Jonathan Frakes And Armin Shimerman Join Forces For “Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer”

Star Trek: The Next Generation star Jonathan Frakes is teaming up with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Armin Shimerman for a worthy cause, and they are hoping fans will join forces to help others live long and prosper.

Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer

Today Jonathan Frakes and Armin Shimerman along with Armin’s wife Kitty Swink (who also appeared in Star Trek) announced their team “Trek Against Pancreatic Cancer” for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s (PanCAN)’s PurpleStride Los Angeles Event, taking place May 1st, 2021.

As team captains, they are inviting their fans to join their latest mission – to help raise awareness and funds to fight this deadly disease. For these three it is also personal. Kitty Swink is a 17-year survivor of Pancreatic Cancer and Jonathan Frakes sadly lost his brother to the disease and together they are doing everything they can now to help others fight.

They know that Star Trek fans believe in science and believe in the hopeful vision of Gene Roddenberry of a better world and a brighter future free of disease or suffering.

PurpleStride Los Angeles 2021 is virtual this year, which means that anyone can participate by signing up to help fund pancreatic cancer research and PanCAN’s free programs and services that support patients and their families.

Their team will be striding to raise $50,000 for PanCAN and they want everyone to join them and visit their team’s page.

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Donation made – happy to help……if fans could pony up 800K for a documentary, this should be an easy pull.

Same here – it’s a bastard of a disease and hopefully our donations can go a little way towards beating it.

This monster of a disease killed my father.

So many great actors have also scummed into it as well