‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And ‘Picard’ Nominated For 7 Saturn Awards

Today the nominations for the 46th annual Saturn Awards were announced, and Star Trek Universe shows brought in a total of seven nominations. The annual awards event from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films honors the best in genre film and television and this is the biggest showing for Star Trek in a single year since 2003.

‘Discovery’ vs Picard’ and Ryan vs Mulgrew at Saturns

Both Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Discovery have been nominated for Best Science Fiction Television Series. They are going up against Doctor Who (BBC America), Lost in Space (Netflix), Pandora (The CW), Raised by Wolves (HBO Max), and Westworld (HBO). The first two seasons of Discovery won Best Series Saturn Awards, however, until this year the Saturns separated streaming/new media shows from cable and network series.

Three actors for Star Trek: Picard have picked up nominations. Sir Patrick Stewart is nominated for Best Actor on a Television Series. He is pitted against Henry Cavill (The Witcher – Netflix), Mike Colter (Evil – CBS), Grant Gustin (The Flash – The CW), Sam Heughan (Outlander – Starz), Jonathan Majors (Lovecraft Country – HBO), and Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul – AMC). This is Stewart’s sixth time being nominated, with two previous wins (including one for Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Picard’s Isa Briones was nominated for Best Performance by a Younger Actor on a Television Series. Her competition is Freya Allan (The Witcher – Netflix), Brec Bassinger (Stargirl – The CW), Maxwell Jenkins (Lost in Space – Netflix), Madison Lintz (Bosch – Amazon), Cassady McClincy (The Walking Dead – AMC), and Erin Moriarty (The Boys – Amazon).

And Jeri Ryan was also nominated for her work in Picard, in the category of Best Guest Starring Performance on Television. Her competition includes her former Voyager co-star Kate Mulgrew. Ryan’s fellow nominees are Jon Cryer (Supergirl – The CW), Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian – Disney Plus), Mark Hamill (What We Do in the Shadows – FX), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead – AMC), Kate Mulgrew (Mr. Mercedes Audience), and Billy Porter (The Twilight Zone – CBS All Access). This is Ryan’s fifth nomination, having previously won one Saturn Award in 2001 for Star Trek: Voyager.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine and Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in “Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1”

Two actors on Discovery were also nominated. Sonequa Martin-Green was nominated for Best Actress on a Television Series. The other nominees are Caitriona Balfe (Outlander – Starz), Melissa Benoist (Supergirl – The CW), Regina King (Watchmen – HBO), Thandie Newton (Westworld – HBO), Candice Patton (The Flash – The CW), and Rhea Seehorn (Better Call Saul – AMC). This is Martin-Green’s third nomination, having previously won for both previous seasons of Star Trek: Discovery.

And Discovery’s Doug Jones picked up a nomination for Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series. He is going up against Jonathan Banks (Better Call Saul – AMC), Tony Dalton (Better Call Saul – AMC), Michael Emerson (Evil – CBS), Richard Rankin (Outlander – Starz) Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead – AMC), and Luke Wilson (Stargirl – The CW). Jones was also nominated for both previous seasons of Discovery, including winning for season two.

Doug Jones as Saru and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham in “Die Trying”

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Outstanding news. Congrats to Alex and the entire team.


Stop sucking up bro, it’s getting embarrassing.


Warning for flaming. You are not the opinion police.

That was a nasty thing for me to say, I apologize to Methusalah and to the other posters.

Accepted — no worries.

Congratulations to all the nominees…

Crikey – the sci-fi genre really is at its lowest point looking at the competition.

How The Expanse and its fantastic cast aren’t even nominated bewilders me.

Is it possible that they didn’t release any new episodes during the period that is considered for this round of Saturn Awards?

Very good point! Thank you!

The Expanse was frustratingly dull this season. Not saying Picard and Discovery were superb, but Season 5 was a mess. Really, who would you nominate for an acting award from The Expanse this season? Strait seemed to be in it for all of about 10 minutes. Tipper spent most of her time crying. (Naomi is giving Michael Burnham competition in the crying department.) Chatham’s Amos spent all season wandering around frozen North America looking dour. No way was Anvar going to get a nomination. Aghdashloo didn’t really get any meat to chew on this season. The less said about the acting ‘talents’ of the rest of the cast, the better.

Are the saturn’s relevant? I mean, it’s for scifi/fantasy , which means star trek will always get nominated as they need to fill all those categories up with something, and as this genre makes up the smallest portion of tv drama then this comes as no surprise

I honestly don’t understand what the criteria is for a Saturn nomination these days. In looking at this year’s nominees I see categories like Best Action Adventure with non-genre flicks like 1917, Bad Boys and Fast & Furious. Daniel Craig is nominated as best actor for Knives Out.

In all honesty though, the Saturns have not been a serious award in a very long time, if ever. Any committee that would nominate garbage like Rise of Skywalker for Best science fiction movie or consider Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a fantasy movie or expand their categories to include movies that fall way out of their usual wheelhouse is clearly more concerned with publicity and visibility than any kind of critical or genre focused integrity.

I remember one year they awarded Iron Man best sci-fi movie so they could give best comic book movie to The Dark Knight. If they don’t have enough confidence in their own voting process that they have to bend nominations like that so they can give lip service to multiple movies that are clearly the same genre, then they are about as relevant to the awards circuit as the Razzys.

Well, OUaTiH was Alternate History, you could say. Sharon Tate survives the Manson murders.

Lost in Space is easily the best of that group.

And I will say that Jon Cryer made a fantastic Lex Luthor.