New Fan Art Initiative Shines A Light On Artists And The Women Of Star Trek Who Inspire Them

One of the enduring strengths of Star Trek is how it has inspired so many people in so many fields for decades. The latest example of this is Women Make Trek, a new fan art initiative bringing artists from around the globe together to pay tribute to the women of Star Trek.

Women Make Trek

The new Women Make Trek initiative was put together by artist Laz Marquez – known for popular Star Trek art often shared by cast and crew – and Heather Rae, founder of Fans Give Back and host of the Fanthropology podcast. According to the pair, it was ” born from a mutual love of the Star Trek Universe, art and design, and the incredible wealth of artistic talent working today who you may or may not be aware of.”

The goal of Women Make Trek is to “highlight the strength and contributions of the women who have made Star Trek, in all of its iterations, what it is.” The site is run by fans and for fans and is entirely free. They are not selling any merchandise based on the artwork, just offering a showcase of artists and their inspiration. They are also inviting fan artists to submit their work to join the initiative.

Currently, the website features a number of pieces of art with a variety of styles, each featuring a different Star Trek character, and each is accompanied by the stories behind how these women and actresses have impacted the artists’ lives. Their goal is to expand and “build new ideas that will bring fans and talent together in new and exciting ways.”

Women Make Trek will also feature cast and crew interviews through the Fanthropology podcast. Today’s launch includes a new interview with Star Trek: Discovery’s Mary Chieffo.

For more info visit and follow Laz and Heather on Twitter.


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Great initiative with a wide range of talents showcased – from the highly skilled to the down-right amateurish – but all expressive of the artists’ appreciation of the Women of Trek.

Hahaha, it looks like the one from Lower Decks is covering up T’Pol’s chest and giving side-eye. Hahaha.

Gee…I wonder why no love for 7 of 9? ;)

She’s represented if you click the link.


What do you mean? There are images of Seven and all other major female characters.

They made it so.

I hope that a live action M’Ress shows up in Strange New Worlds. Arex too.

I would LOVE that, but I doubt it sadly. Or else they’d over-redesign it like they did the Klingons for DSC.

Why wouldn’t they? We’ve already had live-action Caitians.

Man, that one with the three versions of Uhura is almost so great… But I hate when an artist obviously uses a live action reference photo that was asymmetrical, mirrors it, and doesn’t take the time to fix the details (most glaringly the insignia on her uniform) that are now wrong.