City Of Boston Honors A Star Trek Legend By Declaring March 26 “Leonard Nimoy Day”

Nimoy being awarded honorary doctorate at Boston University in 2012 (Steven Senne/AP)

The city of Boston, Massachusetts is paying a special tribute to one of their favorite sons on what would have been his 90th birthday.

Leonard Nimoy Day

Before coming to fame in Hollywood and on Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy’s roots were in Boston where he grew up and went to college. Even after making California his home, Nimoy returned to Boston often and supported the local community. Two years before his passing in 2015 Nimoy expressed his love for Boston on Twitter.

Nimoy was born on March 26, 1931, and this year would have been his 90th birthday. To honor that day, the City of Boston has declared March 26, 2021, as “Leonard Nimoy Day.” A proclamation signed by Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, celebrates Nimoy’s Boston connections, career, and philanthropic work and encourages all Bostonians to recognize and celebrate him. It also notes how Nimoy’s role as Spock “gave the immigrant, the refugee, and the oppressed, a hero for “The Outsider.” It also notes that even though he has passed away, Nimoy “will always be remembered as a valued constituent dedicated to both the arts and his community.”

This proclamation has made news in Boston. You can see a local report on it from CBS Boston below.

Nimoy family responds

Leonard Nimoy’s daughter Julie Nimoy responded to the news of the declaration thanking the mayor and the city of Boston for the special tribute to her dad.

Another way Julie and the Nimoy family celebrating Leonard’s 90th is through the release of a set of collectible digital trading cards. The cards go on sale on March 25th at  A portion of the proceeds from sales of the collectibles will be going to the UCLA Medical Center towards the work on COPD.

Leonard Nimoy digital collectible card pack

A lasting Boston memorial

Last year we reported there is an effort underway to build a Leonard Nimoy Memorial in Boston. The latest plans call for a bronze lattice statue in the shape of Nimoy’s famed Vulcan salute. At last report, the project was still working out details on finding a location and funding, but it had the support of the Nimoy family along with others in the community. Hopefully, we will have an update on this project soon.

Proposed Leonard Nimoy Memorial (David Phillips)

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RIP Leonard Nimoy! We miss you, you absolute legend!

Leonard Nimoy made such an amazing contribution to pop culture, it makes sense that Boston would give him this honor!

Montreal should do the same for Shatner.

That’s a great idea, Silvereyes!

I sent a reminder of his birthday March 22 to Montreal City Hall .

We are very proud of Nimoy’s Legacy. For years we have been advocating for more recognition. He loved the city, always in touch, looking for ways to come to Massachusetts. I think I have mentioned this in previous posts, we frequently visit the Museum of Science, for my kid, and I always have to go to the Mugar Omni Theater to listen Nimoy. So cool on the Introduction, never get tired, search “Who Put the Bomp” on YouTube. With a lot of speakers there, it is very nice, hearing his powerful voice.

Such a cool honor for a cool man. I’m
Looking forward to that Vulcan salute statue!

I didn’t fully realize how much Leonard Nimoy, and his portrayal of Spock, effected me until after he passed. He was such a kind man, and managed to bring unbelievable heart to a purely logically individual. Few people are deserving of such honors.

It’s great to read these tributes.
Now Boston will always remember him.

I’m still sad he’s gone, but what a legacy he left!

The Museum of Science here in Boston has Mr. Nimoy’s inimitable voice introducing its theater, so his mark is still on this city…

I’m from Boston as well but haven’t been to the Mugar at the MoS in ages. Happy to hear that they’re still using his introduction.

Well, hello, nice to “meet” you!

Likewise! :)

Very cool.

VERY fitting! What I’m reading here echos what has happened in Walla Walla, Washington, where some Adam West fans managed to recognize that city’s own favorite son and ’60s TV icon by quickly establishing an annual Adam West Day for his Sept. 19 birthday less than 3 months after he died in 2017. That celebration has continued every year since (except 2020, of course). AND … just like the Leonard Nimoy Memorial mentioned in this article … Walla Walla is also making plans to erect a statue of Adam West, too!

This is excellent.

A nice tribute to Mr. Nimoy. Was obviously well loved by the Star Trek community. Sounds like he always remembered his roots too, and used his position to help his community. Sure all Bostonians must be proud to call him one of their own.

What a fantastic memorial that Vulcan Salute statue would be too!

This isn’t as significant as some might think. They didn’t declare that all March 26ths would be Leonard Nimoy Day. They only Declared that March 26th 2021 is Leonard Nimoy Day. A single day, that’s all. Every child that earns his or her Eagle Scout, gets a day declared for them. I wish this were a better honour than it is.