Watch: William Shatner And Christopher Lloyd Reunited In ‘Senior Moment’ Trailer And Clip

William Shatner’s next feature film is Senior Moment, where he will be reunited with his Star Trek III nemesis Christopher Lloyd. The original Kirk is also celebrating his 90th birthday with a special visit to the Star Trek Tour this summer.

Shatner and Lloyd in Senior Moment

Shot back in 2017, the comedy film Senior Moment is finally readying for release. Shatner stars as Victor Martin, a retired NASA test pilot who loses his driver’s license after being caught speeding around Palm Springs too often in his vintage Porsche. Lloyd plays his best friend Sal, and Jean Smart plays his romantic interest Caroline, who meets Victor as he learns to cope with life taking public transportation.

The film is currently being shopped for distribution by Film Mode, who have released a trailer.

Senior Moment reunites William Shatner with Christopher Lloyd, who played the Klingon villain Kruge in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The Hollywood Reporter posted a clip from the movie featuring Shatner and Lloyd.

Celebrate Shatner’s 90th on the bridge

On March 22nd, William Shatner turns 90. He is inviting fans to join him to celebrate his birthday this summer by returning to the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, NY. The two-day event kicks off on July 23rd. Tickets are available now, starting at $50 for general admission. You can also buy autographs, signed photos, and a VIP package (for $1,500) that includes a birthday dinner celebration, tour of the bridge with Shatner, and more. For more information visit

William Shatner during his last visit to Ticonderoga in 2018

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Looks very well produced, surprisingly. Shocked this wasn’t picked up and released back then.

My reaction precisely.

It looks like a completely credible comedy, and having Christopher Lloyd with Shatner is a joy.

That looks pretty good.

Can’t wait to see it.

Love that Shatner’s still as vivacious as ever! Can’t believe the man’s turning 90.

He is amazingly spry and youthful for his age, although I think this was filmed about 4 years ago. I watch him regularly on History’s Unxplained and he appears to be a little less agile these days, but still awesome. The man is a gift. I hope he lives another 90 years!

Four years ago. Yes, he was younger then.

Dude, this was filmed 4 years ago.

OK, he’s remarkably spry for 86 then. He acts like a guy in his early 70s. You don’t live to be 90 without having a few secrets up your sleeve. I think Shatner’s is that he simply insisted on being himself–damn the critics, the grousing cast mates, and the politically correct class.

Still romancing the girls 20 years his junior. Good on ya, Captain!

A bit of a red flag that it has been on the shelf so long, but looks like a sweet and harmless film. Nice to see Shatner doing this kind of work, the man is unstoppable!

Shatner has more energy than *I* do, and I’m 28 years his junior. So impressive!

If he can do this he can do a special episode for Paramount +. Come on Alex Kurtzman figure this out! There are some fans that would love to see William Shatner play Kirk again.

This was 4 years ago. He’s 90 now.

That ship has sailed.

He still is currently pretty active. They should have done something years ago.

What if.. in a fifth TNG movie (yes) we would have been served up on a ShatnerVStewart movie in a weird sort of mirror universe WRIT LARGE.

Bigger budget. Crazy story. Data back in action one last time in mirror universe.

That would have been the perfect send off for both Stewart and Shatner IMO and it would also have helped soften some fans grief with Generations being his last appearance dying on a bridge.

It was a really lame send-off for Kirk. The script for that movie was incredibly awful. They should have titled it “Catch a Passing Nexus.” So dumb. Kirk dies twice in that movie and both of them are lame deaths. Kirk: “Did we make a difference?” Picard: No, Jim, we didn’t.

I really want to see this! I hope it’s available soon. Looks great.

Some of the dialogue seems rough, at least out of context, but overall this looks fun. Wonder what the hold up is here.

Palm Springs is a great get-a-way spot in SoCal.

Great team these two. Two Hollywood Giants. When I’m old, I’ll be happy to have 50% of their energy! I look forward to see this movie. Glad Shatner keeps reinventing himself. However, I’m always hoping to see him as Captain Kirk again and again and again! :P

Love how Lloyd is rocking the doc brown hair for real now that its snow white.

Ok this looks absolutely adorable! I wonder why it wasn’t picked up initially…

What a legend!!!

90 years old. This is the way to do it, folks.

I would absolutely love to go to this birthday celebration at the Star Trek Set. That would truly be a childhood dream to meet Capt Kirk on the bridge of the Enterprise. Totally awesome. Hopefully the US/Canada border will be opened by then.

Great Scotty!!!!!

I have a fun idea for a WS movie. “Bring Me William Shatner!”. A uber trekkie wants the ultimate collectable – William Shatner himself! And seeks to kidnap him to display in his basement TOS Bridge set replica (where WS would be held captive and fed, limited internet access/netflix etc but must wear the TOS uniform). Basically ‘The Most Toys’ but with Shatner 😊 (the end twist would be the trekkie is actually a lonely alien stranded on earth and just wants Captain Kirk for a friend. And Shatner would of course end up helping him get home or something. like a reverse Galaxy Quest)

I’d watch that :)

This is going to be hilarious! Shatner does well with comedy and of course, Chris Lloyd was great as Rev Jim in TAXI so they are teamed well. Naturally, we cannot help but see them as Kirk & Kruge battling it out on the dying Genesis planet… at least I will. Looking forward to seeing this.

This looks like good fun. Will certainly keep an eye out for the release.

Got my ticket to his 90th birthday celebration in Ticonderoga! I have a couple of pics with him but to be on the bridge in a pic with him is the ultimate!