Grudge The Cat From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is Getting Her Own Book

We have already reported about the planned Star Trek: Discovery novel coming in May all about Michael’s gap year with Book during season three. But another Discovery “star” who refuses to be overshadowed is also getting her own book later in the year.

A book fit for a queen

Even before season three began, the people behind Star Trek: Discovery started building buzz around a new character: Grudge. This cat got so much publicity—including her own dedicated social media accounts—that we speculated she might be more than just a cat. Alas Book’s pet feline—who he reminds everyone is a “queen”—didn’t reveal herself (yet) to be some kind of new alien, but she did show up multiple times throughout season three. And now she is getting her own book.

David Ajala as Book and Grudge

On November 9th, Hero Collector and Penguin Books will release Star Trek Discovery: The Book of Grudge: Book’s Cat from Star Trek Discovery. The non-fiction book is described as being “full of the wit and wisdom of Star Trek from a whole new point of view,” specifically “through a cat’s eyes.” Written by Robb Pearlman (Star Trek: Fun with Kirk and Spock, Star Trek: Little Redshirt’s Book of Doom) the book promises to reveal “what Grudge the cat really thinks of the planets, the ships and all of the people she meets in the course of her travels.”

Here is the synopsis:

Grudge is a “Queen,” and she knows it. Everyone—her so-called owner, Cleveland “Book” Booker, Michael Burnham, Ryn, Zareh, and Tilly—bows down to her, some more willingly than others. And nothing, not extended periods in space, not ship-rattling attacks from enemies, rattles her. Ever. She’s a cool kitty with a ’tude. We call it “Cattitude.”

As a cat, Grudge, has a particular take on the universe, her seeming indifference masking a wit as sharp as her claws.

The 96-page hardcover  book is presented in scrapbook style and “packed with offbeat observations, thoughts and universal facts.”  The Book of Grudge will include a combination of illustration, and photography from Star Trek: Discovery season 3.

You can pre-order Grudge’s book at Amazon for $14.95.


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Grudge will rule season 4.



So, this is what it has come to, really? Hollywood has truly run out of ideas.

Hardly a new thing though, is it? It’s just merchandise licensing. It’s not like Kurtzman has Grudge the Cat, the Book on his list of major projects. Every franchise sells licences to companies to make goods, including books. Trek Movie has done reviews of countless silly books and there have been more before that. People like Star Trek and people like cats – a publisher thought they could make some money. Need I point you to historic Trek merch? *cough* Spock helmet *cough*

Don’t forget, they made a book about Kirk Fu!

Now, who can argue with logic like that, Gary 8.5? :<)

This is one of those things that the production crew think is interesting… but is not. Continued references to this cat being a “Queen” with no payoff other than just being something that the writers hoped would be a running hook for the audience. Nope. Flat. Don’t get high on your own supply. Season 3 was a disappointment (and I LOVED season 1 and 2).

I wonder how many scenes with Grudge they cut. Similar with how when you hear the cast talking about all the characters have been through and their relationships, you begin to think that those moments exist, but are on the cutting room floor.

I feel that way about “Number One” the dog in Picard. Apparently, the dog they had on set was not trained and while a nice animal wasn’t a “good actor.” A lot of the pre-release marketing and press material for the show featured him, but he wasn’t in the series after the first episode. I imagine the original plan was to include him Picard’s holodeck office simulation on La Sirena.

For these and many other reasons, I get the impression that the Trek creative team today lives entirely within a very small bubble, and that they face basically zero external constraints or consequences. For now.

I super disagree. Grudge is literally just a cat, that’s the point. In the show, it’s a way to show Book as a animal lover, a sweetheart, and a little bit of a wierd-o. Bringing Grudge’s exaggerated sense of importance into social media, licensed products, and behind-the-scenes material is fun because it’s preposterous.

female cats are called queens
males are called toms
she is a flerkin
or a mini kzin except her tail has hair.

The synopsis is idiotic.

I know this sounds petty but I mean it tongue-in-cheek rather than my usual moaning about this terrible iteration of Trek: A cat… Kurtzman can’t even get this right. A dog is a far superior companion.

Steps back to watch hopefully the inevitable dog v cat debate 😬

(I’m not a cat person, but Grudge is a very cute animal)

Well, they tried having a dog on Picard but apparently the dog was such a bad actor that they barely used him.

I honestly can’t stand dogs.

You’re posts and name have always irritated me and from what I can tell, I don’t like you. This comment has sealed it. Anyone who doesn’t like dogs is to looked at with suspicion in my view.

Wow, you ARE a jerk after all!

I know you said you’re mostly joking, but this might be one of the lamest anti-Trek comments I’ve read yet. I’m a dog person myself, but a cat is a perfect companion for Book. It fits his character and storyline perfectly. A dog would make no sense for what they were doing, but if all you’re doing is hate-watching it it’s hard to actually see what they’re doing.

Well, I get they can’t get Book to wear a dog like Grudge… disaster lol.

I don’t hate-watch Discovery because I don’t watch it. So I have no idea how Grudge is used, but yes, I understand that a cat can be employed differently from a dog. If you enjoy the show, good luck to you.


My guess it’s going to be a tell all book about Burnham and Book’s real relationship and the things we don’t see when the the cameras are turned off. Probably has some Ferengi publisher who is looking for any dirt on Burnham, the great savior of the Burn and expect to make a ton of latinum on it. And since it’s the 32nd century, clearly universal translators now work on cats.

Beautiful cat, but not a chance.

While I like the cat and all, she didn’t do anything except be a cat. If they turn her into a cat that is actually a person, I’m out….these writers need to be recycled.

yeah because a cat who turns into a person wasn’t ever part of Star Trek
personally I was hoping for a cat like Isis (not ISIS)

Oh, come on. This sort of cash-grab nonsense is just ridiculous.

Then don’t buy it?

The thing is that people complain that Star Trek has never been as successful at merchandising as SW, but then when the franchise does some licensing that is targeted to different niches, people snark.

The whole thing is a business, and licensed products are part of the ROI.

Anyway, this book can’t be worse than the “cat physics” book that several friends and relatives gifted me with when I was in grad school.

96-page hardcover

I’m worry, what?!

What are you worried about?

perhaps he’s holding out for the kindle version ;-)

….something which will not be gracing my Christmas list.

“In other news, we’ll also be doing a 100-page hardcover about people who drove past the lot while we were filming season 3. Retail price on Amazon will be $19.99”

Spot is now making angry calls to his/her agent…


Porthos can’t be that happy about it either.

Grudge is a Maine Coon cat; I have one myself called Joe Stains.

Maine Coon cats are very bold cats, and always open to adventure…

Grudge was amusing, but ultimately less interesting than she initially seemed. Spot and Gary Seven’s Isis still hold the top Trek cat positions for me

A ‘character’ I can’t quite care for yet….

A Book of Spot however….

Grudge needs a movie

Grudge vs. Goose; the crossover confrontation we need to see.

I’d rather chow down on my own excreta than be such a mug as to pay for this drivel.

I’m surprised it took this long considering Grudge is one of the biggest pop-cultural phenomenons to emerge this century. I can’t the number of times I’ve heard the refrain “Grudge is the only thing that got me through 2020.” Of course the Grudge spin-off show is inevitable, but I assume they’re waiting on the announcement so as not to scratch on the toes of Akiva Goldsman’s Strange New Pike.

Seems like a good book.