to make sure that there is a new Trek series there for them.

Yeah well, they keep trying and trying to make Trek into a very large, very popular franchise, but it’s still going to be a niche thing. It’s not going to be the way it was in the 90s. It’s a niche market now.

I agree AllenWrench, but I’d argue that a good part of the franchise’s flagging was that it’s utopian and aspirational tone was too out of step with post 9/11 grimdark United States popular culture.

As a parent of teens, it’s pretty frustrating that there is little available in books and visual media for them that’s affirming positives.

COVID is at least as large a cultural disruption as 9/11, and it’s a global one.

What appeals to the mainstream and what’s niche may shift.

I don’t think that anyone has a clear bead on what people will be looking for after this, I could imagine a pendulum shift to more aspirational stories. Many of the new offerings coming out now we’re in development before COVID so it could be a bit before we can really tell.

There is evidence that there are some people giving the franchise a try during lockdowns and sticking with it. Social media is full of “I just discovered that I like Star Trek” posts.

All to say, who knows? But a disruption is the time to pull people in with cheerful things like SpongeBob and then see what they’re looking for that’s new to them.

Part of the problem is that “progressives” (who are supposed to, y’know, believe in progress), for whom Star Trek was something of a cultural touchstone in the 1960s, have embraced full-throated pessimism on subjects like climate change and Covid (“we’re all gonna diiiiiieee, and there’s nothing to be done about it!”).

I haven’t heard a single person say there’s nothing to be done about it. Because there has been something to do about it for quite some time: wear masks, distance, and take the vaccine when it becomes available to you. Simple as that.

And that’s not depressing to you? I find that counts as “grimdark”. Especially when you hear people high up predicting that all of those things will have to continue for at least two more YEARS.

The term grimdark applies to fiction, and one of the charms of fiction is the control the author has over it. Unlike reality, it doesn’t HAVE to be that way.

As for reality, well, it ain’t peachy these days, is it? But considering the alternative, I’ll take it. I’ll care about my fellow human the best way I can, keep calm and carry on. Our grandparents and great grandparents suffered through far greater hardships. So, to honor them, one of whom died last year in the pandemic, my grandmother, I’ll march forward with that same determination that saw them to brighter times. That, in its small way, is the only control I have.

I share your hope, TG47. I’ve been tired of grimdark for a very long time. Here’s hoping for something brighter very soon.

Have you guys seen the nonsense We Got This Covered is posting? They’ve posted a completely made-up “article” about Star Trek 14 being back in production, with William Shatner set to appear in it. Why does anyone ever believe anything that ridiculous website posts? Every single article is made-up clickbait.

Trekmovie is the only site I trust.

Shatner will never be in Star Trek again now. The man is like 89 isn’t he?

Different timeline now, Pine’s Kirk doesn’t necessarily die at Veridian III. Shatner could play an older version of this Kirk.

In just over a month from now Shatner turns 90!

Its kind of insane how well in health he seems to be right now, especially when I read some of his many personal books and how he described how he spent years of his life not exactly looking after his health, and yet on the whole, he has obviously done more right than wrong on that front!

Probably its done to how he’s managed his mental health over the years but who knows. He’s always seemed switched on. Fair play to him for that.

We have no clue just what kind of shape Shatner is in. His public image is carefully choreographed, and he’s at an age where if there is a turn in his health, things can fall apart in a hurry. Tony Bennetts Alzheimer’s was kept from the public eye for a decent amount of time, as an example.

He’s still active and well with his tweeting on Twitter.

My granddad at 75 wouldn’t even know how to use Twitter lol

And even tweets have often indicated in subtle ways, as little hints, of the state of someone’s mind or health.

“Have you guys tasted this sour milk? It’s awful!” *forces a sip down the throats of all around him*

Why spread the rumor?


CLOSED for derailing

For those outside the U.S., sorry but you cannot see the video.

Actually,we can. So nothing to be sorry about,lol.

Pike was hands down the best part of Disco for me, so I’ll check this out. Can’t wait for Picard season 2, though

It sure looks like therr will be plenty of viewing choices…. In 2022.

This could be the start of something big… This is like the heady days of Trek when you ended one series but they had another in the can or close to it. After TNG, we got DS9, after VOY, after that we got ENT. But not 3, 4 or 5 Trek series at the same time on TV or Streaming- DISCO, PIC and Lower Decks.
Sadly we entered a Trek drought once ENT ended (IMO) prematurely until the JJ movies came into being. But I will say that SNW is the kind of Trek I yearn to see, having watched TOS when it came on TV in 1966. While that may be my vision of Trek, that is not to say I do not enjoy the other series, I just have a favorite or two or three.

I am really looking forward to SNW as well, and I hope it recaptures the spirit of the original series. I’m not the biggest fan of ‘doom and gloom’ trek. I will say Discovery Season 3 was an excellent step forward– the 3 year curse all Star Trek shows (except the original series) suffered from continues!

That being said, I’ll be that guy nobody likes:

TNG and DS9 overlapped for a year (TNG season 7 and DS9 season 1 aired at the same time), and DS9 and VOY overlapped for 4.5 years (5 seasons). Each show had a separate writers room, but all shows were overseen by the same couple of people.

Interestingly, in most of the overlap years Star Trek produced 52 episodes per year. In total (a period of three-four years) new Trek has produced 51 live action episodes. Put another way, current Trek would need to have about 4 (possibly 5) live-action shows each producing a season/year (before the pandemic, Discovery was producing a season every 13-15 months) to equal the output of Trek at its height.

Thank you for comparing total episodes to total episodes rather than “seasons”. There is a HUGE difference.

You know, it is hard to compare this. Sure, pure output numbers, 52 are more than the 32 from last year. On the other hand, when you do less episodes, but more series, your cost overall is higher (more standing sets to keep, more crew to hire, more writers’ rooms, more actors, and so on and so forth). Also, if you look at the cost per episode, even adjusting for inflation, you will find out CBS is spending a lot more on Trek now than Paramount used to in the good ol’ days. So, in terms of saturating the market, yes, the height of Trek still belongs to the 90s (less variety, less budget, more episodes). But if you’re talking about the quality and quantity of spending, plus the variety of product, we have much more today than we ever dreamed of in the 90s. Our show offerings of today remind of the Trek comic books offering from Marvel in the 90s… and it is not insane to think that it will beat in number of episodes as well. After all, CBS AA (soon to be Paramount+) have already talked about doing Star Trek all year round, which would put us up there with 52, and Prodigy is going to be flying alongside on Nickelodeon… Regardless of how it compares to the 90s, it is definitely an amazing time to be a trekker!

If I’m not mistaken Enterprise was doomed either way as UPN shutdown about a year after the show was canceled. They would have never been able to air a full season five had it been made. I think had the show existed during the current streaming era it would have lasted a lot longer.

Just wait after tonight and Thursday. We should get tonight 25 cm snow , Thursday 15 cm. Then they can post more snow pics. lol

The enterprise c era would be nice too

ST:SNW might be a great show if robo-Picard distracts/keeps away all the snoozefest TNG crew and allows some action/adventure/wagon train to the stars action to sneak in. Kind of like how DS9 was allowed to be awesome because of the distraction that was VOY. Keep TNG where it belongs, in the holodeck or as a comedy like Lower Decks.

Please, please, please don’t let the same people ruin this like they have Disco and Picard.

All I need to know is: Is Paramount + going to cost more?